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What Every White Person Should Know
Post Date: 2012-04-23 02:57:09 by FormerLurker

Man Strips off Clothes to Protest TSA
Post Date: 2012-04-19 22:50:03 by abraxas
Man Strips off Clothes to Protest TSA By Sarah Seltzer April 19, 2012 --- It's not the first time, but it's still attracting lots of attention: a man stripped off all his clothes in the Portland airport and stood in the nude to protest the TSA, leading to security lanes being closed and, um, passengers averting their eyes. John Brennan: a new folk hero for the security-industrial complex age? From the AP: Police say the Portland man was arrested for investigation of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. The Oregonian reports the Port of Portland summary said Brennan "disrobed completely naked" while going through a security screening area. He later told ...

When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)
Post Date: 2012-04-19 20:18:44 by abraxas
A Tennessee Football Coach fired for making Obama song. He'll make more money when this song becomes a big hit than he would teaching school. Tennessee middle school assistant football coach, age 26, fired for a song he wrote and played! This could be the next number one hit country song. It's the best effort yet at encapsulating the outrage at the oversteps of this government in an entertaining song. Apparently, the guy was fired over the song because some parents complained. If you like it, help it go "viral" by passing it along to everyone you know.

Save the Pugs!
Post Date: 2012-04-09 12:47:55 by Turtle
Poster Comment:I send people to Pug Rescues.

Send Your Hoodie Pic in Protest for Booby Rush
Post Date: 2012-03-30 20:18:55 by abraxas
Dear MoveOn member, Wearing a hoodie on the House floor. That got Representative Bobby Rush thrown out on Wednesday, even as he quoted from the Bible on justice and the end of oppression.1 Rep. Rush is one of millions calling for justice for Trayvon Martin, a young black man in a hoodie, gunned down last month in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, still hasn't been arrested—and the wheels of justice can't turn until he is. Tomorrow in Sanford, MoveOn members will join Trayvon's family, the NAACP, SEIU, and other allies in a march for justice. And across the country, we can show our solidarity with Saturday's march by taking a picture of ...

Greece develops cashless, Euro-free currency in tight economy
Post Date: 2012-03-25 07:21:38 by GreyLmist
A determination to ‘move beyond anger to creativity’ is driving a strong barter economy in some places In recent weeks, Theodoros Mavridis has bought fresh eggs, tsipourou (the local brandy: beware), fruit, olives, olive oil, jam, and soap. He has also had some legal advice, and enjoyed the services of an accountant to help fill in his tax return. None of it has cost him a euro, because he had previously done a spot of electrical work – repairing a TV, sorting out a dodgy light – for some of the 800-odd members of a fast-growing exchange network in the port town of Volos, midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. In return for his expert labour, Mavridis received a ...

The Most Important Video To Make Go Viral This Year
Post Date: 2012-03-16 23:38:29 by christine

Best Second Amendment Video Goes Viral
Post Date: 2012-03-09 20:07:06 by wakeup

George Carlin
Post Date: 2012-03-02 12:07:34 by christine
Poster Comment:We've probably all seen this before, but it's so good, I wanted to post it again. Carlin so got it.

Cindy Sheehan coming on Alex Jones now..
Post Date: 2012-02-28 14:06:18 by christine

Oklahoma City Inside Job: 100% Proof
Post Date: 2012-02-22 11:07:22 by christine

An Open Letter to President Obama from a Veteran
Post Date: 2012-02-21 11:49:33 by TwentyTwelve
Feb 20, 2012 Posted by Adam in: Blog An Open Letter to President Obama from a Veteran Dear President Obama, I am writing to you as just one veteran, just one man, but today, you may see that I am joined by many more. We gather today before you in support of Ron Paul and not because we think he would merely be a better administrator of government than you, but because we believe your policies to be fundamentally immoral. We are demanding peaceful, orderly change through the ballot box. We are gathered here today as active duty service members and veterans exercising the right to self-expression that we all have risked our lives to protect. Something you’ve never done in uniform. The ...

Willie Nelson: Occupy The Food System
Post Date: 2012-02-17 12:09:00 by christine
Country star Willie Nelson is joining the fight against corporatism in America, though his focus is not on the banksters on Wall Street. Nelson is calling on Americans to occupy the food system, saying that corporate control of food production is destroying soil and putting millions of family farmers out of business. Nelson writes in a recent statement: From seed to plate, our food system is now even more concentrated than our banking system. Most economic sectors have concentration ratios hovering around 40 percent, meaning that the top four firms in the industry control 40 percent of the market. Anything beyond this level is considered “highly concentrated,” where experts ...

The Real Nature of Politics and Politicians or Americaís System Works, But Not the Way You Think!
Post Date: 2012-02-16 03:30:30 by X-15
Few of the lectures I give on political technology and campaigning make people as agitated as this one. None is more important. Simply put, politics is not about the common good, appealing to men’s better angels, nor serving our Lord. These may be your motivations. I pray they are mine. Occasionally, they will be a politician’s motivation. Politics is the adjudication of power. It is the process by which people everywhere determine who rules whom. In America, through a brilliant system of rewards and punishments, checks and balances, and diffusion of authority, we have acquired a habit and history of politics mostly without violence and excessive corruption. The good news for ...

Judge Napolitano: Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch [14-Feb-12 © FoxBusiness] (must hear!)
Post Date: 2012-02-14 15:52:19 by christine

Urge Congress to stop the FDA from restricting health supplements
Post Date: 2012-02-08 23:24:21 by Tatarewicz
The FDA, as the catspaw for the pharmaceutical industry has a long history of trying to stop or limit the use of supplements which they perceive as potential competition for prescribed medication. From their point of view, they would like to wrap the whole natural industry in red tape, increasing the costs so that they can no longer survive economically. They never gave up even after Congress and the Senate blocked them on past occasions. If you feel that having access to supplements is important for your health and you would not like to see them become more expensive or dissapear altogether, you need to protect your access by exercising your democratic rights. This newsletter will ...

I Canít Believe How Iím Thinking
Post Date: 2012-02-08 09:17:19 by Bill D Berger
  by Zen Gardner It’s like I’ve slapped myself in the face and I’m feeling the sting. The goddamn system is closing in so fast I’m getting tempted to censor myself when out in public. I’m actually starting to feel I can’t even freely bandy about with check out people, clerks or people on the street like I usually do anymore. I’m starting to subconsciously be concerned about who might be listening. And possible consequences. Damn. I know how to bring up subjects to find out if I might have a listening ear about things I’m passionate about people knowing. And believe me, if the door opens, I get both feet in before they knew I was knocking. ...

Crackdowns in Saudi Arabia to lead to dictatorsí downfallí
Post Date: 2012-02-06 04:38:38 by Tatarewicz
A senior Iranian official says Saudi Arabia will soon undergo systemic changes as the wave of protests will ultimately lead to the downfall of the dictators in the Persian Gulf monarchy. Speaking in an interview with the IRIB3 television network broadcast on Sunday night, Secretary General of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani said the sweeping crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in Saudi Arabia will sooner or later lead to the kingdom’s downfall. I believe we will witness enormous changes in Saudi Arabia in less than two years, Larijani pointed out. Saudi Arabia's east has been the scene of anti-government protests since February 2011, ...

A Noble Lie Oklahoma City 1995 Film
Post Date: 2012-02-04 20:38:28 by christine
Noble Lie: A myth or untruth knowingly told by the elite to maintain social harmony, or the social position of the elite. - The Republic, Plato The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, Terrorism had come home. For years following the bombing, countless victims’ family members, survivors, rescuers, and ordinary Americans, have questioned the official accounts about that fateful day. Hoping to shed light on answers long ignored and censored, both by prominent media outlets and the U.S. government, A Noble Lie peels back what we thought we knew about the bombing ...

Bill Gates, eugenics and vaccines. (video)
Post Date: 2012-01-30 09:45:23 by PSUSA2
Poster Comment:It is not a pro-Gates video. In it, he accuses Gates of genocide. Not in so many words but what other interpretation is there? Watch the vid. Goes Gates make sense?

The Three Biggest Lies the Government Is Telling You
Post Date: 2012-01-27 10:50:03 by christine
Government lies are legion. So many are its lies, that narrowing them down to three of the most important is a demanding task. But our current crisis has been chiefly enabled by monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the global military empire. So I have chosen to focus on lies about each: the Federal Reserve, the orchestrator of monetary policy; the U.S. budget, the accounting of government fiscal policy; and a few of the Empire’s war lies. I am sharing just a smattering of this astonishing record of duplicity in these areas, for life is short, or at least far too short to recount all of the state’s lies about each. Lie #1: The Federal Reserve Is a Bank Practically everything the ...

Wikileaks founder Assange to host 'Russian TV show'
Post Date: 2012-01-25 08:43:30 by Tatarewicz
Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, is to host his own TV show, reportedly on a Russian state satellite channel. He plans to interview "key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from around the world", Wikileaks said in an announcement. Mr Assange is fighting extradition from the UK to Sweden over sexual assault allegations, which he denies. Wikileaks website published a mass of material from leaked diplomatic cables, embarrassing several governments. The Swedish authorities are seeking to put its founder on trial on accusations of raping one woman and "sexually molesting and coercing" another in Stockholm in August 2010. ...

SOPA: Don't Just Protest -- Get Even
Post Date: 2012-01-19 09:30:52 by tom007
SOPA: Don't Just Protest -- Get Even source Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer Activist Post The entire reason why SOPA's authors and supporters have the money, influence, and power to put forward draconian bills like this in the first place is because of our daily patronizing of their corporations and the goods and services they provide. SOPA supporters include the US Chamber of Commerce, the MPAA, and many of the mega-corporations Americans, and indeed people around the world, support on a daily basis. The key to stopping SOPA and the watered-down feigned "concession" that will surely followis to undermine the unwarranted power and influence of the corporations and ...

Post Date: 2012-01-17 07:02:59 by HOUNDDAWG
William Walkman has spent years living with harp seals, protecting them from both animal and human predators. (Labrador, Canada) Harp seal activist William Walkman has long been admired for his devotion to the cause of saving baby harp seals from their annual slaughter. For years, Walkman has lived among the seals, befriending them, and caring for the babies while the parents went off in search of food. Walkman's story is made even more compelling through the video he has shot of himself interacting with the seals. On one day he is seen beating off a killer whale with a pole as it attempts to catch seals, a staple of the killer whale diet. The next day he is seen trying to feed fish ...

Post Date: 2012-01-12 20:47:42 by TwentyTwelve
WHO ARE THE IDIOTS VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY? Uploaded by HOSSERLEGALIZE420 on Jan 12, 2012 THE FLIP FLOP MASTER! Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:

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