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Post Date: 2016-11-17 09:35:03 by Horse
Until the nationwide protests of the last few days, I had no idea how bad the problem was, but our nation is drowning in drama queenery. The immediate reaction of most celebrities to Trump's victory was: "THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR MY TAKE ON THE ELECTION!” Aaron Sorkin and David Remnick, in matching pink housecoats and fuzzy slippers, wrote hysterical jeremiads about the cataclysm of Trump's election. Sorkin was especially irked that Trump was supported by white men who don't appreciate rap music. As proof that the end was near, he triumphantly reported: "The Dow futures dropped 700 points overnight." After a brief drop, the Dow surged to historic highs, ...

Die Schadenboner
Post Date: 2016-11-16 16:33:06 by X-15
“The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemy, to drive him before you, to rob him of his wealth and possessions, to see his cities in ashes, to see those dear to him bathed in tears, to clasp to your breast his wives and daughters.” ~ Genghis Khan And, yes, some of us are very, very happy right about now. The following, however, is about and largely addressed to those who are very, very unhappy right about now. Modern, young, metrosexual, multicultural, social justice mongering lefties are idiots. They are idiots wherever found, all over the world. They are spoiled children; ill-mannered, ill-bred, weak, ignorant, and stupid. They are historically illiterate. They have no ...

SPLC running scared in wake of Trump victory
Post Date: 2016-11-13 21:58:27 by X-15
The Montgomery (Ala.)-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) appears to be running scared in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning Presidential victory this past Tuesday. Richard Cohen, SPLC President, noted in a statement on the group’s blog on 9 November: “If he means what he says, Mr. Trump must make absolutely clear to them [i.e white nationalists and the alt-right] that neither their ideas nor anyone affiliated with them will have any influence or voice in his administration. That is the first thing he must do to begin binding the wounds of division that his campaign has caused.” Sounds like a very nervous plea to me. Wow! Imagine the reverse. Clinton wins and a ...

Sign of the Times: Progress For What It's Worth (on Trump)
Post Date: 2016-11-12 20:31:28 by X-15
America's founders made it quite clear that America was founded by Whites for Whites. Europeans came to America and they fought the Indians. The White settlers here did not submit to the Indians' atrocities against their women and children. And they did not surrender when they realized that some of the Indians were friendly -- that not every Indian got off on kidnapping White settlers and torturing them to death. They didn't quit when it dawned on them that they would have a hard fight ahead to civilize North America. They fought and civilized the continent, building a country where we today now could live and work, where we could go to school and raise our families in a ...

US-Russia Declining Power and End of Superpowers' Era
Post Date: 2016-11-11 04:58:27 by Tatarewicz
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian political commentator says US and Russia are in decline and now regional powers are rising and reining in world developments, stressing that both Moscow and Washington are vying to reclaim their previous position in the international scene. "…the United States is not anymore a superpower and it is in a dramatic decline and that is what Donald Trump is picking the point,” Dr. Abu-Mohammad Asgarkhani told Basirat Center for Political Studies in a debate on US-Russia relations. He added, "…the term superpower is not anymore relevant to our international system and, to be frank, the international system; its structure, its logic and ...

Dr. David Duke & Pastor Mark Dankof on Magnificant Trump Victory
Post Date: 2016-11-09 21:33:22 by Artisan
Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof discuss the Magnificent victory of Donald Trump against the globalist warmongers and criminals! Poster Comment:Dr. Duke has a very good hour long weekday show which I listen to often. Archives here http://www.renseradioarchives.com/dduke/

my thoughts about it all
Post Date: 2016-11-09 20:26:12 by titorite

An Amazing Victory
Post Date: 2016-11-09 13:17:17 by X-15
This is an amazing victory. Fundamentally, it is a victory of White people over the oligarchic, hostile elites. Trump accomplished a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and won without the support or with only lukewarm and vacillating support from much of the GOP elite. As I have said in several interviews, in May of 2015 I was very despondent about our prospects. It just didn’t seem like we could break through the elite consensus dominating all the high ground—and all the moral high ground—of the U.S., including the media (print, television, and the Hollywood movie industry), the academic world, politics, Wall St., and the CEOs of major corporations. We were ...

US Presidential Election a Race to the Bottom, Says Jill Stein
Post Date: 2016-11-07 05:01:33 by Stephen Lendman
US Presidential Election a Race to the Bottom, says Jill Stein by Stephen Lendman Neither Hillary or Trump represent the interests of ordinary Americans. Stein calls this year’s presidential election “a tipping point moment.” No matter who wins, America’s future looks dark. “Whatever happens, there will be buyer’s remorse…There’s so much angst out there. There’s just so much fear campaigning.” Hillary worries her most, saying “we are not going to get out of here alive with” her and husband Bill back in the White House…”With a Clinton presidency, we’d be declaring war on Russia.” In a recent interview, she ...

No Legitimacy, No Peace
Post Date: 2016-11-07 00:52:37 by X-15
Okay folks, you have seen the circus, it is time to decide whether you are an American or a subject of corruption and, with tail neatly between legs, are willing to accept masters who act like Roman Emperors, casting bread to the peasants, who are too weak and too timid to do a dang thing about it. Yes, I am talking to law enforcement, too. Is this it? The President calling for illegals to VOTE? Is that who we are willing to be? Are we too scared to do something about this lawless cabal occupying the highest seats of our government and make no mistake, whatever government we have allowed to exist is OUR government. I have heard no outrage from the Republicans about this disenfranchisement ...

Open Letter To The Department Of Justice, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation And The NYPD
Post Date: 2016-11-06 23:44:16 by X-15
So much for the whispers about the good people at the FBI and the NYPD finally speaking out for justice and upholding the law, the sanctity of their oaths, how seriously they take it, and all of that other claptrap. You’ve heard the whispers in the great unwashed land where the metro doesn’t run, haven’t you? Your cowardly leader, Mr. Comey, has stated that they did the impossible, reading more than half a million emails in eight days. Nothing to see here, move along folks. Perhaps he’s thinking that this will all go away and he can salvage some sort of life after this. Or that you can. He can’t, and you can’t. You see, little children have been abused, their ...

Why They Hate Us
Post Date: 2016-11-05 20:18:17 by X-15
The other day I turned on Fox News and was presented with Britt Hume opining on the state of conservatism and where it goes after the election. I’m going from memory, but he said something like, “The Conservative Movement was about low taxes, small government, muscular foreign policy and opposition to abortion, among other things.” He then went on to point out that Trump is none of those things and that those issues are not featured in his campaign. What struck me about what he said is there was no trace of self-awareness. No mention of the fact that the Conservative Movement lost on all but the foreign policy stuff, and that has been a disaster. The tax bite has not changed ...

Maintaining Pressure on Hillary
Post Date: 2016-11-04 08:30:25 by Stephen Lendman
Maintaining Pressure on Hillary by Stephen Lendman If anointed to succeed Obama, pressure on Hillary’s wrongdoing won’t end. Likely Republican- controlled House committees will target her relentlessly. So will Senate ones if the GOP maintains control. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Jason Chaffetz (R. UT) called probing Hillary’s public and private record “a target-rich environment.” “Even before we get to day one, we’ve got two years worth of material already lined up,” he said. “She has four years of history at the State Department, and it ain’t good” - plus lots relating to Clinton Foundation ...

How Putin Derailed the West's Grand Project to Remake the World
Post Date: 2016-11-03 07:53:19 by Tatarewicz
RI... The improbable alliance of Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah has checked Washington's grand project to remake the world by erasing borders, liquidating states, and removing strong, secular leaders. “Nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages: The Technetronic Era”, 1971 “I’m going to continue to push for a no-fly zone and safe havens within Syria….not only to help protect the ...

Where's The Media? A BOMBSHELL Is Being Ignored!
Post Date: 2016-11-02 19:15:29 by X-15
So you want to talk to Mark Cuban on the latest Hillary email thing eh? You ought to try someone with a bit of credibility. You see, Mark Cuban is not ignorant and his appearance this morning on CNBC did not contain "mistakes." He was lying. This "newly discovered" laptop is very likely to be literal nuclear waste for Hillary and everyone around her, including the Clinton Foundation and all of Hillary's "advisers" such as Podesta. Mark Cuban said that Huma used Outlook and IMAP (for Yahoo and similar.) True. But then he said this was unlikely to lead to "new" evidence in the form of the emails. That's a lie. It's a lie because Cuban ...

Does Early Voting Show Less Black Support for Hillary Than Expected
Post Date: 2016-11-02 12:41:39 by Stephen Lendman
Does Early Voting Show Less Black Support for Hillary Than Expected? by Stephen Lendman Speaking in North Carolina days earlier, Trump called for a “new deal for Black America…grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education and high-paying jobs.” “Whether you vote for me or not, I will be your greatest champion. We live in a very divided country, and I will be your greatest champion,” he said. It’s hard imagining a billionaire “champion(ing)” anything besides wealth, power and privilege. He’s right saying “(w)e keep electing the same people over and over and over” - promising everything, delivering nothing, Obama, ...

Too Stupid To Rule
Post Date: 2016-11-02 01:52:29 by X-15
Talk to anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you that the stupidity of criminals is a key part of solving crimes. The crooks leave clues and make huge blunders that allow the cops to catch them. Ray-Ray decides he has had enough of Peanut disrespecting him so he walks up to him at a party and starts shooting. Not only are there a million witnesses, Ray-Ray leaves the gun with his fingerprints and brags to his buddies latter that he just dusted Peanut at a party. It’s not a hard case to solve because Ray-Ray is a moron. That comes to mind when reading the stories about the Clinton secret e-mail caper. We have enough of the details at this stage to have a rough idea how we got ...

More Than Arrogance
Post Date: 2016-11-01 19:02:53 by X-15
Forget Trump, he is not the issue, because the issue is bigger than the election that is driving it. There is only one true candidate in this election and it is called accountable government and a vote for Hillary is a vote against accountable government. Just over the email scandal the Attorney General of the United States, one of the most important offices in the government as it pertains to individuals, has demonstrated a lack of integrity by taking a meeting with Bill Clinton, the husband of the would be defendant, at a Phoenix airport. The next day, James Comey Director of the FBI, a direct subordinate of the Attorney General, obstructed justice by ignoring obvious felonies committed ...

Thoughts On Comey And The FBI
Post Date: 2016-10-31 15:48:53 by X-15
Let's talk about Comey and the newest "revelation" in the Hillary saga. There was this gagging sound that had to have been from Huma Abedin when the announcement was made. She protested she "didn't know" how the emails got on her estranged pervert husband's laptop, but it wasn't a few emails, as the Clinton camp originally protested -- it appears it was 650,000 emails. This is the consequence, incidentally, of the combination of technical incompetence and arrogance in the world of today. It is why there are protocols for secure communications, there are rules and laws governing classified data, and the government is, except when a Clinton is involved, ...

Is the New World Order "Jewish"?
Post Date: 2016-10-30 04:01:34 by Tatarewicz
PMF... Let's begin by defining the "New World Order." The mainspring of the New World Order is the desire on the part of the world's central bankers to translate their vast economic power into permanent global institutions of political and social control Their power is based on their monopoly over credit. They use the government's credit to print money, and require the taxpayer to fork over billions in interest to them. Central banks like the Federal Reserve pretend to be government institutions. They are not. They are privately owned by perhaps 300 families. It is significant that the majority of these families are Jewish, how significant I am not yet sure. If ...

Mama Tried
Post Date: 2016-10-29 23:07:37 by Lod

Listen to me. Please.
Post Date: 2016-10-29 13:25:29 by X-15
Folks, now – not next week or the week after but now – is the time to buy your reloading supplies and ammo. I’m here to tell you that no matter who wins the election, there’s gonna be a run on the shit. If Hillary wins there’s gonna be a run on it out of a very legitimate fear that it will soon be banned and dealers will quickly deplete their inventory. If Trump wins I can guarantee you that the inner cities will explode in protest and the same thing will happen. We were caught short in ’08 and ’12 (myself included) and I’m predicting it will happen again. Don’t think you can wait until the new president takes office in January, the run will ...

'Russia, China throw monkey wrench into best-laid US plans'
Post Date: 2016-10-29 05:52:48 by Tatarewicz
PressTV... Russia and China, along with other sovereign nations, have thrown a monkey wrench into the best-laid US plans for continued global domination, says Professor Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs. Etler, a professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday, after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he does not want to see any foreign troops in his country, and that the United States should “forget” a defense pact with Manila. Duterte told reporters on Tuesday at the airport in the capital of Manila before leaving for Japan ...

In Front of Us All the Time
Post Date: 2016-10-26 14:00:52 by ghostdogtxn

The USA Is About to Face the Worst Crisis of Its History. If He Wins Trump Should Follow Putin's Example
Post Date: 2016-10-25 07:23:16 by Tatarewicz
Russia Insider Bad news: there's a deep crisis coming Good news: countries have pulled back from worse Watching the last Presidential debate was a rather depressing experience. I thought that Trump did pretty well, but that really is not the point here. The point is this: no matter who wins, an acute crisis is inevitable. Option one: Hillary wins. That’s Obama on steroids, only worse. Remember that Obama himself was Dubya, only worse. Of course, Dubya was just Clinton, only worse. Now the circle is closed. Back to Clinton. Except this time around, we have a woman who is deeply insecure, who failed at every single thing that she every tried to do, and who now has a 3 decades ...

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