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White QB Tackled By Black Teammates For Not Kneeling Just Made Shocking Admission About What Else They Did To Him
Post Date: 2017-10-04 16:52:19 by farmfriend
Over the past month we’ve seen protests within the NFL take a startling racist turn. Some players are no longer happy just to quietly protest the anthem, as we’re now seeing black players rendering black power salutes after they sack white players, an act that Seahawks player Michael Bennett started last month. But now things have taken a startling turn for the worst, and a white quarterback has just suffered a season-ending injury that appears to be due to a disgusting act of racism on the football field. Click for Full Text!

“Taking A Knee”—Is Racial Separation the Answer?
Post Date: 2017-10-02 09:17:53 by Ada
Genuflecting is in the news—football players, mainly black ones, “taking a knee” during pre-game playing of the National Anthem. The most recent example, from this Sunday: teams kneeling before the anthem, and being booed anyway–NFL fans booed players for kneeling before national anthem and standing for it | NFL players tried to show support for the cause while not disrespecting the flag, but fans booed anyway, by Taylor Link, Salon.com, October 1, 2017. ] What’s up with that? I can only give a personal take on this—not, I’m aware, a thoroughly American take. I am an American, a citizen for fifteen years now, and very glad to be one; but I grew up ...

Latest Fake News Panic Appears to Be Fake News
Post Date: 2017-10-02 08:04:27 by Ada
A Republican Senator and much of the mainstream media punks itself, proving we should all spend more time outside The pressures of the presidency have pushed Trump to the edge, but is he crazy enough to be removed from office? The piece was one of many this week warning that foreigners were amplifying political controversies in the United States: "Russian Internet trolls are trying to gin up even more controversy over NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, a senator said Wednesday – warning that the United States should expect such divisive efforts to escalate in the next election…" The Post cited Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, a toothy, humorless, ...

The End of Football
Post Date: 2017-10-02 07:36:11 by Ada
Our reckoning with violence will cause the NFL to go the way of the circus. By 2050, the National Football League (NFL) will be like the Barnum and Bailey Circus of today. Bankrupt, closed, irrelevant, morally passe. In the early 20th century, the circus was all the rage. After a century of the product’s consumption by a culture increasingly sensitive to the abuse of the weak and helpless—in this case, circus animals—the “Greatest Show on Earth” has been relegated to an empty sideshow. It is simply too brutish for sophisticated moderns who wince at the crack of a whip on an elephant’s rump. Football will soon follow. Its massive billion dollar stadiums and ...

The Real Problem: The Militarization of the NFL
Post Date: 2017-09-27 08:10:01 by Ada
Professional sports should stop shilling for the warfare state. The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team performs at halftime of the New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars football game at Giants Stadium, 2009. (Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton) Before 2009, Colin Kaepernick would have had to find some other way to protest racism against African Americans. That’s because until the height of the Iraq War, NFL football players weren’t even required to leave the locker room for the national anthem, much less stand for it. That’s not to say that the national anthem didn’t take place before every game. The singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” ...

Goins' hidden-ball trick, slam lead Blue Jays over Yanks 8-1
Post Date: 2017-09-23 07:47:28 by BTP Holdings
Goins' hidden-ball trick, slam lead Blue Jays over Yanks 8-1 Associated Press By IAN HARRISON, Associated Press 8 hrs ago © The Associated Press Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Ryan Goins (17) holds the tag on New York Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier (29) after hitting a double during the third inning of a baseball game, Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 in Toronto. Blue Jays… TORONTO — Ryan Goins made Todd Frazier pay for what the New York Yankees infielder admitted was a "bonehead" blunder, then hit a big home run for the Toronto Blue Jays Goins successfully pulled off a hidden-ball trick and hit his second career grand slam, leading the Blue Jays over Masahiro ...

Advanced stages of CTE found in Aaron Hernandez's brain
Post Date: 2017-09-21 22:16:06 by farmfriend
BOSTON -- Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez had a severe case of the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, researchers said on Thursday. His lawyer announced a lawsuit against the NFL and the team for hiding the true dangers of the sport. Dr. Ann McKee, the director of the CTE Center at Boston University, said Hernandez had stage 3 (out of 4) of the disease, which can cause violent mood swings, depression and other cognitive disorders. "We're told it was the most severe case they had ever seen for someone of Aaron's age," attorney Jose Baez said. Hernandez was 27 when he killed himself in April in the prison cell where he was ...

Alex Gordon's home run breaks MLB single-season home run record
Post Date: 2017-09-20 05:54:58 by BTP Holdings
Alex Gordon's home run breaks MLB single-season home run record Sporting News Thomas Lott 8 hrs ago © Getty Images Alex Gordon There is a new record for home runs in single MLB season. With Alex Gordon's home run Tuesday off of Blue Jays reliever Ryan Tepera in the eight inning in Toronto there have been 5,694 home runs hit in in 2017. The mark breaks the previous record of 5,693 set in 2000. There are still 12 days left in the regular season. Baseballs have been flying out at an alarming rate in MLB this season as many players have tallied career highs in home runs. Here are just a few of those career bests. Justin Smoak has hit 38 home runs after never hitting more ...

The Indians’ historic 22-game winning streak is over
Post Date: 2017-09-16 05:32:09 by BTP Holdings
The Indians’ historic 22-game winning streak is over By Ashley Varela Sep 15, 2017, 10:40 PM EDT 4 Comments The Indians still own the second-longest winning streak in major league history, but their attempt to top the 1916 Giants’ 26-win streak is officially over. The club found it difficult to stay ahead of the Royals on Friday night, striking first on an Edwin Encarnacion sacrifice fly in the first inning and watching Alcides Escobar tie it up with a solo jack in the second inning. Jose Ramirez harnessed a one-run lead in the third inning, barreling a Jason Vargas heater an estimated 425 feet over the left field fence and giving the team a minute to catch their ...

Dan Patrick Show Do Indians need to win title for streak to matter?
Post Date: 2017-09-15 19:37:08 by BTP Holdings
Dan Patrick Show Do Indians need to win title for streak to matter? The Cleveland Indians are writing themselves into the history book with an incredible winning streak. But could that end up hurting them for the playoffs?

Professors told to report students who make campus ‘less inclusive’ to Behavior Assessment Team
Post Date: 2017-09-12 17:52:09 by Ada
Team to ‘monitor’ individuals to ensure ‘positive behavior change’ As colleges across the country struggle with questions related to free speech on campuses, some schools have implemented policies that appear to give administrators significant latitude to discipline students for speaking in unpopular ways. Most recently, the dean’s office of Utah Valley University, a public institution located in the north-central part of Utah, distributed a guidance letter to all faculty encouraging them to report to the school’s Behavior Assessment Team any students who use “inappropriate language,” are “argumentative,” or who speak “loudly.” ...

Pete Rose Reportedly Done at Fox Sports, After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Emerged
Post Date: 2017-08-31 18:40:43 by BTP Holdings
Pete Rose Reportedly Done at Fox Sports, After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Emerged The Big Lead Ryan Glasspiegel 2 hrs ago © Getty Images CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 14: Former player and manager Pete Rose looks on prior to the 86th MLB All-Star Game at the Great American Ball Park on July 14, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pete Rose will not return to Fox after allegations of a sexual relationship with an underage girl in the 1970's recently emerged, according to a report from THR. The allegations came about during a defamation suit Rose filed against his former MLB investigator John Dowd. You can read about the allegations here. From a content perspective, Rose had great chemistry ...

Cubs Walk-Off And Sweep Blue Jays On One Of The Wildest Endings Of The Year
Post Date: 2017-08-21 08:00:48 by BTP Holdings
Cubs Walk-Off And Sweep Blue Jays On One Of The Wildest Endings Of The Year By Aldo Soto - Aug 20, 2017 What a wild ending at Wrigley Field, as the Chicago Cubs came back to score three runs in the bottom of the 10th inning to beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-5, completing the three-game sweep. The Cubs bullpen was spotless until the 10th, when the Blue Jays scored two runs after a bizarre incident when Alex Avila bounced a throw to Koji Uehara that allowed Josh Donaldson to advance to second base. He eventually scored and struggling lefty Justin Wilson walked in another run to put the Cubs behind 5-3. Yet, the bottom of the inning was an even crazier, as Kyle Schwarber leadoff the 10th ...

Monday Morning Digest: Jay Cutler-Dolphins Marriage Destined to Disappoint
Post Date: 2017-08-07 18:34:29 by BTP Holdings
Monday Morning Digest: Jay Cutler-Dolphins Marriage Destined to Disappoint Mike Tanier August 7, 2017 Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press These are the dog days of training camp, when practices drag on, injuries mount and signing Jay Cutler to replace Ryan Tannehill actually starts to sound like a great idea. From the Hall of Fame Game and ceremonies to weekend team scrimmages, there was plenty of NFL action this week that didn't involve Smokin' Jay storming South Beach, and this week's Digest has it all covered: Paxton Lynch versus Trevor Siemian: The quarterback competition no one wants to win. Holdouts, from Le'Veon Bell to Aaron Donald: Which team is most ...

The coach
Post Date: 2017-08-05 19:04:42 by sneakypete
Someone send me this in an email,and it's too good to not share. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year old baseball players aside and asked, "Do you understand what co-operation is? What a team is?" "Yes, coach", replied the little boy. " Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?" The little boy nodded in the affirmative. "So," the coach continued, "I'm sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn't argue, curse, attack the umpire, or call him an asshole. Do you understand all ...

NFL great Jim Plunkett says 'My life sucks' at 69
Post Date: 2017-08-04 21:24:33 by BTP Holdings
NFL great Jim Plunkett says 'My life sucks' at 69 Sporting News Scott Ridge 8 hrs ago © (Getty Images) Jim Plunkett Jim Plunkett, a former Super Bowl MVP, is the latest former NFL player to detail a life of crippling pain and misery. “My life sucks,” Plunkett told the San Jose Mercury News. “It’s no fun being in this body right now. Everything hurts.” Now 69, Plunkett led the Raiders to two Super Bowls after a storied career at Stanford, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1970. The report said Plunkett has endured 18 operations and lives with artificial knees, an artificial shoulder and debilitating pain in his surgically repaired back. ...

Cowboys owner Jones puts NFL on notice
Post Date: 2017-07-25 07:37:55 by BTP Holdings
Cowboys owner Jones puts NFL on notice The Sports Xchange The Sports Xchange 7 hrs ago CBS Sports (Video by Sports Illustrated) OXNARD, Calif. -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opened training camp by declaring war on the NFL in the ongoing investigation into domestic violence allegations against star running back Ezekiel Elliott. The NFL has ended its year-long investigation into the accusations brought against Elliott by a former girlfriend. The Columbus (Ohio) attorney's office dropped the case because of "conflicting and inconsistent" information. Elliott has maintained his innocence all along. ESPN has reported that Elliott should brace for a one- or two-game ...

Here are 15 of Gisele Bundchen's best looks
Post Date: 2017-07-25 06:49:08 by BTP Holdings
Here are 15 of Gisele Bundchen's best looks Muscle and Fitness Martha Upton 4 days ago Slide 1 of 14: Whether you're a Patriots fan or not, we can all agree Tom Brady has great taste in women, namely his outrageously beautiful wife Gisele Bundchen.Bundchen has only gotten better over the years. She's the first Victoria's Secret Angel you may think of off the top of your head, mainly because she's the Angel. Her contract with Victoria's Secret was the biggest in the fashion industry, according to IMDB, and she now has contracts with brands from Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior.She and Brady notoriously adhere to an extremely strict diet, according to SELF; ...

Ty Cobb’s 4,000th career hit… July 18, 1927 in History
Post Date: 2017-07-18 17:59:16 by BTP Holdings
Ty Cobb’s 4,000th career hit… July 18, 1927 in History By Algeria - July 18, 2017 Ty Cobb's 4,000th career hit... July 18, 1927 in History Ty Cobb Made His 4,000th Hit July 18, 1927. Four thousand is a big number. Huge, actually, at least when it comes to base hits. Only two men among the tens of thousands who have played major league ball have ever reached that number in their career. When Pete Rose, then playing for Montreal, doubled off Philadelphia’s Jerry Koosman on April 13, 1984 for his 4,000th big-league hit, it was treated as an historic milestone – one attended by the usual anticipation and celebration. However, 57 years earlier, when Ty Cobb became ...

Maths 'genius' Maryam Mirzakhani dies, aged 40
Post Date: 2017-07-16 09:55:49 by BTP Holdings
Maths 'genius' Maryam Mirzakhani dies, aged 40 AFP by Carlos HAMANN 6 hrs ago © Provided by AFP Mathematiciangenius Maryam Mirzakhani won a string of honours during her career including the coveted Fields Medal in 2014 Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician who was the first woman to win the coveted Fields Medal, died Saturday in a US hospital after a battle with cancer. She was 40. Mirzakhani's friend Firouz Naderi, a former director of Solar Systems Exploration at NASA, announced her death on Instagram. "A light was turned off today. It breaks my heart ..... gone far too soon," he wrote, later adding: "A genius? Yes. But also a daughter, a ...

Here’s a look at Bill Belichick’s controversial shirt
Post Date: 2017-07-15 09:42:25 by BTP Holdings
Here’s a look at Bill Belichick’s controversial shirt Patriots Wire Henry McKenna 17 hrs ago © Getty Images GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 01: Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots stands on the field during the pregame warm up prior to playing in Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015 in… Bill Belichick's clothing choices have long been a fashion statement. But his latest shirt has caused a stir on Twitter. He appears to have made a political statement. In a photo posted by Twitter user Kathryn Mastromarino, who eventually made her account private after the massive Twitter reaction, Belichick was pictured with a young ...

Bold Jose Quintana trade addresses Cubs' biggest need, creates more options
Post Date: 2017-07-13 19:11:37 by BTP Holdings
Bold Jose Quintana trade addresses Cubs' biggest need, creates more options Sporting News Ryan Fagan 3 hrs ago Video player from: 120 Sports (Privacy Policy) Hey there, Chicago. That was fun. Baseball’s Windy City rivals made one heck of a fascinating deal on Thursday, kicking off what should be a thoroughly entertaining trade season. The White Sox sent lefty ace Jose Quintana to the Cubs for a solid four-player package of prospects, headlined by Eloy Jimenez, the outfielder who was ranked as the No. 5 prospect in the sport by Baseball America in its midseason update, and right-hander Dylan Cease, who was No. 83 on that same list. Yeah. Hefty stuff. MORE: Tigers should ...

Isaiah Thomas: Celtics must 'bring the Brinks truck' to re-sign him next summer
Post Date: 2017-07-09 20:32:14 by BTP Holdings
Isaiah Thomas: Celtics must 'bring the Brinks truck' to re-sign him next summer USA TODAY SPORTS AJ Neuharth-Keusch, USA TODAY Sports 2 hrs ago © Winslow Townson, USA TODAY Sports Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas smiles during the second half against the Miami Heat at TD Garden. When Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas hits the market as an unrestricted free agent next summer, don't expect him to pull a Kevin Durant or Dirk Nowitzki and leave money on the table.  "I'm a max (contract) guy, so I deserve the max," Thomas told CSN New England on Friday, echoing comments he made a year ago. "We've just got to continue to ...

This man stuffed a Chevy truck engine in a Mustang - You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
Post Date: 2017-07-08 16:24:37 by X-15

Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after 'unprofessional' rant vs. Jake Arrieta
Post Date: 2017-06-28 19:07:00 by BTP Holdings
Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after 'unprofessional' rant vs. Jake Arrieta USA TODAY SPORTS USA TODAY Sports 6 hrs ago Cubs DFA catcher after he calls out Arrieta Video by CBS Sports The Chicago Cubs moved swiftly to respond to Miguel Montero's rant against teammate Jake Arrieta, designating the catcher for assignment Wednesday morning.  The Nationals stole seven bases with Montero behind the plate Tuesday night. After the game, Montero unloaded on starting pitcher Jake Arrieta for his slow delivery not giving him a chance to throw out baserunners. "It really sucked because the stolen bases go to me, and when you really look at it, the ...

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