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Azerbaijani soldiers execute Armenian prisoners in the Karabagh conflict zone.
Post Date: 2022-10-02 13:11:31 by Horse
Poster Comment:Armenia is an ally of Russia and India. Azerbaijan is an ally of the US, Turkey and Israe. Attacks on Armenia originate from an Israeli base.

Who is controlling Joe Biden? Tulsi Gabbard pulls back the curtain!
Post Date: 2022-10-02 13:08:30 by Horse

"2023 Will Be Year From Hell" -
Post Date: 2022-10-02 13:04:33 by Horse
Martin Armstrong Warns Europe 'Could Suck The Rest Of The World Down The Tubes' "In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab's 'Great Reset.'..." Poster Comment:There are one quadrillion dollars in derivatives floating around.

Gas Starts Flowing To Poland Via New Baltic Pipe From Norway
Post Date: 2022-10-02 13:01:57 by Horse
“Promises made over six years ago have been kept,” Poster Comment:Nord Stream 1 and 2 were blown up after this Norway pipeline was completed.

Our Emperor Has No Brain
Post Date: 2022-10-02 11:24:16 by Esso
Biden must know he’s losing his mind Staying in office is clearly more important than doing the right thing and resigning... I normally feel great sympathy for any person battling the terrible disease of dementia. However, in the case of President Biden, who the whole world knows is battling this affliction, the sentiment I feel is closer to disgust. The reason my normal empathy is lacking is that President Biden himself must know he has this condition … and he won’t acknowledge this and do what’s best for the country and resign. Not only does Present Biden know this so too does his wife and children. So too does every person who works in the White House. Indeed, it ...

Globalist Bill Gates Warns Political Polarization Could Bring Civil War: May Bring It All To An End
Post Date: 2022-10-02 11:05:37 by Horse
Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned that political polarization in America could lead to civil war and “bring it all to an end.” Gates’ comments came while speaking at this year’s Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy. The basis for his argument includes future election controversies. “I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end, we’re going to have a hung election and a civil war,” he predicted. Gates also suggested that conspiracy theories involving vaccines and misinformation and his own role in their distribution are a contributing factor to the animosity felt across the country.

We Are In A Depression
Post Date: 2022-10-02 11:00:32 by Horse
Disney is laying off 28,000 workers. American Airlines and United Airlines plan to cut 31,000 workers. Last week's disappointing unemployment report shows that we have a long way to go. Perhaps a lot longer than we think. I’m going to quote at length from my friend David Rosenberg, who I believe is absolutely spot on: "You tally up these sectors and before the crisis, they supported 32 million jobs, or about a third of the private sector workforce, and it looks to me as though half of them are not going back to their old jobs. "And I’m not sure many people understand that amusement parks, airlines, hoteliers and restaurants cannot stay in business at 50% capacity ...

Court orders production of Seth Rich laptop
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:49:00 by Ada
Today, a federal judge ordered the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop.” Click for Full Text!

Typical mortgage payments soar $337 in just SIX WEEKS
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:46:00 by Horse
As interest rates near 7%: Homes are lingering on the market - forcing desperate sellers to lower asking prices at pace with 2015 The average US homeowner saw their monthly mortgage payment rise by 15 percent or $337, according to a shocking new report from Redfin. The report goes on to say that the rising mortgage rates of around seven percent are the highest since July 2007 shortly before crash that triggered the great recession. This is causing potential homebuyers to get cold feet and decide not to buy in the current market.

Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:43:06 by Horse
China has opened dozens of "overseas police service stations" around the globe to monitor its citizens living abroad, including one location in New York City and three in Toronto. "These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law, and may violate the territorial integrity in third countries involved in setting up a parallel policing mechanism using illegal methods," reads a report by Safeguard Defenders, a human rights watchdog, released earlier this month. The report, titled "110 Overseas: Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild," details China's extensive efforts to combat ...

DEMOCIDE?! Australia Mass Die Off Continues/ Huge Surge Unabated. Deaths Up 20-50%+
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:31:34 by Horse

The Anti-American Tone on German and Austrian Social Media has Escalated Dramatically
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:29:34 by Horse
Following the Nordstream extravaganza, German/Austrian social media has become, let’s say, a little bit anti American. German and Austrian netizens openly accuse the US Navy, which days ago was in the Baltic Sea, of having carried out the attacks against Nordstream 1/Nordstream 2. Some even go further from this point and accuse the current Social-Democratic Government of Germany of being “Vassals of America”, which is an understatement. Poster Comment:This winter will be very cold. The Germans will have little heat. They will have lots of rioting Africans and Middle Easterners who will be hungry and cold. Their economies will be permanently ruined. Their lives were ...

Vermont Girls Volleyball Team Banned from Its Own Locker Room
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:14:53 by Horse
After Objecting to Transgender Student Changing Clothes There It’s bad enough that women and young girls have to compete with men in sports, it’s worse that they are forced to share the locker room with them.

The War Has Just Begun
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:10:06 by Horse
Via 'Big Serge' Thoughts Substack, The Winter of Yuri I have been attempting for several days to collect my thoughts on the Russo-Ukrainian War and condense them into another analysis piece, but my efforts were consistently frustrated by the war’s stubborn refusal to sit still. After a slow, attrititional grind for much of the summer, events have begun to accelerate, calling to mind a famous quip from Vladimir Lenin: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” “You should know, by and large, we haven’t even started anything yet in earnest.” This has been one of those weeks. It began with the commencement of ...

Putin Is So Insane He’s Bombing His Own Infrastructure, But He’s Much Too Reasonable and Restrained to Fire Nukes
Post Date: 2022-10-02 07:44:38 by Ada
The US State Department and Joe Brandon have responded to the pipe bombing, saying “Putin, why are you hitting yourself! Hey Putin – why do you keep hitting yourself, huh???” However, Putin says he didn’t hit himself, and America bombed the pipes, actually Click for Full Text!

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About The Dahmer Netflix Show
Post Date: 2022-10-02 07:13:47 by Horse

(2/2) Total Disruption Of Our Civilization
Post Date: 2022-10-02 02:54:25 by Horse
Poster Comment:This is the best explanation of our electric universe and weather I have ever seen. The atmospheric temperature increased 1,292 degrees F in one day on Jupiter. The planet was so energized that its atmosphere shot out an additional 80,878 miles. Strange things happening on earth due to solar system electromagnetism.

GASSERS in Motion! Raw Action from Southeast Gassers in Knoxville
Post Date: 2022-10-01 21:14:29 by X-15
Southeast Gassers Association - "For all the Race Fans only $20 to Come through the Gate and you can spend time in the Pits with some of the Top Gassers in the World and watch 1967 Style Drag Racing with Straight Axles, Four Speeds, Wheels in the Air and First to the Finish Line Wins exciting Action." GASSERS in Motion! Raw Action from Southeast Gassers in Knoxville Poster Comment:The gold early 30's coupe 'Southern Flyer' is one to watch, it hauls ass.

"Gone In 30 Minutes" - Next On Europe's Doomsday List: Collapse Of Cell Phone Networks
Post Date: 2022-10-01 19:22:12 by Horse
"Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers, most of them have battery backups that last around 30 minutes to run the mobile antennas" Poster Comment:The loss of cell service and the coming harsh winter will finally convince the Europeans that America has betrayed them.

"Dangerously Low" Mississippi River Level May Spark Transport Chaos For Farm Goods During Harvest
Post Date: 2022-10-01 19:19:11 by Horse
" ... may slow or even stop barge traffic just as corn and soybean harvest starts."

U.S. Pension Funds Could Face Their Own "Lehman Moment"
Post Date: 2022-10-01 19:16:22 by Horse
I discussed this and numerous other topics regarding the state of the economy and the country in an interview last night.

UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated
Post Date: 2022-10-01 14:36:15 by Ada
Official figures published by the UK Government reveal the fully/triple vaccinated population have accounted for over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past year, 91% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of 2022, and 94% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of April 2022. Click for Full Text!

Slouching Toward Endgame
Post Date: 2022-10-01 11:35:05 by Ada
“There is a dark craving for rot… as if decay were an escape from the limits, the oppressive fears and the pains of an individual existence.” — Eric Hoffer Since “Joe Biden” flat-out promised last February to “bring an end to the Nord Stream pipeline” — and let’s assume he meant both NS 1 and 2 — why seek further to unravel a fake mystery? Is our apparitional “president” not a man of his word? Of course, the machinery behind “Joe Biden” so far denies any credit for the consequential act, but who in this land is unaware that the US government’s default setting these days for answering anything is to lie. The ...

Creepy Bill Gates Makes Ominous Prediction:
Post Date: 2022-10-01 11:26:35 by Horse
Were Going To Have A Hung Election And A Civil War, Misinformation May Bring It All To An End The vaccine-touting billionaire depopulation advocate also thinks he is a political analyst.

‘We’re a Second Amendment state’: DeSantis warns looters after Hurricane Ian
Post Date: 2022-10-01 11:26:19 by Ada
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed homeowners are entitled to shooting potential looters following Hurricane Ian's landfall. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a pointed warning to anyone looking to take advantage of the chaos caused by Hurricane Ian. “Don’t even think about looting. Don’t even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation. And so local law enforcement is involved in monitoring that,” he said during a Friday news conference. “You can have people you know bringing boats into some of these islands and trying to ransack people’s homes. I can tell you, in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind ...

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