World News

An Alternative Explanation to the Skripal Mystery

Where might Trump and Kim Jong Un meet?

'Bitcoin Heist' Suspect Escapes from Prison on a Plane 'Carrying Iceland's Prime Minister'

Trump says Pompeo "got along really well" with Kim Jong In

U.S. Nuclear Submarine That Attacked Syria 'Not Welcome' Back to Naples, Italy

Offer to Withdraw America's Troops from South Korea to Seal a Nuclear Deal with the North

Iran: Israel Will Pay for Strike on Drone Base in Syria

Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian 'Chemical Attack' Site, Concludes "They Were Not Gassed"

At destroyed Syria lab, workers say they produce antidotes to snake venom not toxic weapons

The Crisis Is Only In Its Beginning Stages

National News

University Issues Stunning Response After Professor Celebrates Barbara Bush’s Death

New York attorney general wants power to bypass Trump pardons

Tesla's 2018 Goes From Bad To Worse As Safety Regulators Launch Probe

Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton, Lynch And McCabe; Rosenstein Recusal Demanded

Nerves of Steel - SWA Pilot

NY State Police Don't Know The Law! More Bully Cops 09/25/15

Mueller Won’t Sleep Tonight After What Mark Levin Just UNVEILED About Him On Live TV(VIDEO)!!!

Judicial Watch Statement on Inspector General Report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Alison Kosik on Starbucks to close U.S. Stories May 29 for Racial Bias Education.

5 Fast Facts About The Federal Judge In Michael Cohen's Case (And Why Trump Should Be Worried)


Bolton wants US in war with Russia, Syria, Iran: Analyst

US Hypocrisy Marks Descent Into Barbarism

Serial adulterer, woman beater, plagiarist, communist sympathizer, prostitute john: DEAD

Michael Springmann: Disintegrating Syria Part of Zionist Plan to Remove Any Strong Arab State

Russia has nukes to destroy 50 of the biggest US cities: Writer

Diplomatic crisis between Russia, West may lead to nuclear war: Analyst

John Bolton poses a threat to US national security: Analysis

When ALL Gun Owners are Shunned

Sypers posters on Russia's ultimatum, etc.


Dead Constitution

Sotomayor Decries ‘Shoot First and Think Later’ After Officer Is Granted Immunity

Two Black Men Were Arrested In Starbucks. Witnesses Say They "Didn't Do Anything."

Gun rights advocates rally across the nation

Trump Signs Executive Order Requiring Welfare Recipients to Work

Five reasons why we’ll have another domestic conflict

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared

Justice Thomas’ Wife Crushes Anti-Gun Parkland Students with Brutal Post

In Search of Intelligent Latin Policy

Maker of the 3d liberator and 3d printer AR-15

Federal Judge Upholds Firearm Ban: ‘Not Within the Scope of…2nd Amendment’


Durham Becomes First City in US to Ban Cops From Going to Israel for ‘Military-Style’ Training

Why Do They Tell Us Transparent Lies?

Syria is Just Kabuki Warfare As We Sail Into Financial Armageddon


With War Looming, the Voices of Syrians Are Being Suppressed Once Again

The Road to World War III

BREAKING: Horowitz Releases EXPLOSIVE Report On Andrew McCabe…

International Lawyers: Strike Against Syria Would Be Illegal

Why Write About Foreign Policy?

Bank of America to stop lending to some gun manufacturers in wake of Parkland massacre


Business Owner Targeted And Warned By Local Public Servants For Flying Military Flags

California risks losing $1.4 billion in federal train funds. FTA Issues Public Warning!

The First Domino Falls In Illinois... 400 More Funds To Follow

A $76,000 Monthly Pension: Why States and Cities Are Short on Cash

Thomas Jefferson Statue Branded With ‘Racist + Rapist’ On His Birthday

(Black) Men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old (white girl)

'Women Might Get Raped If They Debate Men', So This College Debate Tournament Banned Men

High School Counselor Arrested After Threatening To "Execute" White People

stop killing aligators to make gatoraid

Legally change your gender to retire 5 years earlier

Ron Paul

Bush Camp Gives Update On George Hw After Wife Of 73 Years Passes Away

James Comey Sees Himself as a Victim of Trump. He Refuses to See the Victims of the Justice System.

Senators Offer Up Unprecedented War Powers to President

US senator: Chemical attack used to ‘galvanize the world’ against Assad

BREAKING: Rand Paul Tells Wolf Blitzer He Thinks Syria Gassing Was False Flag (Video)

Trump’s Disastrous Syria Attack

Playing With Nuclear Matches

North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war

Trump's tabloid past may come back to haunt him

Attacking Syria: Military Brass Thumbs Noses at the Constitution

War, War, War

Trump's Missile Fiasco

Take the Red Pill - The History of Syrian False Flags Exposed

US and Russia Have Outrageously Divergent Accounts of Trump's Syria Attack

Russia won without firing a single shot

Pastor on trial for alleged terror ties, spying

DISTURBING video shows Syrian kids learning how to fake a chemical attack

Trump Attacks Syria With Chemical Experts on the Way

U.S., U.K., France Conduct Massive Missile Strike On Syria: Details


Trump Backing Away From Attack on Syria


Saudi Arabia to Remain a Defendant in 9/11 Lawsuit, U.S. Judge Rules

Breaking News On 911 ~ QRS11 Exposed ~ Civil Suit Moves Forward

AV7 - Field McConnell - Hillary Clinton's connection to 9/11... revealed!

The QRS - 11 ( A chip used to remote control aircraft)

Saudi Government Still Fighting 9-11 Victims' Families

As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show

Dr. Phil Exposes Bombs in the Twin Towers on 9/11!!!

Flight Attendant Sheds New Light on 911

The Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland Florida

Q and A on Jewish Sheriff regarding the Florida shooting.


DHS secretary declines to explain Trump's 'breeding' tweet

Another day, another dead teenager on the streets of London: Aspiring lawyer, 18, named 'Mr Swot' because of his devotion to studies is stabbed just yards from his home - bringing the capital's death toll to 59 so far this year

California Then and Now Mini-Documentary

Woman who was raped as a child by grooming gang reveals how police accused her of being a 'child prostitute' and threatened to take her children away

Scotland Yard admits it has run out of detectives to investigate murders and gang crimes (Including gang rape of white girls) in the capital


BLOODY SPREE London stabbing rate increases as SIX teens knifed in capital in 90 mins – making 7 knife attacks in one day with boy, 13, among victims

Trump ditches ‘boring’ tax script for Mexican rapists, illegal voting claims

Actors Cold Read Facts on Illegal Immigration off of a Teleprompter

Trump Deploys U.S. Military To Southern Border


YOUR ENTITLEMENTS? Social Security, Medicare and Pensions...I Don’t Think So!

America’s 1st Black Billionaire: Thanks To Trump, African-American Unemployment Is Low And The Economy Is Surging

Illinois passes $5 billion tax increase

Wells Fargo faces $1 billion fine from loan abuses

The Deep State Closes In On the Donald

The Hammer Is About To Fall, The Central Banks Are Obsolete:V,Z,Cowboy&Frank

‘Unimpressed’ by American Patriot missile system, India turns to Russian S-400

Deciphering Ray Blanco’s “Stockchain” pitch about the “Wyoming Stock Exchange”

Iran proposes investment in Afghan iron ore project

Free Money? Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts (Birth Certificate/Strawman Trust/Bond)


You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves.

Massive Football Field-Sized Asteroid Comes Close to Earth in Surprise Flyby

Diminishing solar activity may bring new Ice Age by 2030

The Winter That Will Not Quit

Rewriting Life DNA tests for IQ are coming, but it might not be smart to take one

More GMO food coming to supermarket

Microsoft is ready for a world beyond Windows

How to store meat long-term when living off-grid

Harnessing static electricity? Invention makes self-powered devices possible, without batteries

how many human cells are made in a minute


3 Foods that raise your blood pressure

Dirty Dozen List: Are You Eating the Most Pesticide-Laden Produce?

This secret gave her daughter cancer

Delicious strawberries – no matter what the season

Cordyceps for Anti-Aging & Exercise Performance

Collagen: Why You Need It & How To Get It

What Your Cholesterol Numbers Really Mean

Leading Animal Health and Cancer Specialists Release FREE 7-part Docu-Series on the Pet Epidemic No One Talks About… CANCER

How To Give Your Brain A Break Without Booking Vacation Days

Why Americans are avoiding the doctor


Is 'Jesus's tomb' leaking BLOOD? Frenzy as bizarre footage surfaces from Jerusalem

The Future of Europe is Civil War

German Police Union Chief Proposes Taking Children Away From ‘Anti-Semitic Parents’

How Christianity saw off its rivals and became the universal church

Origin of the Easter Bunny


Radical Islamic Scholar Hillary Let Back into U.S. as Sec. of State Jailed for Rape

Soldiers: Strippers, Smiters, Mockers, Spitters, Gamblers, Thieves, Liars, Scourgers, Bribe Takers, Assaulters, Mutilators, and Crucifiers.

The Man They Still Hate

Prof. at Jesuit-Run Holy Cross: Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’ and Washing Disciples’ Feet Was a ‘Striptease’


Bitter lessons 25 years after Waco, Texas, siege

Rebellious as Armenians: Ottoman KURDS

Seat of Satan (Coast to Coast Interview)

Death of Himmler

This is What Happened to Randolph Scott...

The Hitler gun control lie

Fake Quote Files: Adolf Hitler on Gun Registration, Conquest and Disarmament

Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich review – new findings from ancient DNA

Guardian: David Reich's Book Shows Civilizations Should Submit to Barbarian Invasions

Amazon Jungle Once Home to Millions More Than Previously Thought


Israel US Soldier Cartoon

Syrian purchase of Russian S-300 air defense system worries Israel

Whose Wars?

Israelis Kill Unarmed Protesters, Barely Notice

Report: ‘Large-Scale Explosion’ At Iranian Weapons Depot Hours After Trump Strike

Why we have wars: Explained to children.

Israeli Control

Jew Talk (Frankenzuck Version)

How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet

Israel's Internet Censorship War - If Americans Knew


McKayla Maroney reveals she was molested 'hundreds' of times in exclusive interview

Highlights: Cubs rally past Braves in 8th inning

White Sox, Rays play in front of reported crowd of 974

Largest Christian university opens 'sophisticated' gun range for students

Shocking images of VW cars dumped in Californian desert by German manufacturer after it was forced to buy back 350,000 cars for $7billion over diesel scandal

Spurs’ Popovich Goes Off on Trump, NRA and 2nd Amendment

Eagles' Michael Bennett indicted in Texas on felony charge of injury to the elderly

Former Navy SEAL Wins Gold at Paralympics

Ryan Flaherty Says Wyoming QB Can Throw Ball 90 Yards

Sabotaging Russia at the Olympics


Going to university is more important than ever for young people But the financial returns are falling

Mao and Again

UK Labour leader receives peace prize amid media silence

The Second Battle of the Alamo (Texas Land Commissioner George P. BUSH, son of JEB Bush, must be eliminated!)


When Military Leaders Have Reckless Disregard for the Truth

Ghost Voters - New Proof of Election Fraud, 2148

Wasserman Schultz and 44 Dems Exempted Pakistani IT Aides From Background Checks

Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling and Regime Change, From Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

Nolte: Oops! Those FBI Texts and 4 Other Times the Deep State ‘Lost’ Crucial Communications

Nolte: Oops! Those FBI Texts and 4 Other Times the Deep State ‘Lost’ Crucial Communications

Senate candidate from Missouri calls for legalizing machine guns

Edwin Duterte: The Republican Who Can Unseat Maxine Waters

It’s OVER: Byron York Blows The Lid Off Of The Mueller Probe Lies

TRUMP WINS! Rep. Nunes Just Dropped A War Hammer On The Trump-Russia Collusion Nonsense

Neocon Nuttery

The Neocon Cries Out.....

Senate Issues Failing Dairy Industry $1 Billion Handout (Gov Cheeze Welfare)

Your guide to top anti-Russia think tanks in US & who funds them

John Hagee Ministries Donates More Than $2.1 Million to Israeli Charities

Bush 41 and Bush 43 Worry Trump Is Blowing Up the G.O.P.

George W. Bush Institute Summit, NYC: President Bush Remarks On The Crisis With North Korea (globalist neocon discontent, Nativism, White Supremacy) 10/19/17)

Pious Perverts

Why Tony Blair is back with his Syria pronouncement?

Google Censors Guns, Removes Shopping Results

Trump pushes ban on 'bump stocks' — devices that turn weapons into 'machine guns' (Executive Memorandum to AG Sessions)

Trump's Big Bank Theory.

The Progressive Left Goes Philistine

Why some African Americans are moving to Africa

Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch Retiring After 4 Decades In Senate (Senator Mitt Romney?)

John Podesta’s Father Was Dr. Josef Mengele

No One Ever Drowned in Roy Moore's Car

Sebelius: The Clinton White House doubled down on 'abusive behavior' and it's fair to criticize Hillary Clinton

All is Vanity

These Are the Most Notorious Groupies in Rock ‘n’ Roll History

Macaulay Culkin Boycotts Watching Oscars 2018, But Still Hilariously Live Tweets the Show

EXCLUSIVE: Breakout model Gracie Phillips, 20, reveals her father is La Bamba actor Lou Diamond Phillips and confesses she kept him a secret so she wouldn't face criticism like Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner

dristan is like sending your sinuses to arizona

War of the Misread Augury - Epilogue

War of the Misread Augury - Chapter 103

War of the Misread Augury - Chapter 102

War of the Misread Augury - Chapter 101

War of the Misread Augury - Chapter 100

War of the Misread Augury - Chapter 99

Author! Author!

Six Days on the Road, Dave Dudley

David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Dennis Quaid Reveals Gift ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Father Gave Son

No Country for Old Men - An explanation

The 100 best nonfiction books of all time: the full list

Retro 50s 60s

Behind-the-Scenes Facts About ‘The Brady Bunch’

Chicago Brauhaus, the German Fixture in Lincoln Square, to Close in December


Trayvon Martin is 23 today..

I'm now running 4um... if there's no objection.

His Majesty's Birthday

Historical generals pointing out the toilets

Indian E-Commerce Site Selling 'Hitler' Ring, In Today's WTF News

Shoot at The Stars


Russian Farmer Rescued Four Strange Kittens But Soon He Realized That They Weren’t Actually Kittens

Art Bell - RIP

Newest Planet X Doomsday Prediction Points to April 23rd

How to Make Pemmican - The Ultimate Survival Food

C2C upcoming

Kylie Minogue Was So Starstruck By Dolly Parton She Barely Remembers Meeting Her

30 Things You Didn't Know About Full Metal Jacket

Behind-The-Scenes Facts From The Hit Movie Cool Hand Luke

QUIZ: 99% Of Adults Can’t Pass This Elementary School Test, Can You?!

Pearl Jam - Makes you think...