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Waco - 26 Years Later - Never Forget

US authorities arrest former Marine in raid of North Korean embassy in Spain

Gunmen kill 13 at Veracruz bar in one of worst Mexican slayings this year

NKorea Calls for Pompeo to be Dropped from Talks

Russian Fear When F-22 came face to face with Russia's top fighter and was at a major disadvantage

DCS: 6 North Korean Migs vs F15 Eagle TWS BVR/Dogfight

US F-14 Tomcats VS Libyan Mig-23 Floggers

Yesterday’s Country

Washington’s Biggest Fairy Tale: “Truth Will Out”

French President Macron Hopes to Rebuild Notre Dame in Five Years

National News

Richard Grenell: Buttigieg Engaging In Smollett-Style ‘Hate Hoax’ Against Pence

Trump Lawyer Reads Directly From Mueller Report To Push Back Against Brian Williams

People Fleeing Kim Foxx’s Office After Decision To Drop Charges Against Smollett

Biden Accuser Sets the Record Straight, Says Media ‘Manipulated and Distorted’ Her Words

22LR Ammo Score & Cursed out by Walmart employee!!

John Stossel - Gun Laws That Kill with John Lott and others

Understanding How the Deep State Works

California Parents Who Starved and Shackled Children Sentenced to Life

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.19.19

The Plan Is To Restructure It All, The Fed, Gov & Economy - Episode 1846a


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What price will society pay for China’s social credit system?

Why ageing China won’t overtake the US economy as the world’s biggest – now or in the future

It's not fake news; it's simply yellow journalism: Analyst

Media Magic: How a Democrat Pedophile Became a ‘Trump Scandal’

The New Narrative

Heroic Italians Call Out Franco-Germanic Hypocrites on Venezuela

Harbinger of a New Age

Trump Attacks Queen Ann and Fox News for Telling Him to Build a Wall

The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated as a Class

Out With a Bang, Not a Whimper (Part 1 of 2) | Joel Skousen

Dead Constitution

‘The yellow vests are saying “enough is enough”’

Bump Stocks and a Free Society

Chase Bank shuts down 'alt-right' accounts

The Fake Charge Against Julian Assange Proves That the US Government Has No Integrity

Dec. 1999 - Bill O'Reilly To Ken Starr: "Some of your investigators have told us off the record that they believe Vince Foster did not commit suicide "


House Dems’ Ominous White Nationalist Hearing Typifies the Woke Left and the Silent Right

Open Thread: Best Guess On Two Years Ahead

Yes, You Should Fear the Arrest of Julian Assange

America Is No Longer A Nation


Arms Wonders For Local Wars - Lessons From Rhodesia

Uncle Tom's Empire

Notre Dame: Symbol of a Failing Culture

Honest Government Ad | My Police State!

Farage's Brexit Party Leapfrogs Tories To Lead European Election Polls

Americans want Julian Assange to be prosecuted.

After 3 Men Pistol Whip Dad, Son Grabs Gun and Opens Fire

You can still get proper search results on youtube when searching conspiracy topics. Simply go on DuckDuckGo

10 Reasons Julian Assange Should Walk Free

Will the Trump Administration Go to War Next?


New Clothing Line Allows Men to Proclaim They’re “Cucks” Who Share Their Wives

Behold The Shit Map: Mapping San Francisco's 132,562 Cases Of Human Feces

In 29% White Dallas, TX, New Black District Attorney Reveals Plan to Stop Prosecuting Thefts Under $750 to Help "People of Color" from Being Arrested

Oakland; Crowd loots truck, of paper product, starts fire, burn 2 bus’s, videos at scene show


His Name Is Landen Hoffman: Black Career Criminal "Randomly" Targets White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America

CRAZY Scene: Conservative attacked on stage at MizzouÂ…

NYC Casting Call Says ‘White Artists’ Will Be Paid Less Than ‘POC Artists,’ And Undergo ‘Mandatory’ Session Of ‘Anti-Racism Training’ (5 Pics)

Baltimore Auditor Quits After Officials Pressured Her To Cook The Books

Colin Flaherty: Black students gang rape white (male) students in Maryland..No big deal

Ron Paul

The Triumph of Evil

U.S. Intelligence Institutionally Politicized Toward Democrats Former CIA analyst says agencies dominated by liberals

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard hammers Trump for turning U.S. into 'prostitute of Saudi Arabia'

CIA Director Used Fake Skripal Incident Photos To Manipulate Trump

Kudlow: White House Talking to Other Possible Fed Candidates

The US Has Been Trying to Topple Venezuela for Decades... Why Hasn't It Happened?

What Do They Mean When They Blame “Sexism” For the Lack of Interest in Female Candidates?

66 Seconds of Footage That Show Jerry Nadler’s a Massive Hypocrite on Releasing Mueller Report

The Untold Facts of John Brennan's Career of Treachery

WE DID IT: Tulsi Hit the Donation Mark! In the Debates! Jews on Suicide Watch!

War, War, War

NATO-Exit: Dismantle NATO, Close Down 800 US Military Bases, Prosecute the War Criminals

US to Designate Elite Iranian Force as Terrorist Organization


REVEALED: US training ISIS militants at Al-Tanf to attack Syrian oil fields

Why Would the U.S. Win Any War?

Killing for Credibility: A Look Back at the 1999 NATO Air War on Serbia

Why did Bush go to war in Iraq?

The US Quietly Negotiates ‘Peace with Honor’ in Afghanistan

Great Song! Favorite Cossack Ballad About Love and War, 'Not For Me - Ne Dlya Menya' (Video)

An Unholy Alliance: Did the US-Backed UAE Fly ISIS Leaders into Yemen’s Killing Fields?


FLIGHT CONTROL: Boeing’s ‘Uninterruptible Autopilot System’, Drones & Remote Hijacking

Father of Firefighter Killed in 9/11 Has Perfect Response to Ilhan Omar

Lawsuit Seeks Answers on Five Men Arrested on 9/11

Inside 9-11 - Who Controlled the Planes?

New Zealand gunman mind-controlled by 9/11 false flag operation: Analyst

Dems Can’t Do Math

Giving the Bomb to Saudi Arabia’s Dr. Strangelove

9/11 Compensation Fund Slashes Payments

Robert David Steele — LARRY S|LV3RSTE|N & THE 911 PLOT

Dick Cheney: 9/11 Cover Up | Interview


FINAL UPDATE: Canadian Christian forced to pay "sharia" fine

I hope it inspires the Americans': Hungarian mayor boasts that new 10ft razor-wire electric border fence has protected his country from mass immigration

Ireland: A Nation Under Attack

Ohio Asks Feds to Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations After Sinaloa Bust

African Migrants At Texas Border Monitored For Ebola: Official

European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day"

Trump’s Immigration Choice: Kushner or Coulter?

NY Dems Reject Tuition Aid For Gold Star Kids After Doling Out millions For Illegal Students

Cory Booker Admits Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would "Make Us Less Safe"

Trump Sanctuary City Idea Could Help Some Immigrants


Jim Rickards | Gold: The Once And Future Money

Andrew Maguire - $50 Silver a Joke Breakout Coming

The World Is Being Prepared, [CB] Controlled, Marker Set: Lior Gantz

Bill Holter – Entire System Based on Debt with Historic Liability

Time to Ditch US Dollar

Kudlow: Economy 'Booming, Absolutely Booming' on Tax Day

Ron Paul's Greatest Interview: Gold, Silver, Freedom, Free Markets, & Sound Money - Mike Maloney

Barring a Revolution, Brexit Is Never Going to Happen

WND EXCLUSIVE Yes, feds can take your deposits

Hey, Ray Dalio, It's The Fed, Stupid!


The Asteroid that Flattened Mars

Who Cleans Up When a Wind Farm Retires?

Yale scientists restore cellular functions in dead pig's brain

Scientists Print 3D Heart With Patient's Cells

This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News

Of Course the Pentagon Is Pursuing Autonomous Killer Robots

No longer a conspiracy theory: MIT scientists confirm they possess technology to beam voices into your head

Baidu CEO: AI will weaken people's dependence on cell phones in two decades

The Lost History of One of the World’s Strangest Science Experiments

Hunt for Life: Astronomers Find Promising Stars


My Journey From Constant Pain To Freedom From Pain

If You Are Taking A Statin Drug Read This!

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs Coast to Coast

NYT Shocked to Find That Opioid Dealers with Credentials Operate Like Opioid Dealers Without Credentials

The Truth About Dentistry

Republicans’ Love of Healthcare Socialism

VIDEO: Don't Be Your Diagnosis


How to keep your lungs healthy for life

Benefits of Regular Fasting


From Jesus Christ to Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the State

Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week

America as Religion

Former Pope Benedict blames church’s scandals partly on the ‘60s

Important Black Catholic Cardinal Warns the West “Will Disappear” If Migration Continues

Mormons Reverse Ban on Baptisms for Children of Gay Parents

The Costliest Heresy…

Cardinal: Vatican is Helping Destroy Catholic Church in China

Why I'm finally speaking out against the world's most dangerous religion

Africa and the Blood of Christians


Battle of Gettysburg: why J.E.B. Stuart ends up in Carlisle

German Nazi camp guard, 92, charged as accessory to thousands of murders

American Revolutionary War Starts This Date in 1775

History Buffs: Saving Private Ryan

The last Doolittle Raider has died at 103

Tombstone Arizona: The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Red Wemette : "Nobody Cares and What I did About It! The Red Wemette Story of the Chicago Outfit"

This Stone Age settlement took humanity's first steps toward city life

Charles Beard: Punished for Seeking Peace

Whites Were Slaves In North Africa Before Blacks Were Slaves In The New World


Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Cutting Military And Economic Aid To Israel

Thoughts on the Protected Race

Trump Dances to Israel's Tune

"The Holocaust" Is a Myth That Conceals Our Shame

Trump Says Israeli Jews Should be Immune from All Prosecution

Israeli spacecraft crashes on moon, country in mourning

Madonna Plays Apartheid

FL Governor DeSantis Announces Cabinet Meeting In Israel

Report: 150 Israel violations against journalists in three months

Iran Opens Mediterranean Port to Mess Around With Israel


MLB suspended Tim Anderson for using a “racially-charged word”

Cubs Beat Diamondbacks 5-1

VIDEO: Kyle Schwarber Charges Umpire After Being Called Out on Check-Swing to End Cubs Game

Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Home run trot proves costly for D-backs catcher Alex Avila

A Few Initial Thoughts About the First Round of the Ukrainian Presidential Election

Media Blackout as Israel’s Largest Banks Pay over $1 Billion in Fines

Stray Dog Joins Climbers On Dangerous Trek, Gets to the Top with Them, Sets Dog World Record

‘I saw more of Stepanova than her mama!’ Fans react to Russian skater's saucy outfit (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Super Bowl Final - Patriots 13 Rams 3


The "10 Commandments' Of The DemonRat Party

Morris Dees Fired From SPLC

BOOM! Two in one week!! Now, Kentucky will get constitutional carry!!!

EUROPA The Last Battle

All News Sources are Controlled - Proof is

Why a female tech entrepreneur invented a new way to learn Chinese

Candice Owens DESTROYS Rude Black students

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average

Syria: The Western Rogue States Must Confess Their Crimes Against Humanity and be Held Accountable

Catholic Couple and St.Pete


Assange on the dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency

Trump Campaign Eyes Chances to Vie for States Lost in 2016

Kushner, Inc. Book Review Part V: The Kushner Crime Family on the Road to the White House

Inside Beto O’Rourke’s Million-Dollar Apartment Deal With A Campaign Donor

Kushner, Inc. Book Review Part IV: The Kushner Crime Family Sinks Teeth Into Candidate Trump

Barr: ‘I Think Spying Did Occur’ Against Trump Campaign

It Looks Like Bibi Won

The Curse of the Thinking Class

Ocasio-Cortez Named in New Election Complaint

The smoking gun linking George Soros to Mueller’s investigation just came to light

Neocon Nuttery

George P. Bush Spokesman Calls for Removal of all (Confederate) Texas Monuments

Suspect who mailed pipe bombs to Trump critics pleads guilty

Loco Amnesty Omnibus

Trump to Use Federal Funds to Prop Up US Bomb Makers


OG of the NWO dead

The Only Regime Change that Is Needed Is in Washington

Pious Perverts

Doctors Are Now Giving 8-Year-Old Girls Testosterone, Claiming They're 'Transgender' (Gov funded)

BREAKING: Rockland County NY Becomes America’s First Vaccine Police State – Bans Unvaccinated Children from Public Places – Health Dept. Goes Door to Door

HHS Extends Contract to Make 'Humanized Mice' With Aborted Baby Parts for Another 90 Days

Feeling the anxiety & emotional strain of .gov shutdown - FBI director Wray, VIDEO

Feds (Pompeo, State Dept) Spending $18,000 for LGBT Pride Film Festival in Mumbai

Cashier Goes Nuts At Customer Wearing #Trump T-Shirt in Vape Store

NRA Exposed: Their Deadly Support for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!

300 pound woman guilty of crushing boyfriend

All is Vanity

Andy Kaufman - Orson Welles Interview - 1982

Oprah Winfredy International Airport (proposed)

Al Gore announces 2020 platform

Author! Author!

David Duchovny Addresses if 'The X-Files' Will Return

Dave Dudley - Six Days on the Road

War of the Cockroaches

John Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane

Four Books That Will Turn You Into A Practical Thinker

Eastwood Crushes De Niro, Spike Lee & Christian Bale In Movie Hollywood H..ates

The Music, The Love, And The Heartbreak of George Strait

Retro 50s 60s

Billie Sol Estes, Texas Con Man Whose Fall Shook Up Washington, Dies at 88

Nixon's Dirty Trickster: LBJ Killed JFK | Interview with Roger Stone

RAWHIDE and TV's Golden Age with Tommy Nolan A WORD ON WESTERNS

LBJ and the Killing of JFK with Roger Stone

JFK files reveal CIA plots, Oswald's Cuba connection

Doris Day, in Rare Interview, Talks Turning 97, Her Animal Foundation and Rock Hudson: "I Miss Him"

Dr. Strangelove- "Wing Attack Plan R?"

Dr Strangelove Scene 8 CAPTIONED

Meet Mr Cobra: The King of Shelby Cobras

Dark Legacy George Bush and the murder of John Kennedy


Wreck 'em Tech!

Prepare to ruin your childhood. A 'Star Wars'-themed burlesque show heading to Reno

New Lincoln commercial....

A fly on the wall (Trump - Pelosi - Schumer at the White House today)

Ellen Gives Julia Roberts A Kardashian Makeover To Get More Instagram Followers



Countermeasures for Gun Confiscation

Eating Food Fertilized By Human Remains Is Kosher?

Would You Drive Along These Dangerous Roads?

Top 5 Types Of Ammunition To Stockpile For A Collapse

What If The Ground Crew Do not Like A Pilot

‘Truth is treason’ for American Empire: Ex-Congressman Ron Paul

Trump says George P. Bush, Texas Land Commissioner, is 'the only Bush that likes me'

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