World News

Washington’s Corruption and Mendacity Is What Makes America “Exceptional”


The “National Endowment For Democracy”s Chickens Come Home to Roost


Putin fields question from U.S. fugitive Snowden

Russia, West Reach Agreement on Easing Ukraine Tensions

Why is Obama pulling tanks out of Germany to place on U.S. soil?

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States - The Onion

British have invaded nine out of ten countries – so look out Luxembourg

Since US Handover, Afghans Freed 4,159 Detainees From Bagram

National News

Nancy Pelosi washes immigrants’ feet in humble Holy Week act — then promotes on Twitter

Cop Tries to Shoot Dog, Ends Up Shooting Himself

Government Dependence Has Reached Epidemic Levels

These Are America's Most And Least "Taxing" States (And Everything Inbetween)

Medical misdiagnosis affects 12 million Americans a year – study

The Truth Has Consequences: Louisville Officers Fired/Demoted For Exposing A Wrongful Conviction

Cop Accused Of Helping His Wife Work As A Prostitute & Using Police Computers To Checkout Customers!

The world's dumbest idea: Taxing solar energy.


Weatherman said we'd get 2-3 inches of snow today. Wish I could get paid to always be wrong.


Veterans and White Supremacy

NOAH Movie

Behind Every Degenerate

Toeing the Line

We Are Your Enemy

The Jewish Genocide of The White Race

Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton

another white wackjob does something stupid giving this administration cover for Harry Reid.

America’s Internal State of Communism

The elderly are the lucky ones

Dead Constitution

Kiev Violates Four-Party Agreement

Fake Donetsk Letter Circulating

Four-Party Agreement on Ukraine

Obama Admin Makes New Rules on Grains, Breweries Rebel

Washington Is Humanity’s Worst Enemy

Duplicitous Human Rights Misinformation on Ukraine

Bundy Ranch and the new rules of engagement: Send this analysis to your favorite fed

Ukrainians Resist

Duplicitous Obama Civil Rights Hyperbole

Harry Reid, Crooked as a Barrel of Fish Hooks


police state easter bunny

Tar and Feathers to Defend Constitution

Obama Sends Hundreds of Armed Feds to Nevada – Wouldn’t Send 1 Soldier to Defend Benghazi

Ranchers vs. Regulators: The Clark County Range War

No! I Won't Back Down

Commercial banned in Switzerland

Mike Rivero Live

The Truth About the Bundy’s vs. BLM

Brink Of Civil War: Bundy Ranch Raid

Dick Gregory Quote.


Malaysians hold demonstration against Obama visit

Would the Feds Have Bothered Cliven Bundy if He Had Named His Ranch Benghazi?

Obama Signs Bill Barring Iranian Terrorist From Entering U.S., Then Says He Won’t Enforce It

What Is Senator Harry Reid’s Involvement In Government Assault On Nevada Ranch?

Catherine Austin Fitts Obama Care the Ultimate Fraud

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year, perks questioned in new book

Obama Whistleblower Program Requires Whistleblowers to Register to be Protected

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer

A day in the life of Pinnocchio Obama

Ball of Confusion

Ron Paul

The Rothbard-Hating Kochs and Astro-Turf "Student" Organizations

Ron Paul: The toughest letter I’ve ever had to send

A Government Admission of Wrongdoing

Growing East/West Divide

Who Was Behind the Syrian Sarin ‘False Flag’ Attack?

If You Do Not Conform, The Thought Nazis WILL Get You

‘We’re All Cheneyites Now’

US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas

Rand Paul “concerned about who is truly in charge of our government”

Ron Paul: Crimea secedes. So what?

War, War, War

What You Didn't Know About The War

Ukrainian Offensive Falters

Putin Speaks

More NATO Forces for Eastern Europe

Ukraine on the Brink

Obama Heads for War in Ukraine

US setting stage for another global war

Russian 'plans for war on Sweden' cause concern

Escalating War on Syria

Europe Targets Russia Irresponsibly


9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist 'commits suicide'

Saudis not alone in 9/11 operation: Kevin Barrett

"Something MAJOR Happened Today! A 9/11 Terrorist Was Convicted In Federal Court!"

ReThink911 Toronto Subway Ad

Of Course the Government Is Lying About 9-11.

Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11: Barrett

The Missing Tape II Foreshadowing 9/11 Twin Towers Attacks Raw Footage World Trade Center

High-rise Safety Initiative" exposes 9/11 truth: Analyst

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics

Bogus claims: "No Planes" hoaxes traps to distract and discredit the 9/11 truth movement


GOP Reps press DHS on the agency’s release of criminal aliens

‘Anchor Baby’ Outrage: Americans Pay BILLIONS for Illegal Alien Births

(Republican) Governor of Wyoming plans to flood state with high risk Congolese refugees at taxpayer expense

California Immigrant Deportations Plummet After TRUST Act

Sharia Sweden: Swedish Newspaper Hacks Disqus, Goes to Commenters’ Homes with Cameramen

NEW YORK TIMES On Amnesty: Cheap Labor Profiteering Millionaires Need Your Help!

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Hispanic Immigrants Taking Over FBI’s Ten Most Wanted

Why the Hispanic Media Are Biased and What to Do About It

Stephen Colbert And The Rise (And Coming Fall) Of The White Minstrel Show

Hundreds of children abandoned en route to US: Mexico


Ranchers and Empire in the American West

Russia has a secret weapon against the West, and it’s not oil, gas or nukes

Swedes to give six-hour workday a go

Japan PM takes US ambassador on 314-mph diplomatic date

David Stockman: The Born Again Jobs Scam, Part 2: The Fed’s Labor Market Delusion

Surprise! Some NY rich may face 164% estate tax

Will Russia switch to ruble trading for oil and gas?

US allows Boeing to sell plane parts to Iran.

“Time to buy Russia!” - Jim Rogers

Gas price for Ukraine to rise to $485 – Gazprom head


A living organ has been regenerated for the first time

Dead Stick (engine off) Takeoff, flight and landing.

This Chinese company can 3D print 10 houses in a day

10 More Reasons Why LINUX is BETTER than Windows!

Artificial blood to be made from lab-made cells

Linux Does What Win Don't (Why Linux is better than Windows)

New hurricane forecast maps to show flood risk from storm surge

Trash-to-House 3-D printed in China in 24 hours

Google buys U.S. drone startup Titan Aerospace

Russia Plans to Install GLONASS Stations (GPS) in More Countries


Researchers find counterintuitive way to reverse depression

Prevention: Stop Cancer Before It Starts

New oral drug may protect unvaccinated people from getting measles: study

It’s Official – Russia Completely Bans GMOs

How poverty reaches our DNA

Diabetes Prevalence Rose Substantially in 20 Years

Lashing out at your spouse? Check your blood sugar

Joint Care for the Older Fitness Enthusiast

Scientists grow cartilage to reconstruct nose



Divine intervention? He claimed playing Jesus in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ wrecked his career... but Jim Caviezel is a Person of Interest again

Soldiers: Strippers, Smiters, Mockers, Spitters, Gamblers, Thieves, Liars, Scourgers, Bribe Takers, Assaulters, Mutilators, and Crucifiers.

'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Papyrus Is Ancient, Not Fake, Scientists And Scholars Say

Whose Side Is God on Now?

Lovelock Reverses Himself on Global Warming

Hobby Lobby vs. the Order of Justice

In “Noah”, The Fallen Angels Are The Good Guys

Waco survivor awaits Branch Davidian leader David Koresh’s resurrection

Did you know?

Pope John Paul II's Sainthood


April 14, 1865: a blow against FedGov tyranny

The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Wounded Knee Revisited?

10 Ancient Cities Where People Still Live

The Ten Lost Tribes | Where They Went, What They Are Now Called -- Part 1

Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks

Ancient stormy weather: World's oldest weather report could revise bronze age chronology

Secret desert camp used by First World War hero Lawrence of Arabia is discovered intact with rum jars and a campfire

The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

USSR, The Genocidal Communist (JEWISH) Empire

Lego WW2 Battle of Singapore


Henry Ford

Everyone has the right to practice their faith freely

Israel Targets Fundamental Freedoms

Police Departments Surging with Weapons of War

Israel Seeks Regional Anti-Iranian Alliance

Israeli State Terrorism

The $14 Billion Secret of Jewish Charities

Secret anti-BDS meeting held in UK capital

How the Israeli Gov't Enslaves American Children

Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out


Ultimate Weapons Fail Compilation

My favorite Muhammadan - Ameer Abdullah

So you think you can fish? Look at the Osprey first

here's your zombie apocalypse

A Coup in Crimea—or in Russia?

A land of low-wage jobs: For every job that pays above the low-wage threshold of $15 an hour you have 7 job-seekers. 51.4 million low-wage jobs in U.S.

Above That Rate, Calamity Awaits

Santana ~ Black Magic Woman

Michael Sam, SEC Defensive Player of the Year, says he is gay

Why Olympic star Charlie White doesn't want you to know whom he's dating


THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

A woman who said she refused to pay federal income taxes because the IRS didn't respond to her inquiries about tax law has been acquitted of tax evasion.

The best of A Jones- 5 hrs of Paranoid .........

UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today

Our situation is quickly becoming dire.

Victor Ostrovsky

BREAKING: LaPierre steps down, Spika steps up as new NRA chief

AP sources: US considers release of spy Pollard


Gun registration forms burned in protest of Safe Act


Top 10 Reasons Libertarians Aren’t Nice To You

Kenner blogger Walt Bennetti bails on Republican Party, registers Libertarian


The War on Antiwar Republicans

Afghans Vote

“Sheldon City”—Supreme Court’s McCUTCHEON Allows Adelson To Buy Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Even Faster

Sheldon Adelson, War Party Oligarch

A GOP Plan to Save the Jews: Buy White House

Crimeans Vote on Joining Russia

Wendy Davis' Primary Disaster. (Texas governor's race)

Neocon Nuttery

Former NATO Chief: Scottish Secession ‘Cataclysmic’ Blow to World

School District Not Liable for Nazi-Jew 'Role Playing' Lesson

Not On Your Side

Democrats have no problem with Israeli envoy addressing GOP group opposed to Obama

Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War

US announces further Iron Dome funding ($429 million!!)

Pentagon studying Putin's body language

George P. Bush begins political career with win (Texas)

Crisis over Crimea steals thunder from AIPAC conference

John McCain wigs out over everything at AIPAC conference!!! F*cker is damn crazy!!!

Pious Perverts

Turtle Unfriended at Facebook

Man on meth fights off 12 cops while masturbating in bar (alt. title)

Same-sex Couple to “Wed” on Rose Parade Float

George Bush Sr. Cavorts With Cheerleaders, His Proclivity For Underage Male Call-Boys Not Mentioned In Goofy PR Stunt

Nelson Mandela funeral: George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton to attend Mandela memorial

Texas Cop Arrested For Raping Teenaged Girl at Traffic Stop, Released on Bond

Father who filed complaint against Sheriff learns of murdered son's fate on Facebook, after Sheriff fails to notify him

All is Vanity

You know you're good when they mimic you

Dead, Frozen Indian Guru Ashutosh Maharaj Is Just Meditating, Followers Insist

The High Numbers- I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying (Live 1964)

I am currently a Canadian

Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side

Turtle's Pug Goes to Pug Heaven

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?


Obamacare Joke

Author! Author!

Cleaner throws out 'rubbish' Sala Murat artwork

Sacrificing Evil Cats

Retro 50s 60s

Rare Mustang Boss 302 emerges from barn after 40-year slumber

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Jimi Hendrix - Auld lang syne (Live at the Fillmore East)

"A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie" (Extended Trailer)

Country music legend Ray Price leaving hospital for East Texas home, leaves final message for fans

The top 100 songs from the golden years of popular music - plus more of our musical heritage

Archie Comics co-CEO accused of gender discrimination by male employees

George Harrison's sister lives modestly in rural Missouri


5 Bizarre Pitfalls of Owning a Classic Car

Ron Shirley (Lizard Lick) - "Drop That Boom"

The Brillunce of Turtle

Hugo Boss Awarded Contract For Joint Service Uniform Design

Saturday Night Moves

Robert & Donna

Against the Wind - with lyrics - great

Man loses ‘tools’.... as hyena mauls his genitals

Judge rules jilted woman can keep $53,000 diamond engagement ring

Why Cynicom's Wussy Cat Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Turtle's Pug


Why Vladimir Putin Needs to Show Alaska Some Love (ABC News)

Views from Poland

Camera Tricks and Angles

How To Make Gold

Texas DPS Ditches S&W M&P Handguns Over Reliability Issues (keeping Sig Sauers/.357 Sig)

Health Ranger launches gluten-free, non-GMO organic delicious pancake mixes

Grand Deception

Woman jailed for Swede prof stiletto stabbing

The Secret Jewish History of the Coffee Cup (Starbucks and Otherwise)

Dingy Harry's Real Estate Investing Plan