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Woman found guilty of raping 7-year-old boy
Post Date: 2016-02-07 08:45:01 by Artisan
Woman found guilty of raping 7-year-old boy A Washington County jury found a 22-year-old woman guilty last week of raping and sexually abusing a young boy. Melissa Chacon of Cornelius went to trial on six Measure 11 charges related to sex abuse involving a 7-year-old. The jury found her guilty Friday on three counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of first-degree rape. Judge Thomas Kohl acquitted her of using a child in a display of sexual conduct and jurors also acquitted her on one count of first-degree sexual abuse. Her sentencing is set for Jan. 25 to allow time for a presentencing investigation. She faces a possible 25-year prison sentence under Jessica's Law, which ...

Exclusive New Docs Throw Doubt on Julian Assange Rape Charges in Stockholm
Post Date: 2016-02-05 13:00:36 by Ada
As UN rules Wikileaks founder was 'arbitrarily detained,' he stands accused by two Swedish women—is the whole thing just Nordic neurosis? Note: The regrettable invasion of privacy that follows is strictly for the purpose of clarification about the events that took place in Stockholm in 2010, which has led to a five-year legal quagmire between Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ecuador. The matter has kept Julian Assange in various degrees of custody since December of 2010, and has cost U.K. taxpayers over 13 million pounds to date. “It is simply amazing how much work this case is generating. It sometimes seems like an industry. It is certainly non stop. Please do not think ...

The Intercept Says Reporter Falsified Quotations
Post Date: 2016-02-03 12:36:29 by Ada
The news website The Intercept said on Tuesday that a former reporter had fabricated quotations in some of his articles and impersonated other people by using email accounts in their names. Betsy Reed, the news organization’s editor in chief, said that the first evidence appeared in late December and that the reporter, Juan Thompson, was fired on Jan. 4. In an online note to readers, she listed four articles that had been corrected and one that had been retracted. Ms. Reed wrote that an internal investigation turned up instances in which Mr. Thompson quoted people who later said he had never interviewed them, could not remember speaking with him or whose identities could not be ...

Russia Sanctions McCain for Terrorist Contacts and Support
Post Date: 2016-02-03 09:06:39 by Ada
Will Putin release McCain's POW collaborator file? As the United States imposes additional sanctions on Russian individuals under the Magnitsky Act, US Senator John McCain claims that he considers sanctions placed against him by Russia to be a “badge of honor.” On Monday, the US Department of the Treasury announced that it would add five Russian citizens to its sanctions list. Aleksey Anichin, Yevgeni Antonov, Boris Kibis, Pavel Lapshov, and Oleg Urzhumtsev will have US assets frozen, and be barred from traveling to the United States. Four more Russian nationals have been sanctioned by Washington under the Magnitsky Act, the US State Department said © SPUTNIK/ US ...

San Francisco students suspended over racist ‘wigger party’
Post Date: 2016-01-28 19:17:41 by Artisan
Saint Ignatius principal, Patrick Ruff, speaks to the press in front of Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. Saint Ignatius officials held a press conference on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, to announce the closure of the school following a stomach flu outbreak.© Sean Culligan, The Chronicle Saint Ignatius principal, Patrick Ruff, speaks to the press in front of Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. Saint Ignatius officials held a press conference on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, to announce the closure of the… More than a dozen high school students were suspended from St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco after they took part in a racist-themed party at Stern Grove in ...

Post Date: 2016-01-25 21:01:10 by Ada
Former Miss Arkansas worries about possible assassination attempt ahead of tell- all book One of President Bill Clinton’s former mistresses fears the Clinton campaign could attempt to assassinate her and stage it to appear as a suicide. On Saturday, author and former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, also known as Myra Belle “Sally” Miller or Sally Perdue, posted a message alerting friends that she fears for her life. “In this election year, if you read I died….by committing suicide….don’t believe it,” Miller told friends via a Facebook post. The former beauty queen claims she’s been familiar with the Clinton’s intimidation tactics since the 90 ...

NR's latest suicide attempt: AmRen stonewalls blatant Jueishness of its assault
Post Date: 2016-01-25 19:17:50 by NeoconsNailed
(Charen, Helprin, Podhoretz, Sowell, Pavlich, Kristol, Boaz, Medved, Moore, McCarthy -- only the last two are [???] white goyim among the pundits quoted. I'm NOT ripping AmRen or Taylor, just wondering at their stonewalling of basic facts in between posting the truth-blasts they're constantly feauring and producing. Don't forget to keep up with the Stormer and Slave for the latest on l'affaire NR includng ACTivism! NN) “Conservatives” Blast Trump Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 25, 2016 National Review spins even further into irrelevance. National Review has published a collection of short blasts against Donald Trump by 22 “conservatives.” ...

Happy Robert E. Lee Day, All [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2016-01-18 10:10:22 by NeoconsNailed
44 Comments james-earl-ray-instead-jones-mlk-day">The Time Florida Accidentally Honored James Earl Ray—Instead of Jones ML K: His Dream Our Nightmare The King Holiday and Its Meaningby Samuel Francis 2/">Selma to Montgomery, 30 Years Later Even if you think you already know the whole ugly truth about the civil wrongs mvt, PLEASE read at least the last link above -- note it down for further deployment -- and start deploying today! Click for Full Text!

UN Peacekeepers Having 'Transactional Sex' With Locals Is 'Quite Common'
Post Date: 2016-01-16 07:57:12 by NeoconsNailed
Women in Haiti and Liberia are selling sex to United Nations peacekeepers in exchange for aid and lifestyle improvements like cell phones and church shoes. According to the BBC, a new UN report says that women in the aforementioned countries, motivated by “hunger, poverty and lifestyle improvement,” are pushed to have “transactional sex” with peacekeepers. Between 2008 and 2013, 480 sexual exploitation and abuse claims have been filed, and one-third of those include individuals under 18. The UN report notes that this situation is “quite common but underreported” and investigation of the claims take over a year. The women are paid in cash as well as items like ...

Upstate New York’s Whitesboro Village To Vote On Replacing Controversial Seal
Post Date: 2016-01-10 03:39:04 by NeoconsNailed
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A small village in upstate New York has made headlines over the years due to their controversial seal. The village of Whitesboro’s town seal depicts a white man and a Native American grappling. Critics have said it appears to show the white man choking the Oneida. According to the village’s website, the seal depicts village founder Hugh White wrestling with an Oneida. “The wrestling match was an important event in the history of the settling of the Village of Whitesboro and helped foster good relations between White and the Indians,” according to the village’s website. According to the website, the image commemorates the moment ...

Down With The Cos
Post Date: 2016-01-08 10:28:40 by Ada
I never liked Bill Cosby. If, anytime between 1984 and 1992, I’d been overwhelmed by a hankering to watch a loud, pompous middle-aged man yell at his family, I’d have moved back in with my alcoholic stepfather. Bizarrely, it was that unpleasant eponymous sitcom, and not his earlier, gentler Fat Albert cartoons, that got Cosby dubbed “America’s Dad.” (And no, Young People Today, that corny appellation wasn’t a winking dig at the nation’s “dysfunctional families,” to use the then-trendy idiom. Irony hadn’t yet been franchised on every corner like it is today.) True, most now-inevitable-sounding showbiz nicknames—“The Voice,” ...

Can Trump’s Clinton-Sex-Scandal Revival Hurt Hillary?
Post Date: 2015-12-31 05:41:26 by Ada
This week Donald Trump pulled off yet another remarkable political feat: While several of his rivals have tried and failed to turn Bill Clinton's decades-old sex scandals into a 2016 campaign issue, Trump is actually making it happen. After his complaint about Hillary calling him "ISIS's best recruiter" morphed into a debate about sexism just before Christmas, Trump changed the conversation again, tweeting on Monday "If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong!" Tuesday on the Today show, he added, "there certainly were a lot of abuse of women, you look at ...

In Their Own Words: Why Bill’s ‘Bimbos’ Fear a Hillary Presidency
Post Date: 2015-12-28 20:57:00 by Ada
As women’s issues become part of the 2016 presidential race, it may be instructive to review recent statements made by some of Bill Clinton’s alleged female victims regarding the ambitions of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Last week, Hillary accused Republican canddiate Donald Trump of having a “penchant for sexism” in an interview with the Des Moines Register in Iowa. The billionaire fired back on Twitter: “Be careful Hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.” Trump followed up with a second tweet, saying, “Hillary, when you complain about ‘a penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to? I have great ...

My Letter To Sheriff Brian Wood About His Shocking Facebook Post Regarding Jack Yantis' Killing
Post Date: 2015-12-09 14:56:11 by Artisan
I'm The One Who Outed Jack Yantis' Killers Last Week. Here Is My Reply To Idaho Deputy Brian Wood's Shocking Facebook Post About Jack's Killing 12/9/15 Surprise, surprise. Lookie who's visiting again! See, I wasn't exaggerating when I said that the State of Idaho crawls all over my site every day for a month now, since I began writing on the Yantis case. They went to this article moments after it was published. (Don't they have anything better to do with the taxpayer's money?) [Other visitors within moments of publication were the U.S. Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Univ. of Idaho at Boise.] [Note: I was on Dr. Kevin ...

Elderly Shooting Victim of San Bernardino Reveals How Police "Threw Her Husband To The Ground," Cuffed Him For Over An Hour, "which is a bunch of crap if you ask me"
Post Date: 2015-12-08 22:58:47 by Artisan
Elderly Shooting Victim of San Bernardino Reveals How Police "Threw Her Husband To The Ground," Cuffed Him For Over An Hour, "which is a bunch of crap if you ask me" A victim of the San Bernardino shooting has written an account of the attack. She begins by admitting that she did not see who did any of the shooting., and explains how she was shot three times and just wisely played dead until paramedics arrived. The interesting part is that she outlines police abuse of her elderly husband, who had attempted to visit her in the hosptial Note that this was not at the scene of the shooting, it was afterwards, when her husband was simpy trying to visit his wife of 42 ...

Anti-immigration, anti-liberal: meet Sweden's far-right future – video
Post Date: 2015-12-07 13:25:31 by NeoconsNailed
(WARNING: GAGGINGLY STUPID, OFFENSIVE, HATEFUL YELLOWISH HORSE-FACED SOVIET SOCIALIST INTERVIEWESS!! While amerikan brats are concentrating on the Grammys and who's gonna be on SNL, look what young Swedes are doing -- VIDEO. NN) Sweden’s liberal identity is under attack. As increasing numbers of refugees enter the country, anti-immigrant violence is rising. And the Sweden Democrats, a radical nationalist group, is now the third largest party in the country. Phoebe Greenwood meets the young Swedes who believe multiculturalism is a threat - and the migrants afraid of what this means for them Click for Full Text! Click for Full Text!

The San Bernardino Spectacle: questions
Post Date: 2015-12-04 12:58:58 by NeoconsNailed
The Jueish but great Brasscheck weighs in on the latest model of "terrorist" shoot-'em-up and they want to know where the blood went too. No time to format here -- click for the page, please! NN) About the San Bernardino Spectacle As usual the news media asks no intelligent questions: 1. Were there no security people at a complex of this size? 2. Where is the surveillance camera footage? No cameras anywhere? Really? 3. Where did all those cops come from so fast? It looked like the staging for the invasion of Normandy. All that was missing were jet flyovers and a mobile doughnut shop. 4. None of the people on stretchers showed any signs of blood. So what was their problem ...

WOW: Wife of Deputy Who killed Jack Yantis says "I am very proud of both of these men!"
Post Date: 2015-12-03 21:30:50 by Artisan
On Monday November 30th, I broke the story identifying the two Adams County, Idaho Sheriffs who killed rancher Jack Yantis on Nov. 1st. The cops and the corporate media had refused to identify the two Sheriffs for a month, so I published it myself with the help of some people who live in Council Idaho and gave me the details. Their names were Brian Wood and Cody Roland. My article went super-viral and thirteen hours after I published the story, late Monday night, Sheriff Ryan Zollman released their names officially. [See the following two articles for a recap: BOMBSHELL: Deputy Accused In Jack Yantis Killing Is An FBI-Trained Sniper, Was Previously Sued For Roughing Up 79-Year-Old: TIME ...

Pope Francis: Christians and Muslims Are Brothers and Sisters’
Post Date: 2015-12-01 18:53:37 by NeoconsNailed
AmRen's subheading: Speaking event required “tight security” and “armed UN peacekeepers.” Click for Full Text!

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Rape Accuser Blasts ‘Evil’ Hillary: ‘Shame on you!’
Post Date: 2015-11-22 16:44:22 by Ada
In one of her first media appearances in nearly a decade, Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who famously accused Bill Clinton of rape, is now speaking out against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president. “Shame on you, Hillary, that’s disgusting,” Broaddrick said of Clinton’s attempt to run for high office in part on women’s issues. “Shame on you, Hillary. It’s time to be truthful,” she added. Broaddrick was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular weekend talk radio program. An advanced copy of the audio interview was obtained exclusively by Breitbart. During the exchange with ...

Bill Clinton is a Biter
Post Date: 2015-11-22 07:16:28 by Ada
My book The Clintons’ War on Women documents former President Bill Clinton’s trail of sexual assault and rape and Hillary’s point-person role in orchestrating the campaign to discredit and intimidate Bill’s victims into silence lest they slow the Clintons’ path to power and wealth. My book is not about Bill’s consensual sexual affairs, girlfriends, mistresses, or pick-ups. Incredibly, the sordid true story is far darker than that. It details Bill Clinton’s repeated rapes and his proclivity to bite the upper lip of his rape victims as both a signature disabling move and a bid to keep their mouth shut. In her chilling interview with NBC’s Lisa ...

Classic incident! Black students see a hate crime in a bag of poo
Post Date: 2015-11-20 02:45:17 by NeoconsNailed
(I'm trying to see why -- because it's brown?? NN) What Happened Last Night When a Bag of Feces Was Found on the Porch of the BCC Frank Dobson, Director of the Black Cultural Center (BCC) and Assistant Dean, has busy Tuesday nights. Yesterday, he was in between his last Visions session, an RA meeting and Gillette Gelato when he got a phone call from a grad student working at the BCC. “Dr. Dobson, you need to get over here, now.” At around 6 p.m., he rushed over to find a VUPD lieutenant who was drawing up a report. The graduate student had found a bag of feces on the porch of the BCC. The feces had been out on the porch all day. Dobson passed it on his way into the ...

I Didn't Have to Wait Long [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-11-17 15:36:04 by Turtle
For the conspironuts to claim the attacks in France were false flags, just the way they claim everything is a false flag. Proof? As always, none.

Porn as imperialist weapon -- "shining city on a hill" and all that rot
Post Date: 2015-11-10 14:01:29 by NeoconsNailed
E. Michael Jones is one of those rare Catholic scholars who denounce Zionism as part of their ministry. He has books on history and the issues that are very expensive but probably great. One Sunday afternoon I suddenly heard his program coming on a local neocon radio station -- probably a random program rotation. It was never repeated, alas -- but Alex Jones is heard around then most weeks. Anyhoo, here's an interview with him you Catholics in particular should jump on with great gusto. Be warned, it's more than a little nutty -- wasn't expecting that part -- but rife with good info too. At about 24-25 he mentions DC's pornification of countries it wants to subjugate, even ...

AP: Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct
Post Date: 2015-11-01 11:19:35 by Artisan
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Flashing lights pierced the black of night, and the big white letters made clear it was the police. The woman pulled over was a daycare worker in her 50s headed home after playing dominoes with friends. She felt she had nothing to hide, so when the Oklahoma City officer accused her of erratic driving, she did as directed. She would later tell a judge she was splayed outside the patrol car for a pat-down, made to lift her shirt to prove she wasn't hiding anything, then to pull down her pants when the officer still wasn't convinced. He shined his flashlight between her legs, she said, then ordered her to sit in the squad car and face him as he towered above. ...

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