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Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan Apartment Raided By DOJ; Electronic Devices Seized
Post Date: 2021-04-28 17:10:35 by Horse
"It marks a major turning point in the long-running investigation..."

Biden Stiffs Dems Over SALT, Putting Pelosi In Pickle
Post Date: 2021-04-28 17:07:44 by Horse
Pelosi now has to shepherd the White House's plan "through the razor-thin margins in her chamber..." Poster Comment:SALT is State and Local Tax Deductions. Trump raised taxes on the rich who live in Blue States by limiting state and local tax deductions. SALT repeal is number priority for many Blue State Donkeys as the rich are fleeing their states. They won't have anyone left to pay high taxes except people with state, local and federal government jobs in their states.

Barnard Professor Triggers Free Speech Controversy After Writing About "Detonating" And Gassing White People
Post Date: 2021-04-28 17:01:18 by Horse
..doubtful that a book discussing the gassing of minorities would have resulted in anything other than a rapid suspension and ultimate termination in many universities...

Hunter Biden To Lecture Tulane Students About "Media Polarization" & "Fake News"
Post Date: 2021-04-28 16:59:47 by Horse
We'd love to be a fly on the wall in that lecture hall. Poster Comment:Any student who videotapes the lectures might make enough to pay his tuition.

Dollar Dumps To 2-Month Lows, Ether Record Highs After Powell Promises Moar, Warns Of "Froth"
Post Date: 2021-04-28 16:57:49 by Horse
It's "not time yet to think about tapering".. Poster Comment:More currency inflation. Eventually, higher commodity futures will translate into higher retail store prices. Already has for lumber.

Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
Post Date: 2021-04-28 16:51:38 by Horse
How many of these do you need to see? There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program. Wake up. Poster Comment:Many more country charts at source.

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-04-28 16:35:34 by Horse
The IQ and the life expectancy of the average American recently passed each other in opposite directions. - George Carlin

US Court Says 'Ghost Gun' Plans Can Be Posted Online
Post Date: 2021-04-28 11:04:23 by Ada
Plans for 3D-printed, self-assembled "ghost guns" can be posted online without U.S. State Department approval, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. A divided panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reinstated a Trump administration order that permitted removal of the guns from the State Department's Munitions List. Listed weapons need State Department approval for export. In 2015, federal courts applied the requirement to weapons posted online and intended for production on 3D printers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. However, 3 years later, the State Department under then-President Donald Trump settled a lawsuit by a 3D gun company and ...

CNN's New "Reporter," Natasha Bertrand, is a Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist
Post Date: 2021-04-28 10:40:45 by Ada
In the U.S. corporate media, the surest way to advance is to loyally spread lies and deceit from the U.S. security state. Bertrand is just the latest example. Click for Full Text!

Don’t Look Now
Post Date: 2021-04-28 10:28:29 by Ada
There was Joe Biden, all masked-up at the Virtual Climate Summit Meeting, the only world leader with his face covered, like he was fixing to rob the joint. In reality — if such a place in space-time still exists — Joe was sitting all by himself in an otherwise empty room in front of a video camera, all vaxed-up, too, as is everybody else who comes and goes in the White House. So, what was the mask all about? Surely not the virus. Does Ol’ White Joe bethink himself some kind of international Lone Ranger? This was only one of countless mysteries orbiting around the dimming star that is Joe Biden. The biggest one, the planet Jupiter of all puzzlements, is how the guy managed ...

Musk was Right about Covid!
Post Date: 2021-04-28 09:43:55 by Lod

Can this be true -- increased road accidents in wake of 1st wave of jabs
Post Date: 2021-04-28 09:39:52 by NeoconsNailed
(Anonymous.... sigh.... email forward) Russell Edwards � Today at 6:40 PMhere's an excerpt from Jim Stone's web site (see link below) where people are describing seeing bizarre accidents and other driving incidents where the drivers appear to be "out of it". Is this just the start of something much worse that's on the horizon?? VERY INTERESTING TRUCK DRIVER POSTS "I have a startup company and as such I work every day of the week. Every day I'm on the road heading back and forth from home to my office in the Raleigh-Durham area via I-40. Recently, I have noticed a massive uptick in seemly bizarre accidents. Vehicles of all kinds, usually singular, ...

The DC Statehood Power Grab
Post Date: 2021-04-28 09:19:28 by Ada
“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?” asked President Abraham Lincoln, who answered his own question: “Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” And Congress’ saying that D.C. is a state would equally contradict truth and reality, as our nation’s capital lacks all of the attributes of a 51st state of the Union. Whence came our capital of Washington, D.C.? The city was carved out of Maryland and Virginia in 1790, which voted to cede 100 square miles on the Potomac for a capital city of the United States to become the domicile of the federal government. In 1846, Virginia’s share of the land, some 32 square ...

The Mass Exodus From The West Coast Is Driving Home Prices In Idaho To Insane Levels
Post Date: 2021-04-28 09:11:27 by Horse
Lots of people have been moving away from the west coast over the last decade, but we have never seen the sort of mass exodus that we have seen over the last year. This mass exodus has created some extremely hot real estate markets in desirable areas located away from the coast, and according to the Wall Street Journal the hottest real estate market in the entire country right now is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Any house in the area that gets placed on the market is likely to spark a bidding war, and according to the Coeur d’Alene Association of Realtors the median price of a home in the region has risen by a whopping 47 percent in the last 12 months… The median sales price in the ...

Dr. Christiane Northrup, “What’s In the COVID-19 Vaccines?”
Post Date: 2021-04-28 09:03:02 by Horse

Major Poll: Nancy Pelosi Is The “Most Unpopular Politician In The Country”
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:50:23 by Horse
Now, it looks like a red wave could be building fast — and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s position could be in jeopardy. A new internal survey of battleground congressional seats is cause for concern among Democrats. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) conducted the poll of about 1,000 voters across 85 battleground districts. Nancy Pelosi Sent Spinning By Major Poll – Results Show That Nancy Is The “Most Unpopular Politician In The Country” By Ben Dutka|April 27, 2021 Nancy Pelosi Sent Spinning By Major Poll – Results Show That Nancy Is The “Most Unpopular Politician In The Country” Share After losing the White House, Republicans ...

Prions: the danger of biochemical weapons
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:45:45 by Horse
The knowledge of biotechnology increases the risk of using biochemical weapons for mass destruction. Prions are unprecedented infectious pathogens that cause a group of fatal neurodegenerative diseases by a novel mechanism. They are transmissible particles that are devoid of nucleic acid. Due to their singular characteristics, Prions emerge as potential danger since they can be used in the development of such weapons. Prions cause fatal infectious diseases, and to date there is no therapeutic or prophylactic approach against these diseases. Furthermore, Prions are resistant to food-preparation treatments such as high heat and can find their way from the digestive system into the nervous ...

Tucker: Biden has no active role in running the government
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:39:48 by Horse

Mystery Solved!
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:35:58 by Esso
Poster Comment:Hey, I just watch this stuff for the music.

Ex-Clinton strategist says ‘WOKENESS IS A PROBLEM’ for Democrats
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:34:50 by Horse
James Carville: Democrats are too afraid to criticize because they’ll be ‘canceled’ Earning himself a label of “outdated” policy-maker, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville has voiced an unpopular opinion, warning an infatuation with “wokeness” and cancel culture will cause serious problems for the party. Carville not only believes Democrats could be losing elections in 2022, 2024, and beyond, he also revealed to Vox in an interview that the only reason the Democratic Party walked away with the presidency in 2020 is because they were up against a “world-historical buffoon.” Carville, likely best known for his work on Bill Clinton’s ...

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:25:23 by Horse
As can be expected when new experimental “vaccines” that are not approved by the FDA are given emergency use authorization to fight a “pandemic” that is now over a year old, reported deaths following the injections of these shots have now skyrocketed in the U.S. population by over 6000% here at the end of the first quarter of 2021, as compared to recorded deaths following FDA-approved vaccines at the end of the first quarter of 2020. These new products, which many doctors and scientists claim do not even meet the legal definition of a “vaccine,” are described by the manufacturers themselves as “operating systems” called the “software of ...

Outrage erupts after HS runner — forced by state to wear mask — collapses at finish line.
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:21:20 by Horse
After Maggie Williams of Summit High School in Bend, Oregon, collapsed at the finish line during an 800-meter race last week, outrage erupted over the state's mask mandate for athletes — even for runners like Williams who compete with the sun shining on their backs and the wind blowing past their faces. Her coach Dave Turnbull said Williams, with her mask on, suffered "complete oxygen debt," the Oregonian reported. Indeed, the paper said she fell face-first three meters shy of the finish line and was unresponsive. "I've been doing this for 31 years, I've never seen anybody basically lose consciousness," Turnbull told the paper. "I've never ...

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:18:33 by Horse
"Free men have arms; slaves do not." -- William Blackstone

Nick Fuentes Put on the No-Fly List by the Feds – Conservative Twitter Forms Convoy!
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:18:00 by Ada
America First host Nick Fuentes has been put on the No-Fly List by the feds for attending the January 6 rally against the election hoax. For those who do not recall this information: the No-Fly List was created after 911, ostensibly to ban potential Islamic terrorists from getting on planes. It has been suspected for a long time that this would be used for political purposes, given that the feds have a total ability to put whoever they want on this list. Nick revealed this information on Wednesday, after having been prevented from boarding a plane to an event in Florida, where he was scheduled to speak about political repression by big tech. At O’Hare, where he had a flight ...

The Gaetz Scandal Isn’t About Matt Gaetz
Post Date: 2021-04-28 08:13:08 by Ada
A senior Trump administration official tells TAC Bob Kent was approved for $75,000 from the State Department It’s now been the better part of a month since it broke in the New York Times that Matt Gaetz was being investigated for sex trafficking a minor, and he still has yet to face an on-the-record accusation. Since then, the minor has morphed into a “former minor”—it turns out she was 18. Gaetz was also accused of sharing revenge porn of a former girlfriend, including by Katie Hill, whom Gaetz had previously defended in her own revenge porn scandal. Two of that girlfriend’s friends told Politico it wasn’t revenge porn, and that she told them “this ...

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