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646 Hospitals At Risk Of Closure, Ranked By State
Post Date: 2023-05-23 00:59:29 by Horse
By Laura Dyrda of Becker Hospital Review There are 646 rural hospitals at risk of closure due to financial issues, comprising around 30 percent of all rural hospitals in the U.S., according to the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform. The hospitals face losses on patient services as health plans aren't paying enough to cover the cost of care delivery. The losses will likely increase as inflation and workforce shortages persist, according to the report, which was released in April. While rural hospitals are receiving some support through grants, local tax revenues or other profits, they still have low financial reserves and remain at risk. More than half the states in ...

Hezbollah Hosts War Drills For Media Amid High Tensions With Israel
Post Date: 2023-05-23 00:55:57 by Horse
In a rare display of its military potential, the Lebanese fighters of Hezbollah on Sunday staged a series of war drills in front of an audience of invited journalists. The show of force comes as tensions between Israel on the one side, and Hezbollah as well as Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza on the other. ManarWeb @WebManar #Hezbollah fighters detonate border wall and storm the Israeli settlements in Upper Galilee before heading into Al-Quds Senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine said the display “confirm[s] our complete readiness to confront any aggression” ...

Pepe Escobar: Adventures In NATOstan - Sparks Flying In Ibiza, Locked Down Bilderberg In Lisbon
Post Date: 2023-05-23 00:30:47 by Horse
Authored by Pepe Escobar, Let’s start with a graphic depiction of where the Global North and the Global South really stand. 1. Xian, former imperial capital, and key hub of the Ancient Silk Roads: Xi Jinping hosts the China-Central Asia summit, attended by all Heartland “stans” (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). The final statement stresses economic cooperation and “a resolute stand” against Hegemon-concocted color revolutions. That expands what the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are already implementing. In practice, the summit seals that the Russia-China strategic partnership will be ...

US President Biden declares a state of emergency due to the threat of power shortages
Post Date: 2023-05-22 21:21:48 by BTP Holdings
US President Biden declares a state of emergency due to the threat of power shortages BY THE NEWS GLORY | 07/06/2022 US President Biden declares a state of emergency due to the threat of power shortages US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency due to the threat of a shortage of electricity generation capacity for American consumers. This was reported on the website of the White House. “I, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., <...> declare the existence of an emergency due to threats to the availability of sufficient electricity generation capacity to meet consumer demand,” the document says. As the American leader pointed out, the problems in the energy markets caused ...

Russia likely creating ‘elite’ attack aviation group to operate over Ukraine:
Post Date: 2023-05-22 19:01:00 by Horse
The United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry says Russian forces are likely to create an “elite” aviation group to operate in Ukraine as part of its war against the neighboring country. In a Twitter thread on Monday, the UK’s Ministry of Defence said that the aviation group, referred to as “Shtorm,” will likely consist of at least one unit of Su-24 FENCER and Su-34 FULLBACK fighter-bombers and a unit of attack helicopters. “The mix of aircraft types suggests the group will have a primary role of ground attack missions,” the ministry said. British intelligence also cited Russian media reports which suggest that Russia’s own ministry of defense is ...

Biden DOJ Formally Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation in August 2021
Post Date: 2023-05-22 18:47:43 by Horse
FBI Destroyed All Evidence! Biden’s corrupt Justice Department shut down their ‘investigation’ into the Clinton Foundation in August 2021, according to FOIA documents obtained by the New York Times. The FBI then ‘returned’ or destroyed all of the evidence! “The Justice Department kept open the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s family foundation for nearly all of President Donald J. Trump’s administration, with prosecutors closing the case without charges just days before he left office.” The New York Times reported. The DOJ investigated the Clinton Foundation’s relationships with foreign donors while Hillary Clinton was the head of ...

Zoltan Pozsar: Fed Is "Foaming The Runway" For Big Bank Problems Ahead
Post Date: 2023-05-22 18:46:18 by Horse
Authored by Peter Chawaga via, Zoltan Pozsar, who until recently worked as the managing director of investment bank Credit Suisse, offered his insight into financial markets and the issues that are weakening the dollar’s dominance around the world. In his role at Credit Suisse, Pozsar’s insight into the ins and outs of the legacy financial system and market dynamics was highly sought after. His recent departure from the bank came shortly after it was purchased by UBS in March as an attempt to keep it from collapsing amid existential turmoil for banks around the world. On stage at Bitcoin 2023, Pozsar addressed how U.S. banks have been impacted. "This ...

Houthis Sign Deal With China For Oil Exploration In Yemen
Post Date: 2023-05-22 18:34:18 by Horse
“There are many ongoing negotiations with various high-profile companies to invest in the country's oil exploration sector,” Poster Comment:The Mideast is moving away from the USA.

"Show Me Where I Got My Science Wrong!": Pres Hopeful RFK Jr. Debates Krystal Ball Over Vaccines
Post Date: 2023-05-22 18:31:14 by Horse
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has lots of opinions that differ with both the Democratic party, which he is a member of, and what the narrative in the mainstream media is blanketing the country with. For one, Kennedy isn't buying the company line on issues like Ukraine, immigration and Covid. He is also a staunch bitcoin advocate, putting him at odds with progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who openly touts her disdain for the cryptocurrency. Just last week he commented on how Canada's repression of its truckers during Covid led him to the conclusion that bitcoin is "free money", telling a conference: “When I witnessed this cataclysm—this devastating use of ...

The Data Shows Sea Levels Have Been Falling For Over 100 Years in Scandinavia.
Post Date: 2023-05-22 15:14:32 by Horse
But the IPCC Decides They’re Rising For over 100 years the North European cities of Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki have been steadily rising from the sea with no suggestion from observed evidence that local sea levels will not continue to drop by a few millimetres a year. That is until 2020, when the IPCC’s new AR6 Sea Level Projection Tool suddenly promoted substantial sea level rises all round. The discovery appears to baffle Ole Humlum, Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Oslo. It seems that this tool was not produced to test the validity of a scientific idea. It was instead an attempt to “alarm the user”, he said. Alarm it has. Since this ...

This looks like ‘the beginning of a global conflict’ [Silly Balloon]
Post Date: 2023-05-22 12:25:32 by Esso

Lawmaker Doesn't Understand Laws (I know, you're shocked)
Post Date: 2023-05-22 11:55:39 by Esso

Ukraine is losing 10,000 drones a month to Russian electronic-warfare systems
Post Date: 2023-05-22 11:46:18 by Horse
they send fake signals and screw with their navigation, researchers say. A new report estimates Ukraine is losing roughly 10,000 drones every month. A sophisticated electronic-warfare system is among Russia's biggest strengths, researchers said. A new assessment of Russia's military capabilities on the front line estimated that its forces were taking down about 10,000 Ukrainian drones every month. Electronic warfare is a "critical component" of Russia's tactics and contributing to the staggering losses of Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, a report released Friday by the UK's Royal United Services Institute found. The figures — ...

NAACP Leader Tells Black Americans That Florida Isnt Safe For Them. Guess Where He Lives
Post Date: 2023-05-22 11:14:37 by Horse
The NAACP Board of Directors issued a statement on Saturday warning black Americans that the state of Florida was not a safe place for them and included an official “travel advisory” calling the state “openly hostile” – but the board’s chairman, Leon Russell, apparently lives in Florida himself.

Quick Computer Question
Post Date: 2023-05-22 10:58:49 by NeoconsNailed
I'm thinking of going for this puter deal: Condition is "Used, start up and boot to bios no further testing was done" -- can I assume they're ready to boot to Windows? Click for Full Text!

Seymour Hersh: 'Something Else Is Cooking' In Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-05-22 09:44:18 by Ada
This story is a follow up to Seymour Hersh’s original report on the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. Sign up at so you can support Sy Hersh’s work Last Saturday the Washington Post published an exposé of classified American intelligence documents showing that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, working behind the back of the Biden White House, pushed hard earlier this year for an expanded series of missile attacks inside Russia. The documents were part of a large cache of classified materials posted online by an Air Force enlisted man now in custody. A senior official of the Biden administration, asked by the Post for comment on the newly ...

The FBI just got caught in yet more massive, outrageous FISA abuses
Post Date: 2023-05-22 09:31:17 by Ada
Like the casino gambling scene in “Casablanca,” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court is “shocked, shocked” that the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to ravage the privacy of vast numbers of Americans. For each American the FISA court permitted the FBI to target, the bureau illicitly surveilled almost 1,000 additional Americans. The court’s just-revealed ruling signals the FBI presumed any American suspected of supporting the Jan. 6, 2021, protests forfeited their constitutional rights. FISA was enacted in 1978 to curb the rampant illegal political spying exposed during the Nixon administration. After the 9/11 attacks, the George W. Bush ...

The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate
Post Date: 2023-05-22 09:21:30 by Ada
The long awaited US Justice Department “Russiagate” report by Special Counsel John Durham exonerated President Donald Trump from false charges and performed the important public service of making law and order conservatives aware that their beloved FBI is a criminal agency that created a false narrative for the purpose of discrediting President Trump and preventing him from reducing the dangerous tensions between the two main nuclear powers by normalizing relations with Russia. Trump’s intent would have taken away the Russian enemy necessary to the budgets and power of the US military/security complex. Durham names former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe and Peter ...

National Popular Vote Promises to Gut the Constitution
Post Date: 2023-05-22 08:53:32 by Ada
If the Left can’t abolish the Electoral College, they’ll bypass it. So why are some so-called conservatives along for the ride? If you think leftists aim to cut the Electoral College out of the Constitution, guess again—they plan to simply ignore it. The scheme is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and if enough states join, it will force red states to vote Democrats into the White House every four years—forever. It works like this: Every state that joins the compact pledges its electoral votes to whichever candidate wins more votes nationwide. When enough states join to reach the critical 270-electoral-vote majority, it spells doomsday for ...

WAR CRIMES: Ukraine Admits Murdering ‘Quite A Few’ Russian Civilians Who Back Putin And His Invasion
Post Date: 2023-05-22 08:44:42 by Ada
Ukraine's targeting of civilians doesn't merely violate vague "international norms" that Washington pretends to hold dear -- they are explicitly war crimes. Ukraine implicated as a state sponsor of terror -- one that's received $37 billion in US military aid since the war started. A senior Ukrainian official has admitted that his country has assassinated “quite a few” Russian civilians who support Putin and his war to assert control of the Donbas region. In an interview with The Times of London, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, who heads Ukraine’s military intelligence service, also promised more attacks are to come. “We’ve already successfully ...

"Draft Tucker PAC" Runs First Ad Spot
Post Date: 2023-05-22 07:28:07 by Ada
The new “Draft Tucker PAC” has run its first ad spot, calling for Tucker Carlson to be president in 2024. The PAC is run by former Texas congressional candidate and Republican donor Chris Ekstrom, someone I’d never heard of and who does not have a Wikipedia page. He is fat and weird looking. He has run for office multiple times, and never came close to winning. These are the results of his most recent attempt to get into Congress in Texas: District 13 – also the name of a film about people being racist against humanoid insect immigrants – covers the panhandle, where the biggest city is Amarillo and people are presumably very conservative. Tucker Carlson is ...

Russia, Iran’s New Rail Project
Post Date: 2023-05-22 07:24:37 by Horse

The Feds and Their Copycats
Post Date: 2023-05-22 07:10:34 by Ada
The federal government recently revealed that at least 50 U.S. government personnel working in 10 foreign countries have had their mobile devices hacked by unknown persons who employed software known as "zero-click." The zero-click product, called Pegasus, is manufactured by an Israeli high-tech company, called NSO Group. Pegasus enables the user to download the contents of the target’s mobile device or desktop without having to trick the target into clicking onto a link. It also enables the user to follow the person in possession of the device, capturing all texts and emails, as well as listening to conversations on the device or that take place in near proximity to it. ...

The Biden Crime Family and Our Corrupt Foreign Aid
Post Date: 2023-05-22 06:58:19 by Ada
I know Romanian corruption. When I was exiting the country after investigating its collapsing economy in 1987, I made sure to bribe every guard who searched my luggage at the Bucharest airport with a pack of Kent cigarettes. But I neglected to give a pack to the soldier on the tarmac as I walked to my Lufthansa flight. He was soon screaming and waving his submachine gun in my direction. Whoops. After the fall of communism, the U.S. State Department launched a program to help Romania and other East European governments curtail corruption. Vice President Joe Biden masterminded that effort from 2009 to 2016. The program was a smashing success. Romania remained profoundly corrupt, but Biden ...

Adverse Event (Graphic)
Post Date: 2023-05-22 06:17:03 by Horse
Poster Comment:COVID VAXX EVENTS. Bill Gates featured at open and closing scenes.

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