World News

An Inflation Scare Coming? I Don't Think So!

MSN Money: Gold Could hit $9,000- $12,000 an Ounce in a currency reset

The Choice Before Europe

Sandy Hook and the New World Order

The 'Big One' Is Nearing: Earthquake Activity, Undersea Volcano Erupts Off Oregon

05.04.2015: Dr. Jim Willie Interview / Grexit concerns, US Economic Implosion...more

Buffett Takes a Page from the “Inflation King’s” Playbook

Google's military robot army soon ready for Terminator assault on humanity

Why Iran must remain a US enemy

How Chinese Oligarchs Used Fake Trade Invoices To Launder Almost $1 Trillion Globally

National News

You Won’t Believe What Hillary Said about Gun Supporters

When guns and ammo go from legal to illegal, they know where to find you.

I'm Slavin' It! McDonald's minimum wage crisis reaches tipping point as mass labor protests begin

Want a lawless police force? Federalize it

Hillary is the favorite among (Jewish?) millionaire voters: Survey

NYPD Officer Shot in the Head Has Died

National Guard claims marching armed soldiers through the streets of U.S. cities is a 'community outreach' program

Governor Signs New Law Allowing Guns in Formerly Forbidden Area

Apple's Ahrendts Emerges as Top-Paid Woman With $83 Million

Check out the map to see which day of the week your state has the most murders.


Dear Government: Consent Revoked

The Mind of the North

Why China needs to embrace a QE policy

Russia returns to planned economy, but not of Soviet type

Ukrainian Experts: EU-Ukraine Summit Was a Failure

For Russia and China, American dream is worthless

Discrimination not only normal, but crucial

America’s Pastors Are Doing More To Enslave Our Country Than Any Foreign Power

The Sun Must Go Down on the Patriot Act

For Scots, seismic change happening

Dead Constitution

Someone is Tailing You

In a Cop Culture, the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Amount to Much

Press Freedom Banned in Ukraine

SPLC President Richard *Cohen* urges Congress not to tamper with birthright citizenship

IRS seizes $107,000 from innocent small business, despite recent policy changes

Anniversary of Last May's Odessa Massacre


More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

Obama Wars Rage at Home and Abroad

He Says He Loves America, So Why is This Famous Country Singer Headlining an “Anti-Constitution Concert?”


Baltimore Watch: Gangs Going Up Against The Police

World's first anti-propaganda search engine launching soon that favors Independent Media while banning government and corporate disinfo

He Made a Desert and Called it Peace

Stop the Ammo Bans!

Lock and Load: Russian Hybrid Robo-Soldiers Could Be Just Five Years Away

NORAD Returns to Cheyenne, Warns of EMP Attack

Welcome to Liberland, the tiny patch of woodland claiming to be the world's newest country


Starving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses

The Baltimore Riots: The Stunning Comments By Orioles Owner's Son


Baltimore Teen Explains How He “Earns” Stuff By Stealing It

Shitavious Cook gets 22 years in shooting pleas

Live video feed from Baltimore's "Victory Rally"

America fundamentally transformed.....

Black mob rampages in Charleston Assailants described as 'swarm of bees' shouting racial epithets

Baltimore Mayor to Police Officials: 'Let Them Loot. It's Only Property"

Sharpton Calls for DOJ to ‘Take Over Policing,’ ‘Going to Have to Fight States’ Rights’

When Partisan Lying by the Press Damages a Nation

Dundalk man recovering after beating - Richard Fletcher, 61, viciously beaten almost to death

Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was "trying to injure himself", document says

Ron Paul

Obama has been the countryÂ’s biggest divider on race

Ben Carson Is Running for President

General Pushing US to Expand Ukraine War Sign Politics & Military Don't Mix

USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Name for Lost Liberty

How Client Governments Scam the U.S.

The Administration’s Desperate Bid to “Reassure” Bad Clients

Nixon and the My Lai massacre coverup

Did you hear the one about the Muslim, socialist, Kenyan president? The joke Obama canÂ’t stop telling.

Trump Faults 'Great African-American President' for Riots

George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East Policy

War, War, War

Saudi king warns of Iran threat, rebels hit border town

Did Reagan Win the Vietnam War?

US/Saudi Blockade Compounds Naked Aggression Against Yemen

Former terror suspect well known to the FBI is named as one of two gunmen shot dead by cops after attack on anti-Islam 'draw Muhammad' art contest near Dallas

We just sat through the most terrifying presentation we've ever heard at a hedge fund conference

US-Dominated NATO Readying for War on Russia?

US Wars Kill Mostly Civilians

USA Today...Thousands dodge Ukraine army in fight with rebels

Saudis Using US-Supplied Banned Terror Weapons Against Yemeni Civilians

Ukraine: A US-Supported Fascist Cancer in Europe's Heartland


Scandals, Scandals, & More Scandals

The Saudi 9/11 Cover-Up

Out-of-Control FBI to Former Head of 9/11 Investigation: Butt out!

How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11

My Trip To Ground Zero NYC 9/11 Site 14 Years Later: "Fascism Could Be Broken Apart Right Here"

Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case

9/11 Was Not An Act of War

Brother of 9-11 Victim Sues BBC

Israel nuked America on 9-11-01! – Shout it from the rooftops (Part II)

New FBI Tactic Hints at Big DC Cover-up of Saudi 9/11 Funding


Jeb Bush doubling down on amnesty proves heÂ’s not right for America


Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers

Oregon Sheriffs testify, they will NOT enforce new gun-grabbing law!

April 19, 1775: the colonists resist gun-grabbing JBT's....

South Africa's 'Rainbow Nation' turns dark as immigrant attacks rise

'Undocumented Immigrant Not A Criminal,’ California Attorney General Says

Is there a White Genocide?

Where the White People Live

How Long America?


Anyone with capital can provide funds in China's risky market

57 Varieties: AIIB's founding members jostle for power

The Emperor’s Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars

TDV Interview series David Morgan: The Shemitah, Dollar Collapse and Precious Metals

Roubini: 'US Has Effectively Joined Currency War'

Pipeline Problems: Keystone 1 Damaged by Major Corrosion - Reports

Will America Soon Be Struck By An Economic Pearl Harbor?

America to Face ‘Financial War’ in 2015 (See Photo)

Stephen Roach: Fed Is Laboring Under a 'Dangerous Delusion'

How to Get the Most From Your Credit Card


Musk Pushes Utility Industry One Step Closer to Doomsday

Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?

China Builds City's First All-Robot Factory Replacing Human Workers

A Pretty Good Personal Defense 12GA Round

Home Activity Monitoring Sensors

NASA tests aircraft that hovers like a helicopter, and flies like a plane

The language of invention: Most innovations are rephrasings of past inventions

China leading the world in metamaterial breakthroughs

Breakthrough: NASA Confirms Electromagnetic Drive Produces Thrust in Vacuum

Robots to Take 30% of Jobs Within a Decade


BBQue & Beer in Texas

What Precedes the Onset of Alzheimer Disease?

Over 30K Doctors and Scientists Demand That Argentina Ban Monsanto

Taiwan, Japan develop weight-loss starch from bananas

Your E.R. wait time is still high, thanks to Obamacare

Second patient dies in France's artificial heart trial

Hog Farmers More Likely to Carry Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Mom Outsmarts Doctors With Her $8 Trick to a Wrinkle Free Face: Surprising 14 Day Results Revealed

DO’s And DON’Ts When Reusing Grey Water

Turmeric Boosts Working Memory


Madison Passes Law Protecting Atheists


The Pope Rebukes Turkey—and Should Challenge America and Israel


Falling On Deaf Ears

Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage

I recant by Chuck Baldwin

Christians ‘Must Be Made’ to Bow

I don't Believe in Religious Freedom



'Sweden is ruled by unelected policy plotters'


Putin: 'Life is such a simple and cruel thing'

OMG This guy actually works for a school that gets 'tax payer funding'

Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 2 of 2

Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 1 of 2

It's 4/20........

Last 2 (Doolittle) Raiders give congressional medal to Ohio museum

How Oklahoma City Bombing Propaganda Effects Real Americans Decades Later



Rand Paul's Laughable 'Blogger Action Network': Zionist, Pro-Israel, Pro-Netanyahu, scared of Iran & Muslim Extremism

Israel: Serial Terror-Bomber

Rand Paul Tells Zionist Organization of America about his (two year old) Israel Trip

Geller’s Wealth from Corruption, Fraud; Dealership She Co-Owned Supplied Cop-Killer Getaway Car

Israeli Soldiers Break the Silence on Gaza War

The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture

Racist Israeli Policies Target Arabs and Ethiopian Jews

“Using their distorted books; the Khazarian Mafia contrived to cheat their way into American history just as the Hebrew clergy did the Egyptian history long before”

The ZBT Media Blackout

Jimmy Carter Calls Gaza Conditions "Intolerable"


Jade Helm’s Silver Lining: MSM is Officially Dead

Austrian climber dies in fall from Matterhorn

The Iranian Deal – Good, Bad Or Just Plain Ugly?

NitroAmerica 2015 - Slingshot

Chuck Badnarik ~ RIP

When the SWAT team you founded kills your son-in-law

Epic Golfing Fails

Red Bull Flies in Big D

Coyote powered Mustang bangs 3rd gear with car on the bumper and wins the race!

Report: Tom Brady Faces Big Tax Bill for Super Bowl Performance


I have an idea about Jade Helms 15

Admit the Truth

Wolfgang Halbig’s 4/24/15 Hearing Before the Connecticut FOI Commission

Fantastic library of right-wing graphics

4um people's help invited on WW2 subject

‘The Friendly Skies’, host Patrick Henningsen with guest Field McConnell

Toronto Orchestra Bans Ukrainian-Born Soloist From Performing

Chinese Overwhelmingly Support Four-Day Work Week Proposal

How many "Tears" can this guy muster?

VeteransToday Radio (7-16-14) Wolfgang Gets the Script for Sandy Hoax!


UK Elections: Business As Usual Triumphs

Carly Fiorina: No Path to Citizenship for those Who Came to U.S. Illegally

Proud to be a Republican?

​Clinton gets competition: Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2016

ISIS Excels in 'Marketing Campaign' for US Recruits: Report

Cruz to Vegas high-rollers: bet on me to back Israel and stop Iran deal

Does it Matter if Hillary Clinton Is a Carpet-Muncher?

Liberals Sputter As Scott Walker Proposes Bold New Immigration Platform

Hillary Clinton Calls Henry Kissinger a Friend, Praises His Commitment to Democracy

Hillary Clinton: The International Neocon Warmonger

Neocon Nuttery

Meme created by a friend

How the GOP Became the Israel Party

Judicial Watch: IRS Documents Reveal Lerner Knew Targeting Criteria of Nonprofit Groups ‘Might Raise Questions’ (Senator John McCain shows his ass to the world)

Ted Cruz for President 2016!!!

John McCain: ‘I’m Ashamed Of My Country, I’m Ashamed Of My President, I’m Ashamed Of Myself’

All Hail Abe! (Lincoln)

Sarah Palin Accepts Invitation to Speak at Cambridge

Fox News Host Asks How We Can Tell 'Bad Guys' If We Can't See 'Tone Of Their Skin'?

McCain's Big Purge; The Arizona senator’s team has been ridding the state’s GOP apparatus of his tea party foes.

John Hagee: A Profile in Pathological Christian Activism

Pious Perverts

Female CEO claims 'A woman should not be president'

The Real LBJ

Training of Killer Volunteer Deputy Questioned

Vice President Biden takes toddler’s pacifier, sucks on it

Fred Reed again trumps all on race

Disney Teams Up With Hate-Filled, Profane Activist For New Sitcom

Rand Paul advisor Is Jewish Lobbyist for the Saudis (my title)


The Problem With Our Foster Care “Pipeline”

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

All is Vanity

Transgender advocate: Senate Restaurant's Bruce Jenner hot dog is 'bigoted' and 'transphobic'

CNN fakes "satellite interview" between 2 reporters in the same parking lot!

Missing dawg

They run Detension Centers, Air traffic Control, Prisions, Schools, Trains, Us Health Care, even Time

America, the Bushieful Update -- the latest verses (81-86)

Dream Analysists(?) Shirtless, serene Robin Williams (wtf?)

I think I how somewhat how Jesus felt

Metallica - One

Now that is Closing, Time to Come Clean: I was Banned in '09 &A Brief Discussion of Squirrely So-Called Libertarian Censorship


Author! Author!

Is it possible that this is what is known in the Bible as

Had a strange dream

This is not about James Holmes and the Colorado Batman Shooting

[‘Mein Kampf’ To Be Sold In Germany Again, in January 2016

Humans Suck

This Makes My Head Hurt

The Tyranny of the Bookish

Wikipedia is not a textbook


Without Truth, Life is Worthless: On Sibel Edmonds’ The Lone Gladio

Retro 50s 60s

Newsmax TV Bares the Truth about JFK's Shocking Affairs

Amazing Video Jukebox from Our Past

There But For Fortune

Some Old Ford

44 Hits from the Fifties

"It's My Party" Singer-Songwriter Lesley Gore Dead at 68

1930s Poster for Nazi Coke

Rollin' In a Woody - Jack Dick's Surf Wagon

The Girl From Ipanema

Kinda Hokey - But, It's Marty


Texas goes on riot alert...

Coloring For Grownups

I Need A Pay Raise

I had no idea this could be televised on public airwaves....

Man Has Sex With A Hornets’ Nest And Dies

Revenge of the armadillo

The Turbo Encabulator

Diamonds and Rust

Bikini Fitness 2013 IFBB European Championships

The Lion That Plays Football


Taipei man denied accident payout for not using Google Maps route

The Sexy, Scary World of Craigslist Apartment Listings

Miley Cyrus Dyes Her Hair Pink...But Not on Her Head—See the Photos!

Upcoming C2C programs

Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime MinisterÂ’s daughters

9 Ways Privileged People Can Reduce the Negative Impact of Gentrification

Road Rage Camaro A-Hole Wrecks Himself Into Big Rig: Video

The Olde Homesteader

Woman’s brain tumour turns out to be her "embryonic twin", surgeons find

Georgia university cancels classes in flap over flag protest