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Lizzo Is Sexy and Other Bullshit
Post Date: 2023-12-17 16:09:41 by Esso

121723 FUNNY Laugh Out Loud Hilarious Memes Jokes Cartoons
Post Date: 2023-12-17 08:59:31 by Esso

Thugs Pick the Wrong Consignment Shop to Try to Rob, Scattered in 30-Seconds
Post Date: 2023-12-16 21:38:21 by Horse

Montreal Mayor COLLAPSES! Is the Jab a "Factor"? MEDIA IS SILENT! Viva Frei Vlawg
Post Date: 2023-12-16 11:01:45 by Esso

Leave the World Behind movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come
Post Date: 2023-12-16 08:18:13 by Horse
Now let's talk about the movie "Leave the World Behind." This movie was produced with funding from a company owned, as I understand it by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. It was directed by Sam Esmail. And it stars among others, Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, who's a great actor, I really admire his acting by the way, and Kevin Bacon. The movie is all the rage right now, for whatever reason. It's filled with a lot of symbolism. And some people say there may be a lot of cult symbolism in the film, such as 666, in one of the opening scenes, and there are all kinds of other artistic interpretations. One of the ships that is grounded on the beach is called ...

Entitled (Black) American Explains Why She Doesn't Like Germany
Post Date: 2023-12-16 03:45:03 by Horse

Americans have Ďwised upí to Bidenís lies: Gregg Jarrett
Post Date: 2023-12-15 12:04:46 by Esso

Congress Mandates Breath Tests for ALL Drivers?! Must Watch Video Explains All! (2023)
Post Date: 2023-12-15 11:08:44 by Esso
Poster Comment:2026 Chevrolet Vega, Base price $123,990.

The INSANE methods required to deal with EV Fires | MGUY Australia
Post Date: 2023-12-15 10:08:33 by Esso
Poster Comment:Bidenomics.

Why Are ZERO "Free Speech" Conservative Hosts Talking About These Books Being Banned from Amazon?
Post Date: 2023-12-15 09:20:09 by Esso
Poster Comment:Homo/pedo/tranny IS a mental illness. IIRC, it's caused by a brain defect/damage in the hypothalamus area of the brain. I have a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook rattling around somewhere. It's garbage.

121523 FUNNY Laugh Out Loud Hilarious Memes Jokes Cartoons
Post Date: 2023-12-15 08:48:46 by Esso

Canadian Who Demanded Covid Camps for UnVaxxed Dies at 33
Post Date: 2023-12-15 08:25:28 by Esso
Pro-Vaccine Canadian Journalist Who Advocated for Vaxx Passport and Called for Unvaccinated to be Fired Dies at Age 33Poster Comment:Probably a stroke.

I have stopped posting to
Post Date: 2023-12-15 00:02:40 by Dakmar
My last post post asked why anyone would vote to abolish the culture they were raised in. The responses implied I owned slaves. Fuck that.

"I Am Angry": Black Scholar Who Says Harvard Prez Plagiarized Her Work Is Livid As 5th Example Emerges
Post Date: 2023-12-14 15:06:03 by Horse
Gay's "whole research agenda, her whole career, was based on my work." Poster Comment:I say she resigns late Friday afternoon when nobody is listening to the news.

The Beatles - Come Together [Scotty mar10]
Post Date: 2023-12-14 14:29:00 by Esso

Is Biden unwell?
Post Date: 2023-12-14 09:05:33 by Esso

121423 FUNNY Laugh Out Loud Hilarious Memes Jokes Cartoons
Post Date: 2023-12-14 08:49:23 by Esso

LA Residents Beat The Hell out of Lefty Terrorists Blocking the Freeway
Post Date: 2023-12-14 08:34:01 by Esso
Poster Comment:Apparently Salty feels the same way about the Middle East as I do.

Trump 2024 VP Pick - You Will Never Guess Who Is Out
Post Date: 2023-12-13 15:19:09 by Esso
Poster Comment:Deep State would assassinate Trump before his name is allowed on any ballot, but I'll play make-believe for a while... Trump would pick a hot babe as his running mate. My choices would be, in order: 1. Alina Habba - (Trump's lawyer/spokeswoman), faithful and hot as a firecracker. I could watch her for hours. 2. Kristy Noem - (Governor, SD), skilled politician, hot. I could watch her too. 3. Kari Lake - (wannabe senator) hot, makes the right noises. Out of the running: Any man with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson - Doubtful, potential personality class over fame, learned his lesson about men by picking the unfaithful, closeted homosexual Mike Pence last ...

Defund the Cop Lefty Uses Girlfriend as Human Shield During Home Invasion
Post Date: 2023-12-13 12:47:42 by Esso

Obama Cover-Up After Death Of Personal Chef - State Police Release Testimony
Post Date: 2023-12-13 12:32:35 by Esso
Poster Comment:Why would Netflix give Michelle "Big Mike" Obama a "sweetheart deal" ($$$$$$$$) unless they had something to gain from it in the future, like Big Mike becoming the president? They're rubbing our noses in it and laughing at us. "You knew."" Yeah, I helped him build the wall."

Hunter Biden is 'taking a risk' here, former federal prosecutor warns
Post Date: 2023-12-13 09:40:58 by Esso
This is a 'perfect storm' for Hunter BidenPoster Comment:This should be a total joke. A joke on the American people and the rule-of-law.

Joe Bidenís lies exposed
Post Date: 2023-12-13 09:13:03 by Esso
A look inside Joe Biden's worst gaffes of 2023 Joe Biden reveals guilt over Hunter Biden's legal woes

2023 Redford University and Florida Gulf Coast University Annual Report on Serial Killer Statistics
Post Date: 2023-12-13 08:22:41 by Horse
Shows Blacks Represent the Majority of Serial Killers From the Twitter account UnBiasedCrime: The Radford/FGCU Annual Report on Serial Killer Statistics: 2023 was finally published! “The purpose of this annual report is to provide the most accurate statistics possible about serial killers and their victims.” Key findings: – Since 1990, the majority of serial killers were Black (50.9%) followed by White (36.3%), Hispanic (10.6%), Asian (1.9%), and Native American (.4%). – In all decades, the percentage of Black serial killers exceeds the percentage of Black citizens in the United States population. – The percentage of Black serial killers in the United States has ...

Here's how your tax money is spent... | YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE #184.5
Post Date: 2023-12-12 11:05:26 by Esso

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