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Aussie Merc (Ukraine) From Bakhmut's Shocking Revelations About Wagner: "AFU Is Losing Badly"
Post Date: 2023-01-30 16:51:38 by Horse
Key takeaways: 1. Wagner and the Russian Army are far more advanced than western media portrays. They have "total capability overmatch". "Wagner has tracking drones, artillery with integrated combined arms attacks, infiltration teams... 2. "Wagner main troops have taken exceedingly few casualties--they are not using "human waves" but intelligent shock-attacks." 3. "They have better ISR, integrated into their individual batteries." 4. "Wagner has blue-force tracking, each soldier knows exactly where they are in relation to each other. AFU uses flags and markers--total capability overmatch." 5. "Super advanced equipment is ...

Gonzalo Lira: About The Coming Race Riots
Post Date: 2023-01-30 16:30:53 by Horse
Poster Comment:A replacement VP for Kamala needs to be nominated. Donors might rebel at Kamala 2024. Hakeem Jeffries, the House leader, is Black and is loved by Obama. The Dollar will die and cause hyperinflation which I defined as starting at 25% annual inflation for an international reserve currency. I predict Nationwide Food Riots in the US which will become racial. We might lose every major American city to race riots. The US cannot fight a foreign war without being funded and supplied by China because the Clintons passed NAFTA which closed 80,000 US manufacturing plants. Russia can fire 60,000 artillery rounds a day. The post industrial US can only fire 60,000 a week. We might ...

Rio Tinto Loses Radioactive Capsule During Transport In Western Australia
Post Date: 2023-01-30 11:24:41 by Esso
Mining giant Rio Tinto somehow lost a radioactive capsule containing Caesium-137 during transport along a 1,400-kilometer (870-mile) stretch of highway in Western Australia, reported Bloomberg. "We are taking this incident very seriously ... and recognize this is clearly very concerning and are sorry for the alarm it has caused in the Western Australian community," Rio Tinto head of iron ore Simon Trott said in a statement on Sunday. Last Friday, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA issued a radiation alert for parts of Western Australia. >>RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCE RISK in parts of the Pilbara, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and Perth Metropolitan regions. ...

New Study Claims Trauma Of Holocaust™ May Have Shrunk Brains of Jewish ‘Survivors’ And Their Children
Post Date: 2023-01-30 11:12:27 by NeoconsNailed
[CFT Note: To help celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day this year, we are republishing a previous article that explains why so many Jewish “Holocaust” survivors — along with their children and even grandchildren — have decreased mental functions because of the psychological impact of the official Jewish Version Of World War II™.] (The Jewish Chronicle) A new study claims that the alleged trauma of what Jews refer to as “The Holocaust” has permanently altered the brain structure of survivors and may have even had a biological impact on their children and grandchildren: Groundbreaking research which saw Holocaust survivors undergo MRI scans of ...

40 Questions on The Holocaust
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:30:33 by Horse

The Lowest Point in Jimmy Fallon's career
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:21:33 by Horse

Jurors deadlocked in case of pro-life activist facing 11 years for allegedly pushing abortion clinic volunteer
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:18:11 by Horse
Deadlocked jurors are set to reconvene Monday in the case against a Pennsylvania pro-life activist who faces up to 11 years in prison for allegedly pushing a Planned Parenthood escort during a clash outside an abortion clinic. Mark Houck, 48, was arrested by the FBI last September in front of his family at his home in rural Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, on charges that he violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act during an altercation he had with the escort in Philadelphia in October 2021. Houck pleaded not guilty to violating the FACE Act, which prohibits "violent, threatening, damaging, and obstructive conduct intended to injure, intimidate, or interfere with the right ...

Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:17:23 by Esso

Wendy's Worker Throws Tantrum When Told He Can't Go Home Early - Then His Life Goes from Bad to Worse
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:12:49 by Horse
Sometimes children break things when they don’t get their way, and life goes on. When adults break stuff, many times, the police get involved. According to Sebastian Daily, a 22-year-old Palm Bay, Florida-based Wendy’s restaurant worker was reportedly so distraught that he couldn’t clock out of work earlier than his scheduled clock-out time that he apparently felt the need to break thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment. And if he thought his day was terrible for whatever reason he wanted to get out of work early, his life became significantly worse now that the cops are involved. “Wendy’s worker breaks equipment when told he couldn’t go home ...

Survey of Embalmers Reveals Massive Increase in White Blood Clots Since Covid 'Vaccine' Rollout (Video)
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:07:28 by Horse
A retired U.S. Air Force Major, defense contractor, engineer, and data analyst has just released a survey of embalmers from across the U.S., which indicates that seven in 10 are now seeing thick, fibrous white blood clots in the bodies of those consigned to their care. While the documentary “Died Suddenly,” released in November, shone a spotlight on this phenomenon and caused much controversy for being overly conspiratorial, until now, no statistics have been available. Evidence has been largely anecdotal, beginning with Richard Hirschman, an Alabama-based embalmer and licensed funeral director who went on the public record, giving an interview to RAIR Foundation USA last ...

Every 2 Minutes a Child is Sold For Sex in America As Pedophilia Becomes Fastest Growing Business
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:05:41 by Horse
Hundreds of thousands of children in the United States go missing every year, with many of them falling into the hands of predators who traffic the children through pedophilia networks where the children suffer unimaginable horrors. Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old. This is America’s dirty little secret. Sex trafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in America. In 2011, it was the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity ...

5-Yr-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted in Girls Bathroom by Gender Fluid Male
Post Date: 2023-01-30 10:02:07 by Horse
A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in the girls’ bathroom at a Georgia school by a boy who was given permission by the liberal school to use whichever bathroom he felt like because he “identifies as gender-fluid,” according to reports. The incident has sparked an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) into the Decatur, Georgia school’s transgender bathroom policy. According to a legal complaint by Roger G. Brooks of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Vernadette R. Broyles of Georgia Adoption & Family Law Practice, the boy reportedly assaulted the girl as she was leaving a bathroom stall at Oakhurst ...

Heavy fighting in Ukraines Donetsk as Wagner targets village
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:57:39 by Horse
Ukraine’s military said its forces drove back an assault in the eastern Donetsk region after Russia’s paramilitary Wagner Group said it took control of Blahodatne village. The forces “repelled attacks near … Blahodatne” and 13 other settlements in Donetsk, the Ukrainian military said in its daily report on Sunday. Poster Comment:For over a week Zelensky refused the suggestion from Secretary Austin that he pull his troops out of Bakhmut to save them from encirclement. MOD Valery Zaluzhny made the same suggestion about troops further north in the Donbass. There is a rumor that Zelensky is considering a withdrawal of troops from Bakhmut. But it might be too late in ...

Anti-White Lunacy Goes Supernova in America! - Here's What Needs To Be Done Before It's Too Late
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:55:29 by Esso

Israeli settlers carry out 144 attacks against Palestinians in one day
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:50:12 by Horse
Israeli settlers unleashed a wave of attacks targeting Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank on the morning of 29 January, according to reports. According to WAFA news agency, the Palestinian official Ghassan Daghlas spoke of 144 registered attacks in the occupied West Bank. Settlers threw stones, damaged vehicles, and set fire to at least six vehicles in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Ford Shares Tumble After Company Slashes EV Prices To Match Tesla Price Cuts
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:49:38 by Esso
Five days after we reported that Tesla was accused of 'weaponizing' price cuts in order to crush their competition in the electric vehicle space, Ford announced priced cuts for their electric Mustang Mach-E along with several other models 'across the board.' The company will also increase production, "underscoring the company’s commitment to lead the EV revolution by increasing the value of its EVs for customers," according to a Monday press release. "We are not going to cede ground to anyone. We are producing more EVs to reduce customer wait times, offering competitive pricing and working to create an ownership experience that is second to none," ...

Israeli Soldiers Open Fire at Palestinian Journalists Covering Event near Nablus
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:48:20 by Horse
Israeli occupation soldiers on Saturday opened fire in the direction of Palestinian journalists while covering an event in the town of Beita, near Nablus, the official news agency WAFA reported. Palestinian journalist Wahaj Bani Moufleh told WAFA that he and his colleague, Mohammad Sumrin, were preparing a report on the Israeli army’s closure of the Beita entrance with cement boulders. Israeli soldiers shot live gunfire in their direction despite the fact that they were wearing vests clearly indicating that they were press.

Pfizer Director Caught on Camera Admitting Pfizer Controls the U.S. Government
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:43:41 by Horse
Project Veritas released a new video yesterday where one of their undercover reporters recorded a conversation with Jordon Trishton Walker, an alleged “Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner.” Everyone in the Alternative Media who has covered this, at least the articles I have seen, have concentrated on Walker’s statements regarding how Pfizer is experimenting with the idea of “Directed Evolution,” which Project Veritas and others claim is the same thing as “gain of function.” I almost was not even going to cover this video, because for one thing, I do not approve of Project Veritas’s use of ...

EXCLUSIVE: SECOND Hunter Biden Email from Laptop WITH CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Uncovered And More Are Coming
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:41:17 by Horse
The Biden crime family made millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage. TGP reported on Thursday that the Bidens were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business. Miranda Devine provided one email that appeared to include classified material from the US government. TGP determined that this information from the 22-point email came from the US State Department and it was classified. This email included this classified information and Hunter had no security clearance or reason to have this information. This was not the first time Hunter Biden had access to classified information.

End the Welfare-Warfare State
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:34:43 by Ada
By any measure, the conversion of America to a welfare-warfare state has been a disaster. It is time to end this deadly and destructive political and economic experiment. Consider some examples: 1. After embroiling America in forever wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and other parts of the world, the Pentagon has succeeded in getting us closer to nuclear war since 1962, when it did the same in the run-up to the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2. America’s socialist system of immigration controls has brought nothing but death, destruction of liberty, perpetual crisis and chaos along the border, and an immigration police state to the borderlands. 3. Social Security has destroyed ...

Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:26:21 by Esso
Poster Comment:

So RAND Says the US Lost the Ukraine War and Should Surrender. What Next?
Post Date: 2023-01-30 09:06:16 by Ada
Author’s Note: RT did a second, larger write-up of the RAND paper, “Avoiding the Long War.” I read the original, but it takes so much effort to go through and pull the quotes that simply commenting on this piece is much easier. Previously: RAND Think Tank Says Ukraine War No Longer Beneficial for Jewish “Double-Anal Agenda” RAND coming out and saying that the US has already lost the war in the Ukraine and should just surrender is basically the biggest thing that has happened since the invasion. Since US/NATO said flatly that there would never be any negotiations in March of 2022, we’ve kinda just been watching a machine process, where no one is really ...

EU Skating Championships duped by Transgender skater
Post Date: 2023-01-30 08:35:14 by Horse
A 59 year-old male Finnish farmer took up skating at age 50, declared himself transgender, and performed yesterday under the female name Minna-Maaria at the opening of the European Figure Skating Championship. Finland was proud to announce that they would be including the world’s “first trans figure skater” at the proceedings, only to discover Markku could not skate

Pepe Escobar: The 'Doomsday Clock' Is Speeding Up
Post Date: 2023-01-30 08:31:33 by Horse
Authored by Pepe Escobar via PressTV, The Doomsday Clock, set by the US-based magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, has been moved to 90 seconds to midnight... That’s the closest ever to total nuclear doom, the global catastrophe. The Clock had been set at 100 seconds since 2020. The Bulletin’s Science and Security Board and a group of sponsors – which includes 10 Nobel laureates – have focused on “Russia’s war on Ukraine” (their terminology) as the main reason. Yet they did not bother to explain non-stop American rhetoric (the US is the only nation that adopts “first strike” in a nuclear confrontation) and the fact that this is a US ...

5 Ways The "Inflation Reduction Act" Is Stealing Your Money
Post Date: 2023-01-30 08:22:10 by Horse
Authored by Peter Reagan via Birch Gold Group, Much like the Patriot Act had little to do with making life safer in the U.S., the Biden administration’s “Inflation Reduction Act” has very little to do with reducing inflation. Thanks to this “Inflation Reduction Act,” our lives are about to get even more expensive for just about everyone. If you’re saving money for retirement, heating your home or driving a car, well, get ready to start paying higher prices. That’s because of several new taxes that were tucked away in the 274 pages of the Inflation Reduction Act. Those new taxes have become law as of January 1st, 2023. I’d argue this is a clear ...

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