World News

Manchester Blast: Terrorism or False Flag?

Manchester attack ‘carefully planned’ return to suicide tactics – terrorism expert

Thousands of Sex Abuse Claims Against UN “Peace” Troops

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

Breaking: Iraqi Units Open Fire on Hostile US Jets Operating Inside Syrian Desert

China ended its one-child policy and became a 'demographic time bomb' anyway

Macron: An American Trojan horse in the Elysee Palace

Iran asks US to stop arming 'main terror sponsors'

World Leaders Gather In Beijing While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

Egypt’s President al-Sisi to President Trump: “You Can Do The Impossible”

National News

Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

Seth Rich’s original Reddit posts altered, 663 comments deleted

Comey to meet privately with Mueller before Senate hearing

MSNBC Ruthlessly Cuts To Trump Coverage As Manchester Victims Scream In Background

How Can You Be Outraged by Assad, and a Happy Guest in Saudi Arabia?

The Inside Story on James B. Comey

Saudis gave the US $360billion in deals. Now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law

White House Has Identified 3 Staffers Who Leaked, Will Fire Them When Back In DC

IT WAS FAKE! New York Times Pulls the Comey Memo Story after the Journalist Reveals He Never Even Saw It during an MSNBC Interview

DEAR CNN: Circulation Of FALSE Information To SABOTAGE A Presidency Is A FELONY


The Same Psychos Who Crucified Tsarist Russia Are Now Gunning for Putin

Rename Washington

Dick Morris – Comey Firing Clears The Way For Clinton Indictment, Obstructionist Gone

World Gets Behind Putin’s Vow To Destroy New World Order

Trump’s first 100 days: Capitulating to the destructive status quo on foreign policy

Oliver Stone -- Putin Is A Hero, Not An Enemy

The Largest Conspiracy

In defence of Alex Jones

First China-bound direct freight train leaves London

Notes for a White Kid in University:An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious

Dead Constitution

Getting Julian Assange

Trump Feted by Rogue Saudi Regime

US Constitution May Be Suspended: War, National Emergency and “Continuity of Government”

Latest Anti-Trump Media Assault

Disinformation Report Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Slow-Motion Plot to Dump Trump

Sweden Drops Phony Assange Rape Case

Banana Republic Antics in Washington

NYT Praise for Witch-Hunt Investigations

Putin Accused of Bribing Trump


Krieger: America Has Become A Total Joke

Elon Musk admits to “Unschooling” his Children

Al-Saud’s Only Gamble Option

"Everybody's Freaked" - Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated

Newt Calls for Seth Rich Investigation,

Schlichter Warns "This Is A Coup Against Our Right To Govern Ourselves"

And The Winner Of The 2017 Pulitzer Prize For Journalism Goes To...

'Battle is over but the war has just begun': Julian Assange

The Special Counsel Comes to Town: It’s the Moscow Trials, Revisited

Video: Tucker Carlson Just Proved The DNC Wants A Civil War


"It's Absurd" - 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests (At $16,000 per student)

Gov. Jerry Brown Calls California Taxpayers “Freeloaders”

Regular White Kids Won’t Be Going To College Anymore

Enoch Powell Was Right

The ‘Soft Coup’ of Russia-gate

There’s no peace on this corner for long': Best friends fatally shot (Mothers Day in Chicago)

(African) Pastor eaten by crocodiles while trying to walk on water (on the Crocodile River) like Jesus

Chicago Gangs Turn To "Armor-Piercing Rifles" In Police Ambush

Do Africans Really Have an IQ of 70?

After first 100 days, Clinton's approval rating soars to 91 percent

Ron Paul

Trump Backs Sunni Radical Islam over Moderate Shi’ism

A Sinkhole Just Opened in Front of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate

Toil and Trouble for President Trump


Bravo! The Donald Finally Fired a Swamp Creature

The Real Meaning of ‘Sensitive’ Intelligence

The Myopic Campaign to Make Russia a Pariah

A Soft Coup in the Offing?

Is It Time To Turn On Trump? Coulter and Other TrumpTrain Riders Grow Restless

Why working class Americans voted with their middle finger

War, War, War

The Donald’s Risible Rendezvous in Riyadh


Trump's 'historic' military buildup vision has a money problem

Mattis: Going with Military Option to NK Would Be "tragic on unbelievable scale"

USS Ronald Reagan Moves To Korean Peninsula

Phony US Plan to Smash ISIS

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Ink ‘Largest Single Arms Deal in American History’

Inside The US Government’s Plan To Survive Nuclear War (While Millions Die)

Why Washington Terror-Bombs Syria

Pentagon an Eager Customer of Assassination Mini-Drones


Iran dares Trump to talk about 9/11 with Saudi Arabia

9/11 ANALYSIS: From Ronald Reagan and the Soviet-Afghan War to George W Bush and September 11, 2001

Dick Cheney's 'deep state' and "Continuity in Government" measures on 9/11

Does Bush Have Afterthoughts?

Jews did 9/11

Saudis paid US veterans in attempt to kill 9/11 law: Report

Germany: 7 Refugees On Trial For Setting Homeless Man On Fire On Christmas

9/11 Destroyed America


Obscured American: Rudy Dent a 9-11 First Responder


Dramatic moment armed police swoop to arrest man, 23, in south Manchester over ISIS arena massacre as addresses across the city are raided

Jeff Sessions releases final guidance defining 'sanctuary' cities

Amid opposition, Trump makes low budget request for Mexico border wall

Trump calls to cut off tax breaks for illegal immigrants

Police Confirm 19 Dead, 50 Injured After "Suspected Suicide Bombing" At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester - Live Feed

Tommy Robinson: British Political System Is Defending The Most Dirty Sex Slavers Ever


Migrants Gang Rape Woman In Wheelchair, Police Free Them For Sick Reason

You can’t make this stuff up - Texas Judge Suspended After Officials Find Out She’s Not a US Citizen

Desperate Parents Pull Children Out of School Over Fears of MS-13 Gang


Unemployment Claims At Lowest Level In 28 Years

BOMBSHELL: Podesta Received $35 Million from RUSSIA while Advising Clinton & Obama

“Penny Defense Stocks” teased by The Casey Report

Rise of young women (in UK) going 'au naturel' as nearly a quarter now don't shave their underarms

China's Top Crude Exporter: Russia Reaps the Rewards of Bypassing the Dollar

Drilled and Uncompleted - The Roadblock to Higher Oil Prices

Argentina to join AIIB: Argentinean FM

China's sharing economy: 3.45 trillion RMB market volume and counting

AMAZON now worth two WALMARTs...

The fall of retailers means doomsday for malls


Introducing The 'Chit' - The World's First One-Bit Chemical Hard Drive

Scientists discover intelligence linked to 52 ‘smart genes’

Ukraine supplied 88 APCs to Iraq, but only 34 could actually move – inquiry

Plasma jet engine breakthrough heralds beginning of new era in space travel - study

Russia’s ‘Killer Satellites’ Re-Awaken

Google Researchers Are Teaching Their AI to Build Its Own, More Powerful AI

Being an Only Child Can Actually Change The Structure of Your Brain

Scientists Have Developed The Most Efficient Water-Splitting Catalyst Yet

Hydrogen Bonds Have Been Directly Detected For The First Time

Never Pay For Cable Or Subscriptions Again? This Device Allows You To Watch Anything For Free


Breaking News

Scientists Have Reversed Age-Related Blindness by Deliberately Infecting Eyes With a Virus

Keto Diet Food List, Including the Best vs. Worst Keto Foods

NAG: One of the Good Sugars

1 artificial sweetener you should use

‘Future of medicine’: Broken pig bones healed using tiny bubbles & ultrasound

More foreigners seeking medical care in Xinjiang

The Hidden Realities of U.S. Incarceration

SCIENCE: Horsetail herb prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia by removing toxic ALUMINUM from your body

This Guy Fixed His Teeth by 3D-Printing His Own Plastic Braces For $60


The Soviet Way

She Made It! Prince Harry Brings Meghan Markle as His Date to Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception

Trump Reverses Obama on Religious Colleges

ENRAGED Father Calls Out School District For Teaching About Islam, But NOT Judaism Or Christianity!

LEGAL-COURTS So ... the religious liberty EO was purposely 'vague'?

Sizing up Trump's EO on religious freedom

Nations That Continue To Violate God Laws Will Suffer Consequences

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse

Kansas City Catholics Banish Girl Scouts Over Group’s Far-Left Teachings

The Fascist Pope



Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner financed Israeli extremists and illegal settlements

List of US Organizations Sponsored by SOROS!

Gestapo Chief Reportedly Buried in Jewish Cemetery

Come rock with Bach for his birthday!

Debunking America’s “Good” Occupation

Congress had their own bootlegger during Prohibition, so senators and congressmen could still drink alcohol

A Hackle-Raiser For Sure!


The forefathers of Europe: Two thirds of modern European men descend from just THREE Bronze Age leaders


Palestine Burns While Trump Lauds Zionist Extremism

Not Remembering the USS Liberty

Preparing for War on Hizbullah

Food For Thought - Baron Alphonso Rothschild

Trump's Israel Visit: Bad News for Palestinians

I Wonder by Mike Rivero

The Real Danger From Trump Is Ignored

Mass Palestinian Hunger Strike Day 31

GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson 'furious' over Rex Tillerson comments: Report

Netanyahu's War on Press Freedom


Twitter reacts to Cavs crushing Celtics in record first half

D-backs Catcher Taken to Hospital After Getting Drilled in Face With Fastball

Cincinnati Reds ruthlessly troll Cubs fans with 'Bandwagon Cam'

Rousey gets leg swept by 5th grader during judo lesson

Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men'

Report: ESPN's next round of layoffs is going to include on-air personalities


Texas gun-owners action alert! Constitutional carry gun law at stake this session!!

Remembering Lynne Stewart

US Soldiers Pose For Regrettable Photograph — This Time on Russia’s Border

‘No filter’ in The World According to Jesse, Ventura's new RT America show


WhateverGate—The Crazed Quest to Find Some Reason (Any Reason!) to Dump Trump

Exclusive: Murdered DNC staffer's family, friends set record straight

Ann Coulter Is Worried The ‘Trump-Haters Were Right’

Comey’s firing is a gift to the FBI

Macron Sworn in as French President

Why Was Comey Fired?

New South Korean President Wants Improved Ties with North

Moon Elected in South Korea, Promising New Push for Peace With North Says South Korea Must Learn to Say 'No' to Americans

Oligarchy Triumphs in France

The French Election (2017)

Neocon Nuttery

Same As Bush and Liberty Post

Ted Cruz may be the only man who can save the GOP health bill

State Department Finally Realizes Nikki Haley Needs Adult Supervision

Donald Herbert Walker Trump

mCain's face !?

Syria Gas Attack: Assad's Doing...Or False Flag?

Dina Powell to be named Trump's deputy national security adviser (bushbot promotion's +Rick Perry)

Neocons rebuked! McCain Furious At Rex Tillerson For Saying Assad Can Stay

In Trump’s America, Is This The End Of George Will?

Weekly Address The White House - Jan 28, 2017

Pious Perverts

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Were Reportedly Making Out At The SNL After-Party

The Law Of Trump Truthiness

Millions of Television Viewers Drink Bleach After Nikki Haley Opens Her Mouth Again

Posh Pig Molester Praised as Perfect Fit For Next NATO Chief

When Jilted Lovers Commit Hate-Crime Hoaxes

TSA rolls out new, 'more intimate' airport pat-downs (“groin scrutiny”)

Bern considers flower topped urinals for eco-friendly street peeing

Soulless Sociopath

All is Vanity

Katyusa (Катюша) - Valeria Kurnushkina & Red Army Choir (2014)

Author! Author!

Retro 50s 60s

PURE AMERICANA: Great 77-Year-Old Navy Vet Gives Tour Of His Classic Car Museum

12 Good Ol' Facts About 'The Dukes of Hazzard'


The Green Mamalishi

WTF Did Trump Say To DEVASTATE Melania During The Inauguration Ceremony? TWO Bystanders Look Freaked Out Too


Ghost Filmed Fleeing From Flood?

How rednecks get away from cops

Bilderberger Secrets/ Psychic Skills

Convoy of nuclear warhead carriers 'breaks down' on UK public highway

Old Pothead Willie Nelson - It Gets Easier

Trump Fired James Comey for Elite Pedophile Ring Coverup

Aussie detained for overstaying US visa by 90 minutes freed after 2 weeks in jail

Fidget Spinners were created to stop Palestinians kids from Throwing Stones!

Guangzhou tests use of flies to dissolve kitchen waste

Study shows why shoelaces come untied