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"There A Bunch Of Rich Jews" A Smart Woman On The Phil Donahue Show
Post Date: 2021-09-05 08:03:32 by Horse
Poster Comment:Woman understands why some are above the law.

Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked
Post Date: 2021-09-05 03:55:14 by Horse
After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses After Joe Rogan announced that he'd kicked Covid in just a few days using a cocktail of drugs, including Ivermectin - an anti-parasitic prescribed for humans for over 35 years, with over 4 billion doses administered (and most recently as a Covid-19 treatment), the left quickly started mocking Rogan for having taken a 'horse dewormer' due to its dual use in livestock. Rolling Stone's Jon Blistein led the charge: On Friday, Rolling Stone's Peter Wade took another stab - publishing a hit piece claiming that Oklahoma ERs were overflowing with people 'overdosing on horse dewormer.' It was suspect from the beginning. ...

Kat Timpf impersonates Jen Psaki again on 'The Greg Gutfeld Show' {Part 2 Process & Processes}
Post Date: 2021-09-04 21:05:32 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:LOL!

Israel's 'Coronavirus Czar' Tells Citizens To Prepare For Eventual 4th Shot
Post Date: 2021-09-04 20:38:19 by Horse
"This is our life from now on, in waves" - top health official Salman Zarka said unironically. Poster Comment:A 4th shot? Wow! Each shot is exponentially worse. And Israel has both the highest rate of vaccination and covid. Two more years and the place is gone. Good News for the rest of the world.

Young Girls Forced To "Marry" Older Men To Escape Afghanistan
Post Date: 2021-09-04 20:34:34 by Horse
Are Alleging Sexual Assault And Rape Buried deep in the ongoing mess that is the Afghanistan evacuation, another ugly problem is rearing its head...

DHS's E-Verify Authorizes Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants To Work In US
Post Date: 2021-09-04 20:32:22 by Horse
"...[errors] resulted in E-Verify deeming about 613,000 individuals ‘Employment Authorized’ without meeting USCIS’ own identification system-use requirement.”

Dorothy Versus Hassan
Post Date: 2021-09-04 20:20:23 by Horse
The US ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, thinks she’s smarter than Hassan Nasrallah. Yet, evidence shows that since Trump appointed her as ambassador to Lebanon back in February 2020, every dastardly trap she has placed before Mr. Nasrallah and his Hezbollah resistance group has failed. Proof of this failure is that Hezbollah keeps growing stronger and stronger, untouched by all external or internal forces hellbent on destroying the Lebanese resistance group. Failed simply because Dorothy is not as smart as she thinks she is. Most certainly, she is not as intelligent as the nifty leader of Hezbollah. Having spent some three years working as Deputy Principal Officer at the US ...

Heavenly, Hellish Cape Town
Post Date: 2021-09-04 20:05:44 by Horse
In my last two articles, I pointed out the obvious, that war profiteers, whorish politicians and Jewish social engineers are destroying America. (If this is still news to you, then you are either an infant or a world-class moron.) My indictment didn’t sit well with several commenters, however, so I was accused of being, among other things, a warmonger, hater of whites, privileged immigrant who should give up my American passport and, get this, a “Jewish acolyte”! Alexandros, “Foreigners really have no business commenting on the affairs of Europeans. It’s normal to take criticism from your own, but not from your enemies. That is an affront.” In short, all ...

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-09-04 18:37:23 by Horse
Stop all of this. It's a distraction. We need to be talking about the Jews who engineered the whole thing. That's the key to solving every problem we've had for the past 20 years. Get a grip and refocus on the real problem instead of continuing this endless argument. JohnKaminski

Border Patrol using wild mustangs to patrol border with Mexico
Post Date: 2021-09-04 16:10:43 by Ada
SUNLAND PARK, N.M. — Whiskey had a busy morning roaming the rugged hills that surround one of the busiest migrant crossings on the southern border. The 8-year-old quarter horse and his Border Patrol rider helped round up some 30 migrants who had tried to hide in the scrub in the border badlands before dawn on Wednesday. Whiskey is one of 334 horses patrolling the border with Mexico, able to reach remote areas where there are no roads and no access for even four-wheel-drive or all-terrain vehicles. “Working this whole area and climbing up Cristo Rey on horseback is so much easier,” said Whiskey’s Border Patrol rider, who did not want to be identified. He said that he ...

Suburban Residents Risk Losing Homes Over Rising Pension Costs
Post Date: 2021-09-04 13:41:44 by Horse
Because the cost of generous government retirement packages has grown faster than existing government revenues can sustain, property taxes continue to climb. Poster Comment:Twelve years ago a fire dept lieutenant's retirement in Vallejo, Ca. pay was $215,000 a year. More today.

Run Silent; Run Deep
Post Date: 2021-09-04 13:02:23 by BTP Holdings
In this powerful; classic military drama; Rich Richardson (Clark Gable; "The Misfits") is a hard-driving; dedicated submarine officer with a single-minded purpose - to seek out and smash the Japanese destroyer he believes sunk his former ship. Given a new command; Richardson drills his men and first officer Jim Bledsoe (Burt Lancaster; "Elmer Gantry") to point of mutiny as he relentlessly trains them for the battle ahead. At last; word comes of the destroyer's position; and disobeying orders; Richardson finally confronts his foe; unaware that and even greater enemy lurks nearby - one who's been targeting him for a watery grave. Directed by Robert Wise; the ...

9/11 explained in 5 minutes - according to the "official story". (Video)
Post Date: 2021-09-04 11:53:32 by Horse

Why Are Brits Forced to Take PCR COVID Tests on Returning to UK
Post Date: 2021-09-04 11:13:28 by Horse
But Illegal Migrants Aren’t Brits face harsher restrictions than foreign asylum seekers. A member of the House of Lords is demanding to know why Brits returning to the UK from abroad are required to take several PCR COVID tests even if fully vaccinated while illegal migrants, the vast majority of whom are unvaccinated, don’t have to take a PCR test at all. Under the current system, UK citizens returning from countries on the ‘amber list’ – which includes numerous popular holiday destinations – are forced to take multiple PCR tests at their own cost to prove they are not carrying the virus, even if they have been double jabbed. Illegal migrants arriving via ...

LOST BALLOTS in Arizona, Wisconsin And Nevada Exceed Biden’s Victory Margins:
Post Date: 2021-09-04 10:58:37 by Horse
“MARICOPA COUNTY Alone Has Admitted That They Sent 110,000 Mail-In Or Absentee Ballots To What Turned Out To Be The WRONG Addresses,” Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative says that in Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, unaccounted for ballots outnumber the margin of victory. The Gateway Pundit reported that Wisconsin had a margin of 20,682 votes last November. Wisconsin lost track of 82,000 mail-in ballots! The margin of victory in Arizona for Joe Biden was only a little over 10,000 votes. Maricopa County alone has admitted that they sent 110,000 mail-in or absentee ballots to what turned out to be the wrong addresses,” ...

Court Orders Feds to Disclose Identities of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “Unnamed Co-Conspirators”
Post Date: 2021-09-04 10:46:22 by Horse
Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime pal of Bill Clinton, is currently in federal custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York awaiting trial. Maxwell worked as Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp for years and the DOJ knew they were running girls as young as 12 but they refused to act. Last month Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe asked US District Judge Alison Nathan, an Obama appointee, to mask the names. In a three-page ruling, Judge Nathan ordered the government to “disclose all co-conspirator statements it intends to offer at trial no later than” Oct. 11, Law & Crime reported.

True the Vote Prepared to Go to Police in Georgia
Post Date: 2021-09-04 10:40:43 by Horse
Video Evidence of Leftist Operatives Dumping Thousands of Ballots into Georgia Voter Drop Boxes — MORE STATES INVOLVED True the Vote has thus far developed precise patterns of life for 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia and 202 traffickers in Arizona!” All our research, including suspected locations where ballots were delivered, processed, and distributed, along with the individual devices associated, has been submitted in the form of a formal complaint, along with all data, to the FBI. Briefings have been provided to state law enforcement and political leadership in several states. These conversations will continue to broaden in the coming days. We’ve also ...

"Medical Drones" Deployed Over Italian Beaches Search For Feverish People
Post Date: 2021-09-04 10:27:22 by Horse
"When the drone detects a person with a fever..."

Reports Of Rare Body Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccinations
Post Date: 2021-09-04 10:23:30 by Horse
Being Investigated By EU Watchdog "The European safety panel said it is investigating cases of blood clots in the veins, known as venous thromboembolism, in connection to the Johnson & Johnson shot. Poster Comment:J and J vaxx is made in Baltimore. Never buy anything made by residents of Baltimore.

US Government Spent $334 Million To Destabilize Lebanon In 2019
Post Date: 2021-09-04 09:09:13 by Ada
A new report by Arab news outlet Al-Khanadeq has confirmed what many have suspected: the October 17th movement was an attempt to destabilize the Lebanese government. The protest group suddenly appeared on the scene in 2019, when they took to the streets demanding the government disarm Hezbollah, one of Israel's most powerful foes in the region, and replace the carefully designed sectarian balance of the state with liberal "technocracy." They remain active, launching sporadic riots that are openly supported by US figures as diverse as neo-conservative former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Senator Bernie Sanders. According to an investigation by journalists at ...

Sackler Jews Cut Deal with Prosecutor, Win Immunity from Future Lawsuits
Post Date: 2021-09-04 08:54:49 by Ada
The so-called “opioid crisis” was actually nothing more than yet another crisis of Jewishness. OxyContin was brought to us by Purdue Pharma, owned by the Jew Sackler family. The pills that were so addictive were handed out for minor pain. OxyContin is ultra high powered synthetic stuff, more powerful than morphine and comparable to heroin. Of course, we’ve had normal opioid pain pills for over a century. Codeine has been around since the 1830s – it’s a light painkiller. We had Vicodin, Percocet, and others. People can get addicted to those, but it’s not a crippling addiction, and basic programs can get people off. So what the Jews did was come up with ...

Over 80% of Culprits Responsible For Looting After German Floods Were Foreign Migrants
Post Date: 2021-09-04 08:34:04 by Ada
An investigation into the identity of criminal looters who exploited the chaos following the devastating floods in Germany has found that over 80 per cent of the culprits were migrants of non-German origin. Diversity continues to remain a strength. The floods killed over 180 people and caused billions in property damage, but the situation was worsened by criminal opportunists carrying out looting and robberies amidst a temporary breakdown in normal law and order. “Rumors that the looters were predominately foreigners was dismissed as “right-wing propaganda” or disinformation on social media,” reports RMX News. “However, as more information flows in, it is ...

Ivermectin: Horse Hockey vs. Truth
Post Date: 2021-09-04 08:29:10 by Ada
Shhhhh. The information I’m about to share with you is dangerous and subversive. You cannot publish it on social media platforms without risking scary labels and permanent suspensions. You and anyone you discuss this topic with will be called anti-science “kooks,” “conspiracy theorists,” or “quacks.” So be it. I’ve been called every pejorative name in the globalist elites’ overworn handbook of ad hominem over the past 30 years. Who cares? The airwaves have been littered the past month with disparaging reports about Ivermectin, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns should not be used to treat or prevent COVID-19. “You are not a ...

Why the Taliban Still Can’t Form a Government
Post Date: 2021-09-04 08:24:41 by Ada
It looked like everything was set for the Taliban to announce the new government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after this Friday’s afternoon prayers. But then internal dissent prevailed. That was compounded by the adverse optics of a ragtag “resistance” in the Panjshir Valley that is still not subdued. The “resistance” is de facto led by a CIA asset, former vice president Amrullah Saleh. The Taliban maintain they have captured several districts and at least four checkpoints at the Panjshir, controlling 20% of its territory. Still, there’s no endgame in sight. Supreme Leader Haibatullah Akhundzada, a Kandahar religious scholar, is expected to be the ...

Israel Fires Missiles at Syrian Capital of Damascus
Post Date: 2021-09-04 08:15:08 by Ada
Syrian media has reported a new round of Israeli missile attacks Friday morning, in the area around the capital city of Damascus. Reports of damage are not clear yet, and Syria focused on the missile defenses actively intercepting fire. As is often the case, the Israeli attacks came from Lebanese airspace, and as is even more often the case, Israel has not officially commented on the attack. This is the first reported attack in over a week. Israeli attacks on Syria are almost always done on the pretext of attacking Shi’ite factions, including Hezbollah. Russia has been interested in curbing the rate of Israeli attacks in recent months, though so far the only measure taken was ...

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