World News

Russia Should Hang Her Head in Shame for Betraying Anti-Erdogan Conspirators!

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Plays Major Role in Turkey Coup: Mujtahid Whistle Blower

Guest of Honor

Trump Enrages the War Party

Eve of Destruction (fifty years ago)

Time for a Nexit

U.S. Executive Jailed For Selling Missile Tech To Russia

Five Reasons Why Cooperating With Russia on Syria is a Good Idea

Victory over terrorists in Syria on the horizon: Russian FM

Grinning Obama JOKES during statement on Munich carnage as he shifts gears to say he'll miss daughter Malia when she leaves the nest for college

National News

Judge Jeanine's 7/23/16 Open

Hillary Seizure ?

Michael Moore on Kaine Pick: Progressives Will ‘Stay Home’

No Charges For Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets At An Innocent Mom And Daughter (Dorner Case)

Report: Murdoch Son 'Horrified by Potential Trump Presidency' Forced Out Roger Ailes

Trump Surges 11 Points In Reuters-Ipsos Poll


Kaine's crime-busting past may hurt Clinton's outreach to blacks

Obama Keeps Repeating This One Massive Lie

Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion


'Red' Rosa Parks: Fabricating An American Icon

Putin May Be Turkey's New Buddy after the Failed Coup

Trump Triumphant: Wins GOP Nomination

“Learn to live with it”: Nice and the Ever-Rising Cost of Multiculturalism

Syria's "Moderate Rebels" are not Moderate, not Rebels


Rational Dialog with BLM Is Not Possible

5 Most Badass People Of All Time

Trump's Veep?

Why Dallas Happened — Paul Craig Roberts

Dead Constitution

Turkey's Erdogan Running Wild, Geopolitics in Play

Suspicious Munich Shootings

Hillary's Deplorable VP Choice

Media Scoundrels Laud Deplorable Clinton VP Choice

The Horror of a Trump or Clinton Presidency

Deconstructing Trump's Acceptance Speech

Gun Violence, Yeah, Uh-Huh, Right

Ginsburg goes full partisan

Not Your Founders’ Constitution

Trump in Spotlight Thursday Night


A Quick Guide to the ********* Communications Toolkit

Black Trump Supporter Derails CNN Interview, Calls Out Race Baiting

Thank You, Feminism: Women Get as Traumatized and Bloodied As Men When Cops Beat Them


ThereÂ’s Something Disturbing About The Way Cops Act Just After TheyÂ’ve Shot Somebody

EMERGENCY: INFOWARS VIDEOS REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE FOLLOWING YOUNG TURKS MELTDOWN Videos disappear after progressive news host has on-air meltdown

Learning What It’s Like To Be A Serf

Carl Bernstein: Drudge "An Influence Unequalled," Large Measure Of Why Trump Is The Nominee

Video: Lady Michèle Renouf – ‘Professor Robert Faurisson

White Lives Matter!



Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!

Stop the presses!!! Memphis chief says crime is black thing. Ditto Baltimore?

Report: Trump could ask Congress for law to oust "burrowing" Obama appointees

Obama's America

ACCUSED FELON LESLEY MCSPADDEN TO ADDRESS DNC Mother of Michael Brown allegedly involved in robbery and assault (Trayvon's Mom too)

(Good News) Cleveland Police: Protester Lights Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn American Flag

Anti-Trump Protester Pepper-Sprayed, Arrested After Burning US Flag In Cleveland

L.A. Times Suggests Military Coup Against President Trump

Man Dies After Being Shot In The Head At "Stop The Violence" Rally In Ohio (Majority black town)

Ron Paul

The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup

Leftists Planning Coup On President Trump? L.A. Times Says “Voters Must Stop Him Before Military Has To”

Donald Trump 'sounds like he would use NATO' — Ron Paul to RT (VIDEO)

Tim Kaine Seems Likely for Hillary Clinton’s No. 2, but Liberals Balk

Confessions of a Neocon Assassin

Newt Gingrich Says Bushes Acting 'Childishly' and Need to 'Get Over' Jeb's Loss

Erdoan to meet Vladimir Putin: Turkish state media

Did Erdogan STAGE the coup?

Turkish Military Launches Coup

Close All the Military Bases?

War, War, War

5 costly Pentagon projects of dubious merit

Armageddon Approaches — Paul Craig Roberts

Russia Bombs Secret US/UK Base in Syria

US Wars Kill Way More Civilians Than Combatants

Russia Changed the Dynamic in Syria

Russia's Lavrov Blasts West

US Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Civilians in Northern Syria Villages, ‘Mistook Them for ISIS’

Countering a Shapeless Threat

NATO Chief WSJ Op-Ed: Misinformation and Big Lies

They Know What Comes Next: Russian Citizens Are “Stocking Up On Essentials In Case Of War”


Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception? — Paul Craig Roberts

911: Short And Powerful Questions

The Saudis Did 9/11


In Attempt to Dodge Suit, White House Argues Funding War Makes War Legal

US officials afraid of being charged over 9/11 attacks: Analyst

28 Pages Reveal Evidence of Saudi Govt Involvement in 9/11

Congress To Release Classified "28 Pages" Detailing Saudi Involvement In 9/11 As Soon As Friday

SyrianPerspective posters on 9/11

FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim: ‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack… They Knew It Was Going To Happen’


How much space does $1,500 a month get you.

Mother and three daughters stabbed ‘for being inappropriately dressed’

GRAPHIC ! - Migrant Muslims 'Adapting' to European Societies

Judge: Instant Jail Term if you Criticise Migrants Again (Germany)

Surging "Intercommunity Confrontations" In France Mean "Civil War Is Inevitable" (My apologies for pro-Israeli section but this is IMPORTANT)

EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture (By Muslims)’ at Bataclan Massacre

Radical Islam Has Killed Over 39k People Since 2015

Terrorist in Nice Truck Attack Was City Resident of Tunisian Origin

Germany: Police Raid Homes of Anti-Migrant Facebook Posters

George Clooney's New Neighbors. African Migrant Camp Next Door.


NBC's The Blacklist: Why Reddington Is Better than the State

China Plans First Immigration Agency to Lure Overseas Talent

BREAKING NEWS: IMF chief Christine Lagarde WILL stand trial for her role in the €400 million payout to a French businessman

Shipping, banks and hyperinflation

US appeals court reverses forfeiture order of Iran assets

Missing the Real Issue on Welfare

‘Helicopter Money’ — The Only Solution?

What I’m Telling Investors Like You Right Now

Why Iran Plays a Key Role in China's New Silk Road Project

Caution: Gold, Silver and Miners …


Chinese scientists develop new metal 3D printing technology

Subsurface methane cause earth wabbling in Siberia

Sunlight helps scientists derive hydrogen from grass

We'll only have one year's warning before a planet-devastating super-eruption

Drone over N. Israel: Iranian with stolen US apps

Future according to Musk: Super safe money-earning-self-driving cars

eplacing Kerosene Lanterns With Solar-LEDs Can Spur Jobs

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your PC for Better Performance

Physicists show that gravity isn't affected by the quantum world Physicists show that gravity isn't affected by the quantum world

Early research suggests eating cinnamon might make you learn more


Alzheimer's and dementia can be prevented, slowed down and even reversed, despite what you've been told by conventional medicine! Alzheimer’s and dementia are the most misunderstood, cruelest and costly of all diseases. (Boost your immune system)

Cutting calories may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Researchers trick our cells into treating UTIs without antibiotics

Researchers support causal link between alcohol, cancer

This machine could remove plaque from your arteries in minutes

Stem Cell Cartilage Could Prevent Hip Replacement In Arthritis Patients

Cranberry Beneficial for Cardiovascular System and Immune Function

Chinese doctors succeed in rare 3D-printed vertebrae implant

You can now check how healthy your sperm is using your smartphone

Popular summer picnic veggies inflict pain


The Occult, Harry Potter, and Combating the Demonic


Britain closes down global warming bureaucracy

Seek Ye First the Protection of Property Rights....

Onward Christian Pansies

The Bellamy Brothers - Jesus Is Coming

Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik's wedding saying they prove his 'deep emotional ties to Islam'

Full scale replica of Noah's Ark built in Kentucky (By 100 Amish)

Government claims power to control content of sermons

Pope Francis’ star is fading back home (Argentina) — and here’s why it matters


16,700-Year-Old Tools Found in Texas Change Known History of North America

Quashing invention, murdering inventors -- it's what governments do

It wasn’t easy, but B-29 Doc takes to Wichita skies

First farmers had diverse origins, DNA shows

2016 Is The Year All ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Were Proved True

The Nonviolent History of American Independence

The Unanswered Mystery of 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen

240 Years Ago Today in 1776...

Italian paper distributes Hitler’s Mein Kampf for free, sparking outrage

Text on Antikythera Mechanism Deciphered


By mega Coincidence same Israeli Photo-propagandist that Filmed France Truck Attack also filmed German Mall Shooting. (Married to Knesset Member)

Time to start hating a traitorous Trump? Cumulative facts and findings

When black 911 operators go bad and help their gangster friends

Atlanta mayor imports Palestinian repression to blacks: Rejects demand to end Israeli police training

Stormer's finest -- the Forward agrees!! "Genuine Holocaust in RNC Livestream Comments Section" :-)

Hatemongering Israeli Defense Minister Denigrates Palestine's Poet Laureate

You can't win with semitical correctness: case randomly discovered

Why Do Neocons Want US and Russia to Fight but Are Happy for Russia and Israel to Be Friends?

Was the Emancipation Proclamation illegal?

New poll has Clinton campaign panicking


Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team”

Sources: Nets to sign Tyler Johnson to $50M offer sheet

Banning Russian Athletes from Rio 2016

Ford GT LIVE at Le Mans 2016 | Onboards, Garage, Timing and Radio Le Mans | #LeMans24

UEFA Bashes Russia for Euro 2016 Hooliganism

My crazy Russian vlog. Peter Scott explores weird & wonderful Russian pastimes

Exaggerator wins Preakness, ends Nyquist's Triple Crown bid

Jake Arrieta not willing to give the Cubs a hometown discount

Max Scherzer ties MLB record with 20 strikeouts against Tigers



Austria sentences Daesh recruiter to 20-year jail term

1,400 US Mayors Just Slammed the White House for Risking Nuclear War With Russia

Petition collects signatures to ‘expel Tony Blair from Britain's Labour Party’

10 Of The World’s Weirdest Neo-Nazi Groups

This is a must listen: Jim Willie: The Corruption Can't Stop The Masses

David Dees

How to Silence a Conspiracy Theorist

The Orlando Massacre and the Zionist Propaganda of Alex Jones


Remembering Hedy Epstein


Bernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show

And Then the Balloons Dropped, and Then the World Started Coming to an End

Trump calls Clinton’s vice presidential pick ‘corrupt’

Trump will win 2016 presidential election: Michael Moore

Peter Thiel Comes Out at RNC as Gay Republican – Gets STANDING OVATION (VIDEO)

What if the Fix Was In? (Clinton)

Trump's convention pledge to nation: Safety will be restored


Op-Ed If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the U.S.

How Donald Trump Will Follow the Money

Neocon Nuttery

Wow ! I underestimated what a POS loser Ted Cruz the Cuban Canadian could be.

The Real Reason Neocons Are So Upset About Donald Trump

David French announces he will not make independent bid (Bill Kristol sucks air, again)

Anyone else have a visit from a troll?

Liberal Jews Plan a Summer of Opposing Donald Trump

2 toxic Republican headlines in one day

Where do Jewish conservatives stand on Trump?

The gala Donald Trump sellout extravaganza betrayal bonanza

George Will Is A Haughty Dipshit

Pious Perverts

ACLU Leader Faces Reality

"Republican platform is most pro-Israel of all time!"

Inside Joke

Yay for Brexit!

Tony Robbins Asks Everyone To "Storm Across A Bed Of Hot Coals" - Dozens Get Injured

Jew Moneylender Took the Children of Amish Family as Sex Slaves for Repayment of Debts

White create...

Cops: Teacher Gets Abortion After Caught Having Affair With Eighth Grader

Priest drunken shame hits Biblical proportions

Hellary's cough -- cont.

All is Vanity

33 people collapse on the same New York street at 9AM after taking a bad batch of synthetic marijuana ‘K2′

We are all one -- race differences are only skin deep! 'Cops: Mother Swung Her Baby “Like A Bat”'

You Can Have Globalism or Nationalism, But You Can't Have Both

Over and out..

Fun with telemarketers

I Should Have Been a Cop - For a While

Memorializing the Horrors of War with 10 Must-See War Films

'Fringe' Website Breaks Truth Wide Open In Leak of Secret Internal Police Memo, Sheriff's Dept. 'Frustrated'

Danger in the cockpit: FAA records show pilots fly drunk, engage in criminal activity

Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote or Run for Office

Author! Author!

'Future Shock' Author Alvin Toffler Passes Away Aged 87

War, transportation, politics

Happy Birthday, “Shakespeare”!

Retro 50s 60s

Marty Robbins - El Paso

The Greatest Actress Plays the Worst Singer Ever Recorded



Alex Jones gets trolled in Cleveland at the GOP convention (alt. title)

Here We Go Again- I'll be a fool again - (s)elections) - A Sucker born every minute

Iz Anybody Out There.?

Why Trump Will Win a Crushing Victory

Classic: Legendary L.A. Dodgers Announcer Vin Scully Condemns Socialism During Latest Game

Sectarian Tensions Flare in US After Orlando Pogrom

‘Screw for Denmark’ sex campaigns produce baby boom in months

Tyranny and Mutation

Deep Purple - Child in Time (Official Video) [HQ]

Easy Living, 1972



elvis presley - in the ghetto

Darwin award? Number of stupid selfie-related deaths higher than ever

Veteran Argentine Ufologist Discovers 'Alien Pyramid' in Pacific Ocean

Russian shoots man to death mistaking him for big fish

Woman Possessed by Ghost on Thai Talk Show?

The Truth About Chilcot. The Inquiry, Who’s Who?


What is the average American IQ?

If your article is linked on Drudge... you will make a bundle.