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Klaus Schwab Associate - Yuval Noah Hariri - Explains The Elites' Next Steps

Five Warning Signs The End Of Dollar Hegemony Is Near... Here's What Happens Next

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Erdogan sets conditions for Sweden, Finland NATO bids

'Very dangerous point': Former British Commander makes chilling WWIII claim

Trevor Reed Details 3 Years of Hell Inside Russian Prison Including Blood on Walls, No Sleep

Top Putin Aide Predicts "Global Famine" By The End Of This Year


China Buzzes Taiwan with Fighter Jets and Bombers and US Bases in Japan

WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting As MonkeyPox Virus Goes Global

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Zoltan Pozsar: The Wealth Window is Closed- Part 1

WATCH: Federal Judge Ruling Blocks Biden From Disabling Title 42

America LAST:


America's Appetite For Guns Has Soared Since Dot-Com Bubble

House Passes Bill Expanding Federal Anti-Terrorism Mandate

Quick Shot Of Heat To Roast 100 Million People In Northeast

In 2 Minutes, Sen. Sullivan Lays Out Biden’s Attacks On U.S. Energy In The LAST 3 WEEKS

Lara Trump: This should shake every American to their core

My daughter in law filmed another empty Walmart. Worker has no work because no food to stock.


The War in Ukraine Is Getting Complicated, and America Isn’t Ready

Disinformation for Dummies

Fred Reed circa 2004

A Tale of Two Colleges: The Right Way (and the Wrong Way) to Handle the Gender Debate

Heading for NATO borders: Russia already has phases 2 and 3 planned after Ukraine

Come Home, America

Ukraine Conflict Marks End of Era Dominated by Western Power

Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court

Conservatives must stop using the jargon of progressive activism to debate trans ideology

Ex-Leftist Tells All

Dead Constitution

Get Ready To Be Muzzled: The Coming War On So-Called 'Hate Speech'

The Biden Entity Calls for End of First and Second Amendment in Response to Buffalo Shooting Hoax

Supreme Court's 9-0 flag-flying decision startles, dismays wokesters in Vermont public schools

Watching the Western World dissolve into Nazism.

Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They Fear Dissent, Not “Disinformation”

Opinion | Why Biden is in Danger of Replicating Woodrow Wilson’s Propaganda Machine

Maniac Nancy Pelosi Celebrates Abortion on Mother’s Day

Geraldo Rivera Loses It When Greg Gutfeld Lays Out His Pro-Life Stance: 'You Insulting Punk!'

The Bill of Temporary Privileges

President Biden’s Executive Orders



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Cutting Aid To Israel: “It Has To Stop”

This Needs To Be Stopped Now! by Dr. Vernon Coleman

J.K. Rowling: ‘Utterly Shameful’ a Teen Girl was Bullied Into Leaving School for Questioning Transgender Ideology

Absolute Insanity (Democrats on Gender and Abortion))

Los Angeles DA George Gascon recall group on the ‘cusp’ of qualifying for vote

"They Shut Us Down": Michigan Businesses Sue Whitmer For Losses Due To COVID Lockdowns

Outstanding 169 Seconds About America

CNBC Host Corners Biden Transportation Secretary Buttigieg,

"The Real President Is Whoever Controls The Teleprompter": Musk Delivers Scathing Criticism Of Biden


Joe Biden ‘dazed and confused’ but Kamala Harris ‘ready and capable’

White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines; Study Shows 49% of Biden’s Followers are “Fake Accounts”

Try This One CRAZY Trick to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies!


Biden Invokes Defense Production Act For baby Formula, Gas Set To His $10 Per Gallon Amid Shortages


Florida man attacks driver with knife during road rage incident, victim pulls out gun, deputies say

John Kennedy: 'President Biden's Energy Policy Is Wind, Solar, And Wishful Thinking'

DOOCY MIC DROP🤜🎤on Karine Jean-Pierre - DAY 2 was just as BAD as DAY 1

Colin Flaherty: Black Bullshit Lies, Then the Truth

Ron Paul

Feeding the Narrative

If the American Empire Falls, Will the Republic Rise?

What's the Deal with Germany?

US aid to Ukraine looks ‘like money laundering scheme’ – congresswoman

Why Did Rand Paul Delay Washington’s $40 Billion Ukraine Giveaway?

Why Would US Give a War Guarantee -- to Finland?

The Comeback Of Rand Paul

How FBI Spy Stefan Halper Helped Put Two Bushes in the White House

Where is the $56 billion 'to Ukraine' actually going?

Dutch Party Asks Zelensky to Account for $850 Mln Personal Wealth

War, War, War


Scott Ritter's Switcheroo: "Why I Radically Changed My Overall Assessment"

Ukraine - Putin On Why The War Started, Failed Attempts On Snake Island, Other Issues

Rising to the Bait – Again

Captured Ukrainian Says Javelins Were Useless in Mariupol, Zelensky Ordered the Troops to Die

Ukraine's Forces Are Told To Hold The Line Where Russian Artillery Is Pulverizing Them

US Officials Say US Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals

Sergey Glazyev: For those who still don’t understand [Ukraine]

20 Years Later, Jews Blame Saudi for 911

Washington & Moscow Have Combined to Make the Ukrainian Situation into Armageddon


Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Mastermind behind 9/11

Richard Gage's new 911 Site.


Arizona AG Brnovich: ‘Cartels Have Seized Control of Our Border’ Because of Biden

Tucker Carlson fires back at Biden saying Democrats have decided to change the electorate

GOP Rep. Kat Cammack reveals video of huge stockpile of baby formula at border center

Italy's Salvini Warns Food Shortages Could Cause 20 Million African Migrants To Enter Europe

'Replacement theory' fuels extremists and shooters. Now a top Border Patrol agent is spreading it.

As Biden Border Crisis Continues, US Robot Dogs Soon to Patrol Mexican Border

If We MUST Take Refugees, Why Not Insist On Cultural Affinity?

Multnomah County's Homeless Population Up 30 Percent From 2019, Data Shows

We Found All the Baby Formula . . . Biden Admin Sent it all to Southern Border for Illegal Alien babies

If SCOTUS Overturns ROE, the Left Has Real Reason to Worry About Immigration, Affirmative Action, CRT, Etc.



Kudlow: This is a big mistake from the Biden White House officials

The "Everything Bubble" Has Popped | David Morgan

The Social Credit System is the Elite’s Means of Control

That Giant Sound You Just Heard Was The Housing Market Starting To Crack

Stablecoin crash drags crypto ideals back to earth

Crypto “HOLDers” getting SUICIDAL as entire life savings now VANISHING in accelerating crypto carnage

Western Economies Heading for "Deep Recession"

Lobbyists Concerned Over Rising Cost Of Politicians

Possibility of ‘large’ economic shocks in future, Yellen warns


There Used to Be Aliens in Our Galaxy, but They Killed Themselves Off

China Confirms It’s Joining Russia To Build A Moon Base

NFC powered flashing fingernail sticker (with schematic)

One-Minute Time Machine

The First Commercial Brain Computer Interface Is Entering Human Trials

Judicial Watch: Pfizer/BioNTech Study Found

Proteolytic Enzymes Reduce Inflammation and Boost Immunity

5G Radiation Studied In South Carolina

The effect of Wi-Fi on human cells

What's In A Flu Name? H's And N's Tell A Tale


Court rules patient owes $766 on hospital's $300,000-plus billing Price for surgery based on secret price list that officials refused to disclose

Rediscovered Native American remedy kills poxvirus

Government Scientists Secretly Paid Off While Hiding Data

'Absolutely asinine': Dr. Robert Malone warns against giving WHO 'the keys to the kingdom'

Fauci Recommends Stopping Spread Of Monkeypox By Covering Eyes, Ears, Mouth

A Vital Book You Must Read

The Exciting Emergence of Regenerative Medicine

Conservationists Outraged by Wolf Relisting

Top Chinese Whistleblower: Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Deploying HEMORRHAGIC FEVER VIRUS at Beijing Winter Olympics in Attempt to Spark up ANOTHER Global Plandemic (We Have the NUTRITIONAL INFO on What May BLOCK it in Your Blood)

Twitter Users, Others Criticize Bette Midler Over Her 'Cruel and Insensitive' Take on Baby Formula Shortage


“They Fall Silent”: Media Criticized For Not Caring About Church Mass Shooting Carried Out by Chinese Gunman

California Anal Church Mass Shooting: It was an… Old Asian Man?

Local Carpenter Continues To Spread Disinformation Deemed Harmful By Religious Experts

Actor Mark Ruffalo says Ukraine war is 'a gift' for clean energy efforts

American Churches are Killing Christianity

Christ is Risen.

Pharisees Delighted By This New 'Wokeness' Thing That Lets Them Constantly Judge And Make Everyone Feel Guilty

Jill Forced to Rescue Joe After He’s Asked about Surprise Question about his Faith

What Is a Miracle?

Joslin - Nothing Else Matters / Nights in White Satin


Why 1916 Was Called 'A Descent Into Hell' In WWI | Great War In Numbers | War Stories

Hitler's Weapons - Vietnam War

The Shocking Reaction of the Soviet Soldiers when they entered Germany in 1945

US VS. JAPAN IN EPIC WWII DOGFIGHT | Biggest Battles of WWII | History

How Ukraine Became Part of the USSR - The Soviet–Ukrainian War (Documentary)

SS - Members of the Schutzstaffel Part One

The SHOCKING Real Story of the Dresden Firestorm

The Real Kelly's Heroes - GIs Stole Huge Nazi Gold Stash

The Mystery Of 536 AD: The Worst Climate Disaster In History | Catastrophe | Timeline

The night I met Hunter Biden: Mac Shop owner John Mac Isaac recounts fateful encounter in exclusive excerpt


House Passes Resolution Increasing Censorship Under the Guise of Fighting Antisemitism

BRICS Expansion Plans Shocks The World - Will Israel Be Joining?

Arrogant Jewish Quote

Gilad Atzmon on Ukraine, Zelensky and Israel

US to Participate in Israeli Military Simulation of Large-Scale Attack on Iran

Israel to simulate striking Iran in massive IDF drill

America the Feckless

Israeli Thugs Assault The Funeral Procession Of Shireen Abu Akleh

Chaos In Jerusalem As Israeli Police Attack Slain Al Jazeera Journalist's Funeral Procession



Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series historic home run-bottom of the 9th

Why The Biggest Brands Love Olympic Winners

Figure Skating Icons Torch Doping Russian Skater After Loss

Optimism Fades for MLB Deal

Foul ball pop-up heads into the stands — directly at a man bottle-feeding an infant. What happens next is nothing short of incredible.

Wild MLB Brawl Leads to Coach Tackling Opposing Team's Star Player: 'That Was Kind of Cheap'

‘Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jill’: Cracker Jack Receives Woke Repackaging For Gender Equality

Farmer who flipped car off his land found not guilty of criminal damage | ITV News

Kaepernick Publicity Stunt Draws Interest From 5 NFL Teams

Lying to Lia Thomas




Theories Exist to Be Proven

Appeals court to hear lawsuit against FBI over raid of man NOT charged for Jan. 6

Wikipedia deletes article on PA senate primary candidate who is surging toward defeating Dr. Oz

If We Cannot Secure Voting, We Will Perish

The riveting ‘2000 Mules’ proves there was massive election fraud

Biden's new press secretary raises serious conflict-of-interest questions

Epic: PA Senate Candidate Steals The Show At Debate

One aspect of the leaked Alito opinion isn’t a mystery at all

Madison Cawthorn Targeted for Destruction in Wake of DC Orgy Comments, Criticizing ‘Thug’ Zelensky

The consequences of the stolen 2020 election are increasingly catastrophic

Neocon Nuttery

No, Opposing US Intervention in Ukraine Does Not Make You a ‘Russian Agent’

Pious Perverts

Should the United States Follow Belgium’s Lead?

Celebrities Are Such Scumbags Because They’re Invested In The Status Quo

Media that gleefully pilloried the Catholic Church over pedophilia charges averts their eyes over much larger schoolteacher pedophilia problem

Prodigal Son Breaks News To Dad That He Spent His Entire Inheritance On Gender Studies Degree

Congressman Who Claimed DC Elites Invited Him to Orgies Will Face Dressing Down

Republican Congressman Says DC Elites Invited Him to Secret Sex Orgies

Women's Network logo deserved the 'pasting it got today'

"Canada is about Freedom... Freedom to do what you want with your body" - Justin Trudeau Castro (video 26 sec.)

All is Vanity

Brown Eyed Women

Eating MUD PIES with the Luguru Tribe in Tanzania

William S. Burroughs on Dreams

Author! Author!

Retro 50s 60s

The Lone Ranger 1956 - Full movie

Rawhide - Incident of the Clown

Ronald Reagan's Remarks "The Myth of the Great Society" 1965-66

have gun will travel season 6 episode 5

Stars dancing to Green Onions

Why JFK's Casket Stayed Closed

The Enemy Below 1957

In Harm's Way

Lee Harvey Oswald's Final Phone Call Before His Assassination

Mysterious Death of Reporter Dorothy Kilgallen & the JFK Assassination


Leftist Joy Behar Complains Bloody War in Ukraine Will Affect Her European Vacation Plans

Nobody's a hero except maybe firemen

Funny Animation

The Legend of Lizzie Borden TV Movie 1975

Washington’s NFL team ditched ‘the r-word,’ but some high schools are resisting the change

Freedom4um Domain Renewal Due


Life of Benard Fox Dr Bombay Col Crittendon Malcolm Merriweather Bewitched Hogan's Heroes

Colt Commando


The Time Machine (2002)

This Man Terrified The NVA (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*) Franklin D Miller MACV SOG Combat Story

The foxes that say HEHEHE

TOMBSTONE Clip - Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo (1993) Val Kilmer

The Telephone

My Boy (Lyrics) | he ain't my blood but he's my boy

The Story Behind the Iconic 'Kiss of Life' Photo