World News

Land disputes make up 66% of india's legal cases

All 63 Russian blood samples from Sochi 2014 were re-analyzed as negative – IOC

Fukushima nuclear plant RADIOACTIVE FISH found on west coast of US

Fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana Shut Down after Operating for a Decade

Trump, Taiwan, and the Chinese Paper Tiger

Putin: New World Order Has Lost Its Grip On Europe


Chimps Remember Butts Same as Faces

Assange Releases SMS Records Showing He Was Framed by Police in Rape Cases

British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup in 1938

National News

A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs

Reince Priebus If Stacking Trump White House with GOP Insiders

Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2B

CAUGHT: Snopes Deliberately Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry’s State Dept.

(Barf Alert) 'An Inconvenient Truth' Sequel to Debut at Sundance Opening Night

The Mainstream Media Is Asking For A Government Bailout Via Censorship

KY County Voted Democrat for 144 Years Until 2016 When They Voted for TRUMP

Trump Memo Reveals Plans For Massive Shake-Up At Energy Department

L.A. County Schools Brainwash Kids to Hate Trump

Trump Appoints Most Female Members to Cabinet in History


More Russia Bashing Over Nonexistent Cyberattacks

New Navy Ship Leaking Tax Dollars

WaPo Covers "false flag terrorism" and conspiracy theories

Have you ever been unfriended on facebook?

‘We’re at most dangerous moment in history of humanity,’ Stephen Hawking warns

A Few Notes On Trump's Pick Of Swamp-Dweller Neocon "Elaine Chao" As Head Of Dept. Of Transportation, From A Real (Non-PC) Trucker

Trump's Win Brings an End to Kissinger's US-Led 'New World Order' Dream

The Last Betrayal

Beware Of Trump Tolls: Pundits Praise Trump's $1 Trillion Dollar 'Public-Private Partnership' Infrastrcture Repair Plan; Involves Tolls, User-Fees On America's Highways

We are gonna need justice Trump.

Dead Constitution

CIA Bi Lie Claims Russia Intervened to Get Trump Elected

Americans Should Follow South Koreans' Example

She's Back: Hillary Hyping Fake News

In a POLITICO interview, the departing Democratic leader blamed his party’s 2016 debacle on Jim Comey and said no big changes are needed.

The Empire Strikes Back: The MSM’s 3-Point Plan to Recapture the Narrative

Trump Debunks Notion of Russia Interfering in America's Political Process

US Election Recount Follies

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Conspire to Censor Online Content

Obama's Criminal Legacy

NYT and WaPo Promote Ways to Dump Trump


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Smokes CNN Shill: 'US Is Funding Terrorists' in Syria

Standing Athwart at Standing Rock

A Goal for Trump: End Disproportionate DC Affluence

In the Donetsk People's Republic,(Ukraine's East) It's Impossible to Tell What's Real

Lame Duck Senate Shouldn't Ratify NATO's Inclusion Of Corrupt, Military Midget Montenegro

Trump to End Regime Changes, Focus on Fighting ISIS

Federal government blocks Dakota Access oil pipeline route (Protesters will not be removed)

Italian PM Renzi loses key referendum (On EU), exit polls say

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

MILO Calls Out Conservative-Bullying College Professor at West Virginia University


Police Spy Tools Evolve Faster Than Lawmakers Can Keep Up

Recent Black on White and Black on Asian Murders with Oprah!

Knockout Game In St. Louis: White Man Viciously Beat 'For No Apparent Reason'

Obama claims immunity from lawsuit under 'the king can do no wrong' legal maxim

Silicon Valley Bank is thinking about removing names from résumés to prevent unconscious bias against job candidates

(Black) Reckless Driver Videos Himself Speeding On Facebook Live Before Accident

Obamas Kids Are Adopted!! I Found The Real Parents!! 2016

Black Lives Matter To Block Consumers From White-Owned Chicago Stores On Black Friday. Just Stay Home And Shop Online.

An Open Letter To My White Family, Friends, Neighbors And Colleagues

Nassim 'Black Swan' Taleb Sums Up Obama's Legacy In 3 Painfully "Real" Tweets

Ron Paul

Trump Team: Same People Who Say Russia Meddled In Election Said Iraq Had WMDs

Thank You, President Obama

Trump fires transition team member for spreading fake news about Clinton – report

BREAKING: Giuliani Out As Sec of State - Failed Vetting Process Due To Lobbying

The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs

Trump’s looming showdown with the ‘secret government’

Libertarian Hand-Wringing

Will Rand Paul Fight Fake News With a Filibuster?

Is the US Government Behind the Fake News Media Attacks on President-elect Trump?

Trump’s Appointments

War, War, War

Neocons Urge War on Iran

Russia, Syria Denounce Pro-War General Assembly Resolution

Latest from Russia on Aleppo

Tulsi Gabbard's Stop Arming Terrorists Act

Obama Formally Approves Arming Terrorists in Syria

US Hawks Lay Out Plan for Getting Into a War With Iran

Neocon Senators Urge Trump to Send More Lethal Aid to Ukraine Than Already

China’s spies gain valuable US defense technology: report

Lavrov on Russia/US Relations and Aleppo Update

US and Rogue Allies Frantic Over Losing Aleppo


Flashback, Presidenr Trump: "Israel did 9/11" Guy "Is on our side, Very committed, He's Actually a Trump Guy"

Manchester, NH police chief: 500 refugees coming to NH, 90,000 Syrians to America

REVEALED: Donald Trump Vows to 'Reopen 9/11 Probe' That Could 'Spark a Revolution'

Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation

9/11 Truth?

JASTA Opens Many Doors

Iraqi group demands payments for US invasion after ‘Sue the Saudis for 9/11’ bill passes Congress

Able Danger: Did DOD Lawyers Blow the Chance to Nab Atta

Saudi bill could expose US deep state behind 9/11: Scholar

9/11 Families Deserve Their Day in Court Against Saudi Arabia


Obama Admin: Requiring Workers Speak English Is Discrimination…


Liberal refuses to answer Tucker Carlson's question on Syrian immigration

CNN Host Alisyn Comerota Can’t Fathom Illegal Alien Voters…

The Obama Administration is About To Admit Thousands of Refugees Australia Rejected

Ohio State Knife Attacker Abdul Artan Was Taking a Class About Microaggressions

Red Alert: Obama raiding Medicare accounts to feed illegals – $167 million month


Mogadishu on Campus

Upheld: ID Theft Laws Used by Sheriff Arpaio to Prosecute Illegal Aliens


Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board ends run on the bank, stops $154M in withdrawals

Supreme Court throws out Apple’s $399M win in Samsung patent fight

Carrying Cash? Be Ready to Lose It

Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Company, $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs for Americans

A Populist-Conservative Melting Pot

DAL Construction Completion Permit Denied

US hindering Iran ties with international banks: Iran central bank governor

Guess Who Made the OPEC Deal Happen? Hint: He Works In the Kremlin

Is Steve Mnuchin Just Another Wall Street Banker?

China to invest 700 billion RMB in wind energy projects


Another fatal Tesla crash reportedly on Autopilot emerges, Model S hits a streetsweeper truck – caught on dashcam

It took thousands of years, but we finally have a digital sundial

Apple reportedly to fly drones to beat Google Maps

My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic

Sleep mode: Your brain dozes off even while you’re awake, study finds

BlackBerry poised to be at forefront of secure self-driving cars

Stephen Hawking encourages China to build hadron collider

We now have scientific evidence for why you should never go to bed angry

The stupidity of IQ Testing

SOURCE: Thomas Massie Being Considered For Trump Administration Post Published on November 28, 2016 in Politics


CDC: Heroin Deaths Surpassed Firearm-Related Homicides in 2015

patient sues hospital over flesh-eating bug that 'ate' most of his penis

US life expectancy down for 1st time in 22 years – study

Walnuts are Our Food of the Week

Salt: How Much Is Too Much?

112-year-old Nepal woman says she’s been smoking for 95 years

Marijuana and a Free Society

8 Heart-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Australian scientists develop world-first vaccine for gum disease

A man's prostate cancer has disappeared with an experimental treatment


John Glenn Said Space Flight Made His Faith in God Stronger

MERKEL'S U-TURN Angela Merkel calls for Germany BURKA BAN saying ‘the full veil is not appropriate here’ in astonishing U-turn

15 Hate Hoaxes You Can Dispel This Thanksgiving

Order, Chaos, Peace

White Christian Apocalypse?

Hillary Clinton Is A 4th-Degree Coven Witch

Should Christians Vote?

The Clinton Cult: The Sick and Twisted World of ‘Spirit Cooking’

Europe's New Blasphemy Courts

The Secret History of Elizabeth I's Alliance With Islam


The Case for Pearl Harbor Revisionism

Pearl Harbor Facts and Proof

Do you remember YUGO?

The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster

Fabricated 'History:' Alex Jones Claims Nazis Were Months Away From Starting Nuclear War

VINCE FOSTER - The Mirage of Suicide and The Reality of Murder

Communists Should Not Teach in American Colleges - 1949


Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller calls Hillary Clinton a 'c***' on Twitter

Aboriginal Australians, Pacific Islanders carry DNA of unknown human species, research analysis suggests



Declassified documents indicate Israel and South Africa conducted nuclear test in 1979

Study on Holohoax

Lieberman: Israel Attacked Syria to Prevent Hezbollah Getting WMDs

Israel's Illegal Land Grab Formalization Bill

How they do it–IDF publishes map with nearly 10,000 Hezbollah targets it could attack during a potential confrontation with the terror group.

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Besieged Gazans Tormented by Israeli Viciousness

Argentine judge rules woman can marry her own stepdaughter

Jews Push For White Genocide


Yalie Co-Eds Disrobe in Harvard Stadium

Yalie Do-Eds Disrobe in Harvard Stadium

Crushing Hillary: Trump’s Landslide by the Numbers

Trump taps Pence to lead transition team as cabinet speculation builds

Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won

In a Bar in Chicago, the Real M.V.P.s of the Series Got It Done

Salute to Chicago's Cubs

Las Vegas rooting for Indians win, as Cubs attracting majority of money

Cubs 4 - Indians 1 Top of the fifth

Chance Gaul | Raw Chunk VI


China's Huawei to train Ukrainian young talents under "Seeds for the future" program

Journalism Startup Newsbud Launches Critical 2nd Crowdfund

Dining Service Workers Defeat Mighty Harvard

China donates 2 aircraft to Costa Rican security forces China donates 2 aircraft to Costa Rican security forces

Coinky Doink

FBI Asst. Dir. Publicly Calls Out Hillary, Endorses Trump

Vladimir Putin’s Third Way: As Seen Through the Nooscope

Impacting US election: Ecuador cut off Assange’s net because Clinton leaks ‘breached impartiality’

Why The US, UK, EU & Israel Want To Destroy Syria

New Guccifer 2.0 claims: Hacked Clinton Foundation files show 'pay to play', bank ties


James O’Keefe: Main Stream Media Is Now Powerless

Rogue electors brief Clinton camp on anti-Trump plan

Pennsylvania GOP Slams Secretary of State for Releasing Contact Info of Electors

Italy's Constitutional Referendum Rejected

US State Department Document Stating Hillary Clinton To Be Inaugurated As President Stuns Russia

Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin Already Mad at Donald Trump: ‘Big Sell-Out Is Coming’

Mich. AG Schuette moves to halt presidential recount

A New Era of Peace Under Trump?

Texas elector quits, says pledge binding and Trump 'not biblically qualified'

Stringent PA Laws That Protect Democrat Voter Fraud May Stop Hillary from Stealing US Election

Neocon Nuttery

Tillerson, Stavridis join secretary of state field (ExxonMobil CEO, Clinton VP Admiral)

Trump picks Elaine Chao for transportation secretary (MItch McConnel's wife, 2X Bush insider)

Trump administration taking shape; Romney, Giuliani, Palin possible picks for key roles

Romney and Trump to discuss secretary of state position (flip-flopper summit)

Trump Considering Ted Cruz For Attorney General

Kasich Writes In John McCain For President

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Albuquerque, NM 10/30/16 [LIVE]

Trump in 2013: We must 'leave borders behind' because future of US 'depends on a cohesive global economy'

The Phony Legacy of William F. Buckley, Jr.

Hillary Clinton is Evil Remix

Pious Perverts

I Called It

Woman Who Pushed Husband Out of a High-Rise Apartment Hangs Herself in Prison

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Paid $200 For Me to Abort His Baby

Brzezinski suggests Trump has serious mental health issues

Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?

All is Vanity

Last day of FREEDOM


BARF BAG WARNING: Sex Rituals Africa documentary

Author! Author!

WhoÂ’s the Biggest Peddler of Fake News?

This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism

Songs from my band (Avant Garage)

Retro 50s 60s

Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) [HD Widescreen]


Police officer charged with slapping man dressed as bunny

Guy Fights Kangaroo To Save His Dog! Lmao! Awesome!!

The egg

Funny Pictures- Trump, etc.[Warning, NOT P-C]

How To Talk To Your Child About The Election Results

FBI Just Nabbed Russian Hacker Behind the Hillary Email Scandal!!


The Amish In America Commit Their Vote To Donald Trump; Mathematically Guaranteeing Him A Presidential Victory (satire)

God Bless The USA! - Lee Greenwood, 1984 - (I Still love this song)



C2C Upcoming

ok, Now That Trump Has Dethroned Hillary, Time For Some Fun ..

BMW traps carjacker with remotely activated door locks

How to pump gas without arms

Massive mob overwhelms school's favorite police officer!

Witch Conjures Bees to Recover Bike

Ex-Employee Suing Dr. Phil for Alleged False Imprisonment and Wrongful Termination

Why Liberals Are Winning All The Game Shows

Last person alive born in 19th century celebrates 117th birthday

Ironic Squirrel Attack Befalls Politician