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Mass Graves Mystery Reveals The Danger of The Politics of Hysteria
Post Date: 2022-02-09 10:16:52 by Ada
There has been little concerted effort to counter the alarmist campaign designed to rewrite Canada’s past as a protracted era of genocide. The history of mass hysteria and of witch hunts has shown that unless it is countered, society will fall prey to moral corruption and decay. When the anthropologist Sarah Beaulieu reported that she had found 215 unmarked graves near Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia last year, the story caused a sensation. A wave of hysteria engulfed the Canadian media and political landscape. But eight months later, mystery surrounds the case, as not a single body has been found – and it is unclear if there are any plans for excavation. ...

Chocolate maker Hershey now firing unvaccinated employees after interrogating them like Gestapo about their faith
Post Date: 2022-02-05 09:27:46 by Ada
Historic American chocolate maker Hershey has apparently been taken over by descendants of the Nazi Reich, based on claims made by current and former employees who are being targeted and terminated for not getting a dangerous COVID-19 vaccine. According to The Epoch Times, which spoke to several employees — many on condition of anonymity because they don’t want to lose out on benefits before being let go — not only are workers being fired but they are being interrogated, Gestapo-like, before being let go. “I really thought I’d be OK,” Kim Durham, a former payment analyst and sourcing buyer, told the outlet. “I thought, you cannot question my faith. ...

Post Date: 2022-01-30 17:37:53 by BTP Holdings
ILLINOIS SCHOOL DISTRICT ALLOWS AFTER SCHOOL ‘SATAN CLUB’ AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Mark Patricks | January 18, 2022 | News4 An Illinois school district has come under intense criticism for allowing an after school “Satan club” sponsored by the Satanic Temple of the United States. The program, designed for kids in first through fifth grades, is led by volunteers after school. “According to the flyer, the club will consist of science projects, puzzles, games, arts and crafts and outdoor nature activities. The club says it will help children learn benevolence and empathy, critical thinking, problem solving, creative expression and personal sovereignty,” The New ...

'Every time you comply, you get weaker': RFK Jr. electrifies anti-mandate rally
Post Date: 2022-01-24 11:15:59 by Ada
'We are the light warriors, we are the representation of our God!' Thousands attend the 'Defeat the Mandates' event in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022. (Video screenshot) Despite frigid temperatures, thousands of Americans showed up Sunday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to voice strong opposition to COVID-vaccine mandates. "Every time you comply, you get weaker," said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a featured speaker at the "Defeat the Mandates" event. "Every time you say 'yes,' you're getting pushed back to a weaker position." "The hill that you're going to die on is the hill you're on right ...

Has Science Discovered God?
Post Date: 2022-01-21 11:43:00 by Ada
Einstein didn’t believe it was possible. Stephen Hawking said it might be the greatest scientific discovery of all time. What discovery has baffled the greatest scientific minds of the past century, and why has it caused them to rethink the origin of our universe? New, more powerful, telescopes have revealed mysteries about our universe that have raised new questions about the origin of life. Has science discovered God? But wait a minute! Hasn’t science proven we don’t need God to explain the universe? Lightning, earthquakes and even babies used to be explained as acts of God. But now we know better. What is it about this discovery that is so fundamentally different, and ...

How to Break Free of Fear Addiction
Post Date: 2022-01-02 12:38:25 by BTP Holdings
How to Break Free of Fear Addiction Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola January 02, 2022 STORY AT-A-GLANCE > In his book “United States of Fear,” psychiatrist Mark McDonald diagnoses the U.S. as suffering from mass delusional psychosis, driven by an irrational fear of what is now a rather innocuous virus > The fearful overreaction didn’t have its origin in what happened in 2020. Government, corporations and powerful individuals have engaged in a systematic “grooming” effort toward irrational fear addiction for decades > Without fear, they cannot rob us of our freedoms > The underlying motivation of this psychological campaign has been an attack on the ...

Marines say they're being 'crushed' over vaccine refusal: 'A political purge'
Post Date: 2021-12-30 10:26:01 by Ada
Zero religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine have been granted to date, Marine Corps spokesman says Retired colonel says 10,000 marines set to miss vaccine deadline due by Biden admin misinformation Fox News contributor Dakota Meyer discusses the vaccine deadline, which took effect on November 28. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Listen to this article 0:00 / 8:37 BeyondWords EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Marines are being "crushed" by President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate as thousands face dismissal for their continued refusal to get the shot, several active-duty Marines told Fox News Digital. To date, 169 Marines have been discharged for refusing the vaccine, ...

‘Bishop’ Claims Refusing Jabs is Not Christian
Post Date: 2021-12-27 20:15:00 by BTP Holdings
‘Bishop’ Claims Refusing Jabs is Not Christian Home /International/‘Bishop’ Claims Refusing Jabs is Not Christian The Archbishop of Canterbury speaking during House of Lords tributes to HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on 12 April 2021. Via Wikimedia Commons. December 23, 2021 | Prolife Update Staff The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine goes against the Christian faith, claiming that turning down the jab violates the principle of “loving thy neighbour.” Breitbart reports: The Most Reverend Justin Welby, the top bishop in the Church of England, said that getting vaccinated is a “moral ...

You Better Believe
Post Date: 2021-12-26 15:11:33 by Ada
A few weeks after Friedrich Nietzsche bragged to an admirer that he had completed a ruthless attack on our Lord, he collapsed, had convulsions, shouted like a madman, and never recovered his faculties again. It was the autumn of 1888. He was 44 years old, his books had just begun to be noticed, and he lived for a decade longer, empty-eyed, silent, and entirely unaware of the fame that was about to engulf him. Was his tragic end divine punishment for his sacrilege? My devout Catholic wife begs to differ. Our Lord is not a vengeful one, she insists. That’s the only thing wrong with him, I answer her. Although Darwin’s Origin of Species in 1859 had started the anti-God ball ...

Boy Scouts bankruptcy insurer settles for $800M
Post Date: 2021-12-25 13:07:44 by BTP Holdings
Boy Scouts bankruptcy insurer settles for $800M Attorneys in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case have reached a preliminary arrangement under which one of the organization’s major insurers will give $800 million to a fund for child sexual abuse victims. Under the terms of the agreement announced Monday, Century Indemnity Co. and affiliated entities agreed to donate $800 million to the fund in exchange for being spared of additional liability for abuse allegations. With this payment, the total amount in the proposed trust exceeds $2.6 billion, making it the largest sexual assault settlement in US history. The accord comes as more than 82,000 victims of sexual assault face a ...

Christmas True ~ 1914
Post Date: 2021-12-25 10:21:00 by Lod

We Need Some Christmas Cheer Here, Folks
Post Date: 2021-12-25 08:02:15 by Ada
All of these stories are so negative today. I don’t think I had an option, unless I just made up happy stories. All of the news is bad. But there is still so much good in the world. You just have to have the courage to go find it. You’re not going to find it in these hollowed-out hellholes of cities. You have to have the courage to leave. To leave your family. To leave everything you know. And go out into the great wide open of the anti-urban. There, Jesus will meet you on the road, and He will open a path for you. Here’s the happiness, here’s the joy: God loves you. You were made in His image, and he loves you and He forgives you. His love and His mercy are ...

Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins
Post Date: 2021-12-18 21:36:16 by BTP Holdings
Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins By DENNIS PRAGER President Barack Obama laughs as he is interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel in a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show in Los Angeles, October 24, 2016. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) A partial listing of the damage done. The only way to save Western civilization is to convince more people that leftism — not liberalism — is a nihilistic force. Quite literally, whatever the Left touches it ruins. So, here is a partial listing of the damage done by the Left and the Democratic Party: The most obvious — and, therefore, the one more and more Americans can resonate with — is the near destruction of most American universities as places ...

The Salvation Army pays a big price for its foray into wokedom
Post Date: 2021-12-16 10:24:50 by Ada
In November, the Salvation Army officially went woke, declaring that, after soul searching, it was calling upon all White people associated with or donating to the Salvation Army to admit their racism and repent. After an angry response from the public, the Salvation Army itself repented...of its wokeness and it walked back its message. It was too late, though. Local Salvation Army chapters are seeing 50% drops in both volunteers and donations. Get Woke; Go Broke. It all started when the Salvation Army issued a “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide. It made all sorts of woke points: “There is an urgent need for Christians to evaluate racist attitudes and practices in light ...

How Amish Communities Achieved “Herd Immunity” Without Higher Death Rates, Lockdowns, Masks, Or Vaccines
Post Date: 2021-11-28 22:39:36 by Ada
The Facts: Amish communities of thousands in Lancaster, PA chose to not lockdown and instead went on with life in 2020. Their communities were infected by COVID but death rates were not any higher than other places. They lived life normally, did not wear masks and stuck to their values and culture. Reflect On: How much value should we put on living life to the fullest instead of focusing on reducing COVID cases at all costs? How many lives were lost as a result of harsh lockdowns? .. In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, thousands of Amish families took a different approach to COVID-19. Their outcomes are a story you probably won’t hear anywhere in mainstream media. By May 2020, the ...

The Realtors’ Woke Dilemma Is Coming
Post Date: 2021-11-27 15:39:47 by Ada
And it’s coming for you. By now you’ve probably heard about the story that Rod Dreher mentioned at The American Conservative having to do with enforced wokeness among the realtors: Here’s another one. The letter is too detailed for me to reprint it here, even with redactions. To summarize, the author is a practicing conservative Protestant who is in leadership at his Midwestern church. He also is a Realtor by trade. A week ago, the broker/owner of his office called to ask his opinion about starting a new Multiple Listing Service in their local area. Why? The National Association of Realtors has a new ethics code that punishes Realtors for any hate speech or ...

Church leader reveals why Russia is ‘leader of free world’
Post Date: 2021-11-20 11:41:37 by Ada
Church leader reveals why Russia is ‘leader of free world’ The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has argued that the country’s independence from negative outside influence is what makes it truly free. In an interview broadcast on the Rossiya-1 TV channel on Saturday, the church leader was asked to comment on instances of Orthodox Christians having emigrated from the US to Russia. Russian Orthodox Church wants no criminal prosecution for insulting religion, on one condition Russian Orthodox Church wants no criminal prosecution for insulting religion, on one condition “I can imagine the types of reaction to my words from different ...

Mass Child Sacrifice in Plain Sight
Post Date: 2021-11-20 09:47:36 by Ada
Several online commenters have pointed out that Covid spelled backward becomes דיבוק in Hebrew, meaning dybbuk, a malicious possessing spirit. Using Google Translate, I found that divoc did yield דיבוק, but now, Google has tinkered with דיבוק so it merely translates as “obsessed.” Very cute. Exorcised, dybbuk is just excessive passion, you see, like a love for chocolate. Even verbal coincidences must be sanitized, lest people get ideas. Far from being possessed by Covid, with its lockdowns, right-to-live passport and clot shots, you’re just obsessed with being safe, that’s all, ...

Welcome to my Nightmare
Post Date: 2021-11-07 18:49:46 by noone222
I'm going to Post the Album Cover from which the songs making up the movie were originated right below this post. Poster Comment:The songs from BILLION DOLLAR BABIES made up the various acts of this play/movie. Listen to them all and ask yourself was Alice trying to communicate something way back then that is coming to the surface today? Pedophilia and child sacrifice have been around from the beginning of time.

Sad: This Couple Was Evicted By Their Landlord And Now He Will Have To Toil All His Days And She Shall Experience The Pain Of Childbirth
Post Date: 2021-11-07 14:19:10 by Esso
EDEN—After spending the day pulling weeds under the unforgiving rays of the sun, this man felt nothing but regret for having been evicted, along with his wife, by their landlord and made to toil all his days while she experienced the pain of childbirth. “Honey, can you make me a sandwich?” the man asked his wife upon entering their dusty hovel. “Pulling all those weeds sure builds up an appetite.” “Can’t you find something delicious in the Garden of Eden?” asked his pregnant wife, sprawled out uncomfortably on the crude leather sofa. “Oh that’s right, it’s guarded by a Cherubim and a flaming sword.” “I’m getting the ...

Devout Catholic? Joe Biden Blows Off Pope to Handle Left's Long-Lasting Disaster
Post Date: 2021-10-31 11:31:57 by BTP Holdings
Devout Catholic? Joe Biden Blows Off Pope to Handle Left's Long- Lasting Disaster By Jack Gist October 28, 2021 at 2:41pm Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other leftist politicians who ardently support abortion claim to be devout Catholics. The country just isn’t ready for political leaders who are professed atheists or worse. Oftentimes, enemies seek refuge in plain sight. Every so often, though, these enemies tip their hands. When the president of the United States, only the second Catholic president in the history of the nation, blows off the pope, it’s a sure sign his priorities are not with sacred things. Biden reportedly delayed his meeting with Pope Francis in Rome in a ...

COVID For Amish: Herd Immunity Achieved With No Hospitalizations, Isolation, or Vaccines
Post Date: 2021-10-25 09:42:58 by Ada
g Reports from Amish country reveal the notoriously anti-modern community achieved herd immunity without isolating, going to the hospital, or taking the experimental COVID injection. Investigative reporter Sheryl Attkisson interviewed Mennonites of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, earlier this month to find out how they dealt with the COVID pandemic — and their responses were stunning. Mennonite Calvin Lapp explained to Attkisson that their traditionalist Christian culture primed them to resist the government’s heavy-handed and largely unscientific public health measures. “There’s three things the Amish don’t like,” Lapp said. “And that’s ...

The Drivers Of Empire Want To Rule As Greek Gods
Post Date: 2021-10-20 10:14:08 by Ada
Power is the ability to control what happens. The more control you have, the more powerful you are. That’s why power is like crack for the ego. Egos are all about control; obtaining safety and security so as to ensure the survival and success of one particular human organism. The impulse to exert control over our surroundings is why our recently-evolved brains create egos in the first place. The more tightly clenched the ego, the greater the desire for control. This can manifest as trying to dominate one’s family and romantic partner with greater and greater totality. It can manifest as starting a cult. It can manifest as trying to shore up massive amounts of wealth. And it ...

Here Are All The Headlines The Babylon Bee Would Have Written If We Were Around In Bible Times
Post Date: 2021-10-05 10:54:52 by Ada
Sadly, The Babylon Bee has only been around for five years, which is 5,995 fewer years than the Earth has been around. Had we existed during Bible times, we definitely would have had some hilarious, scathing headlines to cover all the events that happened in ancient Israel and beyond. But we wanted to bless you. We went back through the Bible archives and came up with our best headlines for what happened in the Bible. Here they are: OLD TESTAMENT Closed-Minded God Only Creates Two Genders Crazy Young-Earth Creationist Adam Claims Earth Is Only 7 Days Old Bigot Noah Only Allows Two Genders of Each Animal on Ark Work On Tower Of Babel Near Completion, Grbizt Mcbkd Flimadpt ...

Literally, Nothing Short of Dying is Half as Lonesome as This Sound
Post Date: 2021-10-03 09:06:24 by Ada
I write this from a coffee shop in Nigeria, Sunday morning. The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for desert. I don’t drink beer, as a rule, but God help me Jesus, it is autumn and we are all on a rollercoaster into the mouth of hell, just as those six million rode the rollercoaster into the incinerator. A recent truthful book I’ve read from the honest Jews described the rollercoaster into the incinerator as more of a log ride, like Splash Mountain at Disney Land, or the log ride I used to go to at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, when I was a boy. Cedar Point will be completely cashless by 2022, because too many children are getting the deadly ...

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