World News

Graham: Ambassador to Cuba Has 'Snowball's Chance in Hell' of Confirmation

Putin's Attack on U.S. Currency

The Death of Money

Joe Cocker Passes on at 70

Cuba, Pseudo-Cubes, and the Embargo

Saudi Arabia says won't cut oil output

Can The ROTHSCHILD Plan To ENSLAVE HUMANITY Be Stopped? -- Michael Noonan

Collapse of US shale oil production can save Russian economy

French ex-airline boss claims cover-up on MH370

Two bomb attacks rip through Sweden's city of Malmo

National News

Christmas Gun Giveaway!

There is hope in understanding that a great economic collapse is coming

FBI Steered Itself Toward Blaming North Korea for Sony Hack

New York Police Declare Their Own Safety ‘Top Priority’

Innocent Man Tasered, Beaten While Naked In the Shower and Framed Later

Blackwater Lobbyist Will Manage the House Intelligence Committee

Coburn Tells '60 Minutes': I'm Glad We Elected Obama

George Clooney Criticizes Hollywood in Sony Cyberattack

Anderson Cooper says he is happy that his ancestor was murdered by a black man

St. Louis prosecutor McCulloch says he knew ‘Witness 40′ lied to Ferguson grand jury


The Anti-Police Rhetoric And A Plot To Create A National Police Force.

‘Russia Challenged by Four Global Mafia Cartels’

Which puppet of the false left-right paradigm do you think people will select in 2016?

Satans Illuminati Beast (Super) Computer Exposed!! 2014

Putin Orders Feared “Samson Defense” To Collapse US-EU Economies

Profiling Makes Perfect Sense

Birthday of the Unconquered SUN

The endless need for wars, and holocausts.

Social Justice Warriors

Russia, India - RusInd

Dead Constitution

Would you believe this man is somewhat angry at the cops?

If only the IRS’s threat to ‘shut down’ were a promise

America: Cesspool of Terror

Ukraine Headed for Disaster

America's Deadly Embrace

Here’s a reminder that the TSA still sucks and we’ve become way too complacent about it

Longstanding US Cuba Policy: Regime Change

Thaw in US/Cuban Relations?

Jeb Bush Exploring White House Bid

Former Ukrainian Parliamentarian Exposes Kiev Ruthlessness


When the grocery store shelves are empty, this amazing Food Rising invention will keep you well fed and nourished

Here’s what the 2nd Amendment means


Abolishing the CIA

Barack Obama Is A Illegal President Damit!

Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program "Counterproductive"

Good Question



Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington State Law - In Front Of Police!


Budget experts: Move Tricare beneficiaries to Obamacare

President Obama at a White House Hanukkah Dinner: I Am ‘Jewish in My Soul’

Obama’s Bailout for Communist Dictators (Saving Comrade Castro)

Apple Pulls White-Power Music From iTunes

If You Aren't Already Tired of Their $#it You Will Be After You Watch This

During Obama’s reign, median wealth of black households fell 33.7%, from $16,600 in 2010 to $11,000 in 2013

Report: Obamacare Shutting Down Free Health Clinics

FDNY Drops Physical Fitness Test Requirement to Boost Female Hire Rate

Obama’s Mental Illness Justifies His Removal from Office Under the 25th Amendment

Berkeley Protester With a ‘Stop Killing Black Men’ T-Shirt Knocked Out with a Hammer

Ron Paul

New York Times calls for Cheney, Bush officials to be investigated and prosecuted for torture

Understanding the "Other Guy" Better

Pat Buchanan: A Russophobic Rant From Congress

What the Torture Report Is Missing

Obama: Racism ‘deeply rooted’ in U.S.

Republic Broadcasting Network selling this pyramid/MLM ...

Eric Garner, the Torture Report, and Authoritarian Psychology

Do They Really Oppose Torture?

The CIA’s Torture Program

Mark Udall Says The CIA Is Still Lying

War, War, War

America's Permanent War Agenda

U Attempted Color Revolution in Russia?

Worse than a defeat

Targeting Russia Escalates

Senator Richard Black: The Congress of the United States has never declared Syria to be our enemy

Western Bankers Have Committed Two Acts of War Against Russia

Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned?

Obama's Phony Turning Point

Russia eyes non-nuclear response to unnamed enemy

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?


Scheurer on BBC: Ex-CIA defends CIA torture (09Dec14)

9/11 is *my* litmus test

9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement

Transcending Media Manipulation 34 with Lenon Honor

The 9-11 Flag From Ground Zero Is Missing | Brad Meltzer

cartoon fuels US-Israel tensions, feeds 9/11 conspiracy theories

Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD

Mainstream journalists expose 9/11 hoax

Very Encouraging. 4 out of 5 High Schoolers on a Bus have seen 'Loose Change' and know the U.S. Government was behind 9/11

If the American people ever find out


To deter U.S. from torturing again, those involved should be prosecuted

Do Illegal Aliens Already Receive Welfare?

Perils of Executive Action on Immigration

Amnesty: One Brick in America’s Wall of Doom. Race Riots Another.

Legal Immigrants Being Blocked in Latest Obamacare Glitch

Facebook Can’t Cite Evidence to Support Claims of U.S. Tech Worker Shortage

How immigration killed the tax deal

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Amnesty Costs 'Horrendous' for States

Biggest winners of Obamas Immigration reforms.....Israelis

Black Activists Speak Out against Obama Amnesty Agenda.


Some "irresponsible" oil states trigger oil price decline: UAE minister

Conversation With a Central Banker

Central Banks Are Now Uncorking The Delirium Phase

I’m Not Buying It——Not The Wall Street Rip, Nor The Keynesian Rap

Oil Prices Rise as Saudi Petroleum Minister Predicts Increased Demand

(Silver Knockout, Pt. 2): The Dragon’s Source of Power, Revealed! (Fascinating read)

China to build high-speed train link between Serbia, Hungary


Webianr: Where are precious metals headed for 2015?

The $4 LED Trend You Don’t Want to Miss


Weapons Inventor Says U.S. Ripped Him Off

Thousands of wolves, bears and lynx striding Europe alongside humans

NASA email wrench to ISS- amazing

Beretta presents: HUMAN TECHNOLOGY

China Focus: Life on Mars? Chinese scientists find new evidence

Real vs perceived age: A matter of life and death

Is space-time shaped like a SPIRAL? Universe has a 'golden ratio' that keeps everything in order, researchers claim

Jetman Aerobatic Formation Flight in Dubai

Father of Web: Putin Is Wrong About Internet Being a 'CIA Project'

Scientists discover stem cell breakthrough


The Gunfighter (adult content)

Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows

The Strange Superfood Most American Ignore

Five dead, dozens ill from bacteria linked to caramel apples

Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health, stroke risk

Tooth loss linked to slowing mind, body

Exercise Tied to Cardiometabolic Markers in Clinic Patients

Fidel's Legacy

Yoga reduces risk factors of heart disease: Study

Pharmacists Charged With Murder in Fungal Meningitis Outbreak


Hillbilly at the Pearly Gates

The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds

SHOCKING VIDEO exposes the truth behind 'moderate' Muslims

michael aquino(SATAN Worshiper and Consultanant to the Pentagon) and the disappearance of kevin Collins

Sorry, Fido. Pope Francis did NOT say our pets are going to heaven

Torturing God Out of Jihadis

Pope Francis snubs the Dalai Lama at Nobel Peace Prize event

Watch what CNN does to a football player when he mentions Jesus

Grieving Mother Suffers "Unspeakable Pain" at Hands of Catholic Church

Christian Woman Promptly Removed from National Cathedral When She Speaks Out Against Muslim Service


On Clinton Roosevelt's "Science of Government" in “Review of New Books”

Discovery of official clay seals support existence of biblical kings David and Solomon, archaeologists say

Aww C'mon - rememeber this ???

World’s Oldest Airworthy Jet Returns to U.S.

Shocking Real History - The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In

Watch this if you can stay awake

Human ancestors developed a taste for alcohol 10 million years ago

Flak Training for Pilots in WW2

Obama & Hitler From No Where: Thats How Rothschild Likes It.

By the President of the United States of America, A Proclamation (Thanksgiving Day)


US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution

Israel's War on Press Freedom

14 Americans, one Spanish fund Netanyahu’s Likud campaign: Report

Israel Bombs Gaza

Rick Perry One-Ups Both Rand & Jeb, Does Crazy-Dance With Rabbis In the Street For Hanukkah

US to Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid

Knesset speaker nixes on-site Christmas tree

Torture in Israeli Prisons

The "Secret" of Hanukkah

Israel suffers series of diplomatic setbacks in Europe


The Downing of Flight MH17: Why is Malaysia Not Part of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)?

Stray dog who raced 430 miles to a better home: Arthur latched on to an extreme sports team during Amazon race - and what happened next will melt the hardest heart

Yankees and Red Sox shut out of MVP votes for first time ever

Drag race axle destroyed! (catastrophic mechanical failure up close)

Home Ex-NFL Player James Hardy -- Committed to Mental Facility ... After Cop Attack Arrest

Mark Udall's loss is a blow for privacy, but he can go out with a bang: 'leak' the CIA torture report

Anyone Catch Nik Wallenda's Amazing Tight Wire Walk Tonight in Chicago?

Moore man takes first elk on private land (Oklahoma)

Ah, the Sweet Science (Senior lays one on a young hot dog)

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge (best viewed in full-screen!!)


The Opposition to Police Brutality is a Constitutional Militia - The Liberty Brothers Radio Show

Straight Talk and Reflections

Eugene Rosen (of Sandy Hook) - A FEMA Reresentative - Proven.

Dennis Kucinich: “The US Must Work to Reestablish Friendly Relations With Russia”

DUMB people

Khodorkovsky expecting large-scale civil war in Russia

Proof Bill Gates is Linked to Ebola as it Hits Dallas, Texas! Global Depopulation

Illegal Spying Below: Activists Fly Anti-Surveillance Airship over NSA's Utah Data Center

10 Things You Don't Know About : The Almighty Dollar [Alternative Currency segment]

The SILVER Price Beat Down, the CHARADE of the Chicago CME & PAPER HFT: It COSTS Around $24 To Pull PHYSICAL SILVER Out of the Ground — V The Guerrilla Economist


Jeb Bush: Republicans Don't Need Conservatives to Win White House, Should Not Defund Exec Amnesty

Clinton to address forum sponsored by Israeli billionaire

Rick Perry Revs Up Campaign for 2016

If a Republican Justice Department Did This, It Would Be Attacked as Borderline Racist

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Is Resigning

Famous People Who Died on November 22

Rand Paul Just Had A Sitdown With Al Sharpton

If you haven't seen it yet...


Questions for the Nominee

Neocon Nuttery

John Hagee: A Profile in Pathological Christian Activism

Must Listen: Wayne Madsen on CIA Torture, ISIS and Israel and Governments

Sorcha Faal/David Booth Exposed!! Flees in terror before internet commandos take him out!!!

Trotskyism to Anachronism: The Neoconservative Revolution

Don’t watch RT!

Junk e-mail...

America's Martyrs

Lindsey Graham: We need troops to fight Islamic State ‘before we all get killed here at home’

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage At Middle East Christian Conference

Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns

Pious Perverts

Speaking of Snakes in Our Midst…

Rand Paul to Ferguson: "Come on guys, you got to wait to have your kids." (Govt Meddling in Procreation)

Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize

Oops! Anthony Weiner Did It AGAIN

Caption this

Perv OKC Mayor is GOP & Dem Favorite; He FORBID Bikini Football, But Happily Welcomed Satanic Black Mass, Participates in Jew Ceremonies

freemasons ron & rand Paul peddling e-mail for "Patriot Club" asking 33 cents per day

Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder ring allegations (video)

Maker of world's most expensive cigars says Bill Clinton a client

All is Vanity

God Loves America Best

Doyle and Debbie , Fat woman in Trailers Enjoy!!!

What a Black Woman Told Me When I Was 18

Utah woman wears colander for driver's license photo The Pasta Strainer Represents Her beliefs in the Satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Is that a Turtle in your pants?

I Tried to be a Gigolo and Failed Every Time

Ten years ago today....

Women As Reproductive Bottlenecks

Author! Author!

LP's Goldi-Lox has passed away

Auntie Fee's Sweet Treats for the kids

Is Bill Watterson Staging a Comeback?

Chinese Sci-fi bestseller to be translated into English

Ten things to know about Patrick Modiano - '14 Nobel Literature

Retro 50s 60s

Kinda Hokey - But, It's Marty

After Decades of Whining About Religion in Politics, Democrats Use Black Pastors to Swing Black Votes

If I Can Dream - Celine Dion & Elvis

Turtle's Favorite Song

Just A Girl I Used to Know


Drinking and driving in Christmas season...

A Little While

The Cunning TSA

Illegal Nerf Gun Mod

Even Santa Poops...

The Gunfighter

Sara's Christmas...

Holocaust Anne Frank Collector Bobblehead (read the reviews!)

Turtle Troubles in the ER

Never be ashamed of your taste in music


WikiLeaks Releases Classified CIA Agents Tips on Infiltrating EU, Schengen

Found on the internet

Southeron Humor

A Brandt name to relaunch a country

Chinese Sick Leave

(Ohio Gov. John Kasich) Governor Signs Bill Restricting Red Light Cameras

Al Sharpton and the Rayciss White Washing Machines

The difference between Pravda and Pravda.Ru


101 Low Caost Bartering Items