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I'll never be fond of the Romans, but they do bring other things with them than slave traders, tax farmers, and sadistic games. Peace, prosperity, a widened world -- those don't last, but when the tide ebbs it leaves behind, scattered through the wreckage, books, technologies, faiths, ideas, memories of what once was, stuff for later generations to salvage and treasure and build with again. And among the memories is that there was, for a while, a life not given over entirely to naked survival.
-- Manse Everard, Time Patrol, Unattached

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor.
He who has mingled in the fray of duty
that the brave endure, must have made foes.
If you have none, small is the work that you have done.
You've hit no traitor on the hip.
You've dashed no cup from perjured lip.
You've never turned the wrong to right.
You've been a coward in the fight.

-- Charles Mackay

Here's freedom to him who would read.
Here's freedom to him who would write.
There's none ever feared
that the truth should be heard,
But they whom the truth would indite.

-- Robert Burns

EW: All Harry did on the film was carry the film from my cutting room up to Stanley Kramer’s house. That’s his entire contribution. That is all he did.

EI: Really!

EW: What happened is…he knew I had been the editor on the film. With no help at all. Kramer had moved to Columbia and was left with "High Noon" at Motion Picture Center. Harry had a contract with Kramer as the head of his editorial department. Part of his contract was that every film Kramer made, he would get screen credit. I went to the Academy to protest in this case, because he had nothing to do with it. But he walked up and shared the Academy Award. But the Academy said that anyone who gets screen credit, as far as they were concerned was eligible. They admitted that there are a lot of people in the industry who get Academy Awards who have nothing to do with the films. Probably the biggest demonstration of that is Cedric Gibbons. He was the head of the art department at MGM. This was in the days when MGM was making all of the best pictures. Gibbons used to get screen credit. When I left Hollywood he had about sixteen Oscars, just because he was the head of the art department. But, that’s the way things are.

Time Magazine, Monday, Jun. 10, 1946

OUR OWN KIND (304 pp.)—Edward McSorley—Harper ($2.50).

Harper is advertising 44-year-old Edward McSorley's first novel as another Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The publisher is being very optimistic about it. McSorley's kind of people are like Betty Smith's, but perhaps only Betty Smith can make a Tree.

Author McSorley tells how a broth of a boy grows in Providence, where an Irish Catholic apparently can live and scarcely ever hear of Protestants. The boy's chief experiences involve neighborhood toughs, his jolly dollop of a grandfather, and his dog, an old party who dies under a cloud (after biting a neighbor's daughter). All concerned murder the king's English, but in a grand, Gaelic manner.

McSorley's "own kind," the Irish, and Hollywood, which is currently underwriting a Celtic Renaissance, will probably lap it up.

"The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities." --Joseph Sobran
"Is there another hatred that might be called 'the liberalism of fools'? The progressivism of fools? The libertarianism of fools? If anti-semitism is, in an important aspect, a rage against the machine, against progress, is there an opposite rage: a rage against reaction, a fury at the recalcitrance of the concrete and the stubbornness of tradition? A rage against what is sacred and refuses to be profaned, against what is solid and doesn't melt into air, against ways of life that resist commodification, against use-value that refuses to become exchange-value? And might that rage too need a fantasy object?"
-- Ken MacLeod
[An] advocate, in the discharge of his duty, knows but one person in all the world, and that person is his client. To save that client by all means and expedients, and at all hazards and costs to other persons, and, amongst them, to himself, is his first and only duty; and in performing this duty he must not regard the alarm, the torments, the destruction which he may bring upon others. Separating the duty of a patriot from that of an advocate, he must go on reckless of the consequences, though it should be his unhappy fate to involve his country in confusion.
The bitter feeling against them in Rumania is not so much due to religious fanaticism as to the fear that if given political and other rights they will gradually possess themselves of the whole soil. In many towns in northern Moldavia the Jews are in a majority, and their total numbers in Rumania are about 300,000, i.e. about one-twentieth of the entire population, a larger ratio than exists in any other country in the world. In many places they have the monopoly of the wine and spirit shops, and retail trade generally; and as they are always willing to advance money on usury, and are more intelligent and better educated than the ordinary peasant, there is little doubt that in a country where the large landowners are proverbially extravagant, and the peasant proprietors needy, the soil would soon fall into the hands of the Jews were it not for the stringent laws which prevent them from owning land outside the towns.
-- Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1911
Centuries of alien domination have left their mark upon the character and appearance of the Andalusians, a mixed race, who contrast strongly with the true Spaniards and possess many oriental traits. It is impossible to estimate the influence of the elder conquerors, Greek, Carthaginian and Roman; but there are clear traces of Moorish blood, with a less well-defined Jewish and gipsy strain. The men are tall, handsome and well-made, and the women are among the most beautiful in Spain; while the dark complexion and hair of both sexes, and their peculiar dialect of Spanish, so distasteful to pure Castilians, are indisputable evidence of Moorish descent. Their music, dances and. many customs, come from the East. In general, the people are lively, good-humoured and ready-witted, fond of pleasure, lazy and extremely superstitious. In the literature and drama of his country, the Andalusian is traditionally represented as the Gascon of Spain, ever boastful and mercurial; or else as a picaresque hero, bull-fighter, brigand or smuggler. Andalusia is still famous for its bull-fighters; and every outlying hamlet has its legends of highwaymen and contraband.
-- Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1911
We should realize that a city is better off with bad laws, so long as they remain fixed, then with good laws that are constantly being altered, that the lack of learning combined with sound common sense is more helpful than the kind of cleverness that gets out of hand, and that as a general rule, states are better governed by the man in the street than by intellectuals. These are the sort of people who want to appear wiser than the laws, who want to get their own way in every general discussion, because they feel that they cannot show off their intelligence in matters of greater importance, and who, as a result, very often bring ruin on their country.
-- Cleon, Thucydides, III, 37 translation by Rex Warner
Folks this life is tough
We both suffer such abuses
Girls phoning day and night
I've run out of excuses
We're not braggin' we're complainin'
And don't think this is treason
We know we're not good-looking
Our proboscis's are the reason

Who's got all the charm?
Duranty and Hope
Who's got all the poisonality?
Hope and Duranty
Who's got all the savoirfaire?
Duranty and Hope
Who's got all the money?
Crosby and --

Honest this is not just a lotta noise
We wish there were something we could do for other boys

No wonder fellas in this town
Walk around with a great big frown
They're jealous of the boys with the proboscis
They beg for dates with all the chicks
But we have to beat 'em off with sticks
No one like da boys with the proboscis

Our secret is variety, that's what we've found
My nose turns up --
-- and my nose turns down

(We got an awful problem; every time we get too close we lock bumpers.)

You'd think this life would make us smile
But it gets boring after a while
Don't blame us if we sit around and mope
Now analyze our assets
From our profile to our chassis
I've got so much more than Gregory --
I've got so much more than Lassie

So if you've got a sweetie and you plan to elope
Beware of the boys of the proboscis!

Aww Jim my nose has never been a handicap when it comes to the girls. Why one night I once when out with five girls.

So what? One night I once went out wit' ten girls.

Hmm. Well on my dresser I've got pictures of twenty beautiful girls.

On my dresser I've got pictures of forty beautiful girls.

Uh huh. Well I've been proposed to by 50 girls.

But I've been proposed to by a hundred girls. Well?

Oh no you don't. This time you go first.

So if you've got a sweetie and you plan to elope
Beware of the boys with the proboscis!

"Yes there are a lot of African Blacks in China. I live in GuangZhou and in my complex (over 100 buildings) about 3-5% are blacks. It is quite interesting to watch them. They harass the young Chinese girls; on hot days smell bad; about 60% of the time Chinese will not ride in elevator with them; they are much ruder than Chinese; if the cops are called or there are drugs blacks are involved; many are Muslims; Chinese as a general rule do not like them; it is very rare to see Chinese woman with African man; their woman for the most part are severely overweight; they walk with the typical African swagger. Many speak Mandarin well. After several hundred years in America a black person is STILL like an African Black. THAT was most astonishing. Every white American should observe the best and the bright from Africa, THEN they would understand that their is no assimilation. Dressing up an African,Chinese, or any other race in Western clothing does not mean they have assimilated or even UNDERSTAND Western-White Culture. It is the same as putting clothes on a monkey and thinking he is cute little child. The monkey is still a monkey.

It is also of interest that the Africans, Chinese and all other Asians I have met are VERY aware of their race and proud of even their failures. Only the White Man is ashamed of his race and full of self-hatred and shame. Only the White Man has abandoned his racial identity. It is so funny to watch the expats from the West. They are clueless when they first arrive, then notice something is different, then after about six months notice that they are white and they are the only ones that are NOT aware of their race and racial heritage. The Globalist being the exception as he hates all races, all cultures and seeks to only exploit, destroy and rule over the weaker ones who love their race and culture. "

Negro parents, as a rule, seem disposed not only to give larger liberty to their children than they ought, but they give absolute license in too many instances. In illustration of this fact, in cities particularly, children are allowed to go from their homes in the night-time and wander the streets amid their baleful associations until nine, ten, eleven o'clock and longer. And when they return home they do so unattended. The accounts given by them as to where they have been cannot be relied upon. Further, children are not required to be respectful to their elders of either sex. This condition does not obtain alone among children of ignorant and poor parentage, but absence of good manners is also often found among children and youths who have had fair common and high school advantages. This license has led directly and unerringly to the formation and cultivation of habits more likely to debase than elevate them. To venture criticism of parental laches or of the conduct of the young, to admonish or advise different manners and conduct from that which the inclination of the young seems to suggest, would be to run the risk of being regarded as officious or meddling, and thereby of inviting insult.
-- Negro John Henry Smyth, ex-U.S. Minister Resident and Consul-General to Liberia, 1902

"If you thought genocide was left behind in the 20th century, be apprised that today genocide [of whites] has a home in the educational system." -- Paul Craig Roberts, Harvard Hates the White Race?

...Both methods yielded similar results, which support the previous findings; that is, of all modern human samples, sub-Saharan Africans again exhibit the closest phenetic similarity to various African Plio-Pleistocene hominins...
Ancient teeth and modern human origins: An expanded comparison of African Plio-Pleistocene and recent world dental samples, Journal of Human Evolution Volume 45, Issue 2, August 2003, Pages 113-144