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Public laundry
Post Date: 2023-10-19 16:06:32 by titorite
I wanna be chatty. You have my momas ashes. My rife machines, my son, come on , you're no shrew. You don't hold grudges, you never talked ahit about drowning my cat Daisy , WHICH I DID NOT DO AND SHE LIVES TO THIS DAY YOU PRICK., excuse me. I mean, l live, she lives, you loves, our SON LIVES!!. Just saying. I wanna consolidate a broken heart here if you don't mind. If my Editoral was boring to anyone. Please feel free to ignore.

Ron Paul: A New House Speaker Won't Solve The Bigger Problem
Post Date: 2023-10-18 14:03:25 by Horse
Our biggest problem is our financial and moral bankruptcy, which has been brewing for over 100 years since the creation of the Fed and the rise of the Progressive era... Poster Comment:They did set America on a path to destruction. Interesting to wee what Americans have to do to survive.

The satire site Babylon Bee’s fight against New York’s insane online speech law is not funny
Post Date: 2023-10-01 10:36:24 by Ada
Let’s hear it for satire: An important amicus brief has been filed on behalf of funny fake-news outlet the Babylon Bee in a crucial First Amendment case working its way through New York’s courts, with free- speech legend and UCLA prof Eugene Volokh, social video platform Rumble and creators app Locals among those filing briefs in support. To recap: Last year, New York state passed a nakedly unconstitutional law aimed at restricting certain kinds of online speech. Namely, that which tries to “vilify, humiliate, or incite violence against a group” over “race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender ...

Canceling Reality
Post Date: 2023-08-23 15:35:40 by riotus
Those who predicted social degeneracy with the rise of the rabid transgender movement were dismissed as hate-filled doom merchants. Alleged fearmongers who warned the world about the dangers of recognizing Trans-life, might equate to those opposing pedophilia today. If you were to suggest that a man merely professing his womanhood could infiltrate women’s sports, on every level, and erase historical benchmarks and records, you’d be mad. Arguing that elementary schools would be sexualized and libraries a forum for flamboyant trans queens, would be preposterous. A debaucherous trans lifestyle has not only subverted sports and academia, but has taken a foothold in the workplace, ...

Patient 22
Post Date: 2023-08-13 12:44:21 by riotus
A man’s entire existence is teetering on the sharp and unforgiving cusp of absolute peril. He may be suicidal or possibly homicidal, and each day he balances himself on this nearing precipice, he grows dangerously close to collapsing in on himself. He is mentally disturbed, and someone, anyone, with an advanced degree of psychotherapy must intervene, pronto. This wretched soul has been engulfed by a twisted psychosis of his own making and languishes in this awful prison until he receives treatment. Moving forward, this pathetic affront to normalcy shall be warmly referred to as Patient 22. Patient 22 It seems that those who oscillate among the highest echelon have conferred and with ...

Vivek Ramaswamy Dives Into Swamp Land
Post Date: 2023-08-04 12:03:41 by Ada
Did the presidential candidate really say that about 9/11? Vivek Ramaswamy is rising in the GOP presidential polls, which is a credit to his energy and message of U.S. revival. But as he garners more attention, an obvious line of attack on the 37-year-old entrepreneur is that he’s too young and inexperienced. All the more reason for him to avoid wading into the political fever swamps, alienating voters who might otherwise give him a serious look. A case in point was his response this week to a question about whether the 9/11 attack was an “inside job or exactly how the government tells us?” Mr. Ramaswamy should have run away from that one, if not right out the interview ...

Op-Ed: Political Pressure On Biden Family Is Working
Post Date: 2023-07-30 13:11:33 by BTP Holdings
Op-Ed: Political Pressure On Biden Family Is Working July 29, 2023 The Washington Examiner has a message for its readers: Don't give up. Stay the course, even though liberals don't want you to. Now is not the time for giving up if you're a conservative. It's the time for fighting. Why? Because for the first time in what seems like a long time, it's WORKING. President Joe Biden and his family were expecting to be off of the hook for Hunter Biden's crimes by now. After all, it had worked every other time Hunter wanted to break the law. He'd just have Daddy cover it up for him. If you really expect me to believe that there's zero coincidence between ...

Opinion | The Political Dead-End Abortion Foes Should Avoid
Post Date: 2023-07-25 08:16:56 by BTP Holdings
Opinion | The Political Dead-End Abortion Foes Should Avoid It might seem like a contradiction for those who oppose abortion, but it’s the only way to avoid a disastrous political dead-end. Protesters demonstrate against abortion pills outside of the Supreme Court on April 21, 2023, ahead of an abortion pill announcement by the court in Washington. Protesters demonstrate against abortion pills outside of the Supreme Court in April, ahead of an abortion pill decision by the court. The availability of mifepristone forces Republicans to answer an uncomfortable question: Who is the criminal when a woman induces her own abortion? | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo Opinion by JAMIE CORLEY 0 ...

A woman’s guide to Dating
Post Date: 2023-07-23 21:33:28 by riotus
Too many good sub-adult men have been misled by toxic pop-culture misinformation and live a lonely existence devoid of a proper male role model. A biological father is a vital part of a young man’s march to adulthood and either aids in fomenting his success or is complicit in his failure. Unfortunately, many boys are forced to grow up fatherless, due to an untimely demise or an all too often absent parent. When a young man is doomed to traverse the planet in such a rudderless state, he is ignorant of so many fundamental laws, particularly those that regard the fairer sex. A man might never fully grasp the entire manic mindset of a woman, but must still be aware of some essential, ...

Bigotry 4 Loserz: Why the race card is a worthless commodity
Post Date: 2023-07-19 18:15:16 by riotus
Bigotry or racism has zero in common with equality and only holds value amongst the inept. A free society will not guarantee equality but may condemn bigotry and racism because they are not mutually exclusive. To discriminate based on color is as intelligent as suggesting everyone is equal and both have fatal ramifications in a free society. Only an authoritarian government can rid a population of hate, while amongst a prosperous and sovereign citizenry, imbibing hate or applying indiscriminate adulation is generally a net negative. A populace that is governed by a free market isn’t afforded the liberty to discriminate based on anything other than performance or merit. A competitive ...

The IRS Makes Another House Call
Post Date: 2023-06-18 10:16:31 by Ada
The House GOP wants to know about the case of the talented ‘Bill Haus.’ Democrats and the media are deriding the House GOP’s probe into abuses by government agencies. But we’re glad Republicans are on the case, in particular regarding the Internal Revenue Service. In a Friday letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan demands answers about a bizarre and disturbing IRS house call. The letter recounts that on April 25 a Marion, Ohio, taxpayer received a visit from a man who claimed his name was “Bill Haus” and worked in the IRS criminal division. Mr. Haus said he needed to talk to her about an estate for which she was the ...

The Race 2 Extinction
Post Date: 2023-06-17 14:01:42 by zerro

America Has Been Overthrown in a Coup
Post Date: 2023-06-11 06:44:39 by Ada
As I said, Fox News is part of the shutdown of truth operation. Fox News took Tucker Carlson off the air but keeps him under contract in order to keep him silenced. www.rt.com/news/577677-fox-new-silence- tucker-carlson/ Meanwhile the presstitutes institutionalize more official lies blaming Russia for blowing up its own damn, and the corrupt Justice (sic) Department is preparing criminal charges against President Trump for retaining secret files at his private residence after leaving office in 2021. Trump will, of course, be convicted in the media. The Establishment has sent the message via their Democrat henchmen that it is perilous for any politician to attempt to represent the people. ...

Don't piece me
Post Date: 2023-05-20 23:15:38 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:Note the subtle chord changes, the playful tempo! :)

The U.S. Proxy War Against Russia & China Is Increasingly Seen Globally as a Disaster Made by American and NATO Lies
Post Date: 2023-05-01 09:46:38 by Ada
The proxy war in Ukraine is an imperialist adventure that has been financially ruinous, has destroyed Ukraine, and is driving a dangerous all-out war with Russia and China that could turn into a nuclear armageddon. It has become patently obvious to the world that the conflict in Ukraine is a dirty and desperate geopolitical confrontation, despite massive Western media efforts to portray it as something else more noble – the usual charade of chivalry and virtue to disguise naked Western imperialism. The death and destruction in Ukraine is nothing but a proxy war by the United States and its NATO partners to defeat Russia in a strategic gambit. But the unspoken objective does not end ...

Have a Cold Bud Light, Not a Woke One
Post Date: 2023-04-23 10:27:25 by Ada
Anheuser-Busch blundered badly by indulging ESG. Anheuser-Busch is losing customers over Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, but the company’s problem is more fundamental. The brewer has fallen in line with other companies engaged in “stakeholder capitalism,” which prioritizes broad social issues over shareholder value. It wasn’t always this way. I worked at Anheuser-Busch for 11 years, rising to U.S. president of sales and distribution before leaving in 2022. The firm was focused on increasing shareholder value and did so in part by offering a high-quality and, at the time, decidedly apolitical product: Bud Light. In 2018, ...

Banana Republic: Biden’s America Just Joined Seven Other “Sh*thole” Nations by Arresting an Opposition Leader
Post Date: 2023-04-02 11:22:05 by Ada
With the indictment and impending arrest of President Donald Trump on flimsy charges in the state of New York, lots of people have pointed out that America look like a banana republic Why do people make the “banana republic” comparison? Because historically in the U.S., presidents and party leaders don’t get arrested. By contrast, the use of a “novel legal theory” to arrest a declared presidential candidate is substantially more routine in the more, er, “flawed” democracies of the Global South. It’s the sort of behavior that the U.S. has a long history of lecturing other countries about — and don’t worry, they’re definitely happy ...

James Comer shows that the Biden family business is corruption
Post Date: 2023-03-17 11:33:31 by Ada
Bravo to Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) for revealing just how much of a family business Biden, Inc. is. Bank records newly obtained by his House Oversight Committee show that Hunter Biden associate Rob Walker transferred north of $1.3 million in 2017 not only to usual suspects Hunter and presidential little brother Jim but also to daughter-in-law Hallie (son Beau’s widow; Hunter’s brief fling) — plus an unknown simply tagged as “Biden.” The family that gets paid together stays together, it seems. Most of that big chunk of change came from a $3 million transfer from an affiliate of Chinese energy outfit CEFC to Walker. CEFC, now defunct, was one of China’s ...

My grocery store rant
Post Date: 2023-02-19 02:17:57 by titorite
So, I been working the big box store grocery section for a minute now, dairy. Includes milks ,juices, yogurts,eggs, cheeses, and lunch meats, and then, even more. I'm on freaking dude, after a year 32 cent raise ... Thinking about looking at other groceries stores or something. , Even mg building materials gave me a dollar raise after a year., And ya damn eoght I'm worth it... Better than a quarter I guess but still, no. Working on how to handle that While I decompress from the customer, yeah that's you. I know a lane is empty,.and I'm working my best to get to it as quickly as possible

I identify as invisible.
Post Date: 2023-02-19 01:59:18 by titorite
youtu.be /xrUKZ81Wqo8 [Embed]y outu.be/xrUKZ81Wqo8[embed/ ] So basically, I thought I was born visible but later realized I was wrong, I'm team visable, trans-parent , jest like my ex wife.but completely different. Bitch needs to give me back my mom's ashes.anyways, I digress, I now identify as Invisible, my pronouns are who, where and nobody, but not anybody, cause naw,an, that ain't me

Florida Heads Down a Dangerous Road: Ideology First, Science Second
Post Date: 2022-12-30 20:37:49 by octavia
Florida Heads Down a Dangerous COVID Road: Ideology First, Science Second Arthur L. Caplan, PhD DISCLOSURES December 28, 2022 Which scientist is responsible for killing more people than any other in history? Some might nominate J. Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb. Or perhaps Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who left the fortune he built through the discovery of dynamite and then cannon manufacturing to fund the famous Nobel prizes. But it can be argued that the greatest killer in the history of science was a Russian agricultural biologist, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (1898- 1976), quack biologist who served under Joseph Stalin. At least 30 million people died in the ...

Christmas, a Southern Tradition
Post Date: 2022-12-22 11:13:08 by X-15
The ever-widening chasm that separates the North and the South today has a long history with many fissures, but one would hardly consider the celebration of Christmas to be one of them. However, in the years prior to the founding of America’s first English colonies in Virginia and Massachusetts, Christmas was a highly controversial subject in Great Britain, and that controversy was brought to Jamestown and Plymouth in the Seventeenth Century. The disputation surrounding Christmas is actually as old as Christianity itself. During the first two centuries of the Christian era, the church leaders objected to the celebration of the birth of martyrs, including Jesus, contending that the day ...

Okie from Muscogee
Post Date: 2022-11-27 15:53:42 by Dakmar
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooyUiVRR1ss White Lightin is the biggest thrill of all

All Bets Are Off
Post Date: 2022-11-17 19:32:52 by X-15
So after the latest election farce across the pond it is clear that the United States is dead and all that is left are various factions fighting over its corpse. I have watched with some degree of wonder how the same people who were convinced that the 2020 election was stolen then somehow thought that two years later it was going to be any different. The analogy of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown springs to mind. Perhaps for the 2024 presidential election the world should send in election monitors, you know, like the US itself so arrogantly did for several decades to the rest of the world that was outside the “international community”. While sending in scrutineers ...

The Era Of Cheap Food And Cheap Gasoline Is Over
Post Date: 2022-10-14 14:46:00 by X-15
All of our lifestyles are about to change in a major way, but the vast majority of the population still does not understand what is coming. Throughout our entire lives, we have always been able to depend on a couple of things. There would always be cheap gasoline to fuel our vehicles and there would always be mountains of cheap food at the grocery store. No matter who was in the White House and no matter what else was going on in the world, those two things always remained the same. Unfortunately, those days are now over and they aren’t coming back. So you might as well get used to high gas prices. Earlier this month, brand new all-time record highs were set all over southern ...

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