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"There Is No Place for Political Violence in America. Period. None. Ever."
Post Date: 2022-09-24 09:01:52 by Ada
The government is so completely full of shit. The worst things in history are happening, and they are based on completely obvious lies. Joe Biden just said he’s doing World War III with Russia because Russia is trying to genocide the Ukraine. That is a total lie, based on nothing at all. Joe Biden said in his red sermon that political violence was totally intolerable, and that he would clamp down on and destroy white people who support Donald Trump because they are secretly planning political violence – this is as dumb of a lie as the Ukraine genocide hoax. Biden said: “There is no place for political violence in America. Period. None. Ever.” He screamed it like an ...

Is Biden deliberately destroying America’s military defenses?
Post Date: 2022-09-24 08:50:13 by Ada
The Supreme Court has made clear that discriminating against people based on sex or sexual orientation is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. That has not stopped the Air Force Academy from initiating a new program explicitly closed to “cisgender men.” Horrible as that is, it pales compared to some of the other things Biden has been doing that will destroy America’s military readiness. The Air Force Academy notified its cadets (i.e., students) that it is offering a new fellowship program—the Brooke Owens Fellowship—for “gender minorities” only, with straight men explicitly excluded: If you are a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, ...

Germany: Greens Plan To Ban Native Germans From A Third Of Jobs To Promote 'Diversity'
Post Date: 2022-09-24 06:24:13 by Horse
...despite the fact that it’s clearly unconstitutional... Poster Comment:He enters the country illegally, rapes young girls and gets your job. Sounds fair to me. Why wouldn't any self-respecting socialist vote for that?

This is just flat out ridiculous
Post Date: 2022-09-24 04:36:39 by Esso
Poster Comment:Hey, I could be arguing on my own time...

Laura Ingraham: The economy is in dire straights
Post Date: 2022-09-24 00:11:15 by Esso

The Crimes Of Barack Obama Explained In Ten Minutes
Post Date: 2022-09-24 00:10:18 by Horse

Post Date: 2022-09-23 22:39:31 by Esso
Poster Comment:Neck Lump Has Gross Politician Growing Out Of It HARRISBURG, PA — The hotly contested race for the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat has had its share of controversies, but none of them compare to the most recent brouhaha, as new photos have surfaced showing a neck lump with a gross, disgusting politician growing out of it. The neck lump's campaign office has issued a statement asking for privacy following the virally-shared photo of the fleshy growth of putrid politician protruding awkwardly from the neck lump. "The hoodie makes sense now; it was there so the neck lump could hide from view," said one TMZ journalist. "I'd hide my face too if I had a ...

Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange
Post Date: 2022-09-23 22:08:01 by Horse
Poster Comment:Funny Ad.

Johns Hopkins Professor Raises Alarm about Spike of Serious Heart Damage in Children
Post Date: 2022-09-23 22:04:04 by Horse
A leading Johns Hopkins University medical professor is raising the alarm about a spike in serious heart damage being recorded in children. Dr. Marty Makary is a surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins and is regarded as one of America’s leading medical experts. He’s warning that there has been a sharp rise in “significant heart damage,” or myocarditis, in children. Makary has blasted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for ignoring the issue. Rather than investigating the cases, Makary says the CDC has “downplayed” the issue. Makary appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show where he expressed major concerns about ...

USPS spied on MAGA protesters, right-wing groups, gun rights activists, documents show
Post Date: 2022-09-23 22:01:19 by Horse
The U.S Postal Service spied on ‘MAGA’ protesters, gun rights activists and other right-wing groups between late 2020 and early 2021, according to records obtained by The Washington Times. ‘MAGA’ is former President Donald Trump’s slogan meaning “Make America Great Again.” Patrick Eddington, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, obtained heavily redacted files detailing the USPS’ surveillance activities from September 2020 to April 2021, which included a secret effort to surveil social media known as the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP). The USPS monitored the activities of gun rights activists, protesters planning to demonstrate against ...

Gay Rights Organization Gets Deplatformed By PayPal While Pro-Pedophile Group Remains
Post Date: 2022-09-23 21:59:11 by Horse
A gay rights organization was deplatformed by PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo, only to discover on Thursday that pro-pedophile organization Prostasia continues to be on good business terms with the multinational financial technology company. Poster Comment:Gays against Groomers was kicked off Paypal. They also seize money already donated but not delivered. They should be arrested for theft.

'What about the rest of the citizens of New York?'
Post Date: 2022-09-23 21:53:51 by Horse
Soft criminal justice system in NYC allows pervert to allegedly go on sexual assault spree after pleading guilty to sexually 'coercing' teenage relative A man who had already pled guilty to sexually coercing a teenage female relative was allegedly able to go on a sexual assault spree shortly before sentencing, thanks to systemic soft-on-crime policies in New York City.

EU Commission head issues veiled threat to Italy
Post Date: 2022-09-23 21:51:48 by Horse
The EU has “tools” to respond if the political situation in Italy goes in a “difficult direction,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday. She hinted that the country could face punishments such as those recently leveled against Hungary and Poland if the upcoming election results in the predicted right-wing sweep. “My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” she said in response to a question over whether she had “concerns” about Sunday’s Italian parliamentary vote, in which the conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) are projected to ...

The WEF plan to REMAKE Mexico, US, and Canada's borders EXPOSED! | Redacted
Post Date: 2022-09-23 20:18:43 by Horse

A 'Significant Threat To National Security': China Has Been Embedding Scientists At Los Alamos For Decades
Post Date: 2022-09-23 19:38:52 by Horse
Many of the scientists were later lured back to China to help make advances in such technologies as deep-earth-penetrating warheads, hypersonic missiles, quiet submarines and drones

Is Xi Jinping under house arrest?
Post Date: 2022-09-23 19:16:37 by Esso
Beijing Airport canceled more than 6,000 domestic flights and international flights. Also, all tickets sold by the high-speed rail are suspended, and the rail is completely stopped until further notice For the last two years, there was no place like home for Chinese President Xi Jinping. He had not moved out of his home in Beijing and was not meeting any world leader, not even any prominent CCP leader. However, on September 14th, the tyrant leader finally moved out of his home for an SCO meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. After a hiatus of two years, Xi departed for Central Asia by a special flight and attended the 22nd Summit of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation ...

Is He Reading Ashley’s Diary Out Loud?
Post Date: 2022-09-23 18:36:48 by Esso
Poster Comment:Sick, sick shit. Rest assured, if the Bidet is remembering what he did to a 12 y/o almost 50 years ago, when he was 30, it most certainly involved more than hair sniffing. Calgon, take me away.

Golden Age Air Museum – The Fokker Scourge
Post Date: 2022-09-23 16:46:13 by X-15
The Golden Age Air Museum held their annual, vintage style air show during the Labor Day Weekend. The museum’s home, a small grass strip complete with old-time hangars and outbuildings in picturesque countryside near Bethel, Pennsylvania, is a throw back to a different era, and a major part of the experience. This year’s air show theme was dubbed The Fokker Scourge! and featured four replica Fokker Dr.I Triplanes, fighter planes which were feared by all who faced them in battle during WWI. The Four Fokker Triplane replicas in attendance included John Elliott’s example, sporting the red livery made famous by Baron Manfred Richthofen (aka The Red Baron), the Golden Age Air ...

Black Child Reacts to Disney's New "Black Ariel"
Post Date: 2022-09-23 14:47:12 by Horse
Poster Comment:Cute. 24 second video.

Planned Parenthood CHANGED Definition Of Heartbeat, Abrams MOCKED For UNHINGED Abortion Conspiracy
Post Date: 2022-09-23 10:10:58 by Esso
Poster Comment:Unhinged is right. The Creator isn't going to like this.

Total Media Blackout on Republican Killed by Leftist
Post Date: 2022-09-23 10:00:51 by Ada
You’d think that a leftist who did a political killing of a teenager he accused of being a Republican would be a big news story. However, basically no one is even covering it. NewsBusters: For more than three days now, left-wing TV networks have refused to report on the politically-motivated killing of 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson, a conservative, by 41-year-old Shannon Brandt in North Dakota. In the early hours of Sunday morning, Brandt hit the teenager with his car, reportedly due to a political disagreement, before driving off. Brandt admitted to police that the collision was a deliberate attack, and that he had been motivated by Ellingson’s political affiliation. ...

'Clean up on aisle Biden': US president's decline 'happening right before our eyes'
Post Date: 2022-09-23 09:28:06 by Esso

Russians Are Trolling Europeans By Live Streaming Thier Stoves Burning 24/7
Post Date: 2022-09-23 09:26:09 by Esso

They're Coming For Me!
Post Date: 2022-09-23 08:22:02 by Esso

Electric bills could increase 64% this winter in Massachusetts, National Grid warns
Post Date: 2022-09-23 08:03:40 by Horse
Massachusetts electricity customers could be facing a steep increase in their winter bills, National Grid warned on Wednesday. Citing the high price of natural gas used in generating the power, the utility company said winter electricity rates taking effect on Nov. 1, will be sharply higher than they were last winter. Poster Comment:This is because liberals refuse to build pipelines that would connect them to the national grid. Now they have to compete with LNG exports to Europe but not enough LNG facilities to make it even worse.

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