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Is The European Union About To Rupture?
Post Date: 2022-09-19 02:37:51 by Horse
Authored by Tuomas Malinen via The Epoch Times, The possible, even likely, collapse of the European economy would inflict some heavy costs to present European institutions. In this entry, Dr. Peter Nyberg and I detail why we believe we are likely to see some rupturing of the European Union (EU) as originally conceived. This may occur in two ways: Either the European Union disintegrates completely, or it mutates into something unrecognizable to its original purpose. This comment concentrates on some of the factors causing disintegration. The functioning of the EU has, until recently, been built on two political pillars that now appear to be crumbling. Primarily, German growth has made ...

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2022-09-19 01:52:59 by Horse
The average life expectancy of a trafficked child is two years. That is after two years of being raped daily. Lara Logan.

Trump Allies Have Private Property Seized By Federal Agents
Post Date: 2022-09-19 01:39:37 by Horse
The Department of Justice issued 40 subpoenas allowing federal agents to seize the private cell phones of two close allies of former President Donald J. Trump. Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn and campaign strategist Mike Roman had their phones seized as part of the probe into the Jan. 6, 2021, D.C. protests. The subpoenas are for records or communications from people who organized, spoke at or provided security for Mr. Trump’s Jan. 6 rally at the Ellipse. They also requested information about any members of the executive and legislative branches who may have taken part in planning or executing the rally, or tried to obstruct, influence, impede or delay the certification of the ...

Lara Logan: Biden's Invasion at the Southern Border is Next Step to Global Government
Post Date: 2022-09-19 01:37:58 by Horse

Axe-Wielding Man Who Smashed Up NYC McDonalds and Threatened Diners Freed From Jail without Bail And Gloats About It!
Post Date: 2022-09-19 01:34:48 by Horse
A crazy man at a New York City McDonald’s took out an axe and demolished the restaurant during an altercation at 2:30 AM on Saturday morning. Poster Comment:I said yesterday he would get No Cash bail. He did. He has ties to the community. everyone at the McDonalds will recognize him when he walks down the street.

J*w*sh Ritual Murder (The Full Original Banned Documentary)
Post Date: 2022-09-18 23:59:31 by Horse

Stand For The Truth — A Government Researcher Speaks out
Post Date: 2022-09-18 23:39:26 by Horse
Interview with Former NIST Employee Released Today we are tremendously pleased to announce the release of “Stand for the Truth,” a half-hour interview with former NIST employee Peter Michael Ketcham. In this poignant and incisive piece, Mr. Ketcham tells his story of discovering that the agency where he had worked for 14 years had deliberately suppressed the truth about the most pivotal event of the 21st century — the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Through his willingness to look openly at what he failed to see in front of him for 15 years, Mr. Ketcham inspires us to believe that we can all muster the courage to confront the truth — and, in so ...

Why You Shouldn’t Take Mainstream Media’s Latest Wave of Polio Alarmism at Face Value
Post Date: 2022-09-18 23:31:58 by Horse
Judging by recent news reports and government actions, public health officials are preparing us for a new epoch of polio alarmism, one that stands to serve the same purpose as the earlier waves of browbeating by media and officials — namely, to steer a frightened public toward further vaccination. Before COVID-19, “polio” was perhaps the condition carrying the strongest cultural baggage as a trigger for parental and societal fears, thanks to years of branding that included images of children immured in cumbersome iron lungs. For both polio and COVID-19, the public panic fomented by the media served the underlying medical-pharmaceutical agenda of promoting mass vaccination. ...

The Real Reason Health Officials Won’t Let Independent Scientists Examine mRNA Vaccine Vials
Post Date: 2022-09-18 23:25:14 by Horse
A data leak suggests the real reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is that the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact. By Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at a glance: The reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is that the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact. For an effective mRNA product, the mRNA integrity needs to be 100%, meaning all the RNA must be intact. Considering how ineffective the jabs are, it seems fair to question whether lack of mRNA integrity might be to blame. Fragmented RNA could ...

Post Date: 2022-09-18 22:16:14 by Esso

Playing with Nuclear War
Post Date: 2022-09-18 20:05:16 by X-15
As of this writing (September 12), Ukraine’s counter offensives appear to be succeeding. The widely telegraphed offensive in the south is making some progress. But it looks as if its primary role was deception, where it has already succeeded because Russia responded by drawing down its forces in eastern Ukraine, opening the door for the main Ukrainian counteroffensive. That is moving forward at Blitzkrieg pace, to the point where Russian units are disintegrating. All this is, of course, wonderful news for Ukraine and for anyone who wants to see David beat Goliath. But interests must be matters of cold calculation, not warm emotions. Foreign policy is more than consulting Sant’s ...

Idaho Encouraging Elementary Students To Consume Porn
Post Date: 2022-09-18 17:11:56 by Horse
According to a report from Infowars, the Idaho state government was apparently sold on the idea of encouraging minors in K-12 schools to consume pornography unashamedly via a curriculum dubbed “porn literacy.” This porn literacy program was reportedly put together and purchased from a progressive nonprofit dubbed Education, Training, and Research (ETR), with videos have surfaced online of ETR representatives openly discussing how underage porn consumption should be destigmatized.

9/11 Black Box Cover-up Story Finally Breaks Out
Post Date: 2022-09-18 17:10:17 by Horse
Bryan Sacks’ and Nicholas Levis’ breaking story on the amazing disappearing black box recorders from the WTC site was picked up and expanded by the Philly Daily News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Will Bunch below. Two men who worked extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center claim they helped federal agents find three of the four “black boxes” from the jetliners that struck the towers on 9/11 – contradicting the official account. Both the independent 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue to insist that none of the four devices – a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) from the two planes – were ever ...

California Governor Signs 'Most Aggressive' Package Of Green Laws
Post Date: 2022-09-18 15:52:10 by Esso
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday announced a sweeping package of what he called the country’s “most aggressive” climate measures to “accelerate the state’s transition” to non-conventional energy sources. The package includes 40 bills that appear to provide new green rules on laws related to things ranging from large-scale industry to the family home and private and public transportation. The Democratic governor’s office said in a statement the package of climate change-focused measures aims to cut pollution and target “big polluters.” It comes as America’s most populous state has struggled to provide stable electricity for residents ...

Why is China buying so much U.S. farm land? | Redacted
Post Date: 2022-09-18 15:32:31 by Horse

RIGGERED Blue Check Liberals Call To CANCEL Pat Sajak For Taking Pics With People They Don't Like!
Post Date: 2022-09-18 13:38:35 by Esso
Poster Comment:Oh brother.

Post Date: 2022-09-18 10:56:40 by Esso

Brandon Allegedly Badgering the FBI to Hoax White Crimes
Post Date: 2022-09-18 10:32:50 by Ada
A Jew, an Arab, and a Greasy Bimbo walk into a hoax… It would be shocking if this wasn’t happening, given what we already know. Washington Times: Rank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists. Current and former FBI agents told The Washington Times that the perceived White supremacist threat is overblown by the administration. They said top bureau officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics. “The demand for White supremacy” ...

Meme: DeSantis Airlines!
Post Date: 2022-09-18 10:19:42 by Horse

Martha's Vineyard Takes Revenge On DeSantis By Shipping Him 50 Karens
Post Date: 2022-09-18 09:06:11 by Ada
TALLAHASSEE, FL — Outraged at having been sent 50 illegal immigrants from Florida by Ron DeSantis, Martha's Vineyard has taken ultimate revenge on the governor by shipping 50 Karens to Florida. "Perhaps now DeSantis will think twice before he sullies our pristine white island with brown migrant people," said Martha's Vineyard HOA President Karen VonSchnitzel. "Once the charter flight filled with our neighborhood's most insufferable Karens touches down in Tallahassee, he will rue the day he made us look like heartless racists in front of the entire country. HAHAHAHAHA!" The group of 50 Karens was selected from over 478 Karens who volunteered for the ...

WHY Is Germany Committing Suicide?
Post Date: 2022-09-18 07:44:29 by Ada
The Same Reasons WHY the EU/UK is Being Deindustrialized! Well that’s the real question, isn’t it? Why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia. Keeps ’em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents ’em from asking the most important question, why? Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who? ~ Mr. X in JFK movie Why is Germany committing harakiri (or seppuku)? Because the Americans ordered them to do so! Recently, William F. Engdahl wrote a very interesting article titled, “Europe’s Energy Armageddon From Berlin and Brussels, Not Moscow” which was re-worked in Pepe ...

Escobar: 'Samarkand Spirit' To Be Driven By "Responsible Powers" Russia & China
Post Date: 2022-09-18 06:30:47 by Horse
Authored by Pepe Escobar, The SCO summit of Asian power players delineated a road map for strengthening the multipolar world... Amidst serious tremors in the world of geopolitics, it is so fitting that this year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) heads of state summit should have taken place in Samarkand – the ultimate Silk Road crossroads for 2,500 years. When in 329 BC Alexander the Great reached the then Sogdian city of Marakanda, part of the Achaemenid empire, he was stunned: “Everything I have heard about Samarkand it’s true, except it is even more beautiful than I had imagined.” Fast forward to an Op-Ed by Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat ...

The lorry has ‘lost its load’
Post Date: 2022-09-18 06:16:46 by Esso

“We’re Not a Border Town. We Don’t Have the Infrastructure to Handle This Type of Immigration to Our City
Post Date: 2022-09-18 06:06:40 by Horse
… We’re Not Texas” – Democrat DC Mayor Bowser Poster Comment:I went to school in Texas. I started learning Spanish in the 8th grade. That is the only infrastructure Texas has that Big Cities in the north don't have.

ANOTHER DAY IN NYC: Goon with Axe SMASHES UP Restaurant: Video
Post Date: 2022-09-18 05:59:06 by Horse
In a statement to Newsweek on Saturday, the New York City Police Department said it identified the man as 31-year-old Michael Palacios, who was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, three counts of menacing, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Police said they responded to the incident just before 2:30 a.m. “Upon arrival of officers, witnesses at the location reported that the suspect got into a physical dispute with three unknown males inside of the location,” a spokesperson for the NYPD wrote in an email. The spokesperson added: “The suspect removed an ax from his backpack and menaced the unknown males. The suspect intentionally caused property ...

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