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Iran's morality police dissolved, says prosecutor general

Zelensky Seeks To Ban Russian Orthodox Church In Ukraine

Ukraine Wheat Harvest Crushed Expectations: Satellite Analysis

FTX laundered money to Ukraine for biological weapons shelter funding

Food for Thought

Winter In Central Europe... And For The Dollar

Food for Thought

Nigeria's President Says West-Supplied Weapons In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa

N MEMORIAM: The Leftist Celebrities We Lost This Year... From Twitter

New US B-21 Raider Illustrates Waste in Western Defense Spending Giving Russia-China the Edge

National News

NEWS Have You Met the New George Soros? She’s American, Prettier, Richer, More Powerful, and Far More Dangerous [VIDEO]

The Loss of Human Control: Dystopia Is Upon Us

Ethan Huff Natural News Dec 2, 2022

Retired Maine State Trooper Awarded $300,000 in Whistleblower Lawsuit Over Law Enforcement Targeting Gun Owners

NPR Loses $20 Million In Corporate Sponsorships,

Creepy Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Director Bill Taverner

Elon Publishes “Twitter Files” Showing Lunatic Government Collusion Beyond What Anyone Imagined

Senate Republicans Demand McConnell Only Accept Short-Term Spending Bill

Biden Admin Prepares To Kill Alaska Mine, Hobbling Green Agenda And Costing State Billions In Potential Revenues



Okie from Muscogee

All Bets Are Off

The Era Of Cheap Food And Cheap Gasoline Is Over

FRED REED: Life in the Short Run: Desperation Examined

Republicans try to have it both ways on Trump

Opinion: Concerns About FBI Raids Have Been Overblown And There's No Need To Wor---Hang On, There's A Knock At The Door

Horsey Humor. My Attempt at satire

From the Horse's Mouth (An Editorial)

You guys have to watch this video from Brazil.

The Vast Majority of Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Vaccine Science and Published Research Is Fraud

Dead Constitution

The Evil Of The Political Left Is Rooted In Their Exploitation Of Tragedies

Thanksgiving in America

New WHO pandemic treaty in final stages,

The libertarian take on discrimination

Democrats Declare the First Amendment to be a Fascist Document

The FBI and Zero-Click

Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man calls for “mass extinction event” to usher in Great Reset

Fruit From A Poisonous Tree

The United States Has Been Overthrown

Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech


Will Your State Reject The Fed's Digital Dollar?

James Woods Tells Tucker He Will Sue DNC for Twitter Suppression –

Judicial Watch Sues Homeland Security for Censorship Requests

Tucker Carlson Calls Twitter Files The Biggest First Amendment Violation In Modern History

How’s the War on Truth Going?

Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES:

Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; "We've Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won't Get Away”

9 Exciting Careers For A Gender Studies Major by Babylon Bee

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

Turkey is about to invade Syria, and the US won’t do much to stop it


SHOCKING Documentary 'Died Suddenly' Shows Strange Blood Clots, China Collapsing Over Lockdowns


A jaw-dropping bombshell.

Moscow [ID] police force has my full confidence: Moscow council member

This isn’t looking good at all…

‘War against humanity’: Netherlands to shut down 3,000 farms


OH-BOY. Biden Just Got Handsy With Macron’s Wife In Front of Jill, Everyone Saw It But the Media

Mass LAYOFFS as Woke CNN Implodes!!!

Ingraham: This all leads to the devaluing of human life

Ron Paul

Anti-Science Right-Wingers Protest Common Sense COVID Restrictions

Joe Biden is unfit to be president. Why didn't anyone stop him?

Separate Tech and State

Operation Claw-Sword: Erdogan’s Big New Game in Syria

Nick Fuentes Says We Need to Dream Bigger Than Trump’s “Lower Gas Prices” Agenda

Nation Fondly Remembers Time When They Could Still Toy With Idea Of Being Libertarians

Dynamite DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered

Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unravel?

Euthanizing The Poor Is Just CapitalismÂ’s True Face

Merrick Garland’s despotic decision to investigate Donald Trump

War, War, War

US Says Executing POWs Is Not a Big Deal

The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War Grows Wider

COLUMN: Honor those killed 39 years ago in Beirut bombing

The Dull War


Terror on Crimea Bridge Forces Russia to Unleash Shock’n Awe

The Ukraine Just Bombed a Bridge in Russia – Vows More Terrorism

Genius Strategist Petraeus Outlines Totally Sensible Response to Russian Nuke

Pentagon to create “Ukraine command”


Were the 9/11 Aircraft Electronically Hijacked and Remotely Controlled?

Theory & Practice Home Society Free Speech & Censorship How the Sept 11th victims’ families search for answers was met with Stonewalling,... SocietyFree Speech & Censorship How the Sept 11th victims’ families search for answers was met with Stonewalling, Lies and Political Theatre September 9, 20

Stand For The Truth — A Government Researcher Speaks out

9/11 Black Box Cover-up Story Finally Breaks Out

Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7 - Ed Asner



Joe Biden Signs Order to Continue 911 Emergency

9/11 After 21 Years

The 9/11 "Double-Cross" Conspiracy Theory


Europe Shows A Clear Link Between Immigration And Crime

French Diversity Working Well - Moving Bus Gets Robbed

Project Veritas: HHS Whistleblower Reveals ‘Tax Dollars’ Spent to ‘Put Children in the Hands of Criminals’…

French Interior Minister Labels Italy An "Enemy" Of France After Migration Row


Joe Biden's sneaky new 'alternative immigration program' escorting migrants in from Mexico, work permits in hand

Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, suspect accused of mowing down 25 LA sheriffs recruits on morning run, released from jail

Chuck Schumer Calls For Amnesty For Illegals Because Americans Are 'Not Reproducing'

Florida Joins Suit Against DHS for Not Deporting Violent Criminal Aliens

Migration In Ireland, Killarney's Townspeople Are Afraid To Walk The Streets, Can Be Jailed For Hate Speech


India: Economy Growing at “Fantastic” Rate While West Self-Destructs with Sanctions

The economic outlook is just another manipulation

The Digital Revolution Has Destroyed the Usefulness of Telephones

Isn't it nice that the 'adults' in the White House and among Democrats are running things, instead of President Trump?

ELECTION DAY OMEN! The Very Wealthy and Powerful Rothschild Scion Dies on November 8th

"Lotto Madness" Sweeps Across America As Powerball Jackpot Hits Record $1.9 Billion

It’s Happening: Elon Sieges Twitter Carrying a Sink! Ye WINS!

Are Gold and Silver Money?

The Government Also Taught Us to Lie

The Rule of Power


Elon Musk: NASA's Launch Tower Faces BIG Problems!

The smartest dog in the world | 60 Minutes Archive

Americans Are Still Tricked by The Biggest Fib in Food History. [Butter]

The Turntable Paradox

Study Shows Drugs Like Aleve, Ibuprofen Might Be Making Arthritis Inflammation Worse

No wonder the weather forecasts are always wrong...

How Would a Nuclear EMP Affect the Power Grid?

Electric Cars: Inconvenient Facts: Magical Thinking

GM Ranger: The Multicultural Car You Never Heard Of

Paul Harvey - a Fifty Cent Toy That Changed the World - Rest of the Story


Best Video I've Seen In Ages. If You Cry, You're Still Human

How to Detoxify Your Body from Glyphosate

‘Died Suddenly’ is Typical Trash from Stew Peters

Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis After mRNA Vaccination Against COVID-19

Are you connecting the pandemic dots yet?

The Truth About Ivermectin

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

What Happens When You Eat 2 TBSP of Olive Oil Daily

Here We Go: Biden Regime Plans to Extend Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Through Spring of 2023

Why are they HIDING this? We need ANSWERS now | Redacted with Clayton Morris


I Love to Tell the Story

Conservative Christian Intellectual Is An FBI Disinformation Operative

On Marriage, Betrayal

Chinese Sheep Walking in a Perfect Circle for Days

Prostitutes in the Temple

URGENT ACTION NEEDED N-O-W: Takes literally seconds!

Ye is Back! They Can’t Control Him! It’s Up! Illuminati Conspiracies! Jesus is King!

Another Double Whammy

Onward Christian Cowards

Jordan Peterson Leaves Stephen Fry SPEECHLESS On God


Our Belittled Founding Father

American Pravda: Lost Histories of the Great War

How Much Longer Will Thanksgiving Be a National Holiday?

Statesmen vs. Vandals

Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on the early peopling of South America by Florida Atlantic University

American Pravda: World War III and World War II?

Today in Aviation History: First Flight of The North American Aviation XP-86

Archaeologists Unearth First Century Roman Refrigerator in Bulgaria

Destroying the Past to Change the Present

Golden Age Air Museum – The Fokker Scourge


Human rights group wants U.S. to sanction notorious Israeli battalion with Leahy Law

Ghislaine Maxwell ends fight to keep eight John Does secret, court to decide whether names should be unsealed

Israel bans entry of medical equipment into Gaza


The Jewish Role In White Slavery

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars

UN Head Says The Israeli Occupation Must End

Joe "Jew" Rogan Show

Israel pressures Western allies to shutdown ICJ opinion on occupation of Palestinian territories

'Antisemite of the year' top 3 finalists announced


"Put yo Chain On, Nigga"

America Recommends Kim Jong-Un Test Nukes On Astros-Phillies World Series

Verdict In: Cleveland Fans Largely Rejected Guardians Name

GASSERS in Motion! Raw Action from Southeast Gassers in Knoxville

MLB Star Sends Fierce Memo to Canada, Defends Decision to Miss Games Due to Vaccine Policy


I kinda threatened a 19 y/o boy today...


It Is Official–the DOJ Is Weaponized

Why globalists desperately need control of Arizona before they unleash the next staged pandemic

Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud

A Light in the Darkness

Arizona’s Election Bungle

Media Reports Full Details of Nick Fuentes, Ye, Donald Trump Meeting

Republicans must reinvent their Gun Rights narrative

Trump Americans Need Their Own Political Party

Have the Democrats Destroyed Our Election System?

'I WILL become governor!': Arizona GOP hopeful Kari Lake insists she's still on track to overturn Dem rival's election win, as AG's office demands explanation for polling day issues before certifying the result

Neocon Nuttery


Are You A Fascist? 12 Signs To Look For

The Cuckoo Cult: Mainstream Christianity Is Now an Implacable Enemy of the White West

Pious Perverts


Subversive “Fraternities”

Rootless cosmopolitan/Jewish lesbian purports to "report on the war" from Ukraine (my headline)

Disgusting Faggot Lindsey Graham Attacks and Threatens Elon Musk, Defends Hardcore Satanic Child Sex Agenda

Biden's million-dollar salary gal, Pamela Karlan, exits DoJ one step ahead of a FOIA release

All is Vanity

Author! Author!

The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Retro 50s 60s

Robert Mitchum, Curd Jürgens Best Action movies | The Enemy Below | War Movie English

One-Eyed Jacks | MARLON BRANDO | Best Western Movie | Classic Cowboy Film | Full Length

River Of No Return

Dane Clark, Ben Johnson Best Action Western Movies | Fort Defiance | Western Movie

The Comancheros


At The Bakery ~ humor/truth

Leonid & Friends : Awesome Real-Music Covers & Vids - A Must Listen / Watch

Two Steps From Hell: Victory

ELUVEITIE - The Call Of The Mountains

God's Country

BOYS DONT CRY - i wanna be a cowboy 1986

Californians Adjust To New Life In Texas

Morgan Wallen - Sand In My Boots (Official Lyric Video)

Bonus Question on College Exam - enjoy


Have you Met Our Camp Taste Testers? 🐶

FULL INTERVIEW: Dr Jordan Peterson on COVID hysteria and the culture wars

The VZ-61 Skorpion - Spetsnaz Spooky Little SMG

Jay Leno seriously burnt after car fire

maps to watch at 3am

The End Of An Era. 150 Year Old Butchers Shop & Abbatoir Closes. A Final Tour Of The Premises. #SRP

Trash Thread 4Nov2022

Goddamn it, Happy birthday Lod

Lord Huron - The Night We Met

Dogs Love Taking School Bus To Doggy Day Care