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World's "SECRET" Religion
Post Date: 2021-05-09 09:13:16 by noone222
Poster Comment:I'll let those wishing to have eyes that actually see and ears hoping to hear the truth as to how we are manipulated by "a monolithic" and evil system that enjoys control over everything on earth.

Brave New Cancel Culture World
Post Date: 2021-05-05 09:18:31 by Ada
In 2020, we saw the enshrinement of techno-feudalism – one of the overarching themes of my latest book, Raging Twenties. In lightning speed, the techno-feudalism virus is metastasizing into an even more lethal, wilderness of mirrors variant, where cancel culture is enforced by Big Tech all across the spectrum, science is routinely debased as fake news in social media, and the average citizen is discombobulated to the point of lobotomy. Giorgio Agamben has defined it as a new totalitarianism. Top political analyst Alastair Crooke has attempted a sharp breakdown of the broader configuration. Geopoliticallly, the Hegemon would even resort to 5G war to maintain its primacy, while ...

Holy Fire descends in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (VIDEO)
Post Date: 2021-05-02 10:52:58 by Ada
Orthodox Christian worshippers attend the Holy Fire ceremony amid eased coronavirus restrictions at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City. The Holy Fire appeared in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, a day before Orthodox Easter. With Israel easing Covid-19 restrictions, hundreds of worshipers flocked to the church for the ceremony. Orthodox Christians believe that once a year, blue light emits from the tomb of Jesus Christ deep inside the church. It then turns into a flaming column, which the clerics use to light candles in order to pass the fire to the pilgrims. The ceremony, which symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus, usually ...

UPDATE: Protestors Tear Down Fencing of Seized Alberta Church; Police Respond in Armed Riot Gear
Post Date: 2021-04-12 10:01:04 by Ada
“GraceLife Church in Canada is meeting somewhere, we don’t know where,” related veteran Pastor John MacArthur to his thousands-strong Los Angeles-based congregation on Sunday, April 11. “Amazing to have an underground church in Canada,” he continued. “This because the Alberta government triple-fenced the church in and locked it so people couldn’t go there.” MacArthur, who is in an ongoing legal battle of his own for keeping the doors of Grace Community Church open despite California Governor Gavin Newsom’s severe lockdown restrictions, received an impassioned letter from Pastor James Coates, following the April 8 seizure of GraceLife Church, ...

Canada: Female-Led 5 Cop Brigade Attempts to Bully Pastor and Shut Down Easter Service
Post Date: 2021-04-05 09:42:04 by Ada
In a video that is shockingly still up on Facebook, scumbag cops are seen disrupting an Easter Sunday church service in Calgary, Canada. Polish Pastor Artur Pawlowski calls them “gestapo Nazi communist fascists.” I think one of those terms might apply. Anyway, whatever – Poles gonna Pole, but he is apparently the only pastor in Canada with the nerve to hold Easter Sunday Passover services, so I don’t really care if he’s defaming a bunch of dead Germans. I’m also not going to go into some thing about how Adolf Hitler never would have shut down a church (but obviously, he wouldn’t have). The police issued a statement on the assault on the church. ...

Christ is Risen!
Post Date: 2021-04-04 22:22:10 by Ada
Today is Easter Sunday. I always post something on Easter, to commemorate the Holy Day. I am late posting today, because I decided to take my own half day off, to rest. I prefer to write holy day materials on the day itself, as I believe there is a special sort of spiritual energy going around on these days, which I should be happy to tap into. Today, the thing closest to the front of my brain is the fact that last year, President Donald Trump said that we would end the lockdown on Easter. This date, one year ago today, was continually cited by Trump, with the media continually saying that it was impossible. Needless to say, we did not reopen on Easter. We are now a year out from ...

An Easter Hallelujah - Cassandra Star & her sister Callahan
Post Date: 2021-04-02 15:18:04 by AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt
An Easter Hallelujah - Cassandra Star & her sister Callahan Cassandra Star Armstrong Cassandra Star (10) & her big sister Callahan (19) sing this beautiful & meaningful Easter version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. These Easter lyrics were written by Kelley Mooney, the piano track was arranged by Jeff Buckley of Karaoke Studios & the recording by Maverick Judson of MJ Interactive. *especially for her Nana who needs extra love & prayers right now.... this is her favourite song and dedicated to her with love. Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:If someone could post the video, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Isaiah 53 King James Bible The Suffering Servant ...

The Problem Isn’t Human Nature, The Problem Is A Few Manipulative Sociopaths
Post Date: 2021-03-30 10:32:18 by Ada
The Principia Discordia is the primary text of Discordianism, which has been described as either an elaborate joke disguised as a religion or a religion disguised as an elaborate joke, depending on who you ask. One section describes a short dialogue between the Principia‘s author “Malaclypse the Younger” (Mal-2) and “the Goddess”, who speaks to him through a radio: Click for Full Text!

Virginia’s Religious Left
Post Date: 2021-03-30 10:17:34 by Ada
Woke evangelicals and their strange bedfellows Last week it was announced that Jemar Tisby, one of the biggest names in progressive evangelicalism, was joining Ibram Kendi’s Antiracism Center at Boston University. Many Protestant churches took up reading Tisby’s books in the last couple of years to make sense of the nation’s racial reckoning, and while political conservatives might see in this a worrying Christian capitulation to left-wing cultural politics, the opposite is more likely: a theological gloss on them. The spread of progressive evangelicalism is one of the most important developments in the American religious landscape today. The denominations where ...

Professor who refused school order on transgender student’s pronouns wins in court
Post Date: 2021-03-28 10:41:10 by Ada
An Ohio college professor who resisted his school’s orders to go along with transgender students’ preferred pronouns has won his First Amendment case before a federal appeals court. In a unanimous ruling, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Shawnee State University violated Prof. Nicholas Meriwether’s rights of free speech and free exercise of religion by punishing him for resisting school rules that forced him to address students in the terms of their choosing. Meriwether, a philosophy professor and devout Christian, sued Shawnee State, claiming that its mandate to use terms that conflict with biology infringed on his religious belief that gender is fixed from ...

USA Today: Christian Values Are “Archaic”; Oral Roberts U. Should Be Banned
Post Date: 2021-03-26 09:32:51 by Ada
Proving again that there’s no one as illiberal as a liberal and giving new meaning to the term “March Madness,” USA Today’s For the Win publication is calling for Oral Roberts University (ORU) to be banned from NCAA competition. The paper complains that the Christian sense of virtue the school upholds is “archaic.” (Is that a bad thing?) As LifeNews reports: With “archaic” rules that are wildly out of touch with modern society … Oral Roberts, which has already upset Ohio State and Florida, is definitely not the feel-good March Madness story we need, writes [For the Win’s] Hemal Jhaveri, the “race and inclusion editor.” (Yeah, ...

On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier
Post Date: 2021-03-21 10:29:00 by Ada
A closer look at the class that mocks. Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? And why will they defend this ill-founded position with such vehemence? History catalogues the machinations of liars, thieves, bullies and narcissists and their devastating effects. In modern times too, evidence of corruption and extraordinary deceptions abound. We know, without question, that politicians lie and hide their connections and that corporations routinely display utter contempt for moral norms – that corruption surrounds us. We know that revolving doors ...

Attacked spas had been targeted by prostitution stings
Post Date: 2021-03-20 13:16:14 by Ada
ATLANTA (AP) — Two Atlanta area massage businesses where a gunman waged a deadly assault this week had been repeatedly targeted in police prostitution investigations over the years, raising questions about the mayor's earlier comments that the spas operated legally. Police records show officers went to the businesses repeatedly in the past 10 years, which appears to contradict Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' statement that officers in her city had not been to the businesses beyond a minor potential theft and that they were not “on the radar” of police. Bottoms added that she did not want to blame the victims. Robert Aaron Long, 21, is charged with killing four women at ...

You are Now Seeing the Beginnings of the Normalization of Pedophilia
Post Date: 2021-03-13 08:56:50 by Ada
The transgender movement is a stage in a progression to remove all limits on sexual behavior, and this will include sex with children. Up until now, while all sorts of sexual perversions have been running wild, sex with children has been a sacred cow, the single thing that is out of bounds. However, the guard rails around this were designed to break, and you’re now watching that happen. Only a holy man can slaughter a sacred cow, and trannies have been made into a group of people who are totally above any form of sexual reproach. It is thus that the tranny phenomenon was designed as a pathway to the normalization of pedophilia. We think of trannies generally as homosexuals. ...

The Pope-Sistani Riddle
Post Date: 2021-03-11 08:25:46 by Ada
By any historical measure, it was a game-changer: the first meeting since the 7th century between a Roman Catholic Pope and a Shiite spiritual leader regarded as a “source of emulation.” It will take a long time to assess the full implications of the immensely intriguing 50-minute face-to-face conversation, with interpreters only, between Pope Francis and Grand Ayatollah Sistani at his humble home in a Najaf alley near the dazzling Imam Ali shrine. An avowedly imperfect parallel is that for the Shiite community of the faithful, Najaf is as pregnant with meaning as Jerusalem is for Christianity. The official Vatican spin is that Pope Francis went on a carefully choreographed ...

Anti-Pope Visits Middle East for Satanic Ceremony at Ancient Sumerian Temple
Post Date: 2021-03-08 09:14:30 by Ada
People used to talk about Barack Obama going on an “apology tour” to apologize for the supposed historical sins of the United States all around the world. Well, the alleged “Pope” is now apologizing for the Crusades, and labeling them “blasphemy.” Reuters: Pope Francis walked down a narrow alleyway in the holy city of Najav to hold a historic meeting with Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric and visited the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham on Saturday to condemn violence in the name of God as “the greatest blasphemy”. The inter-religious events, one in a dusty, built-up city and the other on a desert plain 200 km (125 miles) away, reinforced ...

Is Your Cat Actually Satan? 9 Things To Look For
Post Date: 2021-03-01 15:02:14 by Esso
If you’re like most people, you’re probably worried your cat is a spawn from hell. We consulted our Bibles and prayed really hard, and God revealed to us these hints that your cat is actually Satan himself. Here are the signs to look for: 1. Weird slit snake eyes -- Alone this isn't a huge deal, but coupled with the other signs, it could be bad. Keep reading. 2. Sharp hidden weapons in paws -- This is a telltale sign. 3. Always lands on feet as if by witchcraft -- You should be worried. 4. Vibrates with evil when touched -- Evil vibrations are a bad sign. 5. Has pointed ears like devil horns -- Should be obvious, but keep an eye out for this one. 6. Sudden outbursts of ...

Hunt for the Great White Speech Criminal
Post Date: 2021-02-14 08:49:42 by Ada
Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021 He might be a homosexual Jew, but Glenn Greenwald is a legend and a hero, and his recent piece ripping apart the hall monitor censorship beat of the mainstream media is the article of the year. Most importantly, it inspired me to write the funniest article of the year, “Suspicions of Racial Bias Abound After Illinois Trampoline Park Cancels Teen Night.” If you look out at the media landscape, there is virtually no one willing to tell the truth, and Glenn always does. I would even say he’s better than Tucker Carlson, because Tucker Carlson, wittingly or not, puts out State Department and Israeli government propaganda ...

The Southern Poverty Law Center's New 2020 Hate Map Is Fake News
Post Date: 2021-02-03 08:53:12 by Ada
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seems to be enjoying a small resurgence of attention from the mainstream media since the January 6th Capitol protests. Various scandals, both financial and moral, have largely discredited the SPLC across the political spectrum. Most of its most competent and high profile members like Richard Cohen, Heidi Beirich and Rhonda Brownstein have left the organization, while their "hate group" designations are largely dismissed as meaningless outside of very small circles of Antifa activists and tech censors. Recently, it updated its infamous "Hate Map" for 2020. The map claims that there are 838 active "hate groups" operating ...

Federal Court Delivers Huge Loss for Trans Agenda, Win for Religious Liberty
Post Date: 2021-01-24 17:26:02 by BTP Holdings
Federal Court Delivers Huge Loss for Trans Agenda, Win for Religious Liberty By C. Douglas Golden Published January 22, 2021 at 10:24am In a major victory for religious liberty, a federal court in North Dakota has struck down an Obamacare mandate that required doctors and other health care professionals to perform gender reassignment surgery. The Tuesday decision, delivered on the day before President Joe Biden began his presidential term, could complicate the new president’s focus on transgender rights. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Judge Peter D. Welte of the District of North Dakota ruled on the side of two Catholic groups that challenged the Department of Health and ...

Just Because The System Is Stacked Against You Doesn’t Mean The Universe Is
Post Date: 2021-01-13 09:56:51 by Ada
It’s intense right now. Damn intense. Especially in America. Liberals and progressives fear their nation is on the brink of a violent fascist uprising and civil war, and the mass media are happily feeding into that fear. Rightists are outraged over internet censorship and the belief that their democracy has been taken over by Deep State ChiComs (or whatever they’re on about at the moment). People who don’t buy into any particular partisan perspective are being shrieked at by those who do for their refusal to move with the herd. Wherever you’re at on the political spectrum, it’s intense. And it’s scary. And that’s just the latest development in what ...

Thousands of Christians Put Faith Before Government Mandates To Honor Centuries-Old Traditions
Post Date: 2021-01-07 20:40:52 by BTP Holdings
Thousands of Christians Put Faith Before Government Mandates To Honor Centuries-Old Traditions Citizens of the mountain town of Kalofer in central Bulgaria, clad in traditional garments, stand in the icy Tundzha River in an old ritual marking the feast of Epiphany on Jan. 6, 2021. (Valentina Petrova / AP) By The Associated Press Published January 6, 2021 at 7:26am Thousands of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria on Wednesday defied warnings issued by government authorities to avoid mass gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic and kept instead to their centuries- old Epiphany traditions. Young men plunged into the icy waters of rivers and lakes across Bulgaria to retrieve crucifixes ...

Franklin Graham: ‘Wicked agenda’ if Democrats win Georgia Senate runoffs
Post Date: 2021-01-06 12:57:15 by BTP Holdings
Franklin Graham: ‘Wicked agenda’ if Democrats win Georgia Senate runoffs January 6, 2021 | Mark Hale Rev. Franklin Graham contended that the “soul” of America is at stake in Tuesday’s Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs. “Christians who believe the Bible and live in Georgia — the soul of our nation is at stake. I ask you to rally God’s army to PRAY and VOTE in this run-off for the Senate,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post last week. “There will not be another chance to get this right,” he added. “The Senate is the last line of defense to block the radical, wicked agenda that is trying to take control of our nation.” The preacher ...

Be Merry on Christmas, Because a Child was Born in Bethlehem and the Truth Will Set You Free
Post Date: 2020-12-31 08:11:48 by Ada
[Editor’s note: I wrote this piece, mostly in its entirety, on Christmas Day. But it needed to be cleaned up, and I had places to be and people to see, so it is finally getting published now. But hey – it’s before the New Year, and still in the Christmas celebratory period. Further, this is information that applies any time of the year, it is simply that we take time at Christmas to make a point to remember it.] It’s Christmas and we are merry. But why are we merry? We are merry because God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. I work every single day of the year, and ...

Beware the New Alt-Right Media
Post Date: 2020-12-30 11:42:01 by Ada
Let us examine the case of the Mainstream media anti-Trump rhetoric and preaching the values of the establishment that we can come to know as a fascist alliance of mega-corporations, bankers, and the deep-state. Clearly, this position taken by the fore-mentioned has given rise to new media such as NTD, Epoch Times, OAN, and NewsMax as alternatives for those who are alienated by the mainstream establishment. I would now like for us to examine exactly who these New Media players are, where they came from – and more importantly, what their agendas are. NTD is also known as NTD TV, (New Tang Dynasty) and is an anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) platform created by the followers of ...

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