World News

Western sanctions are aimed at regime change in Russia – Lavrov

Veteran S&P Futures Trader: "I Am 100% Confident That Central Banks Are Buying S&P Futures"

School of the Americas Morphs Into US Training Industrial Complex

Russia calls for cutting off financial support for ISIL

Russia launches Sputnik alternative media

Deutsche Bank: "People Are Talking About Helicopter Money And Debt Cancellation Being The End Game"

Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First.

The Netherlands Has Repatriated 122.5t Gold From US. It set a new trend to insist on immediate delivery. If more counties will follow there can be a global run on gold.

New Evidence Proves Attack on USS Liberty With Orders to Kill 294 Americans

Obama’s Amnesty Shreds the Constitution

National News

Student Debt By Major: What Not To Study To Avoid A Lifetime Of Debt Slavery

THE COVER-UP Former Counterintelligence Officer Calls for Re-Look at Oklahoma Bombing's "Many Unanswered Questions"

10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer

IMPD: Murder suspect has extensive criminal history

FBI Is Very Excited About New Machine That Scans Your DNA In 90 Minutes!

5-foot-tall ‘Robocops’ start patrolling Silicon Valley

Bringing Back Cincinnatus

21 Facts That Prove That Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America

Matt Taibbi on Why Bankers Will Always Stay Out of Jail

"Reagan Did it Too" ?


RBN pulling another scam

Trey Gowdy Wants to Defund Obama’s Vacations, And He’s 100% Right

Russia Prepares For Ukraine Blitzkrieg As Putin Vows He Won’t Let Nazis Win

US-Saudi Oil Competition Leverages Pressure on OPEC, Russia: Reports

Life Under the Victimocracy

MH-17 - Who can be trusted?

It's not your Money:The truth about Social Security

What we truly learned from Great War and absurdity of Remembrance Day

Do you trust Government?

Saint George and The -White Whore-

Dead Constitution

Sham Bahraini Elections

There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law

MH17 Coverup

Pat Buchanan: 'Rogue President' Says 'To Hell With Constitution'

Are ‘We the People’ Useful Idiots in the Digital Age?

Should Restaurant Owners Be Able to Restrict Guns in Their Establishments?

Keystone XL Pipeline: Down but not Out

10 and 12 Year Old Sisters Seized from Family by Hospital in Phoenix

Armed Protester Says Police Violated Rights

School Teaches Kids “The Government Gives Us Rights”


We pranked 'em & their reaction was priceless

Monsanto and USDA Hate This Man

Grid Attack Will Trigger 4 Death Waves. Are Americans Safe?

Torture Report Fight Erupts In Chaos

Sharyl Attkisson vs. Obama’s Police State

Bugging in Place and Making Your Stand

Gun Owners Exercise Their Last Challenge to Draconian New Bay Area Law

Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness: only the sheeple are 'sane'


Urgent: Banned


Change We Can Believe In!


Obama: Kneel Before Zod

Man Arrested Near White House With Rifle, Ammunition in Car

This Crisis Was Foreseeable … Thousands of Years Ago

John Kerry asks Russian FM Lavrov 'pay no mind' to Obama's bellicose statements

SNL Lays The Smack Down on Al Sharpton

Ferguson shooting: Myths vs. facts

Fast food targeting black kids in US

'Bootie' problem at CMS? Mom says offensive question went too far

Ron Paul

The Libertarians planning to take over New Hampshire

Karl Rove: Of 23 Likely GOP Pres. Hopefuls, the Winner Might Be ...

Freedom From War: U.S. State Department's Plan For Peace

Obama vs. Us

Making the World Democratic

Obama takes first step in handcuffing successor

Is Ron Paul Right? More Neocon Wars Coming!

Can Anarcho-Capitalism Work?

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, escalating crisis


War, War, War

Afghanistan: War Without End, Permanent US Occupation

Lavrov: West Wants Regime Change in Russia

Biden in Ukraine

America: The Real Evil Empire

Police: Woman Sexually Assaulted, Set on Fire in Park

Kiev Plans Full-Scale War

US-Led NATO Risks Global War

Ukraine Shells Rebel Capital of Donetsk, Predicts Resumed Fighting

James Risen: The Post-9/11 Homeland Security Industrial Complex Profiteers and Endless War

History Has No Tides


9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement

Transcending Media Manipulation 34 with Lenon Honor

The 9-11 Flag From Ground Zero Is Missing | Brad Meltzer

cartoon fuels US-Israel tensions, feeds 9/11 conspiracy theories

Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD

Mainstream journalists expose 9/11 hoax

Very Encouraging. 4 out of 5 High Schoolers on a Bus have seen 'Loose Change' and know the U.S. Government was behind 9/11

If the American people ever find out

Top 5 Strange 911 Coincidences

Obama Bombs Blind


Black Activists Speak Out against Obama Amnesty Agenda.

Obama's Sham Immigration Reform

Obama Will Legalize More Workers Than Jobs Created

Obama: U.S. Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children

Obama to Give Temporary Status to Millions of Illegals

Boehner's Office: Obama's 'Amnesty' Plan Cements His Legacy of 'Lawlessness'

DHS Buying Nearly 100,000 Pairs of Underwear, Including Sports Bras, For Illegals

Mexican gang suspected of killing 43 students admits to mass murder

Border stat posted, and then removed

Senator Grassley Leaks ‘ZIP Codes’ of Where Criminal Illegals Were Released


World's longest railway' links Madrid and China

DEAD MERGER Now, the $784 Million Aftermath...

On the Knife-Edge of Runaway Inflation and Destructive Deflation

The Great Crash of 2015

(Switzerland) Central bank chief calls gold proposal 'fatal'

Citigroup's Shawn D. Miller found dead with his throat slit

Russia’s biggest bank launches financing in Chinese yuan

Carl Icahn Expects Major Stocks Correction in Next 3 to 5 Years

Congressional Study Shows Obama's Economy Sucks (surprise?)

The REAL Reason The Saudis Are Scared…


Norway to grow food crops in space

Meet the new mailboxes - Australian Skynet delivery drones

Dump ‘n’ ride: Poo-powered, eco-friendly bus hits UK streets

Robotics to Enter Russian School Curriculum in 2015

New standards set for air purifiers in China

Black hole structure in the universe

New Malware Tool Aims to Detect Government Surveillance

New molecular storage devices to bridge flash memory gap: study

Soalr will save us all, except Utility Bond Holders

Why Elon Musk is scared of artificial intelligence — and Terminators


Digoxin associated with higher risk of death, hospitalization, study shows

Is your coffee maker safe?

Ebola False Flag. The REAL Bug FEMA Ordered the Coffins For

Have You Seen Obama’s Shocking Law

Russia Bans GMOs

Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock

Herbal Remedy Shows Early Promise as HCV Prophylaxis

Growing Bolder - interesting site

Best and Worst Appetizers

Early statin use may give long-term heart benefits


The JFK assassination, Cuba policy and Operation Mongoose

The Changing Countries of Christianity

Cuba builds first new church in 55 years

On Resisting Pope Francis to his Face

Newly-Found Document Holds Eyewitness Account of Jesus Performing Miracle

Houston subpoenas pastorsÂ’ sermons in gay rights ordinance case

Goodbye, Columbus Day

"Crush the Seed of Ishmael": A "Final Solution" to the "Muslim Problem"

Jewish Animal Sacrifice in America’s Streets Protected by Government

The Vatican is preparing for the ARRIVAL of an ALIEN GOD


Treaty on Open Skies/The Open Skies Treaty

Who Was First at the North Pole?

Fierce advocate for Agent Orange victims dies, was Vietnam vet, Bronze Star medalist, author and scholar

The "Endearing" term Roosevelt used to get US into war against Germany

'You filthy, abnormal animal’: graphic contents of anonymous letter sent by FBI to Martin Luther King

2014 Ancient Hidden Technology of the Annunaki (Fallen Angels) Amazing ! 'They' are the Fallen Angels

200th Birthday Celebration of U.S. Capital MASONIC "Laying of the Cornerstone"

Is this the world's oldest secret code?




Israel: Racist Pariah State Writ Large

Israeli Rightists chant: 'We will make soap out of you.'

How Hollywood Accounting Can Make a $450 Million Movie 'Unprofitable'

I thought that this was really interesting

Z.O.G UK : 30 armed police, with detectives, forensic teams & dogs, deployed, To National Action Protesters for pointing out Jewish Hypocrisy!

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

Wellesley College fires Hillel staff as Jewish students face upped anti-Israel activity

Rand Paul blames Palestinian leaders for "incitement" of Israeli synagogue murders

( Stephen Alan Weinberg) Wynn Resorts being investigated for possible money laundering violations:

Israel: Human Rights Abuser Writ Large


Yankees and Red Sox shut out of MVP votes for first time ever

Drag race axle destroyed! (catastrophic mechanical failure up close)

Home Ex-NFL Player James Hardy -- Committed to Mental Facility ... After Cop Attack Arrest

Mark Udall's loss is a blow for privacy, but he can go out with a bang: 'leak' the CIA torture report

Anyone Catch Nik Wallenda's Amazing Tight Wire Walk Tonight in Chicago?

Moore man takes first elk on private land (Oklahoma)

Ah, the Sweet Science (Senior lays one on a young hot dog)

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge (best viewed in full-screen!!)

New Jersey Man Accused Of Shooting Down Neighbor’s Remote Control Drone (Shotgun)

Dodgers-Giants couple pour beer over each other's head during 'kiss cam'


Dennis Kucinich: “The US Must Work to Reestablish Friendly Relations With Russia”

DUMB people

Khodorkovsky expecting large-scale civil war in Russia

Proof Bill Gates is Linked to Ebola as it Hits Dallas, Texas! Global Depopulation

Illegal Spying Below: Activists Fly Anti-Surveillance Airship over NSA's Utah Data Center

10 Things You Don't Know About : The Almighty Dollar [Alternative Currency segment]

The SILVER Price Beat Down, the CHARADE of the Chicago CME & PAPER HFT: It COSTS Around $24 To Pull PHYSICAL SILVER Out of the Ground — V The Guerrilla Economist

James Corbett: When False Flags Don't Fly

WWIII IS A PLANNED EVENT as was WW I and II whos behind it

The Covert Origins of ISIS


Famous People Who Died on November 22

Rand Paul Just Had A Sitdown With Al Sharpton

If you haven't seen it yet...


Questions for the Nominee

UnElecting A People—Amnesty Is The Ultimate Form Of “Voter Suppression”


Daily Caller: Al Sharpton 'May Have Chosen Next Attorney General'

Russia respects, but does not recognize results of Novorossiya elections

How Dope-Smoking Libertarians Elected George W. Bush

Neocon Nuttery

Sorcha Faal/David Booth Exposed!! Flees in terror before internet commandos take him out!!!

Trotskyism to Anachronism: The Neoconservative Revolution

Don’t watch RT!

Junk e-mail...

America's Martyrs

Lindsey Graham: We need troops to fight Islamic State ‘before we all get killed here at home’

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage At Middle East Christian Conference

Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns

Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu

Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling of Gaza Schools, Hospitals

Pious Perverts

Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize

Oops! Anthony Weiner Did It AGAIN

Caption this

Perv OKC Mayor is GOP & Dem Favorite; He FORBID Bikini Football, But Happily Welcomed Satanic Black Mass, Participates in Jew Ceremonies

freemasons ron & rand Paul peddling e-mail for "Patriot Club" asking 33 cents per day

Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder ring allegations (video)

Maker of world's most expensive cigars says Bill Clinton a client

All is Vanity

Utah woman wears colander for driver's license photo The Pasta Strainer Represents Her beliefs in the Satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Is that a Turtle in your pants?

I Tried to be a Gigolo and Failed Every Time

Ten years ago today....

Women As Reproductive Bottlenecks

Bird's Eye View of Repairs to Tall Structure

Real World Facebook

Author! Author!

Auntie Fee's Sweet Treats for the kids

Is Bill Watterson Staging a Comeback?

Chinese Sci-fi bestseller to be translated into English

Ten things to know about Patrick Modiano - '14 Nobel Literature

Retro 50s 60s

After Decades of Whining About Religion in Politics, Democrats Use Black Pastors to Swing Black Votes

If I Can Dream - Celine Dion & Elvis

Turtle's Favorite Song

Just A Girl I Used to Know

The Wayward Wind

Forever Young

Love is Just a Four Letter Word

You Can't Hurry Love

Cross Country in a Gasser 1955 Chevy with a Hemi!

Catch the Wind


Follow Your Arrow

Always A Day Too Late

Roy Clark & Buck Trent - Ghost Riders In The Sky (music old school)

Heartwarming! This Cop Cares So Much For The People In His Town That He Doesn’t Kill Them!

This Is How Putin Rolls

Russian Lawmaker Proposes Mailing Putin Sperm to Impregnate Russian Women

The Husband Seminar

The Highwaymen - Waylon Jennings - Luckenbach, Texas.

A Charitable Husband

Happy Halloween 2014!!


Crackhead nigga lays down his pipe for good....

Funny Cartoon Reveals How Liberals Think Ordinary People Live without Government Help

How to keep an aggressive driver at a safe distance

Barret .50 Cal Giveaway

A quick trick for more brain power

Anti-Gun Activists Force Cancellation of School's Veterans Day Ceremony

My Wife Used To Cry In The Bedroom

Nisteling: The art of deep listening

A funny for you

Erdogan says Muslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas