World News

Clintons Accepted Up To $100,000 From Hunter Biden’s Chinese Energy Firm

Glenn Greenwald & Tucker Carlson On Questions That Must Be Asked Of Joe Biden About Hunter Scandal

Biden Whistleblower Emails: Chinese Energy Company Gave $5 Million Non-Secured, Forgivable Loan to Biden ‘Family’

Another institution is sad decline

A calm, masterful Donald Trump made mincemeat of Joe Biden

Russia and the EU: “Business as Usual” Is Over

Russian Destroyers Are Escorting Iranian Tankers In Mediterranean Amid US-UK Threats

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

Finnish PM Sanna Marin poses in a blazer with nothing underneath

Detainment camps being built coast to coast in Canada to detain “broad spectrum” of people

National News

Report: Hunter Biden Story Was Most Read On Social Media Despite Attempts To Kill It

Mark dice Youtube page deleted from Google search results

Twitter Censors Detroit News After Editorial Board Endorses Republican Senate Candidate

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Counties Can't Reject Mail-In Ballots When Signatures Don't Match

Value Investing Legend Sees Bubble "Like No Other" Bursting In "Weeks Or Months"

Summer Riots In Minneapolis Have Resulted In "A Lot Of Silent Trump Support"

San Francisco Tech CEO Emails 10 Million Customers Urging Them To Vote For Biden

Yellowstone treasure hunter indicted for damage to park

San Francisco plans more homeless tent cities – in 20 school playgrounds and in city parks!

Maine Voter: “I Went In Leaning Toward Joe Biden, I'm Really Leaning Toward Donald Trump Right Now”


A Nation Cannot Live on Basketball & Rape Alone

Columbus Day / Since You Lie / We Won't Comply

Op-Ed: If Babies Have Other Rights Before Birth, Why Don't They Have the Right to Life?

Let’s face it, US politics is just a showy soap opera laced with enough nepotism and corruption to make a banana republic blush

It had something to do with helicopters...

Op-Ed: If Biden Let Trump 'Bully' Him, What Will Happen if Biden Faces Putin, Kim Jong Un or Others?

“Fahrenheit 451” Predicted People Would Demand Tyranny

Covid trade-offs

Victor Davis Hanson: Trump's Achievements Would Be 'Canonized' if the Obama Administration Had Done Them

No Unilateral Disarmament: Senate Republicans Must Replace RBG Before Nov. 3rd Election

Dead Constitution

Trump administration plan to label human rights groups 'antisemitic' provokes outrage

About Two Years …

Sorry: America’s courts are supposed to frustrate the majority will

Big Tech’s End-Run Around the First Amendment

ATF Reversal Immediately Puts Millions of Gun Owners in Danger of Prison Time

46 seconds of WTF?

Another Phony Conservative Judge Nominated To The Supreme Court

Barrett to Senators: Courts Are Not Designed To 'Solve Every Problem or Right Every Wrong'

Wise as Serpents

Betting Market EERILY Similar To 2016, Major Poll Shows Why Trump Might Actually Win


Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You

McEnany is Banned from Twitter for Being Conservative

STOP THE PRESSES SC family working to get COVID-19 removed from their mother's death certificate

The Week That Perished

Van Morrison's new political song Born to be Free

‘We Don’t Think He Did Anything Wrong’: Gun Rights Group Details Why They Think The Rittenhouse Shooting Was ‘Self Defense’

Red Alert: A Revolution in Progress in the USA

Tom Woods rips Covid superstitions to shreds (VIDEO)

Police: Would-Be Carjacker Ends Up Covered in Gasoline, Staring Down Barrel of a Gun

A Storied Female Warlord Surrenders, Taliban Say, Exposing Afghan Weakness


San Francisco Board Passes ‘CAREN Act’ to Punish ‘Entitled White Women’ Who Call 911 On Non-Whites

Woke SJW CRINGE Compilation

Democrat-Run Chicago Broke As Mayor Mulls Tax Hikes & Layoffs To Plug $1.2BN Budget Gap

Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F.

Only in America Could A Black Man Ascend To The Position of First Lady and Continue to Claim Americans Are Racist Bigots

16 years ahead of their time

Savannah Guthrie Interrupts Trump 61 Times

NBA Finals Game 6 Saw Ratings Crash 66% Despite Being Season Finale

The War on Whites

Elementary School Kids Taught That "Objectivity" & "Perfectionism" Are Racist Traits Of "White Supremacy"

Ron Paul

Waco Whitewash King Vindicates Presidential Debate Commission

Was Bill Barr Paid by The Establishment to Protect Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and a Passel of Obama Regime DOJ, FBI, and CIA officials from Russiagate indictments?

Police: Biden Supporter Arrested for Shooting at Trump Supporters in Pick-Up Truck

DOJ Slams Google With Lawsuit

Tom Cotton is already laying the groundwork in New Hampshire for a 2024 presidential run

Obama’s Physician Admits Biden isn’t “Mentally Capable”

American Gothic Horror

Internet Resources Become Weaponized

Hunter Biden Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is His Dad

Vindictive Behar Tries To Dox Unlikely Star from Trump Town Hall: 'Let's Make Her Famous'

War, War, War

Marines of Beirut

Taliban: US Violating Signed Peace Deal With Recent Airstrikes in Afghanistan

Trump Makes An Explicit Pitch to Anti-War Libertarians

Trump: All US Troops in Afghanistan Should Be ‘Home by Christmas’

DHS Gives Millions in Grant Money for Far-Left Organizations to Demonize Trump Supporters as White Supremacists

David Swanson on "Leaving WW2 Behind"

Literally: “We Have to Continue the War in Afghanistan Because of Women’s Rights”

Why these four star generals can’t lecture us about morality and truth

America Has Always Run on Terror

Tens Of Millions Of People Displaced By The ‘War On Terror’, The Greatest Scam Ever Invented


FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

Islamists Who Did 9/11 Haven’t Gone Away Says Sister Of AA Pilot Who Hit Pentagon

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Some Biden Ads Ran on 9/11 Despite Vow to Pull Them Off Air

9/11 Was an Israeli Job

Foreign Interventionism, 9/11, and the Perpetual War on Terrorism

Israel Did 911 And Israel Killed JFK

Covid-19 or Covid-9-11?

THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED -- Richard Gage & Matt Campbell

Journal of 9/11 Studies 47 August 2006/Volume 2 118 Witnesses: The Firefighters’ Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers


Stumper: Should Trump Mention His Most Popular Issue?

L.A. County Transfers up to $14 Million from Cops to Illegal Migrants

STUNNING! Far Left Activists Running the CDC Wanted to Keep Borders OPEN During Coronavirus Pandemic

ICE To Initiate Enforcement Action In Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Facebook Censors Woman's Video of 'Foreign' Male Assaulting Her on French Train

HUGE! Hispanic Voters at Telemundo Say President Trump OVERWHELMINGLY Won Debate

Colorado Encourages Dead People, Non-Citizens To Vote

Zionist Jews brag about Muslim invasion of Europe

VICTORY: 9th Circuit Court Gives Trump Green Light to Deport 300,000 Illegal Immigrants

122 Illegals Taken Down in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Montana During ICE Operation


Why financial criminals use real estate to launder money 15 comments

Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a liar and here’s the proof

Jared Kushner is a liability. my title.

How Does Gold Perform In 2021's CRACK UP BOOM?

Ted Butler: Squeezing Out the Silver Shorts

How Long Until the New Monetary System? Will It Be Gold?

How Long Until the New Monetary System? Will It Be Gold?

Never Pay Collections Or Charge Offs

Get Prepared for a New System Based on Gold & Silver

The Biggest Central Bank Power Grab in History


The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

Affordable US made AK-103!

EASIEST Off Grid Solar Power System Battery Bank

CHEVY Invisible Trailer

“But I Spoke With My Virologist Friend and He Said…”

Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50

Perovskites could transform solar power

The Pentagon’s AI ‘ghost fleet’ is more than just scary — it’s unwise

The Fake Coronavirus and the Missing Study: The Secret in Plain Sight

Renault's Backwards Car


Covid-19 study on mask-wearing efficacy rejected by journals as no one is ‘brave’ enough to publish results – Danish researchers

Are Eggs Good for You?

How to ACCELERATE Toxin Removal by Stimulating Your Liver with These Commonly Ignored Herbs

Britons like the late Peter King are being sentenced to slow, agonising deaths ... by No 10's panic squad,

Revisiting Hydroxychloroquine

Top Doctors Are Warning Anyone Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately Here’s Why…

Doctors Will Never Tell You This Here’s How To Cure Your Thyroid Gland With Just One Ingredient!

Lockdown Artist and Most Famous Liar Anthony Fauci Says He’s Not Going to Do a National Lockdown Yet

This Oil Can Destroy 93% Of Colon Cancer Cells In Only 2 Days

Trump’s COVID advisor: Lockdown architects ‘should be held accountable’


Chris Hedges: The Politics of Cultural Despair

Jon Voight: The Left Is Deceitful, Ask God To 'Rid This Horror' from America

Pastor of Church Targeted by California Has a Powerful Message for Believers

Godless Vandals Decapitate Jesus in El Paso

Federal Government Files Suit After Kroger Allegedly Fires 2 Women Who Refused To Wear LGBT-Linked Symbol

Now Priests Are Starting to Come Out Against the Covid Scam


BLM Benediction? Priest Leads Catholics through Mass with World’s Wokest Prayer

Ilhan Omar Demands Apology From MSNBC's Joy Reid Over "Islamophobic Comments"

'Lucky' Chinese phone number fetches $300,000 at online auction


The Floating Harbors of D-Day

Red Redux?

The Revolutionary War: Animated Battle Map

Edward I Documentary - Biography of the life of Edward Longshanks

Hitler's Last Deadly Secret - U 864

Lorrie Morgan - Watch Me

The Other Goebbels - The Story of Dr. Goebbels' Brother

"Gestapo" Müller - Hunting Hitler's Secret Police Chief

Shootout!: Battle of the Bulge - Full Episode (S2, E2) | History

The Battle of Midway: Hiryu's Counterstrike (2/3)


Ron Perelman's Asset Firesale Continues As He Lists $106 Million Superyacht For Sale

Kamala Harris: “220 Million Americans Died” From COVID (SHORT VIDEO)

Brasscheck: meet the EIS -- the CDC's own CIA

Jews Honor Dwight Eisenhower With Memorial For His Help Promoting Their ‘Holocaust’ Narrative

Woke Putin: “Re-writing History of the Holocaust is Immoral”

Obama and His Family Tied to CIA for Years

jewish Commentator Jeffrey Toobin Suspended from The New Yorker After Masturbating on Staff Zoom Call

Refresher course: PJW's 'Creepy Uncle Joe' master compilation

Jewish Organization Admits To Role Censoring Donald Trump and Conservatives On Facebook and Twitter; Promises More

Israeli Arms Trade, the Lobby and the Meaning of Chosenness


Kevin MacDonald: Why It’s Important for Trump to Win

UFC Champ Jorge Masvidal Delivers Warning to Latino Voters about Joe Biden

NBA Ratings Collapse Continues as Closing Game Gets Trounced by '60 Minutes'

Sports Journo FIRED After Calling Republican Tim Scott “Uncle Tom”

The Tragic Death of Chicago Bears Legend Walter Payton


Will the Chicago Bears Dishonor Soldier Field?

Socially-Distanced German Soccer Team Gets Thrashed 37-0 (not satire)

Popular Hispanic NFL Announcer Out of a Job Over His Support for Trump

Reporter Claims Decision To Play Football Marks Big Ten's 'Darkest Day'- Did She Forget These Sex Crime Scandals?


Terrance loves his President

Biden - I will end the Muslim Ban on Day One

The Eight Stages of Genocide


Why It’s Important for Trump to Win

Viral Liberal Meltdowns

Klavan: The Great Derangement

Lindsey Graham’s opponent Jaime Harrison taught ‘lobbying school’ in Islamist Turkey

Warnings in Michigan, Minnesota over guns at polling places on Election Day

Joe Biden Walks Away From Press When Reporter Asks Question He Doesn't Want To Hear

Boilermakers union leader blasts Biden for claiming union endorsed him: 'That is not true'

Biden Calls Another Lid, But This Time He's Staying Hidden Until the Final Debate

Pollster Who Called Trump Win In 2016 is Back With 2020 Call And Issues a Big Red Flag in Pennsylvania

Obama Headed to Philadephia, and the Reason Is in the Numbers — Bad Numbers for Joe Biden

Neocon Nuttery

Only Full Transparency Will Save The CIA And FBI Now

Multiple boats sink during Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis

Pious Perverts

Want herd immunity? Pay people to take the vaccine

All is Vanity

Reagan tells Soviet jokes

Healthy living is bad for you

Damning evidence against Cardinal George Pell | 60 Minutes Australia

Don't recycle

Author! Author!

Bill D Berger Endorses Donald J. Trump for Re-election as President of The United States

Investing in Wall Street

Retro 50s 60s

Laurel & Hardy - This Is Your Life (12.01.1954) (Laurel & Hardy) FOR 65 YEARS

Bobby Kennedy’s son names ‘real killer’ 50 years after US politician's horror shooting

Why HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL star "PALADIN" dressed the way he did for the show!

T-54 Tank Heist - Stealing Soviet Secrets

When Britain Nuked America....Twice!

The Dirty Dozen (1967) 720p

Snatch a Sabre! The 1951 Soviet Operation to Steal America's Latest Fighter

JFK in Trauma Room One: The Missing Piece: Last Moments Before Death

The Second Korean War: A Forgotten Conflict 1966 - 1969

Lynyrd Skynyrd The Last Stop - An Emma Harrington Documentary


This guy lives next to a golf course and when people hit balls into his yard he lies down next to them and acts like he's unconscious

Women Know Things That Men Don't.

What Esso's life could've been...

Building a House out of Lego

The Monster Covid Mask Mash

If you laugh you lose BIGLY

Dead Cat Receives Voter Registration Form by Mail; Would Have Voted ‘DemoCAT,’ Owner Says

'Giddy Up, Chicago': Mayor Lightfoot Makes Utterly Odd Move, Deploys 'Census Cowboy' to Streets

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping


A Key & Peele Biography of Barack Obama

Chicken Fried Steak with Kent Rollins

Scotch Egg Recipe - Deep Fried Easy Egg Recipe

The Tricks to Crispy Hash Browns

Hitler Answers Roosevelt - The German Leader’s Reply to the American President’s Public Challenge

Cinema Modeoff Suzy Bogguss - Someday Soon (live)


Top 10 Images Of Invisible Things

The Terminator

Serb Hillbillies, Sandra Afrika and Alexander the Great