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Howdy There,Welcome to my home page on freedom4um. I rarely come here so if you have found yourself here please mind the cyberspace where you found it and let me know if you need to barrow a cup of HTML. I am a cis white male and fuck you if you have a problem with that. My Privilege is no different than yours. I can give up or I can move forward. The choice is mine. Your choice is yours. The only control in life we have is over our own lives .We are the masters of our own lives. Even when the world shits on us or showers us in gold we control how we will react . ITS REALLY ALL THE LMITED CONTROL WE HAVE. I run a YouTube channel. "Russell" Find t on YouTube by Looking for "the internet is serious business" plus my name. I have a twitter under titorite... and as my ex knows, searching titorite reveals my digital footprint. I do have objections with people that believe in supremacy. Certain religions that think God singled them out to rule the world at the expense of everyone that is not them. Organizations that think skin color prevails. Groups that believe whats between your legs makes your superior or inferior..... This is all bullshit because their is always a bigger fish, a worse fail, an exception to the rule. While stereotypes exist for stereotypical reasons, Humanity is vast and even one individual can change the whole entire world. Long and short TL;DR Russell AKA titorite 38MNY ALSO VERY BIG SUPPORTER OF 1st AMENDMENT AUDITS