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Don’t You Ever Get Tired?
Post Date: 2021-11-01 09:40:58 by TommyTheMadArtist
Don’t You Ever Get Tired? So we are headed towards the two year mark where we first heard about “COVID-19”. 2 years ago we heard the first murmurs about a disease so deadly, that it was causing China to run crematoriums 24/7 and bodies laying in the streets. Bodies everywhere, in homes that nobody survived in. A Pandemic so bad, that if it ever got to the United States, it would wipe out 2/3rds of the population almost overnight. Then in January 2020, out of nowhere, we started to hear that people in the United States, had brought that deadly disease with them from FRANCE. Then when Donald Trump said “No more travel from China” and curtailed a lot of ...

I Live In A Food Desert.
Post Date: 2021-10-20 17:35:58 by TommyTheMadArtist
You know that you have truly started to destroy an economy, when pizza places and coffee shops start closing, along with chain restaurants, and just about any other big box store. Today, I was going to take the path of least resistance and order some lunch from my local Papa John’s. I figure pizza is safe bet, and getting it delivered was a matter of convenience. So I open the app of my phone and it starts giving me an error that my address is not within delivery distance. Which is ridiculous as I have gotten pizza delivered at least 3 times this year. Turns out the store, which up til recently was doing great business. Then along came Stutterin’ Joe’s mandate which ...

George Galloway: Facebook is fighting to the death to stop those with the ‘wrong’ opinions from being heard
Post Date: 2021-10-15 10:39:01 by Ada
George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator. Follow him on Twitter @georgegalloway How convenient that Facebook ‘whistleblowers’ are emerging at exactly the same time as the social media giant is seeking to “reduce the presence of politics” on the site. What this means for freedom of speech is glaringly obvious. If you had told me during the years I sat with Nick Clegg in the British Parliament that the achingly liberal member for Sheffield Hallam – later to become deputy prime minister of the UK and Sir Nick ­– would become ...

It’s imbecilic for people like Fauci, who acts like he’s God’s right-hand man, to silence opposing scientific viewpoints on Covid
Post Date: 2021-10-14 11:19:53 by Ada
In the race to overcome the threat of this disease, we need to not only listen to those who don’t share the elite’s arrogant orthodoxy, but to understand their arguments. That’s the proper scientific approach. How are we human beings going to be able to kick the butts of Covid creatures infinitesimally smaller than we are? Or are we going to be like Goliath, who fell to the Lilliputian David? It all depends upon whether we embrace science, or continue to denigrate it. The powers that be are continually and boringly claiming to be the one side that embraces this discipline, while the other denounces it. Nothing can be further from the truth. What then are the relevant ...

Billy Prempeh: Unlike BLM, I Am Running For Congress to Actually Help Protect Black Lives By Supporting Our Police
Post Date: 2021-10-09 20:06:52 by BTP Holdings
Billy Prempeh: Unlike BLM, I Am Running For Congress to Actually Help Protect Black Lives By Supporting Our Police By Assistant Editor Published June 14, 2021 at 5:51pm Exclusive guest op-ed from New Jersey congressional candidate William “Billy” Prempeh: My name is William “Billy” Prempeh and I’ve decided to step up for the people of the 9th congressional district — because unlike Black Lives Matter, I will actually work to get justice and change the culture that is causing black lives to be taken on our streets. I am a first generation American, U.S. Air Force Veteran and patriot from Paterson, NJ. My parents legally immigrated to this country from ...

Our Marxist Revolution
Post Date: 2021-10-05 21:07:05 by X-15
Thomas Carlyle said that it takes men of worth to recognize worth in men (1). Among the many worthy men across Western Civilization who recognized the worth of General Robert E. Lee was Sir Winston Churchill who summed it up, saying Lee was one of the noblest Americans who ever lived and one of the greatest captains in the annals of war (2). But now the Lee Monument in Richmond has been taken down by mobs of rioting Harpies, leaving only the towering, vandalized base upon which it rested. Our groveling Governor, who loves his office more than his honor, says Lee no longer represents the values of Virginia. Judging by the filthy graffiti that has desecrated the Lee Monument, I would say no ...

Abolish the FBI
Post Date: 2021-09-22 12:47:08 by Ada
How much more do we need to learn about 2016 to realize the agency is a disaster? In ignoring the latest John Durham indictment, most of the media and official Washington are ignoring the elephant between its written lines: the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Durham, the special counsel appointed to investigate the government’s handling of the Russia collusion mess, levels a single criminal charge against Michael Sussmann, then a lawyer for the Democrat-linked firm Perkins Coie. In delivering to the FBI fanciful evidence of Trump-Russia collusion a few weeks before the 2016 election, Mr. Sussmann is alleged to have lied to the FBI’s chief lawyer, James Baker, claiming he ...

Is Nancy Pelosi pulling General Mark Milley’s strings?:
Post Date: 2021-09-16 16:28:52 by Ada
According to Bob Woodward's new book "Peril," Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley took instruction from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. If you believe the latest Bob Woodward book, the United States has lost civilian control of its military — unless you count Nancy Pelosi, who seems to have been in control of everything since she became speaker in 2019 with the single-minded goal of bringing down Donald Trump. Everything has gone downhill since, and most dangerously at the Pentagon, where a cohort of woke generals fell under Pelosi’s malign spell. That’s the only way you can ­understand how Gen. Mark Milley could have become so deranged that he cast himself ...

To the Parasite Class.
Post Date: 2021-09-14 12:02:53 by TommyTheMadArtist
Who are you to tell me that I cannot live my life? Today was a particularly frustrating day as I woke up in a haze from the allergy meds I took for my seasonal allergies that I barely acknowledge most of the year. I started my day, got showered, got dressed, made myself presentable and went out to face the world. I take my faithful dog with me as he is a much better ambassador to humanity, and a better judge of character. He is my best friend whether he knows it or not and I am completely unworthy of my dog’s adoration. Though I am alpha and his protector, he is the one that is keeping me grounded to this world. I struggle to be the person my dog thinks I am. I have been struggling ...

Dinner-Party Discourse
Post Date: 2021-09-11 10:37:23 by Ada
GSTAAD—Mercedes-Benz heir Mick Flick and I have been friends for over half a century. We both married Schoenburgs, both like the odd drink, both adore the fair sex, and are now both candidates for a visit from the man in the white suit, yours truly first in line. Mick gave a wonderful dinner the other evening for around thirty of us in his upper chalet, the one that’s half art gallery and half live-in space. He also has a lower chalet for his two sons and daughter. The dinner was seated and the wine was Latour. I think I had two bottles, until the wife dragged me away using all sorts of excuses. The last thing I remember was Mick laughing as I was being led out. I had given a ...

An Open Letter To The Biden Administration
Post Date: 2021-09-10 15:04:59 by TommyTheMadArtist
To: My Completely Illegitimate Government. President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, et al. In 2015, Doctor Fauci, and Barack Obama were in a lab, in Maryland touring an NIH Vaccine Facility. Previously in 2014, the same administration, under the guidance of Anthony Fauci, gave the Wuhan Lab in China, 3.1 Million dollars for Gain Of Function research on SARS COV-2 in order to make a more transmissible virus. In 2019, the first cases of Covid-19 began to appear in Italy, and here in North America. I myself was exposed to it, and thought it was merely a lingering cold with a cough that took months to beat. I finally beat it with a round of ...

The Liars Will Gladly Murder Us All.
Post Date: 2021-09-09 17:15:47 by TommyTheMadArtist
Today I watched a video with Sean Hannity discussing with Ron Paul how Anthony Fauci is responsible for the creation and funding of the COVID-19 virus when he was doing the bidding of the Obama White House. They were talking about how he lied to Congress and how it carries a penalty of 5 years for lying to Congress. Fat chance of that happening because also today the Canvassing results of the AZ Audit show that there was a stolen election and that this administration is a complete and total fraud. Yet, Senile Joe Biden some how is now demanding that 100 million more Americans be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Do we have 100 million government workers right now working for the deep state ...

Lies, omissions and false fact checks – a banner week for media disinformation
Post Date: 2021-09-06 19:20:34 by Ada
Last week, USA Today decided to fact check reality. Presented with a photo of President Biden checking his watch during the return of dead US service members to American soil, reporter Daniel Funke said that was “wrong.” Don’t believe your lying eyes. No, Funke insisted, Biden only checked his watch after the ceremony was over. No matter that military family members were already quoted saying the president did it multiple times. Then, calamity. Pictures revealed that Biden checked his watch at least three times. Funke was forced to fact check his fact check, which he did grudgingly as a “clarification.” USA Today couldn’t even bring itself to say the fact ...

Kat Timpf impersonates Jen Psaki again on 'The Greg Gutfeld Show' {Part 2 Process & Processes}
Post Date: 2021-09-04 21:05:32 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:LOL!

Bush-Era War Criminals Are Louder Than Ever Because They’ve Lost The Argument
Post Date: 2021-08-23 08:37:03 by Ada
After the US troop withdrawal established conclusively that the Afghan “government” they’d spent twenty years pretending to nation build with was essentially a work of fiction, thus proving to the world that they’ve been lying to us this entire time about the facts on the ground in Afghanistan, you might expect those who helped pave the way for that disastrous occupation to be very quiet at this point in history. But, far from being silent and slithering under a rock to wait for the sweet embrace of death, these creatures have instead been loudly and shamelessly outspoken. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has posted a lengthy essay by the former Prime ...

Taliban: The Sheer Competence of These Lads
Post Date: 2021-08-18 08:55:27 by Ada
I think many do not understand just how fantastic this offensive by the Taliban actually was. If you were to go back and compare it to the late 1990s campaign, you would be shocked at the pure efficiency of these fighters, numbering less than 100,000, moving across the entire country and meeting surrender at every juncture. They also managed to hold Shia areas without getting hit from behind, through the entire march. No one wanted to fight them. What it shows is the complete failure of the Western feminist and anal project. Even the natural enemies of the Taliban said “well, at least they’re better than the Americans, with that gay shit.” Basically, their campaign had ...

The new "Will Rogers" !
Post Date: 2021-08-07 21:37:29 by Ada
>> >> >> John Kennedy (R) Senator Louisiana has quite a sense of humor ! Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy graduated Magna cum Laude from Vanderbilt, has a Law degree from University of Virginia and a degree from Oxford in England. He is no country bumpkin; he is very insightful and has a unique sense of humor. Comment about Cuomo lecturing us "It is like a frog calling you ugly." – Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy “This election in Ga will be the most important in history, you have nothing to worry about unless you are a taxpayer, parent, gun owner, cop, person of faith, or an unborn baby!” – Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy Senator John Kennedy from ...

Post Date: 2021-07-19 19:48:42 by AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt
HOW TO STOP JAB DOOR KNOCKERS BY EX-AGENT (Video) ABOUT: JEFFREY PRATHER Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent, targeted by the Deep State, turned Whistle Blower, now your intelligence officer exposing fake news! Experiences: Served with Special Forces, Chief of Global Operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Fast and Furious whistle blower. Skills: Author, Speaker, Martial Arts Master, Television and film actor, Firearms instructor, Chaplain. Jeffrey Prather was a DEA agent for many years, during which time he conducted numerous “Knock and Talks”. He has ...

Now we find out that John McAfee owned a condo in the Miami condominium complex that collapsed!
Post Date: 2021-07-01 16:06:39 by AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt
Now we find out that John McAfee owned a condo in the Miami condominium complex that collapsed! Posted on July 1, 2021 by State of the Nation Is that where McAfee’s deadman’s switch was supposed to be thrown? see Nikki Karis on Twitter Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:Miami Condo Collapse a Mossad-Conducted Controlled Demolition Posted on July 1, 2021 by State of the Nation From Jim Stone: I AM CONFIDENT I SOLVED THE CONDO COLLAPSE MYSTERY. Why is a secretive Israeli army unit involved with the demolished Surfside condo unless they are part of the evidence cleanup crew?! Posted on July 1, 2021 by State of the Nation ...

I cut the cord on Amazon.
Post Date: 2021-06-27 11:59:31 by TommyTheMadArtist
So, I reached the end of the road with Amazon yesterday. Last year during the Plannedemic, I used Amazon more or less the way I always had, and they always seemed to be quite good at making sure I was able to get my stuff in a timely fashion. Only once did I have any issues, and it was because my stuff arrived on a Sunday just as I was leaving the house and only caught it because it was on my front porch where I could see it instead of inside my enclosed porch. No big deal, a day early and I caught it. Then sometime later in the year, I started to have irregularities. This coincided with Amazon’s roll out of their own private delivery service where they now have their own drivers ...

Op-Ed: Remember the 'Karen' Who Called the Cops on a Black Birdwatcher? She Might Get the Last Laugh
Post Date: 2021-06-12 12:32:19 by BTP Holdings
Op-Ed: Remember the 'Karen' Who Called the Cops on a Black Birdwatcher? She Might Get the Last Laugh by Aron Solomon June 11, 2021 at 10:23am To say that Amy Cooper is a pathetic character, in the literary sense, would be right on. In what social media dubbed the ultimate Karen moment, after a deeply problematic meme, Ms. Cooper was charged for filing a false report a year ago after a 911 call to the NYPD to falsely complain that a birdwatcher was threatening her. While the charges were eventually dismissed, Ms. Cooper was quickly fired by her employer. The views expressed in this opinion article are those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by ...

Video: Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Fauci After Email Release by Steve Watson
Post Date: 2021-06-03 09:05:45 by Ada
In the wake of the revelations stemming from the release of Dr Fauci’s emails, Host Tucker Carlson charged that the White House chief medical advisor has repeatedly lied under oath about what he knew regarding the origins of the pandemic, and should be under criminal investigation. Watch: “Dr. Fauci is just another lying bureaucrat… From the beginning, Tony Fauci was worried that the public might conclude COVID had originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Carlson noted, calling the released emails the “mother-load”. Carlson continued, “Why was Fauci be concerned that Americans would conclude that? Possibly because Tony Fauci knew perfectly well ...

Dear Ted Cruz....spike the nomination of David Chipman to the BATFE
Post Date: 2021-05-27 12:14:51 by X-15
Dear Ted Cruz, Gun Owners of America has informed me about President Biden's Nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: David Chipman. David Chipman has no business leading any government agency-let alone an agency with a history of running roughshod over the Second Amendment rights and lives of American citizens. For starters, David Chipman is a professional gun control advocate who has lobbied for Everytown for Gun Safety and later the Giffords Law Center. United States Senate Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) Reports indicate that David Chipman made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from 2017 to 2020 lobbying against the constitutionally-protected ...

Are Fair and Impartial Trials a Thing of the Past in U.S.?
Post Date: 2021-05-23 16:36:03 by Ada
Roger Stone was targeted for a political prosecution. That’s why a SWAT team conducted a highly publicized pre-dawn raid on his home. An activist judge openly antagonistic to his politics, and a lead juror who posted anti-Trump and anti-Stone opinions on social media during the trial eliminated any chance he had at impartial justice. And very few seemed to care. Considering the death of George Floyd precipitated many times violent riots all across the country, was it actually possible for the officer charged with murdering him, Derek Chauvin, to get an unbiased jury of his peers? A jury predictably found Chauvin guilty on all charges, at least temporarily quelling the unrest that ...

Censored! Who needs a totalitarian state when zealous, woke workers ensure that books with ‘invalid opinions’ never get an airing?
Post Date: 2021-05-10 08:21:35 by Ada
Frank Furedi is an author and social commentator. He is an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Author of How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century. Follow him on Twitter @Furedibyte Censored! Who needs a totalitarian state when zealous, woke workers ensure that books with ‘invalid opinions’ never get an airing? © Unsplash / Alfons Morales The publishing industry is encouraging grass roots censorship and increasingly giving in to employees who demand that certain views should never be able to be expressed – especially those involving trans issues. It looks like publishing is fast becoming a career choice for ambitious ...

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