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This October The World Will Change - "China Is Preparing For Something Big"


False Flags, Biker Gangs, and the PATCON Legacy

The Battle for Palmyra: What Really Happened

Putin Forewarns Obama Will Not Finish His Second Term

UK - 14000 Investigated - Child Sex Pervs

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

OPEC: Crude prices could rebound in 2nd half of 2015

What you need to know about the Takata air bag recall

National News

Teamsters spend big on politics while preparing to cut pensions

Could the sun really be setting on the Patriot Act?

House presses Senate to pass domestic surveillance changes

20 Worst Cities for Mosquitoes in the US

Obama's "Secret" Gun Control Must be STOPPED!

Obama's Horrifying New Law Targets Police

Poverty Inc.

How Popular Music’s Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy

Arizona Taxpayers Pay $45 Million for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Racial Policies

Malcom X Still Matters


Coming Home From The War On Terror

Ultimate corruption of the Poroshenko Government exposed by Radio Free Europe

The New World Order Makes It's Move On America! 2015

Ban 'Em All !!!

The Only Antidote to the Oppression of Blacks in America

Every one knows there's something wrong with America

Cracks in the Facade

Dear Government: Consent Revoked

The Mind of the North

Why China needs to embrace a QE policy

Dead Constitution

Heading Toward Financial Maidan in Ukraine?

Supreme Court Makes Rare Unanimous Ruling on Guns

Ukraine Provoking Confrontation with Russia

Kiev to Prosecute Two Russian Nationals As Terrorists

Here We Stand, One Step Away from a Dictatorship: “The Groundwork and Foundation Have Been Put Into Place”

Ukraine: A Cancer in Europe's Heartland

URGENT: Supreme Court Confirms ALL Americas Can Be Incarcerated In FEMA Concentration Camps… Obama Can Declare Martial Law In ALL 50 States!

Obama is right and HuffPo is wrong: He doesnÂ’t need another AUMF to fight ISIS

US Attempted Color Revolution in Macedonia: Victoria Nuland's Dirty Hands Involved

Video: Jade Helm 15


New Suspect in Murder of Russian Opposition Politician Nemtsov

How to Survive Mobs and Marial Law

Maybe It's Time To Just Cuss Them Out

Disgusting. Liberal Intellectuals Race-Bait over Waco Biker Gang Shootout

Living Free Without Permission: “Building Without a Permit, Driving Without a License”

Video: School Orders Student To Remove “Offensive” US Flag From Truck

Ukraine Shuts Down Independent Media Outlet, Arrests Journalists

Our Next Mideast War -- Syria

The Mineral That Could Save You from Infections

How to Fight the Bureaucratic State


Search Google Maps for the ‘N-word’, and it gives you the White House

Ferguson Rent-A-Mobs Exposed – Have not been paid for protesting

Al SharptonÂ’s daughter sues city for $5M after spraining ankle

Microagression Theory: University Report: A Room Full of White People Is a Microaggression

Too Many Black Students Suspended Leads Oakland Schools to Stop Punishment

San Bernardino bankruptcy plan: bondholders hammered while pensions kept whole

Report: National Guard, Police Gearing Up for Potential Cleveland Race Riots

Grand jury: City not doing enough for South Stockton

Metro derailed by culture of complacence, incompetence, lack of diversity - ‘Inept get promoted, … capable get buried’

Milwaukee Black Males Open Fire on 5 Year-Old White Girl. Where’s Sharpton and Jackson?

Ron Paul

Importing our Foreign Policy

Osama Bin Laden Killing: What Else is Washington Hiding?

House Votes to End Spy Agencies' Bulk Collection of Phone Data

Are We a Nation of Wimps?

Former Yemeni President Saleh Declares Alliance With Houthi Rebels

Granite State Poll: Clinton Trails Bush, Paul, and Rubio

Shopping With Cash Now Illegal?

Developing Story: Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis

Obama has been the countryÂ’s biggest divider on race

Ben Carson Is Running for President

War, War, War


FBI admits no major cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping powers

Obama's War on Yemen Rages

Saudi Arabia: Headed Toward Becoming Nuclear Armed and Dangerous?

Sectarian motive behind Saudi war on Yemen: Academic

Russia Calls for International Resolution of Yemen War


Washington Wants War on Donbass

Keiser Report: War on terror - self-licking ice cream cone

Why Soldiers Lie


Scandals, Scandals, & More Scandals

The Saudi 9/11 Cover-Up

Out-of-Control FBI to Former Head of 9/11 Investigation: Butt out!

How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11

My Trip To Ground Zero NYC 9/11 Site 14 Years Later: "Fascism Could Be Broken Apart Right Here"

Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case

9/11 Was Not An Act of War

Brother of 9-11 Victim Sues BBC

Israel nuked America on 9-11-01! – Shout it from the rooftops (Part II)

New FBI Tactic Hints at Big DC Cover-up of Saudi 9/11 Funding


Immigration Hardliners Prevail In Fight Over Dreamers And The Military

GOP-Led House Considers Bill Encouraging Illegal Immigrants to Serve in Military

The Price of Cheap Labor

The Border Patrol Game - keep them out at all costs!

Obama: Illegals ‘Are Americans Just Like Our Kids, Except They Don’t Have the Right Documents’

Jeb Bush doubling down on amnesty proves heÂ’s not right for America


Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers

Oregon Sheriffs testify, they will NOT enforce new gun-grabbing law!

April 19, 1775: the colonists resist gun-grabbing JBT's....


China National Nuclear Power approved for landmark IPO

Government’s War on Cash, Resistance Tactics

More Bank B.S. — and $5.6B MORE in Fines! How it Affects You

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud IMF October 2015

Chevron Australia boss Roy Krzywosinski sounds fresh warning on LNG competitiveness

Kiev Reneges On Its Debt Obligations

Zuckerberg says no to Poroshenko

What China gets out of South American transcontinental railroad

How You Can Profit From “Found Money”

The Forgotten Depression


Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world?

Taiwan develops method of making biofuel from microalgae

China Plans First Ever Landing on the Dark Side of the Moon

Brasscheck out on a limb: "The earth is flat"

Spanish researchers are developing bladeless wind turbines

Microsoft: Humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish

Hacker took control of United flight and flew jet sideways, FBI affidavit says

Stefan Marivov's Free Energy Generator

The solar road in the Netherlands is working even better than expected

Short Supply: US About to Run Out of Old-Style IP Addresses


Turns out we’ve been pooping all wrong, according to science

53 people in 9 states sickened after eating raw tuna

Two Spices Prevent Cancer: Study

Doctors may not fully explain risks of common heart procedure

Can Orgasmic Sensations Signal Cancer?

Chinese scientists find key process to obtain adult stem cells

Replacement cornea bioengineered in China may benefit millions

A study for the first time has revealed a possible association between migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), with migraines more than twice as prevalent in patients with CTS as in those without.

Adding nuts and olive oil to a Mediterranean diet could protect cognitive function in older adults

Abmublance Drones - Amazing


Political Correctness: Tyranny Of The Mind

Fourth New York Jewish baby this year treated for herpes after controversial Orthodox circumcision method

Texas OKs Full Marijuana Lega­lization Bill

Madison Passes Law Protecting Atheists


The Pope Rebukes Turkey—and Should Challenge America and Israel


Falling On Deaf Ears

Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage

I recant by Chuck Baldwin


American doctor's first-hand account of how he saw Dachau's SS guards being tortured and shot dead by GIs in 'cold blood'

1998 Book Review of "Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44"

Stalin's Jews

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full Documentary)

Ling Jihua faces 70 death sentences for amassing 2,700 docs on Xi Jinping

Texas students take aim at Jefferson Davis campus statue (UT-Austin)

The Real Victor of World War II in Europe

‘Arsenal of Democracy’ Flight to Be Streamed Live (Friday, May 8, 2015)

Sailing And Sinking The RMS Lusitania: A Century Of Lying America Into War

'Sweden is ruled by unelected policy plotters'


Endless Nakba

911 No More Gentile Memory Hole

Israeli Defense Minister Threatens to Nuke Iran

Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right To Exist

IRNA: Israel ordered to pay Iran $1.1 billion

Netanyahu Appoints Hardline Peace Negotiator

Israeli Defense Forces Major General Laughs: "We Israelis, we are sure that we're the center of the world; it's natural that candidates are coming to Israel. And we like it."

Israel, Finland tension running high over boycott

Bobby Fischer

Freedom Flotilla III Heads for Gaza


The price of supporting the troops is paid to the NFL

The Tory Win Is Europe’s Loss

Brady and the Pats get Hammered

Jade Helm’s Silver Lining: MSM is Officially Dead

Austrian climber dies in fall from Matterhorn

The Iranian Deal – Good, Bad Or Just Plain Ugly?

NitroAmerica 2015 - Slingshot

Chuck Badnarik ~ RIP

When the SWAT team you founded kills your son-in-law

Epic Golfing Fails


Thought for the day

I have an idea about Jade Helms 15

Admit the Truth

Wolfgang Halbig’s 4/24/15 Hearing Before the Connecticut FOI Commission

Fantastic library of right-wing graphics

4um people's help invited on WW2 subject

‘The Friendly Skies’, host Patrick Henningsen with guest Field McConnell

Toronto Orchestra Bans Ukrainian-Born Soloist From Performing

Chinese Overwhelmingly Support Four-Day Work Week Proposal

How many "Tears" can this guy muster?


Stephanopoulos, ABC have not fully disclosed Clinton ties: Schweizer

Hillary Clinton's brothers could cause major problems for her presidential campaign

Clintons report $30M from speeches, book in past 16 months

Ageing White South African Mercenaries Bring Boko Haram’s Reign Of Terror To An End

Bloomberg NH Poll: Jeb Loses Lead, 5 Now Vie for Top Spot

George Galloway Defeated in UK General Election

Rand Paul Does MoTown

UK Elections: Business As Usual Triumphs

Carly Fiorina: No Path to Citizenship for those Who Came to U.S. Illegally

Proud to be a Republican?

Neocon Nuttery

House committee approves missile defense funding for Israel ($474 million)

Hannity comes out of the liberal closet, locks it and throws away the key

(Texas) Woman seeks protective order against Texas state senator (stripper AND the Holocaust!!)

Meme created by a friend

How the GOP Became the Israel Party

Judicial Watch: IRS Documents Reveal Lerner Knew Targeting Criteria of Nonprofit Groups ‘Might Raise Questions’ (Senator John McCain shows his ass to the world)

Ted Cruz for President 2016!!!

John McCain: ‘I’m Ashamed Of My Country, I’m Ashamed Of My President, I’m Ashamed Of Myself’

All Hail Abe! (Lincoln)

Sarah Palin Accepts Invitation to Speak at Cambridge

Pious Perverts

4um poll Re: Assault & what would you do?

A Rand Paul Staffer Just Licked a Video Camera

Yoko Ono: “I Had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s”

It Is Time to Call Radio “Liberty” What It Is: Radio Gestapo Amerika

The Mind of the North

Female CEO claims 'A woman should not be president'

The Real LBJ

Training of Killer Volunteer Deputy Questioned

Vice President Biden takes toddler’s pacifier, sucks on it

Fred Reed again trumps all on race

All is Vanity

Transgender advocate: Senate Restaurant's Bruce Jenner hot dog is 'bigoted' and 'transphobic'

CNN fakes "satellite interview" between 2 reporters in the same parking lot!

Missing dawg

They run Detension Centers, Air traffic Control, Prisions, Schools, Trains, Us Health Care, even Time

America, the Bushieful Update -- the latest verses (81-86)

Dream Analysists(?) Shirtless, serene Robin Williams (wtf?)

I think I how somewhat how Jesus felt

Metallica - One

Now that is Closing, Time to Come Clean: I was Banned in '09 &A Brief Discussion of Squirrely So-Called Libertarian Censorship


Author! Author!

Is it possible that this is what is known in the Bible as

Had a strange dream

This is not about James Holmes and the Colorado Batman Shooting

[‘Mein Kampf’ To Be Sold In Germany Again, in January 2016

Humans Suck

This Makes My Head Hurt

The Tyranny of the Bookish

Wikipedia is not a textbook


Without Truth, Life is Worthless: On Sibel Edmonds’ The Lone Gladio

Retro 50s 60s

Newsmax TV Bares the Truth about JFK's Shocking Affairs

Amazing Video Jukebox from Our Past

There But For Fortune

Some Old Ford

44 Hits from the Fifties

"It's My Party" Singer-Songwriter Lesley Gore Dead at 68

1930s Poster for Nazi Coke

Rollin' In a Woody - Jack Dick's Surf Wagon

The Girl From Ipanema


Apostate Pastor Rick Warren And Elton John Hold Hands In Congress, Joke About Kissing Each Other

Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist on 9/11 Truth

Texas goes on riot alert...

Coloring For Grownups

I Need A Pay Raise

I had no idea this could be televised on public airwaves....

Man Has Sex With A Hornets’ Nest And Dies

Revenge of the armadillo

The Turbo Encabulator

Diamonds and Rust


New micronation of Enclava adopts Chinese as an official language

Alex Jones Assaulted by Rabid Communists

Lawyer: Doctor who gave wrong diagnoses has brain damage

Officials say more biker gang members headed to Waco; 9 confirmed dead in Twin Peaks shooting

Scalia Defends The Constitution, Questions The 17th Amendment

Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, Zoë Kravitz & More Bring "Mad Max: Fury Road" to Cannes

(Texas) Bill to end deadly shootings of dogs heads to governor’s desk

Texas Man Finds Treasure Hidden in Chest From Estate Sale

Canadian Media Sues Police for Posing as Journalists

Burt Reynolds Makes Rare Public Appearance at Comic Con