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US To Finance, Train Kenyan Soldiers For Mission To Haiti

Can You Spot The Difference?

Xi, Assad Launch China-Syria Strategic Partnership Based On Belt & Road Initiative

In Reversal, Biden Agrees To 'Small Number' Of ATACMS Long-Range Missiles For Ukraine

JPM Upgrades Energy To Overweight As "Supercycle Returns", Sees Oil Upside To $150 And "Multiple Energy Crises" This Decade

Trudeau Unveils C$650M More For Ukraine Defense As Zelensky Addresses Parliament

Dove's New 'Fat Empowerment' Ambassador EXPOSED! But the REAL Scandal Is Unilever's Dark Secret

India LOCKDOWN! New virus outbreak scares India into compliance

Poland Announces End to Military Aid for the Ukraine!

Diamond Prices Are Crashing, Forcing Russian Mining Giant To Halt Sales

National News

FBI Informant Created One Of Largest Nazi Groups In American History

Public NUMBS as government DEBT BOMB explodes to $33T, annual budget DEFICIT approaches $2T

Democratic Mayor Of Dallas: "American Cities Need Republicans... & I'm Becoming One"

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez Steps Down As Foreign Relations Chair After Indictment Over Gold Bar And Other Bribery Schemes

AOC Accidentally Gives MTG Stage to Expose Hunter Biden’s Corruption!

Senate Relaxes Rules To Allow Fetterman To Take Baths In Reflecting Pool

Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton: Secretive Texas Court Has Blocked Me from Prosecuting Voter Fraud

Tucker Carlson and Ken Paxton

Jordan Subpoenas FBI Censorship Czar Elvis Chan Over Apparent Perjury, Ducking Testimony

McCarthy Fails For 2nd Time To Advance Bill Funding Defense Department As Ukraine Sows Division


Canceling Reality

Patient 22

Vivek Ramaswamy Dives Into Swamp Land

Op-Ed: Political Pressure On Biden Family Is Working

Opinion | The Political Dead-End Abortion Foes Should Avoid

A woman’s guide to Dating

Bigotry 4 Loserz: Why the race card is a worthless commodity

The IRS Makes Another House Call

The Race 2 Extinction

America Has Been Overthrown in a Coup

Dead Constitution

Fed Court Rules It’s Illegal for the Biden Administration to Order Social Media to Do Censorship

Change My Mind

New Mexico Governor Suspends First Amendment To Silence Criticism Over Suspending Second Amendment

Report – Bush family CIA “oil intelligence mafia” wants to kill MAGA, stop Trump

Dems Accidentally Reveal Their Plan To Destroy The Constitution Ahead of Schedule

Albuquerque DA Refusing to Enforce Governor's Suspension of 2nd Amendment Rights: 'Clearly Unconstitutional'

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) used HIDDEN MICROPHONES to spy on Americans in their own homes in search of “toxic speech”

Is the CIA in Your Underwear?

A Draconian New Law Snuck Through This Month That Institutes Extreme Censorship of the Internet on a Global Basis

The Washington Post Calls For Reducing Free Speech To Improve Democracy


"Question their lies and they’ll call you a liar. Ignore it and keep going"

"Go To Hell": Brave EU Politician Delivers Damning Message To Global Tyrants

Dave Martin on Paxton trial.

"Walk Like A Joe Biden" - (Walk Like An Egyptian Parody) | Louder With Crowder

Hearing witness promptly corrects AOC for spewing 'complete falsehood' about oil and gas emissions

WATCH: Rep. Thomas Massie Leaves Corrupt Merrick Garland Stuttering

Yale Sued For $110 Million After Expelling Student Over False Rape Accusation

Boldly Into the Chaos

Food for Thought Ben Franklin on Revolution

With ‘democrats’ like these, who needs fascists? The DNC and “our free press” want Bobby dead (and Trump in jail for life)


J6 FBI Informants EXPOSED

BLM felon who Attacked Rittenhouse Just Got Run Over by a Black Guy

Biden makes ‘mammoth,’ ‘preposterous’ lie over border handling: Stephen Miller

Lauren Boebert: 'I messed up'

NY Man Arrested With $1.6 Million In Fentanyl Fails To Show For Court After Being Granted Non-Cash Bail

Minnesota Murder Suspect Accidentally Freed From Jail 2 Days After Arrest

"Educational Homicide": 13 Baltimore City High Schools Have Zero Students Proficient On State Math Exam

Finally a Trans Movement I Can Get Behind

**ITS OVER! CNN In Deep Trouble! They After Justice Thomas For His Skin Color

Biden's New Soviet Inspired Ministry Of Disarmament - What You Need To Know

Ron Paul

The Federal Government Should Not Be Held Hostage for Ukraine Funding

Americans Are Being Led By a Lying Media and Corrupt Political Class

The Political Assassination of Donald Trump

Who is Seth Rich? Who Murdered Him? And What’s The Deep State Hiding?

The Conundrum

Libertarian National Committee moves to file conservatorships for Biden, McConnell

How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance To Silence Its Critics

Putin Says Trump Prosecution is “Political Persecution” Done in “Full View of the World”

Secret Service agent who was with JFK raises new questions about assassination

BREAKING: Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Drops Bombshell – Names Top Biden DOJ Attorneys Who Told Him to Lie on Trump and Sign False Statements – Here They Are…

War, War, War


Was There a “war on Terror” or a War on the American People?

Blinken: US Does Not Oppose Ukrainian Attacks Inside Russia With US-Supplied Missiles

Jerkface Elon Musk Refuses To Help Start Nuclear War

Bound to Lose

Fallujah Is Not a Presidential Victory Lap

Dnipro Island Ambush: Russian Forces Stranded as Command Abandons Them

House Republicans Are Incorrigible Warmongers

The Hard Reality: Ukraine’s Last-Gasp Offensive Has Failed

A Shortage Of Optics Was Holding Back Russian Tank Production. That Shortage May Have Ended.


9/11 detainee Ramzi bin al-Shibh, 51, is ruled unfit to stand trial in death-penalty case

Eyewitness Scott Forbes: mysterious contractors in World Trade Center pre-9/11 weekend 'power down'

Donald Trump Thought Bombs Exploded Simultaneously On 9/11 Comments Made During a TV Phone In On The Day

This Pentagon 9/11 Report Only Aired Once Then Was Memory-holed

9/11 After 22 Years

911 Articles at WRH

9/11 and The Unspeakable: Award Winning Actor William Hurt:

Join RichardGage911 in NYC at the Premier: "Peace, War, and 9/11" - Sunday Night, September 10

9/11, 22 Years Later: Will We Ever Get the Truth?

Navy SEAL who said he killed Osama bin Laden arrested in Texas


Frontex: Only 8% Of EU's Illegal Migrants Were Women Last Year

How many people work for the Mexican drug cartels? Researchers have an answer

Pressure Builds In Texas For Investigation Into Illegal Immigrant Enclave Colony Ridge

Welcome to the New Ireland

Michael Yon: Immigration Meme

NYC Protesters Confront AOC Over Immigration

ATF Agent's CHILLING Warning: 'You CANNOT Trust Your Government' | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 193

Federal Judge Knocks Down DACA, Rules Obama’s ‘Dreamers’ Scheme Illegal

"Migration Economy":

"Close The Freaking Border!" - Angry New Yorkers Shout-Down AOC & Nadler Over Immigrant Crisis


Exclusive: Rep. Matt Gaetz Blasts ATF for Allegedly Retaliating Against Congressional Witness

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary made one prediction that spells doom for Joe Biden

Team Trump Cashes In and Instantly Turns Mug Shot Into Merchandise Someone even put Trump's mug shot on a thong

De-Banked: It's Only A Matter Of Time Before It Happens To You

Normies Awake!

‘He's torturing people': Video shows Russian troops being stripped naked and forced to pluck grass

US government angry after Fitch downgrades country's credit rating

Fed launches payment system that lays the groundwork for global digital control over everything…

The Federal Reserve Has Been a Disaster for America

Temu Is a Total Rip-off


AK Vs M16

Directed energy weapons making jump from sci-fi to real world


South Carolina: F-35 Crashes, Vanishes Into the Ether

I Invented The Greatest Mouse Trap Ever Made - Over 300 Mice Caught- Dizzy Dunker Mousetrap Monday

Are Farm Antibiotics Destroying Our Health?

Morocco – Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue Lights

Unnatural Origins of Covid and Its Variants

NASA’s Mars Rover Generates Enough Oxygen for a Small Dog to Breathe for 10 Hours

CDC recommends new COVID booster for all Americans over 6 months amid rising cases, hospitalizations


“The Pfizer vaccine is contaminated with plasmid DNA,


Daycare Owner Arrested After One Child Died of an Opioid-Overdose

Brutal Marijuana Studies Now Emerging – It Should Never Have Been Fully Legalized

A Natural Sweetener That Could Combat COVID, Diabetes, and Cancer

British Hospitals Are Also Assuming the Role of Executioner

Has the Western Medical System Turned Murderous?

The Death of Informed Consent

Naturopathic doctor Wil Spencer reveals SOLUTIONS to remove nanocircuitry from the bodies of the jabbed

Ivermectin Is a Proven Cure for Covid. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different.


Covid and the Gates of Hell

Does Marriage Equal Happiness?

The Most Accurate Description of the Western World Today Seems to be in the Book of Revelation

San Francisco Offering “Doom Loop” Tours to Allow Visitors to Witness Utopia in Action

Apparently It’s Illegal “Grooming” to Flirt with a Girl Before She Turns 18…?

Jesus The True Israel

Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Receiving “Benefits” in Prison After “Adopting Late Father’s Jewish Faith”

Explainer: From Stella Maris to St. Elijah, what is happening with the Christians in Haifa

Judeo-Christian, The Greatest Oxymoron of All Time (Meme)

Softly and Tenderly (Jesus is calling)


Why This Unique World War Two Aircraft Terrified the Germans

Why We Need To Understand What Happened at Pearl Harbor

Episode 11: General George S. Patton - The Murder of an American hero.

The Human Cost Of The Second World War | World War II In Numbers | War Stories

Most Decorated Marine of All Time! Lt. General Chesty Puller

Peleliu 1944: Horror In The Pacific (1991) | Full Documentary

What Doc Holliday Says To Johnny In Latin? Tombstone Scene Translation Explained

The Evidence that Convicts the CIA of the JFK Assassination

The Abominable August 9th

Cowpens: America's Most Perfect Battle


Final Judgment Michael Collins Piper

Zelensky Calls On Spirit Cooking Satanist To Be An Ambassador For Schools

RFK Jr’s weak spot when it comes to Israel. It’s a losing issue.

How to Hate Elon Musk in 38 Fun, Power-Packed Minutes

Iraqi PM said to get White House invitation from Biden

No apologies from the Weaponized banks that are canceling Faith Groups

Pew Study: White Liberals Disproportionately Suffer From Mental Illness

Elon Musk Addresses #BanTheADL: 'The ADL Was Instrumental in Getting Donald Trump Deplatformed'

What Should We Do About the Powerful Israel Lobby?

Israeli Navy Shoots Sewage Water at Gaza Fishermen


Bring back the Washington Redskins, Native American group says

Gang violence update: another SWAT raid fatality

Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Official Music Video)

Trump Indicted For Mocking US Women’s Soccer

Baseball Fan Goes Viral After Striking Out With Woman During Live Broadcast

Glock 27: This Might Be the Glock Gun You Don’t Like



Presumed Rigged Until Further Notice

The 2020 Election Plot Thickens

Republican Texas AG Ken Paxton is acquitted of corruption charges at historic impeachment trial

Three Strikes for Jack Smith: Latest Ruling Should Be the Last for Him

Republican for president blisters RNC for 'rigging the rules at the last minute'

Trump smacked Joe Biden across the face with this big reality check

Donald Trump’s Trial For Election Interference Set To Begin In Time To Interfere With Election

All Aboard the Impeachment Express

Campaign Photo

Breaking: This report could change everything for Trump Donald Trump

Neocon Nuttery

Targeting Ghaddafi: An idiots guide to deposing third world trash without culpability

Pious Perverts

Hunter Biden Needs Our Help [Dig Deep 4um]

Hero: Biden Announces He Will Donate The Rest Of His Bribe Money To Charity

Anderson Cooper Is A Disgusting CIA Goon

A powerful Babylon Bee song parody exposes the transgender madness

EXCLUSIVE: 'She's the prison Karen!' Ghislaine Maxwell files more than 400 complaints behind bars about canceled temple services, hypoallergenic pillows, and no access to black HAIR DYE after she was unable to cover her gray

Pedophile Jailed For Flashing Kids At Playground Kicking Himself For Not Doing It At Pride Parade Instead

I don’t buy Durham’s excusing FBI agents as good people

EXCLUSIVE: Previous Target of DOJ’s Trump Legal Hit Squad Alleges Witness Payoff Scheme

For Father’s Day, Hunter Negotiates 12% For The Big Guy

Dollar Sign Officially Added To LGBTQ$ Acronym

All is Vanity

Hilarious: Sewage Backs Up Into Kitchen Sinks in Millennium Tower (NBC video)

Annotation icon WebAdvisor logo 1:38 / 2:29 National Anthem of Kampuchea (1976-1979)

Author! Author!

AI Driven Emergency Self Help Center

Retro 50s 60s

The Bridge At Remagen

The Longest Day

JFK was taken out by the WAR MONGERS who seized control of America - Author Dick Russell interviewed by Mike Adams

Helicopter hunter-killer teams of the Vietnam War: OH-6


The Mafia Did Not Orchestrate JFK’s Assassination


The Real "Mr. X": Colonel Fletcher Prouty Interview by EIR

Legend Of The Lost (John Wayne)

LBJ Thought Nixon Committed Treason to Win the 1968 Election


Christine, I Hope You Dance

Outraged Conservatives Think Lauren Boebert, Kristi Noem Crossed the Line

Pacman's Friday Night Feel Sorry Yourself Music Thread

Police do care


Indianapolis 500 live updates: Results, leaderboard from IMS

Friday Night DJLJ Music Thread


Pacman's Friday Night Music Thread

An Open Request To All Who Read This

The Man From Snowy River

Have you ever stayed up for 36 hours straight?

The 6 Golden Rules of Surviving Martial Law:

Dances with Wolves

How Sigma Males Show that They're Dangerous

You Might be Old…If You Remember This! - Part 7

My youtube updates on someone else media

New video shows chopper crash into Florida apartment