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Judge - JEWdy Tops Daily TV
Post Date: 2012-06-09 06:47:44 by noone222
The verdict is in: Judge Judy is the new queen of daytime TV. When longtime ratings champ Oprah Winfrey ended her syndicated talk show last year, she left a void at the top of the daytime ratings heap, and the tough-talking Brooklyn judge with the fancy lace collar was all too happy to fill it. "Judge Judy," now in its 16th season, averaged nearly 8 million viewers last month, which makes it the top syndicated program on daytime TV. And that's not all: Those numbers actually represent a 3 percent increase from last year, and are the highest sweeps ratings "Judy" has ever earned. "Judge Judy," of course, centers on former family court judge Judith ...

If You Oppose Torture and Gitmo, the SPLC Says You Are an Extremist
Post Date: 2012-06-03 01:21:03 by Original_Intent
June 2, 2012 If You Oppose Torture and Gitmo, the SPLC Says You Are an Extremist Posted by Bill Anderson on June 2, 2012 06:20 AM Tom Dilorenzo's article today highlighting activities of the leftist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, exposes the darling of the New York Times and college faculties. The NYT takes everything coming from the SPLC as Gospel, as well as do college professors across the country. Yet, even the SPLC's latest rant troubled the hard-left Mother Jones a little bit, but then the columnist that was dissenting fell back into line. (Apparently, she did not want to make the SPLC's "Intelligence Report," which is that organization's ...

Anger over Christine Lagarde's tax-free salary
Post Date: 2012-05-30 04:49:21 by noone222
It was called her "Let them eat cake" moment. Now Greece will be saying: "Make her pay tax". The IMF chief Christine Lagarde was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after it emerged that she pays no income tax – just days after blaming the Greeks for causing their financial peril by dodging their own bills. The managing director of the International Monetary Fund is paid a salary of $467,940 (£298,675), automatically increased every year according to inflation. On top of that she receives an allowance of $83,760 – payable without "justification" – and additional expenses for entertainment, making her total package worth more than the amount ...

My 10 Favorite Hate-Crime Hoaxes
Post Date: 2012-05-25 13:13:33 by Turtle
It was a tough week for racial witch hunters. In fact, it’s been a tough quarter-century for them. Reality keeps knocking the liberal media off its high horse. When they picked up the Trayvon Martin case, hordes of TV dupes donned hoods and said they, too, were all young black kids being murdered by racist vigilantes. Then we find out Zimmerman is some kind of Peruvian Jew and may have had his ass kicked by Trayvon before the shooting, so they drop it. They wanted Dharun Ravi to go jail for ten years for the hate crime of pranking his roommate, but the evidence left him serving 30 days for “colossal insensitivity.” When blacks are randomly assassinated in Oklahoma, the left ...

Doomed by Diversity: The Murder of Eve Carson
Post Date: 2012-05-21 13:12:36 by Turtle
Eve Carson was the golden girl—pretty, popular, brilliant, altruistic. Funny, too. Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Carson had been her high school class president, and was elected student government president at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. A senior, double-majoring in political science and medicine, she was an aspiring doctor. Attending UNC on a Morehead-Cain Scholarship, she was a North Carolina Fellow and a Phi Beta Kappa, taught science in an elementary school, tutored in a middle school, mentored girls in a track/character-building program, and volunteered summers in Third World programs. Whew! But all that ended when a couple of black thugs turned her ...

Economic Bimboism
Post Date: 2012-05-18 13:23:01 by Turtle
On TV Obama assures us that he gets the best economic advice from the finest minds trained at America's top universities. Two problems. One is that students who study economics at Harvard, Yale or another of the prestige schools — which are bastions of Keynesianism — are told endlessly that they are the nation's intellectual elite. They graduate thinking they know economics. Certainty stops inquiry. If you are sure you are right, why investigate further? Graduates of these "Ivy League" schools seldom know about Austrianism, but they are sought by the federal government to make the big decisions. The alma mater of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is Harvard. ...

The Most Worthless and Dangerous Degree of All
Post Date: 2012-05-09 12:53:45 by Turtle
Economics. Economics is not just a worthless degree. It's downright dangerous. One of my friends has a Ph.D. in Economics. He considers his colleagues to be clueless, semi-autistic loons. He now knows Ph.D.s are worthless...Master's degrees are worthless...Bachelor's degrees are worthless...even introductory classes are worthless. Parenthetically, he told me students would come to his office and ask if he was teaching a certain class the next semester. No, he told them. Why? Because I don't want to take the idiot African who got in on lowered standards, or the woman who makes math mistakes on the blackboard, they told him I understand, but sorry....I'm not teaching ...

The Average Wage Should be $90,000 a Year
Post Date: 2012-05-07 13:53:54 by Turtle
Wages stopped going up in 1973. Had they continued to go up as they should have, the average wage would be about $90,000 a year. What happened? The first thing is that Richard Nixon went off of the gold standard in 1971, allowing the thoroughly unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank to inflate without any brakes, since the paper dollar was completely unhooked from gold. Things didn't get all that bad with inflation until Alan Greenspan (whom I've heard described as the "biggest asshole in the universe") became head of the Fed and spent 20 years destroying the dollar. Another thing that happened about 1974 is the oil crisis. Since then, we have sent trillions of dollars ...

Random Thoughts at the Dawn of the Year 2012
Post Date: 2012-05-05 15:21:29 by Original_Intent
I thought I’d begin this rant by sharing some of my thoughts on the historical figure known as Jesus of Nazareth. I think we can all agree that, unlike some of the other subjects I have weighed in on in the past, this is one on which people do not tend to have strongly held points-of-view, so there is little chance that I will offend and alienate readers right off the bat. So let’s jump right into it then with observation #1: When the likely outcome of an unwed pregnancy is death by stoning, people can be really creative liars. Nothing in the least bit controversial about that … right? Let’s move on then to observation #2: It is fully understandable why the lie was ...

Turtle Travels to Starbucks
Post Date: 2012-04-29 16:35:22 by Turtle
I am never been in Starbucks in my life. I went with a friend last night (Saturday) and found there are crazies in the place, specifically guys who bring their laptops and use the wi-fi while sitting their alone and muttering to themselves (after buying exactly one coffee which they nursed for two hours). All of left five minutes before closing. There was one young woman, early 20s, who was there alone reading a book while marking in it. I don't think I'll go there anymore. The coffe was really expensive anyway -- $1.65 for a small cup. And while it wasn't bad, it wasn't Jamaician Blue Mountain, either.

Sergeant Gets 25-Year Term For 18 Rapes Of Recruits
Post Date: 2012-04-18 12:43:50 by Turtle
ABERDEEN, Md., May 6— An Army drill sergeant was sentenced today to 25 years in prison on charges of raping six trainees in a case that led to investigations of sexual misconduct at United States military bases worldwide. The drill instructor, Staff Sgt. Delmar G. Simpson, stood calmly to hear his sentence and hugged his mother, Edna, after it was imposed. He left the courtroom with his arm around the shoulders of his wife, Juliet. Meanwhile, the Army plans to charge its top enlisted man, Sgt. Major of the Army Gene C. McKinney, with criminal sexual conduct involving four female service members, people familiar with the case said. Sergeant Simpson's lawyer, Frank J. Spinner, ...

A $47 Hooker
Post Date: 2012-04-17 16:36:31 by Turtle
I found out only one SS agent rented a hooker, and wouldn't pay her $47. The agent, of course....was not white.

"Men Are Responsible for All the Problems in the World"
Post Date: 2012-04-14 14:04:05 by Turtle
Within six months I’ve had two women tell me that “men are responsible for all the problems in the world.” I just smiled. I don’t argue with idiots. The first one was a nurse making $18 to $21 an hour, who had an easy indoor job doing little more than passing out medicine. The second one worked out of her apartment and made over $50,000 a year. They had spacious apartments, big-screen TVs, cars, central heating and air-conditioning, hospitals, dentists, ready-made food and clothes, and indoor plumbing. All of these achievements were the creations of men. Specifically, white men. Men, in fact, are responsible for nearly all the good in the world. Again, specifically ...

"Never Worked a Day in Her Life"
Post Date: 2012-04-13 15:02:47 by Turtle
James Taranto correctly excoriates the feminist philosophy that served as the foundation for Hilary Rosen's epically stupid attack on Ann Romney: In truth, anti-momism was the very heart of "The Feminine Mystique." Friedan's argument was that motherhood and homemaking were soul-deadening occupations and that pursuing a professional career was the way for a woman to "become complete." She agreed with the midcentury misogynists that a stay-at-home mother was, in Friedan's words, "castrative to her husband and sons." But she emphasized that women were "fellow victims." The book might as well have been titled "Why Can't a Woman Be ...

Blackwater Thugs Run Iraqi Woman Over
Post Date: 2012-04-12 16:07:45 by Turtle
Poster Comment:At about 3:10 a truck hits and kills an Iraqi woman in a burka. The others just keep driving.

Mike Wallace Dead
Post Date: 2012-04-12 15:45:14 by Turtle
I just found out today Mike Wallace died. I've always been annoyed at him desecrating my last name, since his was really Wallik. Scottish ancestry my butt. Hebrew was more like it.

Why Obama Will Not be Re-elected, Part III
Post Date: 2012-04-10 12:07:29 by Turtle
Poster Comment:The Wookie Monster!

Another Asian Omega Male Shooting
Post Date: 2012-04-09 15:34:13 by Turtle
Yu Masaki was told not to return to the Planet Fitness gym at Northeast Loop 410 and McCullough Avenue because of his “extremely aggressive advances” toward women there, police said. One of those women was Margaret McCombs, 21, a gym patron who refused his overtures, declined to take a gift he offered her and finally was chased across a parking lot Sunday night when his infatuation turned deadly, police said. A witness account in a detailed police report, including McCombs' own words before she lost consciousness after being shot multiple times, described a targeted attack on her and her friend Juan Carlos “J.C.” Escamilla, who joined the gym in 2009 and had taken ...

Why Obama Will Not be Re-elected, Part II
Post Date: 2012-04-09 14:08:00 by Turtle
Poster Comment:No real American would disgrace himself or his country by bowing to anyone.

Former arms dealer faces possible life sentence (Hypocrisy at its finest)
Post Date: 2012-04-05 08:16:46 by F.A. Hayek Fan
NEW YORK (AP) — A Russian man who became known as the "Merchant of Death" for his exploits in the arms sales markets worldwide is set to learn how long he'll be in prison after his defense lawyers asked a judge to set him free and prosecutors asked that he never get out. Viktor Bout, 45, faces a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison and possibly life during sentencing Thursday for his conviction on terrorism charges. His lawyers have asked U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin to throw out his conviction, saying he's a political prisoner who stepped into a vindictive U.S. government sting operation. Federal prosecutors say Bout should spend life in prison because ...

The Holocaust as Wimp Libel
Post Date: 2012-04-02 15:12:20 by Turtle
The Holocaust is The Wimp Libel. What is the Wimp Libel? It is the idea that the Holocaust happened out of nowhere, and the Jews did not have any power anywhere and had not been engaging in any ideological or ethnic warfare and bloodshed prior to the Holocaust. That Jews were just a bunch of Woody Allen type violin players and peaceful bankers and lawyers and teachers. There were no “tough Jews” with Mausers terrorizing the Ukrainian steppe in the 1930’s—no, none at all. Here’s the good news, Jews. You may be a lot of things, but “wimps” ain’t one of them. Your Bolsheviks killed tens of millions of hardy Russians and Ukrainians, and some Poles, ...

"I told you I'd find you," said the priest
Post Date: 2012-04-01 07:08:50 by PSUSA2
Priests' trial opens with lurid talesStories of stalking and improper touching set an uncomfortable tone in the courtroom. By John P. MartinInquirer Staff Writer READER FEEDBACK Post a comment RELATED STORIES  Yant Kinney: Dysfunction among the vicars of Christ  Ongoing coverage: The landmark priest sex-abuse trial var dartCCKey = "ccaud"; var dartCC = ""; if (typeof(ccauds) != 'undefined') { for (var cci = 0; cci < ...

Trayvon's Tweets and Black Hate Crimes
Post Date: 2012-03-31 13:09:28 by Turtle
“Hoodie on the Hill” blared the Drudge Report headline, as the street theatre playing out over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin crossed over to the House floor. There, concealed by the by-now iconic hood and “gangsta” glasses was one Bobby Rush, a Democratic representative. Rush blessed Trayvon Martin’s departed soul. The name Trayvon is soon to be a trademark. It may yet spawn a franchise, as the youth’s grieving mother has had the presence of mind to file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Other than that Martin was unarmed and that George Zimmerman has not been arrested, the facts of the case have yet to be established. Since then, the ...

Black Invention Myths
Post Date: 2012-03-30 12:26:44 by Turtle
Perhaps you've heard the claims: Were it not for the genius and energy of African-American inventors, we might find ourselves in a world without traffic lights, peanut butter, blood banks, light bulb filaments, and a vast number of other things we now take for granted but could hardly imagine life without. Such beliefs usually originate in books or articles about black history. Since many of the authors have little interest in the history of technology outside of advertising black contributions to it, their stories tend to be fraught with misunderstandings, wishful thinking, or fanciful embellishments with no historical basis. The lack of historical perspective leads to extravagant ...

Protect the archdiocese! To hell with the little kids!
Post Date: 2012-03-29 13:02:38 by PSUSA2
Jurors in the Philadelphia clergy-abuse trial are hearing about one of the most notorious priests named in a 2005 grand jury report. Church documents say the priest admitted in the 1970s that he had sexually assaulted three eighth-grade boys in one year alone. He remained in ministry through 1980, and taught Latin at a Main Line Philadelphia public school in 2004. Monsignor William Lynn is charged with child endangerment for allegedly keeping him and other accused predators in ministry. Defense lawyers say Lynn, the secretary for clergy, took orders from the archbishop. Letters show Lynn felt the man should not return to ministry in the 1990s, because of the risk to the archdiocese. ...

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