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GASSERS in Motion! Raw Action from Southeast Gassers in Knoxville
Post Date: 2022-10-01 21:14:29 by X-15
Southeast Gassers Association - "For all the Race Fans only $20 to Come through the Gate and you can spend time in the Pits with some of the Top Gassers in the World and watch 1967 Style Drag Racing with Straight Axles, Four Speeds, Wheels in the Air and First to the Finish Line Wins exciting Action." GASSERS in Motion! Raw Action from Southeast Gassers in Knoxville Poster Comment:The gold early 30's coupe 'Southern Flyer' is one to watch, it hauls ass.

MLB Star Sends Fierce Memo to Canada, Defends Decision to Miss Games Due to Vaccine Policy
Post Date: 2022-07-15 22:55:11 by BTP Holdings
MLB Star Sends Fierce Memo to Canada, Defends Decision to Miss Games Due to Vaccine Policy By Abby Liebing July 13, 2022 at 3:44pm Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto and three other players will be unavailable for a two-game series in Toronto due to Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine policy. The three-time All-Star Realmuto is not vaccinated. But missing the Toronto games and losing pay, as a result, is not swaying him. “I’m not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don’t put in my body for a little bit of money,” Realmuto said in an interview with NBC Sports. “It’s just not worth it.” Realmuto is joined on the restricted list by infielder Alec Bohm ...

Colin Kaepernick Transitions In Order To Make Carolina Panthers Cheer Squad
Post Date: 2022-06-07 22:42:35 by Bill D Berger
CHARLOTTE, NC—Colin Kaepernick has made his way back into the NFL as a cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers. He will be the team's first African American Transgender Poly-Bi Cheerleader and will be joining the team on road games. "I'm excited to be on the team!" said Kaepernick, weakened by a series of surgeries and hormone injections. "After I insulted the organization and called all the fans racist, I wasn't sure I'd be welcomed back, but I was finally able to contort my body into such a victimized form that they had no choice but to hire me.""It's a dream come true!"Panthers coach Matt Rhule was not part of the ...

The second week of deer camp
Post Date: 2022-05-24 03:35:04 by Esso
Poster Comment:I'm surprised my wife tolerated me for 25 years. Well, she left with a couple million. She didn't have it so bad...

US Military Expert: Russia to Score Major Victories in Donbass, Must Adapt to New NATO Game
Post Date: 2022-05-23 06:56:11 by Ada
NATO has raised the stakes by flooding Ukraine with heavy weaponry and trying to prolong the conflict, says Scott Ritter, a military analyst and former US Marine intelligence officer. Sputnik: In a recent interviews with Sputnik you said that if Russia is “able to achieve some sort of demonstrable battlefield victory of such a large scale that the inevitable defeat of Ukraine is played before the European community, that would put a damper on the provision of weaponry [by the West] in a futile exercise.” Could the surrender of Ukrainian military, National Guard and neo-Nazis in Azovstal be considered this sort of victory? Scott Ritter: It’s an impressive victory. ...

Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series historic home run-bottom of the 9th
Post Date: 2022-05-20 20:24:09 by BTP Holdings
Kirk Gibson's historic home run in the bottom of the 9th inning- game one of the 1988 World Series between the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Announced by Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola. Gibson was at the plate for a full 6 minutes. No one ever came forward with this historic and valuable home run ball. While obviously not the HD quality that we are used to today, this SVHS tape held up fairly well for over 25 years.

Why The Biggest Brands Love Olympic Winners
Post Date: 2022-05-18 16:25:43 by BTP Holdings
Why The Biggest Brands Love Olympic Winners by Mike McCarthy | 19 February 2022 Jack Gruber - USA TODAY Sports/Design: Alex Brooks Julia Marino won Team USA’s first medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and the 24-year-old has become a master at building her brand along the way. Entering the competition, the snowboarder was a seven-time X Games medalist, but she wasn’t widely known outside of action sports. After winning the silver medal in women’s slopestyle — then battling the International Olympic Committee over her trendy Prada snowboard — she returned to the U.S. with a higher profile than ever before. “Julia Marino Rides In Style With $3,600 ...

Figure Skating Icons Torch Doping Russian Skater After Loss
Post Date: 2022-05-15 14:52:39 by BTP Holdings
Figure Skating Icons Torch Doping Russian Skater After Loss By Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=100582087 FEBRUARY 19, 2022 | Marie Finn According to Olympic commentators and US figure skating champs, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, Russian skater Kamila Valieva, who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, had it coming when she fell repeatedly and finished in fourth place. “Thank God!” 2008 bronze medalist Weir cheered. Lipinski, who won gold at Nagano in 2008, added, “Thank goodness for all the other medalists to have that moment and to have done it cleanly.” Lipinski was relieved, ...

Optimism Fades for MLB Deal
Post Date: 2022-05-07 10:41:55 by BTP Holdings
Optimism Fades for MLB Deal Jasen Vinlove - USA TODAY Sports/Design: Alex Brooks Any optimism from Monday’s late-night bargaining session was squashed on Tuesday, as MLB and its players association were unable to strike a deal. The MLBPA unanimously agreed not to accept the league’s final proposal, and the two sides remained far apart on several core economic issues — and couldn’t even agree on the tone of Tuesday’s meetings. Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the first week of the 162-game regular season on Tuesday. MLB told reporters that the “MLBPA had a decidedly different tone today and made proposals inconsistent with the ...

Foul ball pop-up heads into the stands — directly at a man bottle-feeding an infant. What happens next is nothing short of incredible.
Post Date: 2022-04-30 16:59:31 by BTP Holdings
Foul ball pop-up heads into the stands — directly at a man bottle-feeding an infant. What happens next is nothing short of incredible. SARAH TAYLOR | April 27, 2022 Image source: Twitter video screenshot Video footage of a foul ball flying into the stands at a recent game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres has gone viral after a man bottle-feeding an infant deftly caught the ball — all while avoiding spilling a single drop of milk. What are the details? The now-viral foul ball came rushing at spectator Jacob Kingsley while he was bottle-feeding his child during Tuesday night's game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Video captured the moment ...

Wild MLB Brawl Leads to Coach Tackling Opposing Team's Star Player: 'That Was Kind of Cheap'
Post Date: 2022-04-28 18:00:52 by BTP Holdings
Wild MLB Brawl Leads to Coach Tackling Opposing Team's Star Player: 'That Was Kind of Cheap' By Jack Davis April 28, 2022 at 9:44am It was the old brawl game Wednesday at Busch Stadium in St. Louis when two days of up-and-in pitches led to a bench-clearing brawl. The fuse was lit Tuesday when New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso was hit in the head by a pitch and jawed at St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kodi Whitley when he went to first base. Both teams backed away from the brink without a punch. Not so Wednesday, when Yoan Lopez, making his first appearance for New York, sent a pitch close to Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado, according to KSDK-TV. First came the ...

‘Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jill’: Cracker Jack Receives Woke Repackaging For Gender Equality
Post Date: 2022-04-05 18:25:20 by Bill D Berger
The makers of Cracker Jack, the caramel popcorn snack popular at baseball stadiums across the country, and prominently featured in the classic baseball anthem “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is receiving a woke repackaging, including a re-writing of the song with a gender equality message.“Sometimes all it takes to believe you can do something is to see someone who looks like you do it first,” Cracker Jill wrote on its website. “It is in this spirit that Cracker Jack Proudly Introduces Cracker Jill. A team of new faces, showing girls that they’re represented, even in our most iconic snacks.”Cracker Jack will repackage its snacks in 5 special-edition bags ...

Farmer who flipped car off his land found not guilty of criminal damage | ITV News
Post Date: 2022-04-03 16:12:51 by Esso
A County Durham farmer who used a tractor to flip a car off his driveway has been found not guilty of dangerous driving and criminal damage. Poster Comment:That was cool. That's the kind of shit that I do that keeps landing me in jail. I don't know where that's at, Ireland maybe?

Kaepernick Publicity Stunt Draws Interest From 5 NFL Teams
Post Date: 2022-03-23 15:57:59 by Bill D Berger
Lights! Camera! Action! This isn’t a Hollywood movie set, but a publicity stunt on a high school football field in Scottsdale, Ariz. NFL quarterback wannabe Colin Kaepernick backpedals, throws a pass to Seattle Seahawks’ receiver Ty Lockett, who is standing flat-footed still, 10 yards downfield. At the same time, a man with a video camera moves alongside Kaepernick capturing video images of the unwanted NFL free agent, for publicity purposes.  Following Kaepernick’s workout, the video is loaded on his social media, supposedly in hopes of attracting an NFL contract. It’s been six years since the radical social justice warrior has played in the NFL, ...

Lying to Lia Thomas
Post Date: 2022-03-22 10:20:01 by Ada
In Lia Thomas's victory, transgenderism reaches its logical and inevitable conclusion. Among the best episodes of the original Twilight Zone series is Rod Serling’s adaptation of Jerome Bixby’s It’s A Good Life, a 1953 short story about a small town held captive by a magical and murderous child. The Twilight Zone adaptation of the same name follows residents of an Ohio backwater who live in perpetual fear of Anthony Fremont—a capricious six-year-old with telepathic and telekinetic powers. When the townsfolk think bad thoughts or utter idle words in Anthony’s presence, the child strikes them mute. When he’s really angry, he banishes them to a nearby ...

Virginia Tech swimmer goes on record against Lia Thomas competing in women's sports
Post Date: 2022-03-17 21:31:37 by Bill D Berger
Following transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ performance in the qualifying round for the NCAA women’s championship, a Virginia Tech swimmer has become the one of the first to publicly speak out against the biological male swimmer competing against women.Advertisement"It's a common conception that we are all very disappointed and frustrated with someone who is — has capabilities more than us women have to be able to compete at this level and take opportunities away from other women," the unnamed Virginia Tech swimmer told Savanah Hernandez.She continued on to say that one of her teammates just missed qualifying for finals because of rules that allow Thomas to ...

Most Vaxed Korea Hits Highest Daily Covid Infections Record
Post Date: 2022-03-16 11:07:25 by Ada
Coronavirus? I haven’t heard that name in years. Japan Today: South Korea reported more than 400,000 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, a new record, as the country continues to ease restrictions despite the Omicron-fueled wave of infections. Health authorities said 400,741 cases were recorded, the country’s highest daily figure since the pandemic began two years ago. The latest spike in cases is the “last biggest challenge” facing the country, Sohn Young-rae, a senior health official, told a press briefing. The government had anticipated caseloads in this ballpark, he said, adding that they believed they were nearing the peak of the Omicron wave. “If we ...

Fitch: MLB Can Afford Lost Season
Post Date: 2022-03-06 12:13:42 by BTP Holdings
Fitch: MLB Can Afford Lost Season Tim Heitman - USA TODAY | Sports/Design: Alex Brooks Negotiations often come down to who has more to lose. A report from Fitch Ratings finds that MLB owners could weather a full season without baseball. MLB’s “ample liquidity position” at the end of last month and debt reserve funds can cover the loss of a full season, the financial analyst wrote. > Potential losses in 2022 could be covered by ticket revenue and media deals, Fitch noted. > The league can draw up to $2 billion from its A-rated MLB Club Trust Securitization and $1.25 billion from its MLB Facility Fund, which holds an A- rating. > MLB holds around $2.1 billion in ...

Enes Kanter Freedom Nominated For Nobel Prize, But Dropped From NBA
Post Date: 2022-02-19 14:40:51 by BTP Holdings
Enes Kanter Freedom Nominated For Nobel Prize, But Dropped From NBA By Frenchieinportland - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php? curid=80846538 FEBRUARY 18, 2022 Marie Finn Celebrity News, Politics and Culture Tweet 0 Email Human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but is out of the NBA after a suspicious trade. “I’m honored and humbled to received [sic] the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize,” Kanter tweeted in response to a piece in The Atlantic, which noted that a member of the Norwegian Parliament nominated him for the award. “Sometimes taking a stand is more important than your next ...

NIKE Releases New Women's Swimsuit With Extra Space For Male Genitalia
Post Date: 2022-02-19 10:23:31 by Ada
BEAVERTON, OR—After carefully listening to feedback from a growing chorus of three of their customers, Nike is making some long-awaited improvements to their 2022 women's swimwear line. Nike's new "Performance Series" of one-piece competitive women's swimsuits will feature extra room in the crotch for male genitalia. "We suddenly realized we weren't serving a very important segment of women competitors—those with male genitals," said Nike VP of Diversity and Inclusion Xandryx Bithrannamynx. "Now, women of all shapes and sizes will be able to compete in their favorite swim sports!" Several product designers at NIKE questioned the ...

Biden Promises To Replace Retiring Quarterback Tom Brady With A Woman Of Color
Post Date: 2022-01-30 10:18:51 by Ada
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Legendary quarterback Tom Brady has announced his plan to retire from the NFL to spend more time carving little wooden toys for his grandkids. In response to the earth-shattering news, President Joe Biden has announced his commitment to replace the outgoing football star with a woman of color. "Listen, folks, it's time," said Biden to the press. "In the hundred-year history of the NFL, not a single quarterback has ever been a woman of color. That's racist! We all know that poor women are just as smart and powerful as white kids. As president, I will nominate a new quarterback to replace Tom Brady that reflects America's diversity." ...

Major League Baseball and its players’ association are beginning to make progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement.
Post Date: 2022-01-26 19:10:11 by BTP Holdings
Major League Baseball and its players’ association are beginning to make progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement. The two sides met on Monday and Tuesday, with the players making an offer and rejecting most or all of the owners’ previous proposal. The players proposed raising the minimum MLB salary to $775,000 from $570,500. MLB has reportedly countered at $615,000 for first-year players. Both sides have proposed a bonus pool for players under minimum salaries based on the Wins Above Replacement statistic. MLB suggested a $10 million fund, while the players want it to be $105 million. Forty-six percent of players made under $500,000 in 2021. The MLBPA also ...

Post Date: 2022-01-07 10:17:16 by Esso
Driving a race car, whether it is NASCAR, Formula One, or another type, is far more than just going around in an oval. It's a test of skill, reflexes, and concentration, along with resource management and nerves. These drivers go at high rates of speed over the course of a race, and the result can be a spectacular crash that puts the driver and sometimes even the crowd at risk — a tire flying into the stands can be deadly. The drivers of these cars have to have unshakable confidence in themselves. NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. crafted a perfect persona borne of belief in himself — he often walked around wearing sunglasses and a stone-faced look. According to Legacy, his ...

One Last Ride - Dale Earnhardt Jr
Post Date: 2022-01-03 02:18:33 by Esso
Poster Comment:I watched Dale Jr, when he was a kid, saw his father die, then watched Jr. become a successful Cup driver, champion and retire. Then a negro, Bubba Wallace, and silly white men trying to be "woke" destroyed the institution of NASCAR over a fake hate crime noose hoax a couple years ago. Been a long time comin' I suppose.

NFL Raises Eyebrows By Labeling Taiwan As Part Of China
Post Date: 2021-12-23 06:18:28 by BTP Holdings
NFL Raises Eyebrows By Labeling Taiwan As Part Of China Wednesday, the NFL raised their eyebrows attributing Taiwan as part of China. Across eight nations, 18 NFL teams have given access to 26 International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) where a strategy was built to allow teams an access to international regions for marketing, fan engagement and commercialization. CSO Christopher Halpin instantly stated that NFL Fandoms begins in their institution. In addition, he also said that the vital project which facilitates NFL teams was developed to create a meaningful and direct connection with NFL fans overseas. And in launching an application session, they were fascinated with the volume, ...

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