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Important Q&A with Larry!

Impeaching Hillary

Amnesty International: US Coalition Has Killed at Least 300 Civilians in Syria

‘McCarthyism,’ Then and Now

NATO Seeks More Troops in Continued Eastern Europe Buildup

Putin promises ‘confrontation’ if Clinton keeps up Russia talk

Strict speed limits make roads more dangerous: Aust'n study

Russia is preparing for nuclear war

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War

Standing Up To Putin with Bill Browder (corruption in Russia)

National News

The 'Real' Reasons People Will Vote For Trump

Such a Nasty Marxist

Ex-Friend: Assange Out to Settle Score with Hillary

James O’Keefe Files FEC Suit Against Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Mr. Fix It Unmasked! Clinton Operative Gives TV Tell-All ENQUIRER exposé was only the beginning!

The leaning tower of San Francisco: The $350 million luxury high-rise Millennium Tower is SINKING ($6,000 a month for 2 bedrooms)

I Gave Up My Corporate Job to Be a Porn Star

Watergate's Bob Woodward: "Clinton Foundation Is Corrupt, It's A Scandal"

Great Editorial for Trump

Eric Trump Schools Stephanopoulus


The USA Is About to Face the Worst Crisis of Its History. If He Wins Trump Should Follow Putin's Example

The Risks of Clinton’s Syrian ‘No-Fly Zone’

Austin’s Alex Jones: The voice in Donald Trump’s head

A Nasty, Bloody Business

Confessions of A Former Journalist In the Corrupt Media Establishment

F*ck You

The New War Between the States

Deus Ex Machina: Crucifying the dream of limited government in the U.S.

Liberal Attempts To Silence Dissenters Will Not End Well

Dr. David Duke for U.S. Senate

Dead Constitution

Chuck Norris Says His Dues (Jade Helm 15)

One-Sided NYT Debate on Putin

Neocon Washington Post for Regime Change in Venezuela

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Inc.: For Sale at the Right Price


Sean Hannity FULL Interview with The " Fixer " Clinton Operative Jeff Rovin National Enquirer Story

Disastrous 1996 Telecommunications Act

NYT Ridicules Rejecting Election Rigging

Supreme Court a Danger to Nation

Sanders' Deplorable Fall From Grace


Charlie Chaplin's incredible speech

Whiteness: The Original Sin

Trump Attacks Corrupt Gov't Establishment and Clinton Legacy, emails from Wikileaks

Bundy Prosecutors Admit That Undercover Informants Outnumbered Defendants In Recent Trial

American Pravda: Breaching the Media Barrier

Westworld: A-list $100 million story of ‘human livestock’ used for ‘violent delights’ becoming aware of their slavery to hidden .01% ‘programmers’

Black Lives Matter Singer Kneels to Perform Anthem at Basketball Game; This Man’s Response is Perfect

Proof That You Do Not Legally Own Any Property

“We came, we saw…he died”



White House dodges on whether Obama will leave country under President Trump

‘To be white is to be racist, period,’ a high school teacher told his class

Transcript of Gowdy's examination of Director Comy

Obamacare Premiums Up 30% In TX, MS, KS; 50% In IL, AZ, PA; 93% In NM: When Does The Death Spiral Blow Up?

FBI Director James Comey exposed for gross incompetence (alt. title)

(Black) HPD: 911 operator says “ain’t nobody got time for this” and hangs up on callers

Hillary Murdered Gaddafi: "We Came, We Saw, He Died" Laughing

Crowd Laughs When Democrat Lu-Haul Bennett Says Obamacare Made Healthcare More Affordable

Poll: 32% skip NFL over Black Lives Matter player protests

Bill Clinton Trashes Obamacare As The "Craziest Thing In The World"

Ron Paul

US Ballot Choices for President: War on Russia or Normalized Relations

Think You Know How Bad the Clintons Are?

The Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup

Curt Schilling starts radio show to stop 'career criminal' Hillary Clinton

1998: BRUCE LINDSEY - The Ubiquitous Mr. Fix-It

Trump Should Follow Putin's Example in the Coming Crisis

Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco

President Strangelove?

A World Gone Mad

Madonna: ‘If You Vote for Hillary Clinton, I Will Give You a Blowj*b’

War, War, War

Whose Side Is Russia on in Syria?

Battle for Mosul Not What It Seems

NYT Claims Middle East Ablaze From US Imperial Ravaging Needs Its Leadership

NGOs Supporting America's Imperial Ruthlessness in Syria

Did the White House Just Declare War on Russia?

No Ministerial Meetings Ahead on Syria, Says Russia

The Struggle to Preserve Syrian Sovereign Independence

Neocons Infesting Washington Urge Escalated Aggression in Syria

Why Obama and Hillary Wanted Libya's Gaddafi Toppled and Killed

British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks!


9/11 Truth?

JASTA Opens Many Doors

Iraqi group demands payments for US invasion after ‘Sue the Saudis for 9/11’ bill passes Congress

Able Danger: Did DOD Lawyers Blow the Chance to Nab Atta

Saudi bill could expose US deep state behind 9/11: Scholar

9/11 Families Deserve Their Day in Court Against Saudi Arabia

Russia's 9/11 Gift to the US Reveals Divide Between American People and State

Trump: Only Explosives Could Have Brought Down World Trade Towers (VIDEO)

European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition

Flight 93 Was Shot Down Over Pennsylvania on 9-11


Hamburg teenagers walk free after gang-rape conviction

Iraqi refugee who raped 10yo boy at Austrian swimming pool has conviction overturned

UK: '12yo Refugee' Outed As 21yo Jihadist Threatens To Kill His Foster Mom & Her Kids

A Nation ‘WRECKED’ By Immigration: Do-gooding Swedes Turn Against Migrants Amid Violence

Disenfranchisement of Poor Whites Under Hillary

Shocking billboard targets Austin's 'immigrant population' Tells Illegal to get a Sugar Daddy

Dutch School Children Forced By School To Pray AT Mosque

French police staged protests in Paris and other cities for a third night. Police say they are no longer sufficiently equipped even to defend themselves and have staged three nights of unauthorised demonstrations

What's Happening in Paris? Media Blackout.

Six people found alive with severed hands in Mexico


The Biggest Russian Move Since Crimea That Went Unnoticed

The Lithium Boom Story You're NOT Being Told

Saudi Arabia launches $17.5bn bond sale

China cuts U.S. treasuries holding in August

China, Uruguay establish strategic partnership

Bank employee awared $100-million for disclsing tax dodgers

Volatility Could Explode in a Matter of Weeks (in stocks)Make

The Kondratieff Cycle (economic cycles)

A sociologist trained to become a tax-avoidance expert — here's what she learned about how the ultra wealthy keep their money

Chinese overseas acquisitions continue despite global decline in VC funding: report


This brilliant teen figured out how to make clean energy using a device that costs $5

New type of solar cell replaces silicon with inexpensive perovskite

How Soviets fumbled their "internet"

Mysterious Planet 9 may be ‘twisting’ the solar system, scientists say

170mph ‘air bombs’ capable of downing planes and ships could unlock mystery of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE

Earth faces another ICE AGE within 15 YEARS as Russian scientists discover Sun 'cooling'

Physicist says our Universe could have spawned from a black hole

This new device lets you grow your own food from plant cells

Stephen Hawking says most of our history is "the history of stupidity"

Experts believe mysterious aluminium object dating back 250,000 years 'could be part of ancient UFO


Air pollution may damage blood vessels even in healthy young adults: study

Have more sex, eat garlic and don't sleep too much: the new rules for heart health

Bed & Mattress Illness Report Page Reports of health problems linked to chemicals used in mattresses

New evidence suggests a change of diet could help blood cancer and transplant patients

Food Synergy: How Combining Certain Nutrients Boosts Their Health Benefits

New "designer" rice could prevent diabetes, cancer and obesity: Aust'n study

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of (Ceylon) Cinnamon

For back pain, acetaminophen is no better than placebo pill, large Lancet study finds

How to fight off fatigue and stress the natural and healthy way

How my family Stopped a Chronic MRSA Infection When Conventional Medicine Failed


Why No Protest over Military Appreciation Days?

10 Old-Fashioned Swears to Spice up Your Cussin'


Italian police find stolen Van Goghs 14 years after infamous Amsterdam heist

: Why I was wrong about Christianity

Rasputin Was A Great And Good Man, Cruelly Murdered and Slandered by Evil British Spies

Rev. Sherlock Bally - End Times

Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles

Bishop Williamson kills the holocaust religion

The Satanic Temple Unveils a Massive Statue of Baphomet in Detroit


Yankee Sins Come Home To Roost

2,200 years ago in Turkey, this disturbing rental agreement was inscribed in stone

Why is it hard for historians to accept that the sphinx is well over 50,000 years old?

Remarkable Photos of the Titanic

New evidence shifts the timeline back for human arrival in the Americas

High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history

Anti-Racist Action: Who Are These Losers?

The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre 1948

We Dont Need No Stinkin Badges!

Way down upon the Suwannee River


Should Germans remove medieval hate sculpture?

Breitbart News Created in Israel

The Rich (Jews) Vote Republican? Maybe Not This Election.

(Jewish) Air Force Chief Foresees Decades More US Wars

Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds In Leaked Email

Archives for D B Smith's I Am The Witness

Food for thought - H L Mencken

Voltaire on the Jews

Israel Arresting Palestinian Youths for Facebook Posts



Chicago Cubs Win National League Pennant

All 11 of Michigan's TDs in 60 seconds

The Cubs did something that hasn't been done in 92 years, and nobody wanted to talk about it

Milo: Even If You’re Acquitted Of Rape, Feminists Can Still Ruin Your Life

There will never be another Vin Scully, the last link to baseball's glorious past. The 87-year-old retires for good on Sunday.

The perfect marriage in sports is Theo Epstein and the Cubs

Marlins star Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident at 24

David Ortiz has perfect response for fan who taunted him

The Best Fan-on-the-Field Video You Will Ever See

Adam Jones explains lack of MLB protests: 'Baseball is a white man's sport'


China donates 2 aircraft to Costa Rican security forces China donates 2 aircraft to Costa Rican security forces

Coinky Doink

FBI Asst. Dir. Publicly Calls Out Hillary, Endorses Trump

Vladimir Putin’s Third Way: As Seen Through the Nooscope

Impacting US election: Ecuador cut off Assange’s net because Clinton leaks ‘breached impartiality’

Why The US, UK, EU & Israel Want To Destroy Syria

New Guccifer 2.0 claims: Hacked Clinton Foundation files show 'pay to play', bank ties

Assange No Show - Sorcha's Take

Libertarian nominee Johnson vows to dismantle two-party US system

How US Backed NGOs Promote 'Regime Change'


Early Voters From Amarillo Are Saying Their Votes Were Changed On the Ballot

Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video

DOJ Warns Efforts to Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law

Electoral victory for Hillary already LOCKED IN via massive bribery... George Soros admits on video... democracy be damned... THEFT of the presidency already complete

Trump's election will be the biggest "Fuck You" in human history

Podesta Emails Show that Obama Lied About the Private Server

WOW! Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

After Trump Said Prosecute Hillary, She Buys Estate In Maldives?

Trump's election will be the biggest "F—ck You" in human history - Michael Moore

Trump Campaign Manager: 'We are Behind' but Can Still Win

Neocon Nuttery

Trump in 2013: We must 'leave borders behind' because future of US 'depends on a cohesive global economy'

The Phony Legacy of William F. Buckley, Jr.

Hillary Clinton is Evil Remix

Sh*t Ryan Won

Wow ! I underestimated what a POS loser Ted Cruz the Cuban Canadian could be.

Pious Perverts

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Paid $200 For Me to Abort His Baby

Brzezinski suggests Trump has serious mental health issues

Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?

90 Pounds of Cocaine discovered on a boat owned by the family of Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate

John McCain's "Tokyo Rose" Propaganda Broadcast---Now Found and Released!

CHANGE THE LYRICS: Cops Didn't 'Take It Easy' On A Corner In Winslow, Arizona, When they Gunned This Girl Down

Rand Paul Has More than $300,000 in Unpaid Campaign Bills

Faggot Gov. Gregg Abbott attacks Trump, defends sharia law muslim extremist DNC plant

ACLU Leader Faces Reality

"Republican platform is most pro-Israel of all time!"

All is Vanity


BARF BAG WARNING: Sex Rituals Africa documentary

A sign from above: "black slime creeps over Washington DC's most famous monuments - and no one knows how to get rid of it"

10 Times Tainted Medical Products Caused Serious Harm (Big Pharma caught)

Police left baffled by poltergeist after paranormal events blight family home for two days

How Donald Trump’s Republican Party Veered to Right of Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel

33 people collapse on the same New York street at 9AM after taking a bad batch of synthetic marijuana ‘K2′

Author! Author!

Songs from my band (Avant Garage)

Retro 50s 60s

Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) [HD Widescreen]

The Wayward Wind


God Bless The USA! - Lee Greenwood, 1984 - (I Still love this song)


Rival chefs battle in sushi restaurant knife fight

Nick Jonas Spotted With Playboy Model in Hawaii

Freedom4um Future

Hillary Clinton Statement About 9/11

Heaven's Policy Change

Magic Frog

A Political Joke

New Yorkers these days arenÂ’t having much sex


WikiLeaks Director, Assange’s Mentor Gavin MacFadyen Dies

South Carolina man stabbed by person sitting behind him in church

More younger Chinese students study abroad: report

Supermodel Miranda Kerr's Security Guard Shot an Intruder at her House

4um Server maintenance

Emma Stone Is Unrecognizable in a Pixie Wig on the Cover of 'Vogue'

El Paso Saddlery Last Sale of the Year - 20% Off

Miley Cyrus on ‘The Voice,’ Donald Trump, and Coming Out

Iraqi Official Claims Airport Was Once an ET Base!

Gwyneth Paltrow Takes a Sandy Snooze in a Tiny Blue Bikini