World News

Pentagon commands the Ukrainian army

U.S., Russia Enter Cold War II

5 Signs the Euro's Going Down

Yale's Roach: Global 'Monetary Policy Has Lost Discipline and Coherence'

A Lion Hug, is the Best Hug

US Foreign Policy Goes Retro

Why Mourn King Abdullah?

Iran says it sent warning to Israel via US officials

China buys six S-400 missile battalions from Russia: report

Obama, Merkel Agree to Finalize Financial Support to Ukraine

National News

Raul Castro: US must return Guantanamo for normal relations

Marco Rubio Wants to Permanently Extend NSA Mass Surveillance

Obama;s False Flag, First Ebola, Then...

Meet the Gun Control Advocate Who Has Armed Guards on Patrol 24/7

Black Out USA

Exclusive Interview: Gray State Co-Creator Speaks About David Crowley’s Sudden Death and “Gray State Going Dark For Now”

Rand Paul Introduces S. 264 Audit The Fed Bill In U.S. Senate, 30 Cosponsors

Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit Filed to Prove Sandy Hook Staged

CBO Report: Obamacare to Cost Government $50K Per Person

Obama’s SOTU Speech Dissected


Shock and awe for ISIL a warning for Netanyahu?

What Is It This White Man Owes You Black Man?

Glenn Greenwald on How to Be a Terror "Expert": Ignore Facts, Blame Muslims, Trumpet U.S. Propaganda

The West Summarized In One Sentence

John Barbour review of American Sniper

Inanimate Objects Don't Cause Crime

The Doughty Swiss

David Crowley, Director of "Gray State" has been found dead.

The "Impending" Russian Maidan

Texe Marrs: I Am Not Charlie Hebdo, And I Never Will Be!

Dead Constitution

Obama, Drones, and Privacy

Fake Russian Spy Ring Announced

US Official Insults Cubans

Public School Now Programming Children to Celebrate Police State and Dress in Blue to Thank Cops

Deep State, Secret Govt, CIA, FEMA


America's War on Everything It Claims to Stand For

Expect Dirty Business as Usual Following Saudi King's Death

Proposed Congressional Legislative Sanctions on Iran

America's Abysmal State


History Channel’s not-so-historical ‘Sons of Liberty'

Collapse Survivor: "We will experience new crisis of epic proportions.

Obama Taking Over the Internet

No valid reason for state owned and operated schools

Russia defiant after more threats from West over Ukraine

Whistleblower Beats the TSA at the Supreme Court

North Korea Slams Israel as a Rogue 'Nuclear Threat'


Law Has Been Murdered



Ready for robots to fix your burgers?

Obama's Attorney General Nominee: Illegal Immigrants Have a Right to Work in The United States

Magic trees

Heard this morning that Bo Bergdahl was found to be a deserter--not that that is going to surprise anyone

Is Al Sharpton getting dumber, or is everyone else just getting smarter?

Meet the ‘Radical Brownies’ – girl scouts for the modern age (Oakland, CA)

A prison psychologist tells the truth about black on white crime.

Top 365 black on white hate murders that occurred in the U.S. in 2014

Al Sharpton gets invited to an Oxford debate and promptly chickens out

The Real American Sniper: Why Chris Kyle Wasn’t A Hero

Ron Paul

Shooting Itself in the Foot

Liberals Are Going Crazy (Again) Over Sarah Palin’s Latest Facebook Photo (Yes, There’s a Gun)

Daddy issues: Are Ron PaulÂ’s hard-core stands a problem for sonÂ’s presidential bid?

Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press, And Social Security

Is 'Libertarian Girl' Rand Paul’s Problem Waiting to Happen?

Houthi Fighters Take Yemen's Presidential Palace, Shell President's Residence

Genocide in Donbas

"I Am Paul Craig Roberts"

The Uses of Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo attacks, like 9/11, was a 'false flag operation': Ron Paul

War, War, War

Exclusive: Secret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton on Libyan war

IDF Vehicle Comes Under Fire on Lebanon Border, 15 Israeli Soldiers Killed

Ukrainias Against War


Russia Counters US Big Lies with Hard Truths

Putin's Message to Washington on Ukraine

Mariupol Shelling: Kiev's Latest False Flag?

American Sniper? by Ross Caputi

Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum

Ex-FBI Official: 'We Left Our Most Important Prisoners To Amateurs'


Field McConnell - Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot Used On 9/11 Planes, Impossible To Hijack!

Lawyer Says United, American Owe WTC Developer Billions

C’est La Guerre

Are People Who Hate Conspiracy Theories Crazy?

Scheurer on BBC: Ex-CIA defends CIA torture (09Dec14)

9/11 is *my* litmus test

9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement

Transcending Media Manipulation 34 with Lenon Honor

The 9-11 Flag From Ground Zero Is Missing | Brad Meltzer

cartoon fuels US-Israel tensions, feeds 9/11 conspiracy theories


Syriza Victory Brings Hope for Immigrants of EU Access (Greek Citizenship will let them move to Germany)

"Rand Paul: The eleven million (illegal aliens) are never going home, don't need to be sent home. I would incorporate them into our society by making them taxpayers."

Rusty Humphries: Sneakin’ In To The USA

U.S. DOT Opens U.S. Border To Mexican Trucks "Marking A Significant Milestone In Implementation Of NAFTA"- Inspector General Warns That Safety of Mexican Carriers Has Not Been Shown

46,200 Illegal Aliens Apply For Driver Licenses In First 3 Days Of New Calif. Law; Only 2% Succeed


To deter U.S. from torturing again, those involved should be prosecuted

Do Illegal Aliens Already Receive Welfare?

Perils of Executive Action on Immigration

Amnesty: One Brick in America’s Wall of Doom. Race Riots Another.


Developing 8 nations urged to establish bloc’s bank

Economist Magnus: Currency War 'Will Likely Stay for Some Time'

Bureaucrats Have Been Corrupt Since the Start

Yahoo rallies as firm reveals plan to spin off remaining Alibaba stake

Iran's central bank stops US dollar transactions, adopts RMB

AU, China to cooperate on African infrastructure, industrialization

Wave Power Could Supply Half the U.S. With Cheap Electricity—Here’s Why It Doesn't

US Expects Oil Prices to Remain Low for Next Several Years

Gun Businesses Seek Ways To Survive While Denied Basic Business Services

The Irony of a Debt-Fueled Oil Boom


New type of chemical bond discovered

Missing link in metal physics explains Earth's magnetic field

China's winners of next-gen toilet competition announced

Russian Corporation to Create Water Decontamination Station for Fukushima-1


Tales of ancient sea rise told for 10,000 years: How Australian tribes recorded climate change

Anti-ship cruise missile is China's deadliest weapon: US expert

Graphene could double the rate of solar energy conversion

Russian Army to Introduce Advanced, Long-Range UAV

Life On Earth May Have Originated As The Organic Filling In A Multilayer Sandwich Of Mica Sheets


Vaccine Death Toll Rises

Joan Rivers' Daughter Sues Clinic Over Star's Death

WebMD: 23 Foods That Can Save Your Heart

iPS-derived cells assimilable with heart tissues: researchers

Effect of BPA and estradiol on sperm development seen by researchers

Swedish researchers may have found a solution to the growing resistance to antibiotics in the most unlikely of places — breastmilk.

New Psychiatric Diagnosis Targets “Internet Conspiracy Theorists”

Mica water purification

Tough Questions About Influenza: Prevention and Treatment

Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits


Stern fathers, religious zealots and prudes? How we got the Victorians wrong

Bishop Richard Williamson: "Hebdomania - Today things never are what they appear."

What is the soul?

Arretez vous. Dieu N'existe pas.

Catholic Bishops Visit Gaza: "Terrible Destruction, Shocking Scandal": Israeli Settlements "Illegal Under International Law.. Simply Unjust"


Charlie Hebdo strongly determined to continue insulting believers

Who Were the Nephilim and Sons of God?

Key to the Twelve Days of Christmas

Mary, Did You Know?


The Titanic Coverup Unravels

WOW! LAPD Cop Lauded by Michelle Obama & Invited To D.C. Was Among People Listed As Grievances in Christopher Dorner's Manifesto!

Audie Murphy’s single handed battle, kills 50, holds line

Hidden Original 13th Amendent 1812

the sinking of the Titanic

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

In 2012, George Galloway Predicted The Charlie Hebdo Attack

Adolf Hitler, the Man who Fought the Bank

We remember a great man's birthday today...

Does metal found in a 2,600-year-old shipwreck prove that Atlantis DID exist?


Human Rights Groups Condemn Israeli Gaza War Crimes

Blowback Against Israeli State Terror

David Duke Sets Record Straight for AFP Readers

To the Establishment, Southern means BLACK


WH Officials: Netanyahu 'Spat in Our Face' Over Boehner Invitation

Netanyahu Got Kicked in the . . .

German judge defends right of men to pee standing up

Israeli State Terror the Root Cause of Palestinian Blowback

The Assassination of Martin Luther King


24 Hours of Daytona (Live)

Summiting Yosemite's Dawn Wall, Climbers Make History

French PM Valls' Jewish Wife Blamed for Dieudonné Ban

Robots on the Golf Course

Do you make these 3 Firearms Training Mistakes?

Let’s abolish West Point: Military academies serve no one, squander millions of tax dollars


Time On The Hill

The Downing of Flight MH17: Why is Malaysia Not Part of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)?

Stray dog who raced 430 miles to a better home: Arthur latched on to an extreme sports team during Amazon race - and what happened next will melt the hardest heart


Israel Working With ISIS To Destabilize The Middle East - Alex Jones

Economic Rant - Roger Mason (January 2015)

The US Retail Industry Is Collapsing And So Is The Economy – Episode 566

Martin Hill on “anti-Semitism” & thought police; Larry Pinkney on Pondo, academic freedom & more! __ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

The Covert Origins of ISIS

A Holiday Season Message

Goldi-Lox is dead.

The Opposition to Police Brutality is a Constitutional Militia - The Liberty Brothers Radio Show

Straight Talk and Reflections

Eugene Rosen (of Sandy Hook) - A FEMA Reresentative - Proven.


Round I in Iowa: Scott Walker Emerges

Greek Elections: Mixed Messages, Hold the Cheers

Not Bush? Not Romney? Who does Donald Trump like for president in 2016?

David Petraeus’s Double Standard

Perry spends $1 million in campaign cash fighting indictment

You Won’t Believe What the RNC is Doing to Stop Tea Party Influence in 2016

THE NUCLEAR OPTION — Boehner Opponents Talk Big But Keep Losing

Party’s over? Record voters say they’re Independents, reject 'D' and 'R'

fate of elpee vote in progress

Rand Paul & Wife Kelley Ready to Revisit Monica Lewinsky if Hillary runs

Neocon Nuttery

Sarah Palin Accepts Invitation to Speak at Cambridge

Fox News Host Asks How We Can Tell 'Bad Guys' If We Can't See 'Tone Of Their Skin'?

McCain's Big Purge; The Arizona senator’s team has been ridding the state’s GOP apparatus of his tea party foes.

John Hagee: A Profile in Pathological Christian Activism

Must Listen: Wayne Madsen on CIA Torture, ISIS and Israel and Governments

Sorcha Faal/David Booth Exposed!! Flees in terror before internet commandos take him out!!!

Trotskyism to Anachronism: The Neoconservative Revolution

Don’t watch RT!

Junk e-mail...

America's Martyrs

Pious Perverts

Police-Worship Insanity: Hordes of Emotional Wrecks Flock To Mourn Canine 'Officer' At Candlelight Vigil; Donations Pour In For 'Formal Funeral' & 'Monument'

LAPD Announces: "The Museum of Tolerance Will Provide Training For Patrol Officers Throughout 2015."

Caught On Video: Crazy LAPD Cop Reaches For His Gun In Reaction To Crying 10 Year Old Black Boy

and winner for the definition of irony is...

OK, So What Really Happened to Harry Reid?

Pedophilia and Satanism – The Bill Clinton Video You Won’t Believe!

I just threw up after reading this at LP

Abe Foxman Kvells as Son Ties Knot

Speaking of Snakes in Our Midst…

Rand Paul to Ferguson: "Come on guys, you got to wait to have your kids." (Govt Meddling in Procreation)

All is Vanity

Metallica - One

Now that is Closing, Time to Come Clean: I was Banned in '09 &A Brief Discussion of Squirrely So-Called Libertarian Censorship



Wishing you all a Joyful, Healthful, and Prosperous 2015

I'd like WAR to take control of Liberty Post


God Loves America Best

Doyle and Debbie , Fat woman in Trailers Enjoy!!!

What a Black Woman Told Me When I Was 18

Author! Author!

The Tyranny of the Bookish

Wikipedia is not a textbook


Without Truth, Life is Worthless: On Sibel Edmonds’ The Lone Gladio

LP's Goldi-Lox has passed away

Auntie Fee's Sweet Treats for the kids

Is Bill Watterson Staging a Comeback?

Chinese Sci-fi bestseller to be translated into English

Ten things to know about Patrick Modiano - '14 Nobel Literature

Retro 50s 60s

Rollin' In a Woody - Jack Dick's Surf Wagon

The Girl From Ipanema

Kinda Hokey - But, It's Marty

After Decades of Whining About Religion in Politics, Democrats Use Black Pastors to Swing Black Votes

If I Can Dream - Celine Dion & Elvis

Turtle's Favorite Song


Where Have I Seen You Before?

Bits and Pieces

What Starts with F and ends with K

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

Dwarf Stripper Finds Love With Army Sergeant

Texas dog found in Kokomo heading home

Blast from the past

Two Italians (PG-13)

President Obama Delivers the State of the Union Address - Enhanced in 15 min LIVE ON YTUBE

Welcome to Members! (Freedom4um members come inside Please)


Do You Believe in Reincarnation? Boy Gives Detailed, Verified Information About Past Life

Dear Kitten--About the Big Game

Howdy Friends Care to lend an ear?


Judge Vetoes Parents' Baby Name

Girl, 12, who pulled off HK$36 million diamond heist hunted by Hong Kong police

They Put Prison Inmates In Charge Of Caring For Shelter Dogs, And The Results Are So Inspiring.

fun with false flags

Xi still lowest paid major world leader despite pay rise

Guangzhou school staff eat dog rescued by students