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Embrace the Person to get rid of it. Give the IRS what they want Strawman Freeman sovereign
Post Date: 2020-01-14 08:05:46 by BTP Holdings
If you're a person then you can deduct as a person.

Pengunite yo 4 hours?
Post Date: 2020-01-11 18:20:46 by titorite
Hey there overlord. We used to have 8 hours to edit our stuff. Just noticed during an over look that it has been reduced to 4 hours. Any reason for that? Personally. Ive always wished for 24 hours to edit. A day seems fair to me but th3 standard was 8 and i was ok with that. Nowits 4 hoers. Four. Ok well thats your3 opinion man But if we can't make it 24 hours can we at least keep it at eight? Rarely have I ever done something breaking newsworthy but on occasion ive been privileged. Justin carter remains a freeman. Others here do stuff too. Just saying 8 hours seems more generous and better than 4... still i would like to advocate for a senable 24 hour cycle. For correction ajd ...

Marty Haggard sings "Mama's Hungry Eyes" on Country's Family Reunion
Post Date: 2020-01-05 17:44:46 by BTP Holdings
Hey Y’all, it’s THROWBACK THURSDAY! This week we pay tribute to the late great Merle Haggard. Here is Merle’s eldest son, Marty Haggard singing "Mama's Hungry Eyes" on Country's Family Reunion's Tribute to Merle Haggard. See where country legacy lives in FULL episodes at www.CountryRoad.TV

Post Date: 2019-12-29 17:22:39 by BTP Holdings

Active Retention in Blackhawk T-Series
Post Date: 2019-12-25 16:06:03 by BTP Holdings
If you are looking for a great balance between rapid deployment and active retention in an outside-the-waistband holster, take a look at the Blackhawk T-series! This polymer holster rides outside the waistband and includes a thumb-operated retention lever. The release lever is positioned between the holster and the body and is protected by a pair of “ears” that will stop unauthorized access. Use of the holster is very intuitive, and it really appears that the chances of accidental or unauthorized activation are reduced to near zero. The downside of the holster is that this actuating lever needs some room, thus adding about half an inch to the thickness of the holster as it ...

Beached in Nha Trang
Post Date: 2019-12-24 08:59:51 by Ada
Nha Trang, 2019 Last month, I frowned on those who are drawn to the vagabond, rootless lifestyle, who think it is ideal to move from hotel room to hotel room. Guess what? I’ve joined them. Life is goofy that way. After my mother-in-law threatened to stab me more than ten times, I left Saigon and stayed in Vung Tau for over a month. Days ago, I took a 11-hour bus ride to Ea Kly, where I still had my stuff. Arriving at 3AM, I was out of that hill town by 6:30. With a backpack and two bags, I paid $4 to travel 88 miles to Nha Trang, via two vans. You can’t even go half a mile in a NYC cab on that. In the first van, our legroom was severely trimmed by bundles of bamboo rods, laid ...

Marty Robbins - - Medley on the Grand Ole Opry
Post Date: 2019-12-15 09:21:57 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:I had the chance to see Marty Robbins in concert before he passed away and I did not get to go. It is one of the biggest heart breaks in my life.

The Enemy Below (1957)| Full Movie
Post Date: 2019-12-08 16:37:06 by BTP Holdings
The Enemy Below is a 1957 DeLuxe Color war film in CinemaScope, which tells the story of the battle between an American destroyer escort and a German U-boat during World War II. The movie stars Robert Mitchum and Curt Jürgens as the American and German commanding officers, respectively, and was directed and produced by Dick Powell.

Corpses in Ocean
Post Date: 2019-12-08 09:10:01 by Ada
I’m renting a hotel room in Vung Tau for $130 a month. For just $22 more, I could have had an air conditioner, but I don’t need it. Even the electric fan is often turned off. I have a TV, which I don’t watch. I’ve always preferred silence. I’m two minutes away from Mulberry Beach, the least popular in Vung Tau, so often, I find myself swimming alone, or with just a handful of others. Just offshore, there are small fishing boats and freight ships. A fisherman may float on just a woven basket, or paddle his tiny rowboat with his feet. Standing in shallows, bronzed men cast nylon nets. Onshore, there are restaurants and hotels, mostly modest if not shabby, but still ...

Sturmgewehr 44
Post Date: 2019-12-06 22:36:52 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:This video has over 4,356,000 views on You Tube.

Del Reeves Looking at the World Through a Windshield
Post Date: 2019-12-06 07:44:48 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:I've seen an awful lot of the country thru a windshield.

Hey Dakkie, I'm putting down your deposit for a Tesla CyberTruck!
Post Date: 2019-12-03 21:01:20 by Esso
OK buddy, you're on the hook now. Well, not really. C'mon gearhead, tell me how this is the greatest thing ever. My hands are so f*cked up from whatever, let"s fight & f*ck around, brutha! Poster Comment:C'mon gearhead, tell me how this is the greatest thing ever. My hands are so f*cked up from whatever, let"s fight & f*ck around, brutha!

Stupidity Reigns Supreme
Post Date: 2019-12-02 09:37:17 by Ada
No use piling on where Prince Andrew is concerned. It’s not the end of the world, and he’s not among the brightest, either. Back in the summer of 2007, in Saint-Tropez, I had a boatload of guests and we all went to a party given by the Rubin family in their villa. It was a very gay night, in the old-fashioned meaning of the word “gay,” and soon we were joined by a slutty-looking beauty from the Far East and the prince with the highest IQ on the planet, Andrew. He was polite but distant, concentrating on the slutty beauty. That’s when I told my friend Debbie Bismarck that Andy had no chance. “Just watch me,” I said. I inched myself close to the babe in ...

Jonathan Harris on Biography
Post Date: 2019-12-02 06:54:14 by BTP Holdings
Jonathan Harris on Biography. Seems this is not easy to find. Jonathan was a friend of mine and after he passed away, his wife Gertrude was kind enough to let me know this episode of Biography would be featuring her late, great husband. Jonathan Harris was very much like the character you see on TV, but very gracious and considerate. I was fortunate to have him in my life and miss him a great deal.

Ghost Riders (In the Sky) - Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash
Post Date: 2019-12-01 14:01:10 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:RIP Johnny

Recently Pardoned Turkey Found Dead After Claiming To Have Dirt On Hillary Clinton
Post Date: 2019-11-28 19:39:40 by Bill D Berger
WASHINGTON, D.C.—A turkey recently pardoned by President Trump was found dead after claiming to have dirt on the Clintons, sources at the FBI confirmed today. The official cause of death was suicide, though the bullet wounds were in the back of the turkey's head and the bird lacked opposable thumbs with which to operate a firearm.The turkey had been publicly pardoned for the crime of being delicious and set free by Trump in a popular White House Thanksgiving tradition. Shortly after being released, the turkey confirmed its possession of "credible" information that would lead to the indictment of Hillary Clinton, posting on the bird's social media account ...

25 Family Guy Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV
Post Date: 2019-11-24 13:59:02 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:ROTFLMAO!

Anybody hear this? "Venice Drowned" this week
Post Date: 2019-11-15 11:49:28 by NeoconsNailed
As a city built atop a lagoon, Venice is no stranger to flooding. But there’s regular flooding, and then there’s whatever the heck happened this week. Following atrocious weather on Tuesday, the water level started rising in Venice. By the time it stopped, the waters had risen 187cm, the second worst flood the city has ever experienced.The result was a city that was basically drowning. Historic plazas were flooded, while centuries’ old buildings sustained heavy damage. Images were broadcast around the world of people forced to walk across precarious wooden walkways to avoid the floodwaters. Despite this, at least two deaths have so far been recorded.The waters still ...

purely fun mechanical visuals
Post Date: 2019-11-10 15:41:38 by NeoconsNailed
Poster Comment:If anybody can identify the one at the time I'll make it worth their while. 2- way version: 4e72a6352/large.JPG Surely 'Left Handed Smoke Shifter' can't be it.

Good Link Free Movies (Recent releases)
Post Date: 2019-11-06 18:17:42 by noone222
The Link above is one of the movies. It's Title is "Official Secrets" ! I'm watching this one right now.

Daily Wire Founder Says Conservatism is About ‘Conserving Liberalism’
Post Date: 2019-10-31 09:38:29 by Ada
Wait, what? Daily Wire Founder Says Conservatism is About 'Conserving Liberalism' Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing says that conservatism in 2019 is about conserving “American liberalism.” Boreing was responding to the controversy over followers of Nick Fuentes crashing a Turning Point USA event to grill Charlie Kirk on why conservatives appear to be embracing degeneracy and LGBT politics. “What these retrograde losers don’t understand is that what American conservatives want to conserve is American liberalism,” tweeted Boreing. Click for Full Text!

“Big Mother”: the Decline of Men and . . . Truth-telling
Post Date: 2019-10-31 09:25:43 by Ada
The speed of social change in the modern era, and in particular in the contemporary West, is so rapid that we all are liable to feel a bit lost. A recent example of this was provided by none other than Hillary Clinton, that most “progressive” representative of global oligarchy. You see, the 71-year-old Clinton, whose presidential campaign was premised on making history as the first female presidency, still believes in biological sex: In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman, to which Chelsea replied emphatically, ‘Yes.’ However, as Aitkenhead describes it, Hillary ...

Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Found Dead of Apparent Suicide
Post Date: 2019-10-24 08:41:47 by Ada
New York Times October 24, 2019 The presidential campaign of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) came to an abrupt end Wednesday night when she was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, an apparent suicide. Gabbard’s body was discovered in the early hours of Thursday morning in her D.C. apartment. Neighbors said that they heard two gunshots in rapid succession, and medical examiners report that she sustained two bullet holes to her head, which the D.C. Police Department called “a classic suicide.” Congressman Gabbard had recently been involved in a high profile spat with Hillary Clinton, who had accused the late Congresswoman of being a Russian spy. Gabbard had, in turn, ...

"Laudate Dominum"; Vesperae solennes de Confessore; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Post Date: 2019-10-18 18:51:46 by NeoconsNailed
Song 5. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Ps. 116/117) Artist El+na Garan a, Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken, Karel Mark Chichon, Latvian Radio Choir Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Deutsche Grammophon (DG)); LatinAutor, Public Domain Compositions, and 1 Music Rights Societies Click for Full Text! Poster Comment:Turn it up!

Messiaen - Turangalîla Symphonie - 5th Movt "Joie du Sang des Étoiles"
Post Date: 2019-10-18 18:25:48 by NeoconsNailed
"Pierre Laurent Aimard, Cynthia Millar, Andrew Davis, and the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain play Messiaen's Turangalîla Symphonie, 5th Movt "Joy of the Blood of the Stars" at the 2001 Proms. In my opinion, the one is better than the one with Donohoe/Loriod/Rattle."

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