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Post Date: 2013-02-08 06:58:37 by noone222
Poster Comment:Better "Protect and Serve YO SELF"

Catholic Schools in Iowa working with Dept. of Homeland Security
Post Date: 2013-01-29 14:37:56 by Artisan
Catholic Schools in Iowa working with Dept. of Homeland Security By Martin Hill LibertyFight.comJanuary 27, 2013 Why would a federal government which continuously refers to pro-lifers as terrorists be invited into private parochial schools by Catholic administrators? Why would The Department of Homeland Security meddle in the operations of an independent educational institution under the guise of "safety", when that very government agency continuously characterizes Catholic conservatives as dangerous extremists? These are some questions which must be answered in the wake of some startling newly-discovered information. A Parish bulletin insert highlighting "Catholic Schools ...

[WATCH] Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery
Post Date: 2013-01-18 18:12:05 by noone222
The Constitution's Second Amendment was created to bolster slavery and capture land from Native Americans, award winning actor Danny Glover told a group of students at a Texas A&M sponsored event on Thursday. Actor Danny Glover told students at Texas A&M University the intent of the Second Amendment was to protect slavery. “I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.” “A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the ...

Homeland Security set to grope schoolkids under New York's 322 gun-grab law
Post Date: 2013-01-17 22:07:46 by Artisan
"Safety", according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, involves strip-searching and groping the sexual organs of innocent people of all ages. This grossly innapropriate criminal behavior on behalf of the federal government has been extensively documented since the abominable agency was established after 9/11. DHS has a documented history of not only sexually molesting people of all ages, from 3 years old to 98 years old, but they also have an admitted history of hiring sexual predators, perverts and criminals. (see list below). That being the case, New Yorkers should be up in arms and ready to oppose the New York State legislature's recent enactment of "The ...

Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?
Post Date: 2013-01-16 15:38:50 by HighLairEon
Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring? By Yoichi Shimatsu Exclusive to Rense.com 1-15-12 Let us start by dismissing the prosecution’s ludicrous charge that any programmer as talented as Aaron Swartz would dedicate his life to stealing an archive that dispenses its academic papers for a few dollars apiece to the public or for free to students under department accounts. MIT professors, who are so full of themselves, are the only ones who might take seriously such a fool’s errand as a worthy objective for the brilliant and rebellious Swartz or the law suit as the cause of his so-called “suicidal depression.” The mass media have been fed, and eagerly ...

Benjamin Shapiro, Manly Man!
Post Date: 2013-01-13 20:55:44 by Turtle
It must be hard being Benjamin Shapiro. Standing in front of a full-length mirror in a jockstrap, making tuff faces, wondering why you're 21 and have twelvish biceps, being puzzled over why the babes don't swoon over your bitchin' violin playing...and then every damned time, without fail, your shriveled pair makes your strap plop down around your ankles. Honestly, what's a boy to do? Dry your eyes, I suppose, gaze with admiration and longing upon your Alexander poster of a buff Brad Pitt, hitch up a pair of tighty-whities (the ones with the special "Frank 'n' Beans" codpiece designed to avoid those embarrassing and sometimes not-so-surreptitious public ...

Planned Parenthood reports record year for abortions
Post Date: 2013-01-08 13:56:54 by noone222
In its latest annual report for fiscal year 2011 to 2012, Planned Parenthood reveals that it performed 333,964 abortions in 2011 – a record year for the organization. According to annual reports, the organization performed 332,278 abortions in 2009, 329,445 in 2010, making the total number of abortions in three years to 995,687. Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer funding, according to a Susan B. Anthony List analysis of the report, in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. The amount is 45 percent of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue. “While government subsidies to Planned Parenthood have reached an all ...

Skull & Bones/Bohemian Grover George H.W. Bush ranted about "weird cultists" in classic case of Psychological Projection
Post Date: 2012-12-31 16:42:10 by Artisan
An amusing postscript to the George H.W. Bush article I wrote last week [Defense Contractor NBC honors ailing war criminal George H.W. Bush with Freemasonic "33 photo" propaganda tribute. Who knew that "Poppy Bush" once ranted about people "killed by weird cultists"?! This is a priceless gem I came across the other day. Being the epitome of a "weird cultist" himself, Bush's whining is obviously a classic case of psychological projection. Bush, who openly wore occult hoods while conducting official White House business, also participated in Bohemian Grove in which attendees perform occult rituals and sacrifices to Molech. Bush, along with his ...

Defense Contractor NBC honors ailing war criminal George H.W. Bush with Freemasonic "33 photo" propaganda tribute
Post Date: 2012-12-28 17:23:36 by Artisan
A few points to start out: NBC is not an impartial media outlet. George H.W. Bush is not a respectable, admirable man or a national hero. And "33" is not an insignificant number- It is quite relevant and meaningful, in some circles at least. NBC is owned by General Electric, a "defense contractor and the 2nd largest company in world according to Forbes", which has received over $16 billion dollars in bailouts from American taxpayers. They build and sell engines for the F-16 fighter aircraft and Apache Block III helicopters. For them, war is literally a profit racket; so it makes sense that they would "honor" warmongers. NBC news far from impartial- they shill ...

[GRIM REAPER WATCH:] Bush spends Christmas in hospital, battles elevated fever, spokesman says
Post Date: 2012-12-26 18:04:18 by Artisan
Bush spends Christmas in hospital, battles elevated fever, spokesman says President George H.W. Bush remains in the hospital. NBC News' Janet Shamlian reports. By Charles Hadlock and Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News Updated at 4:46 p.m. ET: Former President George H.W. Bush didn't get to celebrate Christmas at home with his family and was battling an elevated fever, his spokesman told NBC News. Bush, 88, was admitted to Houston's Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center on Nov. 29 for complications related to bronchitis. After initial expectations that he would be hospitalized for only a few days proved to be wrong, doctors said through a hospital statement on Dec. ...

Obama Helped Plan 9-11
Post Date: 2012-12-18 22:44:41 by Turtle
Not really. I just like messing with conspiracists, who will fall for any conspiracy theory no matter how asinine and ridiculous. That's why you clicked on this, because you were thinking, "Really? He was?" By the way, the Clintons were in on it, too. (Odd how conspiracists only think Republicans are behind conspiracies, not Democrats).

Anders Behring Breivik's mother 'sexualised' him when he was four
Post Date: 2012-12-18 10:36:59 by Turtle
Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik's mother "sexualised" her four-year-old son, smacked him, and often told him she wished he were dead, child psychologist reports printed in a new book on the Norwegian killer have revealed. The reports also show that when Breivik was just four-years-old, his mother became preoccupied with fears that her son would violently assault someone. "She saw him as an adult violent person, even though he was only a small boy," said Aage Borchgrevink, author of A Norwegian tragedy. "She was afraid that he would assault people." The psychologist reports show that Wenche Behring already felt her son was "aggressive, ...

Sympathy from the Devil
Post Date: 2012-12-17 09:09:46 by Ada
"They had their entire lives ahead of them – birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own," intoned the murderer of 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki as he began the liturgy of official mourning for the victims of the Newtown massacre. Every time children die in an outbreak of violence, "I react not as a president, but as anybody else would as a parent," continued the head of a regime that will not explain to Nasser al-Awlaki why his son Anwar and grandson Abdulrahman – both of the U.S. citizens – were murdered by presidential decree. "We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years," insisted the official who has ...

Zero Dark Thirty: new torture-glorifying film wins raves
Post Date: 2012-12-14 08:25:10 by Ada
Can a movie that relies on fabrications to generate support for war crimes still be considered great? Earlier this year, the film "Zero Dark Thirty", which purports to dramatize the hunt for and killing of Osama bin Laden, generated substantial political controversy. It was discovered that CIA and White House officials had met with its filmmakers and passed non-public information to them - at exactly the same time that DOJ officials were in federal court resisting transparency requests from media outlets and activist groups on the ground that it was all classified. With its release imminent, the film is now garnering a pile of top awards and virtually uniform rave reviews. ...

Women and Flowers [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-12-06 11:10:42 by Turtle
I am half owner of a floral shop (no wise cracks - I ain't gay). I don't listen to women's complaints when it comes to flowers. They're always wrong. A man can send a woman a $120 arraignment with 18 red roses and she'll find something to complain about it. In fact, the way a woman responds to flowers is the biggest red flag I know of about what her character is really like. If she doesn't appreciate a $30 arraignment and be grateful, she won't be grateful for anything. That particular kind of unpleasant ungrateful woman also seems to think if they don't like the arraignment, I'm supposed to send them another arraignment...and they think they're ...

The RomneySkank
Post Date: 2012-11-10 10:12:42 by Turtle
Poster Comment:People call her Paper Joan but I refer to her as the RomneySkank. These photoshops are all over the internet. Personally I think evil people like her should be tormented every day for the rest of her life.This is the funniest one I've seen so far.

King Makers - So Called Conservative Pundits
Post Date: 2012-11-08 07:31:37 by noone222
LIMBAUGH: 'I went to bed last night thinking we lost the country'... HANNITY: 'Allure And Appeal Of Socialism Has Taken Hold'... LEVIN: 'Unvarnished Truth' On Romney Loss... SAVAGE: 'Our society is being turned into prison camp'... BECK: (Who cares what this puke has to say ?) All of the above media personalities (and many others) have used a variety of tactics that allows them to remain on air while they contribute to the demise of America. Simply put, they are traitors. These people have made it possible for Bush to get elected, then re-elected, and after that disaster made it impossible for Ron Paul to achieve relevance which made it possible for the ...

But I Thought Jews Ruled the World! [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-11-07 07:44:30 by Turtle
I really didn't care who won. They're both awful. But Obama is anti-Israel and Romney surely isn't. But if JEWS!!! RULE!!! THE!! WORLD!!! as the Conspiracist Crackpots think, Obama shouldn't have never gotten in (THE!!! JEWS!! MADE!!! A!!! MISTAKE!!!) and he surely should have been voted out. But he wasn't. As least Obama won't start the wars Romney dreamed of. By way, Romney might have won had all the people who wrote in Ron Paul and Gary Johnson voted for him instead. BWAHAHAHA!! Thanks for throwing out all those Ron Paul supporters, Romney! It might have just cost you the election!

Bruce Jessen: The Torturer in the Pulpit
Post Date: 2012-10-26 18:48:34 by F.A. Hayek Fan
As a newly appointed ecclesiastical leader in Spokane, Washington, Bruce Jessen would have the opportunity to baptize new converts. He would also be expected to interview them regularly to evaluate their understanding of the church’s teachings and their fidelity to its precepts. Given Jessen’s background, the possibility exists that he might use the baptismal font as a theater for "enhanced interrogation" of those who give him unsatisfactory answers. Before becoming a Mormon Bishop – a position from which he may already have resigned – Bruce Jessen was a torturer in the employ of the CIA. Beginning in December 2001, he helped reverse-engineer the U.S. ...

Post Date: 2012-10-22 07:58:49 by Ada
Among literary critics, a controversy has been raging tepidly over what purpose reviewing might hold in this age of crowdsourcing. Why rely upon one fallible pundit’s thumbs up or thumbs down when you can access the wisdom of crowds by averaging dozens of ratings, whether elite or mass? As a 21st-century movie reviewer, I’ve always found this catcall hard to dismiss, which is why I try to only write about movies where I can explain something more interesting than whether I liked it or not. While I take a backseat to no one in admiration of my own taste, I have to admit that the aggregation sites are reasonably reliable. Consider Mel Gibson’s new crime movie Get the Gringo, ...

Throwing Liberals to the Wolves
Post Date: 2012-08-23 13:47:01 by Turtle
You make a very valid point about decaying trust. Years ago (Christmas, a year or two post-Katrina) I was at a party at my brother’s house. His wife leans a bit left, and has a lot of lefty friends. One of them, from previous encounters, I knew to be a serious lefty, who had a $90k/yr make-work do-nothing, schmooze for a living position with MoveOn.org courting donors. I was in a small group discussing various thoughts on what would happen if DC were ever to be hit with a Katrina style disaster. The basic discussion was whether DC would devolve into a maelstrom of chaos exactly as you would expect for a city full of essentially useless people, or if being the seat of government ...

The Truth About Che'
Post Date: 2012-08-16 19:11:43 by Turtle
My son always held the type of kids who wore Che Guevara t-shirts to his high school in complete contempt. He viewed them as weak, empty-headed, knee-jerk liberals -- a pretty accurate assessment, in my view. But my son, who actually knows his military history, said something interesting to me the other day: "Che wasn't the type of guy who would have worn a Che t-shirt." The image most of us have had of him was of a particularly noble-looking mestizo peasant who rose up against his oppressors, Fulgencio Batista and United Fruit, fighting side by side with Fidel in the mountains of Cuba. The truth is more complex. Che -- real name Ernesto Guevara Lynch -- grew up in a ...

Che's Real Name was Ernie Lynch
Post Date: 2012-08-16 18:49:20 by Turtle
Che's real name was Ernie Lynch, he was part Irish, and he looked down on blacks and Indians. And when he was killed, he whined, "Don't shoot me. I'm worth more to you alive than dead." And this was a coward who used to shoot 12-year-old boys in the head with a pistol.

Ayn Rand, Sith Lord
Post Date: 2012-08-15 11:05:56 by Turtle
So Paul Ryan, who looks like a complete dork/nerd/geek, says he was been very much influenced by Ayn Rand. I shake my head. Ayn Rand's real name was Alice Rosenbaum,and she wasn't American but an immigrant Russian Jew. She was also anti-American, although her followers can't figure that out. Let's just say I refer to Atlas Shrugged as "the Talmud Lite." These days, Rand would be a neocon. For one thing, even though a rabid atheist, she somehow still supported Israel and considered the Palestinians subhuman if not nonhuman. Long ago and far away, she'd be a Sith Lord. Darn if I can remember the exact quotes, but the Sith were described as believing in pure ...

The Worst President was the Brain-Damaged Syphilitic Homosexual Abraham Lincoln
Post Date: 2012-08-12 12:07:17 by Turtle
In my opinion Lincoln was the worst President. He started an unnecessary war that had some 620,000 casualties - more than the rest of the U.S.'s wars combined (contrary to the Conventional Wisdom, the war was about money, not getting rid of slavery). If Lincoln ran today, he couldn't given gain the nomination. He was far too ugly, for one thing. Another is that he was brain-damaged, and that damage attributed to his unattractiveness. Lincoln suffered a serious injury of the brain when he was kicked in the face by a horse. He ended up with a lop-sided face with a drifting eye. He was but ten years old when kicked. He was unconscious all night and received no treatment (but then, ...

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