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Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known to FBI Beforehand
Post Date: 2021-03-25 19:12:08 by Horse
As the nation mourns the deaths of 10 people at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket, the FBI is being mocked after reports emerged that the shooter was flagged as a threat to them. The motives of 21-year-old Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa, a Middle Eastern beneficiary of the refugee resettlement program, are still not totally clear. Some are claiming he was an Islamic extremist, but his social media history suggests he was more so fixated on media-induced paranoia about white “racism” and consumed by anger at Americans who support immigration restrictions. All of Alissa’s victims were white.

Michigan AG Unleashes Political Diatribe Against Defiant Restaurant Owner (After Tucker Carlson Hit)
Post Date: 2021-03-25 18:35:42 by Horse
Authored by Jonathan Turley, We previously discussed the controversial threats of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) against those who were raising electoral fraud allegations. She is currently in another controversy involving the arrest of restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney. Fox Host Tucker Carlson has alleged that the owner was arrested due to her appearance on his show. (For full disclosure, I am a contributor to Fox News). Nessel can certainly point to a long history of noncompliance to justify the arrest but her statement issued in response to the allegations is, in my view, highly inappropriate and shows raw political bias. Pavlos-Hackney became a national hero for ...

Top 9 CRAZIEST Parties in History | History Countdown
Post Date: 2021-03-25 14:52:14 by NeoconsNailed
Join us as we explain the wildest, weirdest, most shocking moments of all time in History Countdown -​ From the soirees of 1920s Paris to the festivals of King Henry VIII's court, history was full of outrageous celebrations. So grab some champagne and take a tour of the 9 craziest parties in history in this episode of History Countdown. #HistoryCountdown​ Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:The History Channel's gliberal biases and idiocy are on parade here, but it's kind of a fun video. Tho't they might include this soirée -- anybody remember it in that issue of Life mag? ...

Top 10 Incredible Facts About The Little Ice Age
Post Date: 2021-03-25 14:19:01 by NeoconsNailed
We’ve all heard about the Ice Age which happened about 2.5 million years ago, but did you know there was also a Little Ice Age, which took place just a few centuries ago? This phenomenal change in climate saw temperatures plummeting across the globe. Rivers and seas froze, people starved to death and glaciers destroyed entire towns as they expanded at a crazy rate. This list explores some of the most incredible facts about this unusual period in time. Poster Comment:Since the subject comes up here with some regularity. I see London's weather is warmer than I tho't -- wondered why ppl don't skate on the Thames nowadays.

EU snubs pro-family Poland, Hungary by declaring Europe ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’
Post Date: 2021-03-25 11:28:58 by Horse
Poland and Hungary won’t get with the LGBT program, and that makes the European Union mad. On March 11 the European Parliament declared the European Union an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone” in response to the growth of official LGBT-ideology free zones in Poland and Hungary’s own lack of enthusiasm for the new secularist LGBT religion. According to the European Parliament’s own newspaper, Poland and Hungary are notable for their “backsliding.” “In response to the backsliding of LGBTIQ rights in some EU countries, notably Poland and Hungary, MEPs declared the EU an ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’ on Thursday,” wrote the European Parliament News. ...

‘I’m done, Britain’: When a copper pens a heartfelt resignation letter like this, it shows we live in a warped and broken society
Post Date: 2021-03-25 11:27:23 by Horse
Kevin Hurley is the former Head of Counter Terrorism at the City of London Police and a reservist army officer. He has spent two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan addressing insurgency as both a police specialist and a soldier. An anonymous police officer has quit, publishing a searing indictment of how we treat our men and women in blue. Having worked in policing for nearly 40 years, I recognise the sentiments, and I despair. I urge you to read the disturbing words below, and if not weep, then think very carefully about them. They are a cry from the heart – and should be a wake-up call for all of us who want to live in a decent, harmonious society in which the law is upheld and ...

Photo Collage Reveals Who Commits the Mass Shootings in the US Today
Post Date: 2021-03-25 11:05:05 by Horse
Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo I'm hearing it repeated as gospel truth that "nearly all" American mass shooters are white. Here are the photos of mass shooters from 2019 (defined as four or more shot in a single incident). It shows quite a diverse set of faces. #Boulder #Atlanta Democrats continue to push the ridiculous talking point that white men commit the majority of mass shootings in the United States. The left continues to push this with every mass shooting. A Wiki Page was created to list every mass shooting in the US in 2019. The list does not include those shootings where no one will speak to police. At least 20 ...

Homeless man becomes first person to live in 3D-printed house — see inside
Post Date: 2021-03-25 09:24:27 by Ada
Homeless man is first person to ever live in a 3D-printed home in Texas community “I hope I stay here until my last dying days.” Those are the words of Tim Shea, who has come a long way since his days as a homeless man once struggling with heroin addiction. He is now the first person ever to live in a 3-D-printed house, according to the home’s maker. On the outskirts of Austin, Texas, 70-year-old Shea has settled into his 400-square-foot home constructed by 3-D printing. His new home is situated in the Community First! Village site, which is comprised of houses for the chronically homeless. The 51-acre development has more than 500 homes thus far, including the 3-D ...

Yes, The White Girls Involved with Pakistani Drug and Prostitution Gangs are “Guilty” and Should be Punished
Post Date: 2021-03-25 08:56:08 by Ada
“He seemed nice.” In a recent article about the problem of Pakistani pimps picking up young girls outside school and turning them into hookers, I wrote: A lot of right-wingers want to come at the Paki Pimp Gang phenomenon from the Christian Feminist angle of “oh our poor sweet innocent princesses, corrupted by these evil foreigners.” A reader responded, outraged that I would label these girls “guilty.” How anyone could believe that young girls (age 11-14) from the white underclass who are groomed, given drugs, and taken advantage of at an extremely vulnerable age by men decades older are “just as guilty” is actually more tragic than it is ...

Has there ever in US history been a more pitiful cabinet?
Post Date: 2021-03-25 08:43:46 by Ada
Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have once again betrayed the American people and voted to confirm one of the most insidious persons ever nominated to a cabinet position, Rachel Levine. He/she will now be the assistant secretary of health. Levine was as toxic as NY Gov. Cuomo when it came to rendering Pennsylvania nursing homes super-spreaders of covid, but she put her own mother in a hotel. She knew what she was doing as surely as Cuomo did. There is much to condemn this appointment but most serious is Levine’s promotion of medication and surgery for pre-pubescent children with gender dysphoria. Sane people realize this is perhaps the most despicable form of child abuse that has ...

The Musical Trojan Horse
Post Date: 2021-03-25 08:08:37 by Ada
Destruction of Western Civilization through Music and the Arts Cello Player (Professor Dr. Erwin Freundlich), Max Pechstein, 1919 One of the significant aspects of the current revolutionary madness sweeping the nation is the unrestrained assault on the cultural artifacts of Western Christian civilization. In effect the attack on monuments and the nomenclature of Army forts, schools and streets, and on so much more is emblematic of something more profound and irreparable, an assault on what those symbols signify. In a broader sense, this assault portends a basic denial of the richness and nourishing fruits of our culture and what that culture has given us. For that denial goes far beyond ...

The U.S. Intelligence Community, Flouting Laws, is Increasingly Involving Itself in Domestic Politics
Post Date: 2021-03-25 07:52:45 by Ada
A letter from House Intelligence Committee members demands answers from the DNI about illegal breaches of the wall guarding against CIA and NSA domestic activity. A report declassified last Wednesday by the Department of Homeland Security is raising serious concerns about the possibly illegal involvement by the intelligence community in U.S. domestic political affairs. Entitled “Domestic Violent Extremism Poses Heightened Threat in 2021,” the March 1 Report from the Director of National Intelligence states that it was prepared “in consultation with the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security—and was drafted by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), ...

Right to carry guns infringed ALERT!!
Post Date: 2021-03-25 03:07:14 by titorite
Americans have 'no right' to carry guns in public, 9th Circuit Court rules A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that there is no right to carry a gun in public. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 7-4 ruling rejected a challenge to Hawaii’s requirement that residents must pass an application to have weapons outside the home. Hawaii’s law requires residents to show an urgency or need to carry a firearm, the applicant must have good character, and he or she must be “engaged in the protection of life and property.” "There is no right to carry arms openly in public; nor is any such right within the scope of the Second Amendment,” the court ...

NJ Mall Didn't Pay Electric Bill, May Lose Power
Post Date: 2021-03-25 00:34:30 by Horse
City Electric posted a notice to the entrance of Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing this week notifying the owners that electric service will be disconnected April 7 unless overdue bills are paid, according to NJ Advance Media and The Press of Atlantic City. Poster Comment:America is spiraling down. Lots of jobs at mall.

Nevada Just Crowned Its First Transgender Pageant Winner
Post Date: 2021-03-25 00:32:34 by Horse
She will now go on to compete for Miss Nevada USA, which can eventually lead to Miss USA and Miss Universe. Poster Comment:I was born in a country called America where this would never have happened.

Marco Rubio: "There's Stuff Flying Over US Bases, And Nobody Knows What It Is"
Post Date: 2021-03-25 00:30:16 by Horse
Chatter about UFOs among current and former government officials appears to be ramping up ahead of the June 1 release of a UFO report by the Pentagon and spy agencies. A TMZ reporter caught up with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at Reagan National Airport on Monday and questioned him about UFOs, according to Mediaite. Rubio, who is also a member of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, revealed he is concerned about UFOs buzzing over US military bases. "There's stuff flying over military installations, and nobody knows what it is and it isn't ours," he said, adding that it's logical to want to identify these unidentified flying objects. "It's common sense, ...

Josh Hawley: 'It's time to ditch the Patriot Act'
Post Date: 2021-03-24 23:01:48 by Horse

The Truth About COVID At Last!!!
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:54:43 by Horse
Poster Comment:Epidemiologist rakes CDC and Fauci for not investigating generic solutions and Vitamin D-3. Known for a year that all covid patients are vitamin D depleted and that vitamin D helps reduce covid cases and severity. They work for Big Pharma and push expensive treatments that don't work.

Iceland Volcano Eruption – spectacular drone fly past footage
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:40:54 by Horse
Channel 5 News @5_News · A drone pilot has captured incredible footage of a volcano erupting in Iceland. Bjorn Steinbekk risked losing his FPV drone as he flew the camera directly over the lava as it continued to shoot and spill from the Fagradalsfjall volcano near Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. Poster Comment:This is a recent eruption. No high atmosphere ash from this one yet.

Biden DHS Plotting to Put Opposition On 'No Fly List,' Label Them 'Suspected Domestic Extremists'
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:36:14 by Horse
The Department of Homeland Security under Biden-appointee Alejandro Mayorkas is plotting to strip their political opposition of their rights by declaring them "suspected domestic extremists" and putting them on the No Fly List.

Food for Thought
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:34:17 by Horse
"The Rockefellers and their allies have, for at least fifty years, been carefully following a plan to use their economic power to gain political control of first America, and then the rest of the world. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." -- Congressman Larry P. McDonald, November 1975, from the introduction to a book titled The Rockefeller File. Poster Comment:The congressman was murdered when his airliner was shot down by the US. He was a Democrat.

India Discovers First "Double-Mutant" COVID Strain As New Cases Surge
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:28:36 by Horse
Time to crank the fear gauge up to '11'. Following a series of reports warning about mutated COVID strains first identified in Brazil, the US and elsewhere spreading across Latin America, the US and Europe, scientists in India are one-upping them by identifying what they described as "a double-mutant" strain of the ubiquitous virus. The 'double-mutant' was identified, along with 770 other strains, gleaned from samples collected across 18 Indian states. Of the 10,787 samples collected, 736 tested positive for the UK variant, 34 for the South African variant and one for the Brazilian variant. The report comes as COVID cases in India are climbing once again after ...

Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:19:53 by Horse
Authored by Nick Sibilla via Forbes (emphasis ours) The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear oral argument in Caniglia v. Strom, a case that could have sweeping consequences for policing, due process, and mental health, with the Biden Administration and attorneys general from nine states urging the High Court to uphold warrantless gun confiscation. But what would ultimately become a major Fourth Amendment case began with an elderly couple’s spat over a coffee mug. In August 2015, 68-year-old Edward Caniglia joked to Kim, his wife of 22 years, that he didn’t use a certain coffee mug after his brother-in-law had used it because he “might catch a case of dishonesty.” ...

US Intelligence Community Increasingly Involving Itself In Domestic Politics: Greenwald
Post Date: 2021-03-24 22:12:35 by Horse
A letter from House Intelligence Committee members demands answers from the DNI about illegal breaches of the wall guarding against CIA and NSA domestic activity.

Yellow Imperil?
Post Date: 2021-03-24 21:32:04 by Ada
Operation Slippery Slope has hit a snag: too many casualties from friendly fire. From its official launch in January, Slippery Slope was an ill-conceived aktion with a smoky objective. The plan was fairly simple: Scour local news for all instances in which an Asian person was assaulted by a stranger. Present those incidents with no control sample (i.e., how many whites were assaulted by strangers in those cities during the same period) so that, absent perspective, an illusion is created, a mirage of an epidemic of anti-Asian mayhem carried out by white supremacists because of Covid, Trump, and “China virus” hate speech. When a white person is savagely attacked by a black, the ...

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