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“Exceptional In Its Density” Attack On Ukrainian Capital
Post Date: 2023-05-16 16:19:45 by Horse

"Gyms Are for Children!" NY Parents Protest Plans to Use Public Schools for Migrant Shelters
Post Date: 2023-05-16 16:14:17 by Horse
Poster Comment:I saw Asians and Latinos in this protest.

47% of all internet traffic came from bots in 2022
Post Date: 2023-05-16 16:06:20 by Horse
A new report reveals that in 2022, 47.4% of all internet traffic came from bots, a 5.1% increase over the previous year. The same report showed that human traffic, at 52.6%, decreased to its lowest level in eight years. Poster Comment:I knew bots were used to boost ad sales and to boost censorship. But that is a lot of bot activity.

Biden Administration May Ban Bank Withdrawals Amid Decline In M2 Money Supply, Hugh Hendry Warns
Post Date: 2023-05-16 16:01:42 by Horse
Hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry has warned that the Biden administration is mulling a freeze on U.S. bank withdrawals amid the decline in M2 money supply – a benchmark measure of how much cash and cash-like assets is circulating in the U.S. economy. Poster Comment:Cash with drawl limits are imposed on all nations when their currency begins to hyperinflate. When your bank deposit is worthless, they let you take your money out of the bank.

Monkeypox Outbreak Reported In Chicago Nearly 70% Of Infected Were Already Vaccinated Against The Disease
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:58:03 by Horse
Monkeypox has returned with a vengeance as an outbreak of the disease is reported in Chicago. The disease now appears to be affecting men who were injected with the vaccine for it. Poster Comment:I wonder how many were vaxxed and boosted with the clot shot.

REPLACEMENTS: German government in talks to allow 250,000 Kenyan migrants to fill worker shortage
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:55:53 by Horse
The German government is working on an agreement to allow 250,000 Kenyan migrants to enter the country and fill a shortage of skilled workers.

Stipulated Order Proving CDC Has No Studies To Support Claim That Vaccines Given in First 6 Months of Life Do Not Cause Autism
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:51:56 by Horse
In the summer of 2019, ICAN submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CDC requesting “All studies relied upon by CDC to claim that the DTaP vaccine does not cause autism.” ICAN also submitted this same request for HepB, Hib, PCV13, and IPV, as well as requesting the CDC provide studies to support the cumulative exposure to these vaccines during the first six months of life do not cause autism. Despite months of demands, the CDC failed to produce a single specific study in response to these FOIA requests. ICAN was therefore forced to sue the CDC in federal court, where the CDC finally conceded, in a stipulation signed by a Federal court judge, that that it ...

Home Depot Plunges After Worst Revenue Miss In 20 Years,
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:47:58 by Horse
Slashes Guidance; Blames Weather, Lumber And Faltering Consumer teaser image "We observed more broad-based pressure across the business compared to when we reported fourth quarter results a few months ago." Headline US Retail Sales Disappoints In April, Slowest Annual Growth Since May 2020 ...(nominal) retail sales rose just 1.6% YoY (well below inflation) Poster Comment:We are in recession. Shadow Stats inflation rate is down to 8%. So a 1.8% increase in retail sales is actually a 6% contraction.

US Describes Full-Blown Russia-Iran Defense Partnership As More Drones Sought
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:41:44 by Horse
The White House continues raising the alarm over what it is describing as a full-blown military partnership between Russia and Iran, after the US has for the past half-year documented a significant rise in Iranian drone usage in Ukraine. National security spokesperson John Kirby said in a Monday briefing that the two countries are expanding their "unprecedented defense partnership" including Tehran sending Moscow over 400 drones in the prior several months. This makes the Islamic Republic a "top military backer" of Russia's war efforts, Kirby said. He stressed Russia is now seeking to purchase additional drones after depleting its stockpile in Ukraine. ...

Russia Says It Took Out US-Supplied Patriot Missile In Hypersonic Strike On Kiev
Post Date: 2023-05-16 15:30:26 by Horse
"30 US Patriot PAC-3 MSE launch at a cost of $5 million per missile. That’s $150 million gone within 2 mins." Poster Comment:That is $150 million to replace 30 missiles and $1 billion for the battery. Raytheon will gladly sell Uncle another matching set. The US thought it was safe to store billions of dollars of equipment and ammo in warehouses protected by Patriot missiles. Then the Russians blew them up and the Patriots.

LDS church rejects whistleblower's allegations from '60 Minutes' interview
Post Date: 2023-05-16 10:48:58 by Horse
David Nielsen worked at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints investment arm Ensign Peak Advisers for 9 years The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) rejected the allegations brought forth by a whistleblower who claimed in a "60 Minutes" interview that the Church is operating a "clandestine hedge fund" after having accumulated more than $100 billion in assets. David Nielsen, who worked for nine years at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ investment arm, Ensign Peak Advisers, argued that the church should lose its tax-exempt status for allegedly not using the money for charitable purposes. In a statement to Fox News Digital, a ...

Shocking knife crime stats among London's Black community reveals an inconvenient truth
Post Date: 2023-05-16 10:37:25 by Horse
February 2022 statistics released by the London government have sparked widespread concern and raised serious questions about the recent trend of “victimizing” and “coddling” of the black community. This trend has been very popular among left-wing politicians, Hollywood, law enforcement, as well as local and state governments who are advocating for ridiculous reparations and dangerous and deadly bail reforms. As this twisted mentality gains traction in the name of progress and political correctness, the unfortunate consequence is a significant surge in black crime rates, resulting in the tragic loss of life. According to these stats, even though they comprise only 13% ...

U.S. PATRIOT Missile System Fires 30 Missiles over Kiev But Gets TAKEN OUT by Russian Hit
Post Date: 2023-05-16 10:33:54 by Horse
One of the much vaunted PATRIOT missile systems given to Kiev to fight Russia, fired about thirty Air Defense missiles overnight but in the end, was hit by a Russian inbound attack. Video below shows the salvos and the final inbound Russian hit. Ukraine is actively (and desperately) trying to have the video removed! Overnight, Russia engaged in a very thorough missile attack against Ukraine, with what appears to have been a "saturation" attack against Kiev for the express purpose of overwhelming missile defenses. Ukraine and its supporters are furious that these videos are published. They are actively and aggressively demanding the videos be taken down "because they can ...

FBI Asks Judge to Delay Seth Rich Laptop Release for 66 Years
Post Date: 2023-05-16 09:38:41 by Horse
The FBI is asking a federal court to reverse its order that demanded the bureau to disclose information from a laptop belonging to Seth Rich. If the judge refuses, the FBI has asked for a delay of 66 years. Rich was working as a staffer for the Democratic National Committee when he was shot and killed on a Washington D.C. street in 2016. No arrests have ever been made in connection with the Rich killing. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant, an Obama appointee, ruled in September that the bureau must hand over information from the computer to Brian Huddleston, who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the information. The FBI asserted that a release would violate the privacy ...

Patriot missile base in Kiev destroyed by hypersonic strike Moscow
Post Date: 2023-05-16 09:29:41 by Horse
A precision strike by a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile has destroyed a Patriot air defense system in Kiev, the Defense Ministry in Moscow reported on Tuesday. The Ukrainian government previously claimed that Kinzhal missiles had been intercepted by the US-made weapons platform. The Russian military did not provide further details about the strike, which was the first time Moscow claimed to have hit the long-range system supplied to Ukraine by its Western backers. Poster Comment:The Kinzhal is an air launched Mach 12 missile that digs a 98 feet deep hole where its target used to be.

Matt Gaetz demands FBI agents be indicted after damning Durham report
Post Date: 2023-05-16 09:23:20 by Ada
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz demanded that the FBI be defunded and its agents criminally indicted after a report found that the bureau lacked evidence to launch an investigation into former President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in 2016. Trump-era special council John Durham on Monday produced a 300-page report summing up his four-year review of the FBI’s actions, which found that the agency rushed into its investigation, relied too heavily on raw and unconfirmed intelligence, and “willfully ignored” or rationalized away information that did not support its collusion theory. Gaetz, a staunch Trump ally, ripped into the bureau following the release of the report, ...

Time for Republicans to Confront January 6 Lead Prosecutor
Post Date: 2023-05-16 08:53:56 by Ada
The Biden regime’s double standard of justice runs right through Matthew Graves’ office. During the 2020 presidential election cycle, Matthew M. Graves donated $2,000 to the Biden-Harris campaign. The modest contribution was a no- brainer for Graves. Not only was he a domestic policy advisor for the campaign, he worked at the time for the same white-shoe law firm as Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband. Graves’ kowtowing paid off. In November 2021, Graves took the helm of one of the most politically-charged U.S. attorneys office’s in the country: the District of Columbia. Since then, Graves has escalated the pace and nature of the ongoing investigation into ...

Dirty Secrets
Post Date: 2023-05-16 08:42:09 by Ada
“The average Democrat knows the Biden family is profoundly corrupt and they simply don’t care…. Sam Harris spoke for all of them when he said it wouldn’t matter if Hunter’s laptop was packed w/pictures of dead kids.” — MartyrMade on Twitter This is the dirty secret of our time: the device that the Woke / Progressive elite used to finally get rid of Donald Trump — Covid-19 — shoved them over a cliff Wile E. Coyote style. And now, as they freefall off that cliff, the supposed antidote to Covid-19 — getting vaccinated — is blowing up in their faces, again, Wile E. Coyote style. The elite now have to wake up every day and wonder if the ...

QAnon 2.0?
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:29:33 by Ada
Many have concluded QAnon was a Deep State intelligence operation to lull Trump supporters into complacency in the runup to the 2020 election and to provide a new pejorative term for the Left to use against the Right. The timing of the rise and abandonment of QAnon postings adds credence to this belief. “Trust the plan” was a component of a sophisticated strategy (concocted far earlier than almost anyone now realizes) to ensure Trump’s 2020 defeat. This strategy included the placement of the fake DNC and RNC J6 pipe bombs, the 51 intelligence professionals swearing to the Russian provenance of the laptop from hell, failure to call up the National Guard on J6 and the dozens ...

Gutfeld: Durham lays the basis for questioning the 2020 election results
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:26:22 by Ada
In a segment from Fox News “The Five” Monday evening, TV host and political commentator Greg Gutfeld took us to a logical conclusion after he’d examined the final Durham report: Why shouldn’t we question the 2020 presidential election? Gutfeld reasoned that if the people were being told that the country could not survive Trump, it would have become their moral duty to cheat. He said: If somebody is telling everybody that this person is a modern-day Hitler; it is your duty to do whatever is possible to stop him. In fact, if you actually play by the rules you're a traitor … so they created a devil that was so big and so vast it made all actions permissible, and ...

Gun Control Debate Ignores the Real Problems: Ron Paul
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:19:50 by Ada
The gun control debate ignores the root causes of rising violence, which is a symptom of the decline of traditional morality that respected every individual’s inalienable right to life, liberty, and property. Any attempt to use government power to “make people good” will inevitably result in tyranny. Gun control advocates continue to claim that only restrictions on gun ownership will keep people safe from mass shooters and other criminals. However, good people with guns can stop bad people with guns. And bad people will still have guns despite gun control laws. Further weakening the argument that restricting private firearms ownership will reduce violent crimes is the fact ...

Chairman Of Homeland Security Committee: Mayorkas Has “Intentionally Violated” Law And “Lied To Congress Under Oath”
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:16:13 by Ada
“Every American is at risk with this open border." GOP Congressman Mark Green, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, has blasted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for lying about the security of the border and violating the law as record numbers of illegal immigrants crossed the border last week. Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the 83,000 crossings just last week alone, and Mayorkas’ assertion that the numbers have dropped, Rep. Green noted “What the secretary failed to say is that this week has seen more crossings than any time, any week in our history. Yes, there was some anticipation, and so people started ...

IRS Whistleblower and Entire Team Abruptly Removed from Hunter Biden Investigation
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:04:19 by Horse
at Request of Justice Department: Lawyers

Is the United States Moving Its Capital to Jerusalem?
Post Date: 2023-05-16 07:03:50 by Ada
American Politicians flock to Israel while dismembering the US Constitution in deference to Jewish power It would seem that American politicians and media think that the entire world should rightly conform to the marching orders emanating from Washington, even though that pretense has become a bit shopworn after more than twenty years of pointless wars initiated and sustained by a serious of clueless presidents and Congress. Increasingly, the international community is looking for a way out of the tight embrace offered by the White House, a growing sense that a multipolar world would be much better than “rule of law” dictated by any self-proclaimed superpower. Recently there ...

Joe Rogan: Terrorist attack You Never Heard Of.
Post Date: 2023-05-16 02:02:03 by Horse

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