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The “Equality Act” Has Passed – Here Is The Text Of The Bill.
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:59:15 by Horse
H.R. 1 text HERE. In summary, this is an attack on all traditional/Christian sexual mores, Christians, the church and any protections given to women and young girls. In addition, any doctor refusing to do an abortion (no exemptions) will be guilty of a crime, and as such will at the very least lose his/her license to practice medicine. Better get ready to do business in secret with some unlicensed physicians. Hey all you Christians refusing to polish the brass on a sinking ship – get ready to go down with the ship – it’s going to get ugly, messy and painful. Commentary from Kevin Shipp HERE. THERE ARE 25 LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE ON THE RIGHT SIDE – OTHER ...

Cop killer, 56, who shot dead a father-of-four NYPD officer during a 1981 robbery in Queens now sits on advisory panel helping to reform the police in New York state
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:54:28 by Horse
A man who shot dead a police officer at a bar in Queens in 1981 is now working with state police on the subject of police reform.

Biden Plans Massive Spending Binge On Green Energy After Losing Taxpayers Hundreds Of Millions On Failed Investments
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:52:29 by Horse
During the Obama administration, then Vice President Joe Biden oversaw recovery-act spending and personally announced hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of loan guarantees awarded to companies that went bankrupt within a few years.

Judge Tosses Junk Terrorism Charges against 3 Defendants in Whitmer Plot Where Ring Leader Was FBI Informant
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:20:08 by Horse
The ring leader in the plot to kidnap wretched Governor Gretchen Whitmer was an FBI informant.

Senate treats AG Nominee Candace Owens like lethal poison
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:18:23 by Horse
First of all, Ms.Owens, I want to offer my congratulations on your nomination. It’s about time we had another woman of color as— Senator, I consider that an insult. I’m not here because I’m black. I’m here because the president thinks I’m qualified to serve. My skin is black. I was raised in what you could call “black culture.” But I’m my own person, which is to say, I’m an individual. My thoughts and actions aren’t black and they aren’t white. And frankly, I don’t care what people think of that remark. I’m not fronting for a particular culture. I happen to believe in the US Constitution. And if I may raise a few more ...

Denmark is Drowning in Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism
Post Date: 2021-03-30 15:14:03 by NeoconsNailed
Activists from Denmark’s Nordic Resistance Movement fired emergency flares over Aarhus in a symbolic action as Denmark drowns in mass immigration and multiculturalism. When you look at Denmark in 2021, you can clearly see the consequences of the last several decades of mass immigration. The city centres bear the clear imprint of multiculturalism – the veiled Arab wives and loud-mouthed immigrant youths can’t be ignored, even by the most short-sighted of onlookers. The Danish open sandwich shops are long gone, and if you want to have a meal on the go in the city, you usually have to put your money in the pocket of a racially foreign owner of a pizza takeaway or shawarma shop. ...

Microsoft, Government, and Big Business Begin Plotting American Version of the Chinese "Social Credit" Tyranny
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:49:16 by Horse
Tyranny in the Form of "Vaccine Passports" Once you have the infrastructure, and public acceptance, of carrying around a card that gives you privileges, or penalties, based on your immunization status, the architecture will be routinely expanded to give you privileges or sanctions based on any other kind of status, such as your status as a Correct-Thinking Individual.

Biden: States Should Pause Reopening Efforts, State And Local Leaders Should Reimpose Mask Mandates
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:46:17 by Horse
We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are, and so much reason for hope, but right now I’m scared,” she said. “So I’m speaking today not necessarily as your CDC director

Boston Dynamics introduces 'Stretch', new warehouse worker robot
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:40:33 by Horse
U.S. robotics company Boston Dynamics on Monday unveiled a new robot called Stretch, designed to perform one very specific warehouse job: moving boxes. Stretch is the first robot for one task that the company has built, based on requests received from companies around the world, said Michael Perry, vice president of business development for Boston Dynamics. “We heard pretty much universally across warehousing that truck unloading is one of the most physically difficult and unpleasant jobs ... And that’s where Stretch comes into play,” Perry told Reuters.

Robots Could Replace Hundreds Of Thousands Of Oil And Gas Jobs By 2030
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:37:22 by Horse
Even when the Covid-19 downturn is finally past us, operators will have to continue exploring new avenues for cost reductions to be better equipped to withstand future market declines. In a report that looked into the adoption of robotics across the petroleum industry, Rystad Energy found that existing solutions could replace hundreds of thousands of oil and gas jobs globally and reduce drilling labor costs by several billion dollars by 2030, if there is an industry push for such a transition. One of the segments with much to gain from the adoption of robotics is drilling, as it is highly cost-intensive and involves carrying out dangerous tasks in challenging environments. Robotic ...

Hyperinflation Comes When People See it is Cheaper to Buy today than Tomorrow
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:30:22 by Horse
Dear Mr Armstrong, I wanted to write in to affirm your observation of regular people buying now rather than waiting (The Bull v Bear in the US Markets). I had to buy a new dryer earlier in the year. It took 6 weeks to get the one I had ordered. I wanted to buy a new computer recently. Lenovo showed delivery in 12 weeks for the one I wanted! Another company I looked at was taking pre-orders for delivery beginning the end of May. I paid a little extra and went with a small manufacturer that could deliver within 10 business days. I bought an extra freezer so we can stock up. I actually tried to buy a freezer last year and couldn’t get one at all, so I snapped one up as soon as they were ...

Cops investigate Virginia teachers' Facebook group for naming parents who were 'against critical race theory. Urges members to inform on them
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:24:54 by Horse
Virginia police are investigating an 'anti-racist' Facebook group that named the parents of students who members say are 'against critical race theory'. The Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County group - which reportedly includes teachers and school board members - shared personal details of those they say had opposed moves to teach the controversial curriculum. It urged followers to 'gather information' on them and encouraged online hackers to silence critics of the theory, The Daily Wire reports. Parent Cherly Onderchain told Fox News she was on the 'hit list', adding: 'Their goal is silence.'

Foster Children Kicked Out of Home to Make Room For Migrant Children
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:19:17 by Horse
A foster home for struggling youth in Washington has been ordered to be vacated to make room for migrant children who are surging over the border in record numbers.

Mohammed bin Salman has lost the war in Yemen. It's time to end the humanitarian disaster
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:16:43 by Horse
This week, Saudi Arabia announced an initiative to end the Yemen war and implement a nationwide ceasefire. The move was met with rejection by the Ansar Allah group, known as the Houthis, the main protagonists on the other side of this six-year-old conflict. The proposal, according to the Houthis, didn’t promise the total lifting of the blockade imposed by the Saudis on Sanaa international airport and Hodeidah port, which, with Saleef port, handle about 80 percent of Yemen’s imports including staples and fuel. The Houthis are now on the offensive and are unlikely to retreat or surrender. It is most likely that they will continue their offensive in Marib and sweep the shrinking ...

Iraqi Officials Ready to Push for Ouster of US Troops
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:13:54 by Horse
In January 2020, Iraq’s parliament unanimously called for the US to leave Iraq. President Biden hasn’t weighed in on this, but the matter is likely to come to a head in April talks with Iraq centering on the strategic future of the two nations. Iraq’s PM and other top officials are getting prepared to push hard for the pullout of US troops, forming a committee to try to work out this deal with the US. US officials aren’t saying anything in the lead-up to this, already so busy talking about how they’re not withdrawing from Afghanistan or Syria. Iraqi MPs, however, are also commenting, and warning these talks had better lead to a resolution. Defense committee ...

Carcinogen Ethylene Oxide Used in Covid PCR and LFT Swab Tests
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:10:02 by Horse
We are in receipt of correspondence from Innova confirming that the swab used in the LFTs is sterilised by ethylene oxide. Given the known toxicity and potential carcinogenicity of ethylene oxide, we are concerned by this. Under the ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000’, we request disclosure of the following: information as to what, if any, independent tests have been carried out to check for any residues of ethylene oxide on a random sample of swabs; information as to what, if any, assessments have been conducted to ensure that the invasive use of these swabs for children is safe? I understand that, under the Act, I am entitled to a response within 20 working days of your receipt ...

NRCC Launches Ad Targeting Cindy Axne on Attempting to Overturn Certified House Election
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:08:44 by Horse
The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released an ad Monday morning targeting Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) for her support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rita Hart’s effort to overturn the state-certified election results in Iowa’s Second Congressional District. The ad, which will run on radio stations in Axne’s Iowa Third Congressional District, outlines her support for overturning the certified election in Iowa’s Second Congressional District, which was won by Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) by six votes. “Though shall not steal. A simple commandment. A rule to live by. But Cindy Axne and Nancy Pelosi are working to steal an election here in ...

Almost 2% of Brits are autistic
Post Date: 2021-03-30 14:02:58 by Horse
Study finds rate of spectrum disorder is 'much higher' than thought - with black and Chinese children up to 40% more likely to have the condition UK autism rates have also increased and show differences in ethnic minorities Autistic children are also more likely to face a 'significant social disadvantage' New figures comes ahead of World Autism Awareness Day this Friday, April Black and Chinese pupils are 26 per cent and 38 per cent more likely to be autistic, respectively, compared to white children, they say.

Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks due to Covid vaccines
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:57:44 by Horse
Official data released by the British government shows that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections are killing unborn babies at an astounding rate. The latest Medicines and Healthcare produce Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card Scheme report, dated Dec. 9, 2020, through March 7, 2021, reveals a whopping 366 percent increase in the rate of miscarriage thanks to Chinese virus jabs. This is the seventh such report to be released by the MHRA and it clearly shows that Wuhan flu shots are extremely deadly, especially for pregnant women who, for whatever reason, decide to get jabbed.

Biden Preparing $1 TRILLION Tax Hike to Pay for CoVID, Infrastructure, Climate Change
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:52:59 by Horse
The Biden administration is reportedly preparing a $1 trillion tax hike to help finance the White House’s latest policy push including immigration, CoVID, infrastructure, climate change, and income inequality. “When President Joe Biden’s team began putting together his infrastructure and jobs package this February, the White House National Economic Council circulated an internal proposal calling for about $3 trillion in new spending and $1 trillion in new tax hikes, according to three people with knowledge of the matter,” reports the San Diego Union Tribune. “The choice to limit the impact on the federal deficit may help the White House counter critics who say ...

Per the CDC There Are Nearly Twice As Many Vaccine Related Deaths SO FAR in 2021 (1,755) Than All the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade (994)
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:41:36 by Horse
EXCLUSIVE: Per the CDC There Are Nearly Twice As Many Vaccine Related Deaths SO FAR in 2021 (1,755) Than All the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade (994) There are more US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 3 months than there were the entire past decade. The number of deaths related to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 in less than 3 months, we have already seen over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the US. Although the percentage of individuals who have died from the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ is minuscule (less than 0.003%) the number of deaths in 2021 already is WAY OVER (71 times) the average for the past ...

Immigrant children in San Diego get in-person classes from teachers. American schoolchildren are stuck with online lessons
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:35:19 by Horse
Some San Diego public school parents are angered over plans for teachers to provide in-person instruction to migrant children while their kids remain stuck at home slogging through virtual Zoom sessions.

Stimulus (Meme)
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:31:11 by Horse

Early Poll Shows Greitens Up 40 Points in Missouri Senate Race
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:29:08 by Horse
On March 8, longtime US Senator from Missouri Roy Blunt announced he will not be seeking reelection in 2022. President Donald Trump’s allies immediately coalesced around former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, urging him to run for the open senate seat. Eric Greitens has appeared on Missouri radio, Newsmax, Steve Bannon’s War Room, and Seb Gorka’s radio show in the last 48 hours, and said that he is motivated by the tremendous support from grassroots voters across the state of Missouri. He said voters will support candidates who are “willing to stand up, especially stand up against the lunacy that we’re seeing out of the left.” And Eric Greitens has ... – President Trump’s new website!
Post Date: 2021-03-30 13:18:13 by Horse
The new site gives supporters a place to get updates on events, submit letters and ask for personalized greetings for “your special occasion.” The homepage of the website says it is “committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda. Through civic engagement and public activism, the Office of Donald J. Trump will strive to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as we seek to build a truly great American Future. Through this office, President Trump will remain a tireless champion for the hardworking men and women of our great country – and for their right to live in ...

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