World News

German Health Minister: Covid Shots Cause Permanent Severe Disabilities

What Has Washington Learned from Iraq?

In Moscow, Xi and Putin Bury Pax Americana

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Why the Hell Is the US Occupying Syria?

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the west with this move | Redacted

(2/2) Blueprint for Destruction of the Financial System & CBDC Start

Lauren Southern: 1:35 / 13:06 China's Operation To Elect Trudeau Explained

From the Maastricht Treaty to CBDCs with Arno Wellens

A a strong correlation in 31 EU states between experimental vavves in 2021 and excess deaths in 2022.

National News

For Five Straight Years, The Pulitzer Prizes Have Rewarded Misinformation

HOCKING REPORT: DOJ Embedded an FBI Informant Inside the DEFENSE TEAM

Democrats Vow To Arrest As Many Political Opponents As It Takes To Defeat Fascism

"Totally Exculpatory": Purported Cohen Letter To FEC Could Hobble Manhattan DA's Trump Case

"Concerning": Myocarditis Diagnoses Spiked In Military in 2021, New Data Show

JPM: "$1.1 Trillion Has Exited The Most Vulnerable Banks"

Federal Judge Delivers Major Setback To Biden Admin In Pivotal Censorship Case

Breaking: Trump Grand Jury Session Reportedly Canceled, No Indictment Coming Wednesday

America Is The Least Racist White-Majority Society in the World | The Larry Elder Show

Simply A Bad Idea: Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Stop Creation Of A Central Bank Digital Currency


James Comer shows that the Biden family business is corruption

My grocery store rant

I identify as invisible.

Florida Heads Down a Dangerous Road: Ideology First, Science Second

Christmas, a Southern Tradition

Okie from Muscogee

All Bets Are Off

The Era Of Cheap Food And Cheap Gasoline Is Over

Dead Constitution

‘Why Don’t You Release Assange?’ – Mexican President Strikes Back at US Over Human Rights Report


The Proud Boys case: Prosecution for 'thought crimes'

Spying In Plain Sight

Wayne Kramer "Revolution in Apt. 29"

FOIA Request Uncovers FBI Effort to Get Hospitalized Americans to Forfeit 2nd Amendment Rights

Florida GOP Declares War On The First Amendment to ‘Combat Anti-Semitism’

GOP Congressman Introduces Bill To 'Dismantle ATF's Record Keeping' Of Gun Purchases

SCOTUS Says Domestic Spying Is Too Secret To Be Challenged in Court

Friends of The Original Constitution


Matt Gaetz Announces Resolution Dedicated To Stopping FBI HQ Funds

Group launches investigation into the woke army Joe Biden is creating throughout the federal govt.

This Has Got To Stop

Must Share : Take It Back

Four Cold Hard Facts (IMPORTANT VIDEO)


'Woke' Latina mother pulls daughter out of progressive middle school after teacher had students play 'seducing hooker' game

Ron DeSantis unveils legislation to BAN Central Bank Digital Currency in Florida,

The Whirled Today

The FBI took her life savings. Now she’s fighting to help others get theirs back.


The 80-20 Rule and Crime

LIVE Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/22/23 End Show HD [Livestream in progress Bootleg]

Fake Actor EXPOSED Infiltrating NY Trump Protest! HUMILIATED By MAGA, Called OUT And Strip Searched!

Xi And Putin TEAM UP, US Bomber CHASED Out By Russian Fighter As WW3 Fears Go From BAD To WORSE

Just get the hell away.

Spring Breakers Fight Back Against Armed Robber At Gas Station

Fox captures video of Chinese nationals being released in Texas amid migrant surge

Rand Paul Says JAIL SOROS DA For Targeting Trump, INDICTMENT MAY BE TODAY, National DONALD DAY

CDC Warns Of Dangerous Fungal Infection Spreading Through US At 'Alarming Rate'

Dad THRASHES School Board For Teacher’s Sexually Explicit Assignment. Crowd Goes Wild [Oregon]

Ron Paul

Seymour Hersh: CIA Planted Nord Stream Cover-Up Story in the Media

Trump Accuses Manhattan DA of Breaking the Law with 'Interference in a Presidential Election'

4 ways to Get Trump

‘Outrageous Abuse of Power’: Republicans Call For Investigations Into Democrats’ Expected Trump Arrest

Breaking: Preparations underway for Trump’s arrest, Secret Service debating if they’ll handcuff him…

Separate Money and the State

Time to rip up the president’s blank check for war

Ron DeSantis says backing Ukraine is not in the U.S. interest, a sign of a GOP divided

House Democrats Attack Messengers in ‘Politicization of Government’ Hearing

With the Twitter Files, Democrats Support Government Censorship of Lawful Speech

War, War, War

The US Department of Defense announced on Monday that it will send Ukraine another $350 million worth of military aid. The further supplies come as Ukraine reportedly gears up for a spring offensive, despite suffering heavy losses in Donbass. The package is the 34th tranche of military aid doled ou

Instead Of Traditional Warfare, Chinese Military Will Now Be Trained To Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Troops

A Criminal President

Ukraine - Media Start To Acknowledge Reality

Hearts and Minds

Washington Egged on by Its Neoconservatives Has Concluded That Putin Has No Stomach for War Beyond a Limited Police Action

Neocons Know The "Monetary System Is Collapsing" - Martin Armstrong Warns "War Checks All The Boxes"

Zelensky Open to Surrendering in Bakhmut

More Questions Arising About Biden’s Promise of “Endless War” in the Ukraine

War and Indifference


The Achilles’ heel of all WTC Gravity Collapse Theories

The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers

Lone Gunmen TV Episode Predicted 911. Video

In Honor of a Truth Teller

Were the 9/11 Aircraft Electronically Hijacked and Remotely Controlled?


Xavier Becerra Clueless As To The 85,000 Unaccompanied Children HHS Lost

Fox captures video of Chinese nationals being released in Texas amid migrant surge

Warning: every dollar you donate to the Red Cross is bringing America to her knees…

Fentanyl Mixed With Animal Sedatives Found 48 States, DEA Warns

Video: Biden Regime Releasing Horde of Chinese Illegal Aliens Into U.S.

16 Terrorists On FBI Watchlist Crossed Southern Border In February Alone; CBP Data Shows

Sheriff Reveals How Cartels Have Taken Over Rural California

Mexico's Rambo fighting notorious drug traffickers | 60 Minutes Australia

Illegal Border Crossings Already Increasing Since Governor Katie Hobbs Took Office 30% More Gotaways In Hobbs Second Month

"It's Too Dangerous": Texas Officials Issue Travel Warning After Latest Mexico Kidnappings



The Federal Reserve Is the Root Cause of the Banking Crisis

Money Troubles

The Cover-Up Begins

Banking Troubles on the Horizon?

SVB had NO head of 'risk assessment' for nine months before it collapsed... as woke boss for Europe, Middle East and Africa was busy organizing a month-long Pride campaign and a 'Lesbian Visibility Day' The collapsed Silicon Valley Bank had no risk assessment head for nine months

To Cover Rising Costs, Hunter Now Charging 15% For The Big Guy

Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before


Wind power makers suffer huge losses, want to abandon major project


German Dr. Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Almost Entirely Been Replaced By Spike Protein

I&M Falcon Cam captures 4 peregrine falcon eggs nestled atop building

Controversial experiments that could make bird flu more risky poised to resume

The SHOCKING BENEFITS Of Vinegar In Your DIET! | Dr. Steven Gundry

Chinese factory lamp base crimper

220’ Asteroid To Come VERY Close To, Or Hit, Earth On March 25 - JPL Has Been Withholding The Data For 2 Weeks - 'Condition Code' Is 9 Said Possible ‘Country Killer’

1946 Hudson big boy, one Absolutely stunning pick up.

Testing a UV/UVC test card

Dr. Bryan Ardis: 100 Million Wildlife In US Injected With mRNA, And It's Also In Some Vegetables

Forever chemicals in your toilet paper might give you cancer: study


Iraq War Remembrance, March 20, 2023: How the U.S. Contaminated Iraq with Depleted Uranium

Food for Thought

Lipid Nanoparticle Composition Drives mRNA Delivery to the Placenta

Still Unsolved: The Tylenol Poisonings 1982 | True Crime Documentary

Fauci & Mengele: Evil, for the Greater Good


Can We Still Trust the Doctor?

Why the Body Attacks Itself After COVID-19 Vaccination

New media hoax: Millions to starve with a pandemic benefit ending

Tom Sizemore Dead at 61


Why Are Conservatives So Stupid?

The Ugly Racism of Karl Marx

Here Are The Most Common Things Given Up For Lent In Every State

Biden Tells Residents Of East Palestine To Give Up Drinking Water For Lent

Montana lawmaker: There's a religious right to abortion

The FBI Declares Catholicism A Threat

FBI to get massive new edifice

Bombshell from grave! Pope Benedict, who is dead, unleashes on Catholics Writes Church near 'collapse,' U.S. seminaries are centers of promiscuous homosexuality, perversion

A Bogus Holiday

We’ve Been Dominated By Narrative Control Since The Dawn Of Civilization


Filling the Blank Spots in Our National History

30 Years Toward Glory – A Look Back At The Waco Tragedy

The Bankruptcy of The United States by former Congressman James Traficant, R.I.P.

America’s Buried History of White Slavery

Disastrous Waco raid 30 years ago still fuels extremism

America’s Dirtiest Secrets

First, They Came for the Confederates….

No, Slaves Didn't Build This Country

America’s Dirtiest Secrets

Origins and Oracles part 1


MSNBC Panel Says That Criticising George Soros In Any Way Is "Dangerous"

E. Michael Jones on the Jewish War In Ukraine

Israel Introduces Bill to Outlaw Teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Sentence Violators to Prison

US government bailout of Silicon Valley and banks is $300B gift to rich oligarchs

USVI Lawsuit Makes Stunning Allegation: Jamie Dimon 'Knew In 2008' That Jeffrey Epstein Was Sex Trafficker

It’s Not Just the Settlers – or Israel – Responsible for the Torching of Huwwara

Israel and Its US Lobby Dealt Major Blow by China-Saudi-Iran Peace Initiative

Qatar commits $500k to families of Huwara rampage victims

E. Michael Jones & Gemma O'Doherty: The Inevitable Collapse of the Jewish Slave System

Rep. Gaetz Resolution to Remove Troops From Syria Fails to Pass Through the House, as Majority of BOTH Parties Vote Against it


Election-Rigging from Abroad? I Am Shocked, Shocked!

Cleveland Browns Thankful To No Longer Be Largest Disaster In Ohio

The Pat Tillman Story Was Hijacked During the Super Bowl

Rookie Trans Woman Picks The One Sport Where Biological Women Actually Have An Advantage

NHL Player Says If He Wanted To Support The Gays He'd Be Playing Soccer

"Put yo Chain On, Nigga"

America Recommends Kim Jong-Un Test Nukes On Astros-Phillies World Series


You took the Mark of the Beast

Renowned painter's son convicted in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

I kinda threatened a 19 y/o boy today...


Team Biden’s charging 1,000 more with Jan. 6 crimes to perpetuate a fake political emergency

Elections Have Consequences; Stolen Elections Have Catastrophes

Interfering in Elections?

Congresswomen: Federal law enforcement agencies must be held accountable for ‘tyranny’

At CPAC, Trump Vows to End the Ukraine War in 24 Hours After Resuming His Post

Fox News Has “Soft Ban” on Donald Trump, Sources Say

Lightfoot Loss Blamed On Rampant Murderphobia

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Loses Re-Election, Comes In Third-Place

The Same Old Faux Cons

In America Democracy Is a Veil Behind Which the Oligarchy Rules

Neocon Nuttery

De Sanctimonious Political Suicide


Pious Perverts


Horrified Satan Distances Self From Grammys


Subversive “Fraternities”

Rootless cosmopolitan/Jewish lesbian purports to "report on the war" from Ukraine (my headline)

All is Vanity

SLAVENORTH: The Neighborhood Destroyed in Order to build Central Park (1 min. video)

Author! Author!

The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Retro 50s 60s

'The Five' reveals 80s, 90s trends that are making comebacks


"Bruce Gallagan", Space adventurer

Time for 4um domain name renewal

The Numbers Station - Full Movie- John Cusack, Malin Akerman, Liam Cunningham

Remaining Avengers Team Up To Battle Snow Plow

Merry Christmas Chrissy and Bill (4um's parents)

That'll teach me for trying to be nice...

At The Bakery ~ humor/truth

Leonid & Friends : Awesome Real-Music Covers & Vids - A Must Listen / Watch

Two Steps From Hell: Victory


5 Foot 9 [St. Patrick's Day Music Thread]

Blah editorial

Compilation of President Reagan's Humor from Selected Speeches, 1981-89

Anti-Christian Jewish Quotes (Need some help)

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper: Great Art Explained

Animals have a sixth sense that lets them know when danger is present.

Jay Leno Breaks Bones After Being 'Clotheslined' In Motorcycle Accident

Listen to this 10,000-strong Japanese megachoir sing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’

A Night In Casablanca (1946)

10 Popular Things From The 1970s... That We've Abandoned