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The Healthiest Vegetable in the World and We Have Completely Forgotten it!
Post Date: 2021-07-18 14:00:35 by Horse
Poster Comment:More iron than spinach. And more vitamin C than oranges. Purifies the body. Its leaves can relieve sunspots on the skin. Can be raised at home in pots. Peppery taste. Do not let it grow too long. Becomes bitter.

1960’s Ford Factory Race Cars that were Street Legal!
Post Date: 2021-07-18 13:48:06 by Esso

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-07-18 13:32:34 by Horse
“If I had a house in hell, and a house in Texas, I’d live in hell and rent out Texas.” Mark Twain Poster Comment:Not sure that is a real Twain quote. The following I know is not true. Twain was a reported in northern California. He said, "The summer I spent in San Francisco was the coldest winter I spent anywhere."

UK Government Minister Suggests New Lockdown Before The Current One Has Even Ended
Post Date: 2021-07-18 13:13:16 by Horse
“Of course” Brits could face yet another lockdown.. Poster Comment:Her Majesty's Jewish government is bad under Labour and Tories. Cameron and Boris Johnson were members of the the Bullingdon Club, an Oxford dining hall. Members beat up people and trash pubs in the city of Oxford. They are POSH and above the law. The last two Home Secretaries have been Asians. They have 3 Asians and one Mideast Black in the cabinet. Also a couple of Jews.

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life
Post Date: 2021-07-18 12:57:12 by Horse
A slew of factors—its acidity, its lack of water and the presence of hydrogen peroxide—work in perfect harmony, allowing the sticky treat to last forever. Modern archeologists, excavating ancient Egyptian tombs, have often found something unexpected amongst the tombs’ artifacts: pots of honey, thousands of years old, and yet still preserved. Through millennia, the archeologists discover, the food remains unspoiled, an unmistakable testament to the eternal shelf-life of honey. There are a few other examples of foods that keep–indefinitely–in their raw state: salt, sugar, dried rice are a few. But there’s something about honey; it can remain preserved in a ...

Post Date: 2021-07-18 11:23:18 by Esso

Fairfield homeowner shoots and kills intruder with .357 Magnum
Post Date: 2021-07-18 11:01:45 by Horse
Poster Comment:In NYC or Boston the homeowner would have been indicted for murder. Boston especially unless they have changed their laws since I lived there.

Fury of Nature has hit Oman !! Severe floods all over the country !
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:54:58 by Horse
Poster Comment:Soil contains Organic Matter (OM), mostly dead leaves and roots. Every 1% increase in OM stores an additional 25,000 gallons (94635 litres) of water per acre (0.4047 hectares.)

44 Health Mistakes People Make Every Day
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:54:43 by BTP Holdings
44 Health Mistakes People Make Every Day by Lisa Milbrand Updated: Apr. 15, 2021 Every move you make, every breath you take is an opportunity to live healthier. Avoid these little mistakes—some of them can take years off your life. woman waking up in the morning PHOTOALTO/FREDERIC CIROU/GETTY IMAGES Change a few habits From the way you sit to how you use your phone, there are little things you do each day that can impact your health. You probably don’t give them much thought, but these daily habits can make a big difference in how you feel. young man using phone and laptop at a desk MILAN ILIC PHOTOGRAPHER/SHUTTERSTOCK Not taking a stand Plenty of studies show the health ...

FBI "Domestic Terrorism" Unit Is Composed Of Reckless Sexual Predators
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:44:40 by Horse
They Keep Rainbow Dildos In Their Office and Show Up To Work Drunk, Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges. Sending a colleague a picture of you pleasuring yourself with a rainbow colored dildo at work would get you immediately fired if you worked at McDonalds, but the rules are different at the FBI. The photo above was submitted as evidence in a bombshell civil rights lawsuit by Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri against the Department of Justice over allegations of systematic sexual harassment, personal retaliation, and a general culture of reckless depravity during her time serving in the Las Vegas FBI's counter-terrorism unit. Dirty Old Men And Constant Unwanted Sexual Advances ...

$6 Trillion In COVID Relief, The Government Could Have Given Every Taxpayer $41,000
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:36:15 by Horse
The federal government will spend enough in COVID-19 stimulus to give every American taxpayer $41,000. As COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession produced job loss and public health challenges, the federal government approved massive omnibus packages meant to stimulate the economy. Among these were the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, passed in March 2020; the $2.3 trillion HR 133, passed in December 2020; and the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, passed in March 2021. As the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget’s COVID money tracker shows, the federal government will distribute a total of $5.9 trillion through its legislative efforts alone. If these funds were disbursed among ...

Twitter Adds Bogus Fact Check Claiming “No Evidence of Widespread Fraud” in AZ Election
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:18:48 by Horse
Election officials better start lawyering up, and quickly. The Arizona State Senate held a public hearing on the ongoing Maricopa County audit this past Thursday. The long-awaited session exposed numerous jaw-dropping examples of fraudulent votes and illegal actions by officials in the 2020 election. The shocking discoveries, which included 74,000 mail-in ballots with no record of them ever being mailed out and 25,000 ballots that were missing serial numbers, set social media ablaze. ‘Cyber Ninjas’ and ‘Maricopa County’ began to trend on Twitter. Americans were rightly outraged that more damning evidence was coming out on the stolen Biden victory. Twitter, and their ...

Wikipedia Co-Founder Warns Website Is Compromised by Wealthy Elites to 'Shore Up Their Power,' Points to Glaring Omission on Biden Page
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:17:00 by Ada
Yes, we’re aware — nobody is supposed to use Wikipedia as a source for serious citations. After all, the encyclopedia that everyone can edit often has glaring errors. But most of us, this writer included, believe it’s correct enough to sketch out the basic facts on a subject even if it can’t be used for real research. Not so fast, says Larry Sanger. He says the encyclopedia gives a “reliably establishment point of view on pretty much everything.” Who’s he to say? Only one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. Sanger — who founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001 — said the site is compromised by “wealthy and powerful people.” ...

The Republican Party Is The #1 “National Security Threat To The United States Of America?”
Post Date: 2021-07-18 10:02:26 by Horse
When one major political party starts labeling the other major political party as a “national security threat”, that should set off major alarm bells because that means that total tyranny is very near. Needless to say, Democrats and Republicans have always had bitter words for one another, but when you start calling the other side a “national security threat” that is taking things to an entirely different level. Al-Qaeda was a “national security threat”, and so we invaded Afghanistan. ISIS was a “national security threat”, and so we bombed them into oblivion. The full weight of U.S. power is often used to “neutralize” national security ...

Fully Vaxxed Democrats Who Fled Texas Catch COVID!
Post Date: 2021-07-18 09:12:17 by Esso

Judge Jeanine slams Biden admin: Are you stupid or crazy?
Post Date: 2021-07-18 08:05:53 by Esso
Poster Comment:Well, she's mad.

Facebook Pushes Back Against Biden’s Demands for Even More Censorship
Post Date: 2021-07-18 07:51:33 by Ada
We have a First Amendment in this country which means only the government is prevented from silencing your speech. However, we found out last week that the highest authorities of the government are allowed to demand that private companies silence people’s speech, something that was not understood before. Vaxxy Joe Biden, the fake president, demanded that Facebook silence anyone who questions vaccines, saying that Facebook is killing people by not censoring enough. Click for Full Text!

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-07-17 23:36:59 by Horse
"The nation-state is not going to disappear anytime soon for the good reason that citizens need some way to assert control over multinational corporations and capital." -- William Greider, One World Ready or Not, p471

Remember Those Texas Democrats Who Fled To DC On A Maskless Plane? Three Have COVID
Post Date: 2021-07-17 23:33:42 by Horse
...guess karma really is a bitch.

"Stunning Divergence": Latest Bank Data Reveals Something Is Terminally Broken In The US Financial System
Post Date: 2021-07-17 23:32:47 by Horse
Loan demand is nowhere near enough to offset the Fed's forced deposit creation which incidentally ends up not in the economy but in capital markets, resulting in broad deflation offset by asset price hyperinflation. Poster Comment:CHART

MIT Study: Vaccine Hesitancy Is 'Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,' and 'Sophisticated'
Post Date: 2021-07-17 23:27:45 by Horse
Vaccine hesitancy is a big problem, according to the Biden administration. Less than half the public is fully vaccinated while about 56 percent have received at least one jab. The goal of fully vaccinating the American public appears to have stalled. This should not surprise us. When the vaccines were first approved for emergency use back in December 2020, 40 percent of Americans expressed skepticism about the vaccine. Trying to shame the holdouts has failed spectacularly. Insulting and degrading them as “morons” or “ignorant” has resulted in a vicious pushback and a hardening of positions on getting vaccinated. The administration’s plan of sending people door to ...

Wisconsin Lawmaker Calls for ‘Full Forensic Audit’ After Georgia, Arizona Updates
Post Date: 2021-07-17 22:01:39 by BTP Holdings
Wisconsin Lawmaker Calls for ‘Full Forensic Audit’ After Georgia, Arizona Updates BY ZACHARY STIEBER July 17, 2021 Updated: July 17, 2021 A Wisconsin representative on Friday said 2020 election reviews being done in the state should be expanded into a “full forensic audit” following alleged irregularities being revealed in Arizona and Georgia. State Rep. Timothy Ramthun, a Republican, formally requested “a more comprehensive audit” from former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who is leading a conducting a review of the election at the behest of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos along with retired police officers, and the Legislative Audit ...

New Browsser
Post Date: 2021-07-17 18:14:30 by Horse
5 Comments is the only browser that can find my blog. The first result was my blog. My most visited page was the third result: Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

This Oil Can Destroy 93% Of Colon Cancer Cells In Only 2 Days
Post Date: 2021-07-17 18:05:10 by Horse
Poster Comment:Coconut oil (Lauric acid). Also kills bacteria. I take it twice daily. Also eat garlic and ginger root sandwiches twice a day.And a lot of turmeric and black pepper.

Baby Biker: 4-Year-Old Has Insane Motorcycle Skills
Post Date: 2021-07-17 17:37:27 by Esso
Poster Comment:Gotta love them Slavs.

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