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Teaching dogs to fly

The Correct Response To “Give Biden A Chance”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Crypto Crashes Overnight As Whales Move Bitcoin To Exchanges

James Corbett: What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

Watch: Edward Snowden Opines On Censorship, Biden, And At-Risk Press Freedoms

U.S. Officially Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty Due To Russian Violations, Trump Administration Says

Russia Mass-Arrests Jehovah’s Witness CIA Cultists!

Rickards: Here Comes the New Recession

‘Zombie mink rise to exact revenge’: Hordes of dead ‘corona’ animals in Denmark resurface from grave after mass cull

Dominion Patents Went To Chinese bank in 2019! They Had Full Access!!!

National News

President Trump, Release the JFK Files

Twitter BANS Pennsylvania Senator Who Organized Election Integrity Hearing

SCOTUS Strikes Down Cuomo's Draconian Restrictions On Religious Services In New York

"The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means": Sidney Powell "Releases Kraken" With Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, Georgia

NYC Mayor de Blasio fines synagogue $15K for massive secret wedding, says house of worship will be closed down if there’s ‘any further illegal activity’

PA Senator – “We Will Take Our State Back!!”

Joe diGenova – We Will Win

SHAPIRO: Biden’s Supposed ‘Return To Normalcy’ Would Be Garbage


HUGE! PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems — It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers


Victor Davis Hanson: If Trump Is Playing Politics with COVID, It Doesn't Hold a Candle to What Dems Have Done

Another Mass Shooting, Just In Time.

Op-Ed: Neither the Media Nor the Electoral College Calls Races -- the GSA Does & They've Been Silent

We Will Win in the End.

The Grand Alliance, a.k.a. The Deep State

My latest Mask Foray...

A Doctrine of Americanism

An Open Letter To Joe Biden And Democrats

Trust The Plan? There is is no Plan

Opinion: We will always have to answer for how we act now.

Dead Constitution

Thanksgiving 2020

Corn Syrup vs Soy

The Failer Strategy, Part II: Sooper Sleuths and “Great Men”

Tejano Vote, Not Latino, Key to Trump’s Gains in South Texas

Biden Will Likely Be Worse Than Obama. The Left Must Lead The Backlash, Or The Right Will.

Justice Department Asserts Unreviewable Discretion to Kill US Citizens

Does the Military Defend Our First Amendment Freedoms?

James Woods in Middle of Election Mayhem: Look to the 2nd Amendment

Ben Shapiro hits AOC with history lesson after she lashes out over Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation

Chuck Schumer was red with rage after this vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett


Heroes True and False

Bill Gates Covid Vaccine Meme


Obama Attacks Jewish Money Power In New Memoir

Lin Wood: Americans Will Be “Shocked at Level of Pedophilia – Satanic Worship” From Past Admins “Occupying Oval Office For Some Periods of Years”

RIP Tom Metzger

Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel

It Is Not About Trump OR Biden

Word study: 'Discrimination and Prejudice' by Walter Williams

Rural Oregon counties vote to discuss seceding from state to join ‘Greater Idaho’


Armed Baltimore Gangs Target Delivery Drivers In Recent Wave Of Carjackings And Robberies

Peak Insanity?

Woke "MASK" Ads

Judge Jeanine: Cuomo receiving an Emmy for COVID briefings is 'lunacy'

Rock Bottom: Boulder To Be Removed After Students Complained It Is Racist

Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”

Biden Adds UC Irvine Reparations Advocate To Transition Team

Ammo Shortage Update

NYC Mayor Warns Parents To Brace For Schools To Close Again Monday: Live Updates

Black Lives Matter Leader Demands Biden Follow BLM Agenda

Ron Paul

Rand Paul says US attorney won’t probe protesters who attacked him after RNC

BLM Founders Demand Joe Biden Support A ‘Roadmap’ To Abolition Of Police, Prisons

Biden Seeking Supporters’ Donations for White House Transition

Obama’s Everywhere With Paste-Eater Hot Takes This Week

Dear Kamala: If You Truly Believe You Won, Resign Your Senate Seat Today

Black Bankers Push Biden Team to Secure Top Jobs for Minorities

Trump won, regardless of the election outcome… because Trumpism is here to stay

Biden's Plan for Refugees in America Revealed

Rep. Brian Babin to Newsmax TV: Trump Can Still Win This in Court

Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks That Make up Biden’s New Foreign Policy Team

War, War, War

On War, Trump Has Largely Been an Appeaser

After Australian Report It’s Time for Serious US War Crimes Probes

The New Ruling Coalition: Opposition to Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Its Key Factions

‘Decapitations’ at DOD: ‘A Purge,’ ‘A Coup’ or Something Else?

TAC Files Lawsuit Against State Department Over Venezuelan ‘Bay of Pigs’

Trump Should Get Out of Afghanistan Before Inauguration Day

Remembering Beirut

Leftists, Never Trumpers Begin Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters

‘Psychos’ fueled by ‘blood lust,’ Australian special forces tortured and executed prisoners in Afghanistan - report

Marines of Beirut


Paul Joseph Watson: Submission

Wikispooks: Israel did 911

Hmm… America Keeps Getting Attacked By Nations It Hates In Ways Only The CIA Can See

FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

Islamists Who Did 9/11 Haven’t Gone Away Says Sister Of AA Pilot Who Hit Pentagon

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Some Biden Ads Ran on 9/11 Despite Vow to Pull Them Off Air

9/11 Was an Israeli Job

Foreign Interventionism, 9/11, and the Perpetual War on Terrorism

Israel Did 911 And Israel Killed JFK


Watch–Joe Biden: Amnesty for Over 11 Million Illegal Aliens Going to Senate in My First 100 Days

Portland gets its wish

Mexico Pays US Fines Collected from People Trying To Break Through Border Fence

Trump considers targeting birthright citizenship with executive order in his last weeks in office, report says

Border Patrol Reports Surge In Illegal Immigration Since Election

New International Student Enrollment Falls 43% In US

Border Patrol Stops Illicit Cargo Worth Over $4 Million from Crossing Into US

Mexican journalist exposes Joe Biden for signing compact that created influx of child trafficking, immigrant children in cages

Former Malaysian PM: "Muslims Have A Right To Be Angry And Kill Millions Of French People"

40% of all Welfare Claimants in Germany are Nonwhite Invader “Refugees”


The ENDGAME Is Here - Mike Maloney & George Gammon (Part 2)

Mike Maloney (The Great Reset End Game, Inflation, Deflation, US Dollar, Bitcoin, Gold)

I Told You This Would Happen: White Americans Are On the Road to Dispossession

EXCLUSIVE: It’s Happening! FED Restructure Activated! In Trump’s Crosshairs! | GUEST: Peter Schiff

Gun Cleaning Kits for Shotguns

Is Price Inflation Guaranteed Now? These Two Charts Say Yes

There's No Vaccine for the Coming Banking Crisis...Except Gold & Silver

The Church of COVID

Election Aftermath: How Our Economy Will Survive - Steve Forbes | What's Ahead | Forbes

REVEALED: Secret Deal Between Mark Zuckerberg and Hunter Biden Discovered In Emails


Hybrid cars emit way more pollution than advertised

Are Temperatures And Ocean Levels Rising Dangerously? Not Really.

The Godding of Dullards, the Death of Math and the Fall of America’s Premier High School

Throwing Cats in Space

Google Earth user spots dome-covered cave in Antarctica, sparking alien theories

The Crisis Wrecking Modern Science

Three 30m asteroids headed this way, but ‘planet-killer’ Bennu may be hollow & spinning itself to DEATH

Under attack: The owner of a house struck five times by meteorites fears aliens are targeting him

Hello Winter My Cold Friend

Who Owns Life? Canadian Farmer Sued by Monsanto


What The COVID Vaccine Hype Fails To Mention

Doctors Warn Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine "Won't Be A Walk In The Park"

Apple juice tests positive for Covid-19 using rapid tests in Poland

California Sheriffs Buck Gov. Newsom’s Latest Lockdown: ‘We Will Not’ Actively Enforce It

Why You Must Never Throw Away Sprouted Garlic

Better Than Fish Oil, See What Happens To Your Body When You Take Krill Oil Everyday

Artificial Sweetener Used in More Than 6,000 Products Linked to Host of Serious Health Problems

Common Antioxidant Enzyme May Provide Potential Treatment for COVID-19

Don’t Call the Cops. Especially if Your Loved Ones Are Old, Disabled or Have Special Needs

5 Best Foods High in Collagen (and Your Plan to Boost Collagen Levels)


Hezbollah the Beautiful

Biden’s Picked Eight Major Administration Members Already – Five Are Jewish (62.5% Jewish)

Is Our Workforce Overqualified?

Election Prophecy Alert! NEW Evidence Revealed!


Humanity Has Trolled Itself Into An Awaken-Or-Die Situation

Chris Hedges: The Politics of Cultural Despair

Jon Voight: The Left Is Deceitful, Ask God To 'Rid This Horror' from America

Pastor of Church Targeted by California Has a Powerful Message for Believers

Godless Vandals Decapitate Jesus in El Paso


What If The Whole Of Modern American History You Know Is Wrong? And What Of COVID-19?

B-17 The Bloody 100th Bomb Group - Firestorm in Dresden / Documentary

Nazi Leader's Daring Escape to Spain 1945 (Leon Degrelle)


Wings of the Red Star - "Duel Over Korea" (MiG-15 vs F-86)

Teutoburg Forest 9 AD - Roman-Germanic Wars DOCUMENTARY

The Boy Who Became a World War II Veteran at 13 Years Old

D-Day - British Bloodbath at Caen

Stille Hilfe - The Organisation to Help Remaining National Socialists

Top Nazis "Everyday" Voices


Next Month in Jerusalem!

Canadian Court Forbids Dissident Arthur Topham From Uttering The Word ‘Jew’ For The Next 3 Years

Word study per CFT: Public Isn’t Buying ‘Antisemitism’ So Jewry Tries Re-branding It As ‘Anti-Jewish Racism’

US Allows Convicted Spy Pollard To Move To Israel

Bishops Of Austria: Submitting To Potentially Dangerous COVID Vaccines A ‘Christian Responsibility’

The real smoking gun: "Jewish Press Explains Why There Just So Happens To Be So Many ‘Jews Behind The Coronavirus Vaccine’"

Obama Attacks Jewish Money Power In New Memoir

Usurper Biden Appoints Violent Neocon Jew as Theoretical Secretary of State

Ernie Educates Bert on Who Really was Responsible for 9-11

Jews Make Their First Moves Against Parler


Girls going Ga Ga over Chase Elliott

Bulk Ammo For Sale

The Trump Review

NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Caught on Video Helping Complete Stranger in the Rain

Cubs News: Thanks, Jon Lester for all the memories

Kevin MacDonald: Why It’s Important for Trump to Win

UFC Champ Jorge Masvidal Delivers Warning to Latino Voters about Joe Biden

NBA Ratings Collapse Continues as Closing Game Gets Trounced by '60 Minutes'

Sports Journo FIRED After Calling Republican Tim Scott “Uncle Tom”

The Tragic Death of Chicago Bears Legend Walter Payton


Proof that Trump Has Been Draining The Swamp and a Whole More

Call To Action

Judge Joe Brown Exposes Trust Fund Obama

Contact Info For Supreme Court

Terrance loves his President

Biden - I will end the Muslim Ban on Day One

The Eight Stages of Genocide


Sidney Powell released the Kraken in Georgia

Big Tech Gave “6 Million Votes” to Biden! 3365

Donald Trump: GSA Does Not Determine Next President

'Extraordinarily Impressive': Dr. Fauci Rips Dem Narrative on Vaccines, Sticks Up for Trump Admin


The capitulation conservatives

Truth is Slowly Being Revealed

Trump Team Makes Surprise Demand in GA Just a Day After State Certifies Election Results

Twitter To Lock Trump Administration Out of Government Accounts, Sets a Jan. 20 Deadline

Dare we hope?

Neocon Nuttery

Election Data Shows Millions of Votes Were Switched, 3343

George W. Bush emerges to comment on presidential 'results'

Only Full Transparency Will Save The CIA And FBI Now

Multiple boats sink during Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis

Pious Perverts

Want herd immunity? Pay people to take the vaccine

All is Vanity

1:14 / 2:23 It's Halloween - The Shaggs

Reagan tells Soviet jokes

Healthy living is bad for you

Damning evidence against Cardinal George Pell | 60 Minutes Australia

Author! Author!

Bill D Berger Endorses Donald J. Trump for Re-election as President of The United States

Investing in Wall Street

Retro 50s 60s

My Life


Casablanca 2020

Billionaire Bill Gross accused of blaring 'Gilligan's Island' theme song on loop at his neighbor

Laurel & Hardy - This Is Your Life (12.01.1954) (Laurel & Hardy) FOR 65 YEARS

Bobby Kennedy’s son names ‘real killer’ 50 years after US politician's horror shooting

Why HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL star "PALADIN" dressed the way he did for the show!

T-54 Tank Heist - Stealing Soviet Secrets

When Britain Nuked America....Twice!

The Dirty Dozen (1967) 720p


ABBA - Dancing Queen

Let Her Cry

KFC icon Colonel Sanders gets a clean shave

This guy lives next to a golf course and when people hit balls into his yard he lies down next to them and acts like he's unconscious

Women Know Things That Men Don't.

What Esso's life could've been...

Building a House out of Lego

The Monster Covid Mask Mash


Robocop (1987)

Secret Service Agents Rescue the President Playing Golf

Southern Comfort

Massive "12ga. from Hell" slug - We test it!

Cincinnati Christmas Tree is Ultimate Symbol of 2020

Sex robots: An answer for aging, lonely Americans in the age of AI?

Tracy Lawrence - If The Good Die Young (Official Music Video)

Cowboy Sloppy Joes | How to Make the Best Sloppy Joes

Danny MacAskill - Cascadia

Justin Wilson Oysters and Crabs