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Thank God for the Proud Boys
Post Date: 2021-02-25 12:49:02 by Ada
A little more than a year ago, 2,000 antifa tried to shut down my speech at UC Berkeley, according to police on the scene. The Berkeley police chief had ordered her officers to stand outside the building like mute ninjas, and make no arrests, unless they personally witnessed a felony being committed in front of them. So barring a bank suddenly popping up on the sidewalk and an antifa attempting to rob it, I had no official protection from 2,000 violent, mentally disturbed thugs. Thank God I had the Proud Boys. There had been no warning of the antifa mobilization against me until an hour before the event, when they showed up, with a thousand of them at each entrance to the building ...

What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”?
Post Date: 2021-02-25 12:35:56 by Ada
Bill Gates is actively financing and promoting new untested vaccines supposed to keep us at least somewhat safe from a ‘ghastly” death from the novel coronavirus and supposedly allow us to resume somewhat “normal” lives. The Pharma giant Pfizer has now announced what they claim were spectacular results in initial human tests. They use an experimental technology known as gene editing, specifically mRNA gene- editing, something never before used in vaccines. Before we rush to get jabbed in hopes of some immunity, we should know more about the radical experimental technology and its lack of precision. The financial world went ballistic on November 9 when the pharma giant ...

California Man Films Himself on Facebook Live with Two Dead Women on the Floor He Killed, Including Minor
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:54:19 by Horse
A California man, Raymond Michael Weber, was arrested in late January after filming himself on Facebook live with two dead women on the floor. One woman was 15-years-old. The other woman Savannah Theberge was 27-years-old. Savannah Theberge is a young mother from Utah.

Yoko Ono - Hillary Clinton romance corroborated
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:51:55 by Horse
RUSSIAN SOURCES CONFIRM YOKO ONO AND HILLARY CLINTON WERE TIPPING THE VELVET KJWNZ Eastern European correspondent Gabriella Braun / 'Saskya' has just filed from a telephone box near Omsk with the above photo sourced from her contact, former KGB officer Vlad the Inveigler, which confirms one of the most notorious of all Gal Pal Pashes – that between Yoko Ono and Hillary Clinton around 1970. Vlad has not only provided photographic evidence but has also been able to supply two previously missing verses to Yoko’s song 'Sisters O Sisters' which make it plain that, as originally written, it was a love song for her ‘Little Rocky Gopher’. To recapitulate: On ...

Fraud Fauci Says Trump Let Terrible Things Happen
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:47:59 by Ada
The fraudulent quack Anthony Fauci is once again lying and claiming that Donald Trump let all sorts of terrible things happen. Remember, in the early part of 2020 Fauci was telling us that the coronavirus was nothing to be concerned about even though we had no idea what we were dealing with at the time. Donald Trump closed the borders with China as a precaution despite Fauci and pretty much everybody else around Trump being against this move and calling him a racist chink hater for implementing the travel ban. Fauci then later completely reversed his position on the coronavirus and began falsely telling us that it was the plague of death and that millions of Americans were going to ...

Warka Water towers harvest drinkable water from the air
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:24:06 by Horse

Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:21:08 by Horse

George Gammon: Janet Yellen Announces $250 BILLION In New QE Per Month!!
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:18:46 by Horse
Poster Comment:More is better!!

Feds say Yale discriminates against Asian, white students in admissions
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:11:39 by Horse
A Justice Department investigation has found Yale University is illegally discriminating against Asian American and white applicants, in violation of federal civil rights law, officials said Thursday. Yale denied the allegation, calling it “meritless” and “hasty.” The findings detailed in a letter to the college’s attorneys Thursday mark the latest action by the Trump administration aimed at rooting out discrimination in the college application process, following complaints from students about the application process at some Ivy League colleges. The Justice Department had previously filed court papers siding with Asian American groups who had levied similar ...

Lawmakers Demand Investigation Of NIH ‘Secretively’ Funneling US Tax Dollars To Notorious Wuhan Lab
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:07:01 by Horse
A letter sent Tuesday from members of Congress to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm is demanding a “prompt and thorough investigation” into the National Institutes of Health’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party-run Wuhan Institute of Virology. The 28 congressional signers, led by Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., write: The NIH, unfortunately, has played a major role in supporting [the Wuhan Institute of Virology] and this treacherous research and the promotion of spurious claims dismissing the NIH-funded lab’s potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glenn Greenwald Called “Transphobic” For Commenting on Results of Gallup LGBT Survey
Post Date: 2021-02-25 10:03:31 by Horse
Asked why so many Gen Z identify as "bisexual" while being in long term relationships with opposite sex. Journalist Glenn Greenwald was called “transphobic” for pointing out that although a new Gallup survey shows a surge in the number of Americans identifying as LGBT, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as trans or bi, not gay or lesbian. The poll found that one in six people under the age of 23 now say they are something other than heterosexual. 5.6 percent of Americans now identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5 percent in 2017. Amongst Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2002, 11.5 percent say they are bisexual, while 1.8 percent claim to be ...

The Financial Coup: More Missing Money & FASAB Standard 56 with Dr. Mark Skidmore
Post Date: 2021-02-25 09:50:35 by Horse
For our next interview, we are bringing back one of the great economists of our day, Dr. Mark Skidmore, to discuss the latest developments in a story that is becoming increasingly incoherent: trillions of dollars reported missing since 1998, with an update on amounts announced missing from 2016 to date. A recent Bloomberg article reported on another $35T in undocumented accounting adjustments. Both Dr. Skidmore and The Solari Report have been focused on bringing transparency to this area of the U.S. federal credit and financial systems for many years. We also continue to see unusual financial patterns in the Federal Employees Retirement System’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the ...

Sen. Lindsey Graham to Newsmax TV: 'I Don't Think Biden's in Charge'
Post Date: 2021-02-25 09:10:15 by Ada
President Joe Biden was a moderate senator, but the administration implementing all these progressive policies in his first weeks in office shows it just is not him in charge, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., on Newsmax TV. "I like Joe Biden, but the agenda is AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.], [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer, Sen. Bernie Sanders," Graham told "Greg Kelly Reports" of his former fellow senator Biden. "So, no, I don't think Joe Biden's in charge." Graham told host Greg Kelly, progressive policies on immigration, unwinding former President Donald Trump's Remain in Mexico ...

Famed Liberal Says Biden Is Creating “a Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes”
Post Date: 2021-02-25 09:01:39 by Ada
Conservatives used to view her as the big (or maybe little) bad Wolf. Now some are essentially calling her a good shepherd. Naomi Wolf, liberal journalist and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton, used to be a stone-faced feminist. But after a professed 2006 religious conversion, her personality, if not her politics, appeared to change. And now she has attracted attention again, this time with a more worldly eye-catching statement: America is becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes” under the Joe Biden administration. In fact, we’re now in the last step in what Wolf has defined as the 10 steps to fascism. Wolf made her comments Monday evening on ...

Amnesty Downgrades “Prisoner of Conscience” Status of Alexi Navalny Because He’s a Neo-Nazi
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:59:49 by Ada
This is the funniest thing that’s happened in several hours. RT: Amnesty International, a human rights NGO, has withdrawn its designation of the recently jailed Russian activist and blogger Alexey Navalny as a “prisoner of conscience” due to xenophobic statements he has refused to retract. The group said it “is no longer able to consider” Navalny a prisoner of conscience because he “advocated violence and discrimination,” in the past. Notably, the opposition figure has been given opportunities to apologise for the far-right positions he advocated, in his 30s, but he has declined. Amnesty maintained, however, that it still believes that his latest ...

Apparently, Hunter Biden’s life was even more sordid than we knew
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:42:44 by Ada
I’m sure that there are some Americans, somewhere, who voted for Joe Biden because the media assured them that Joe is an honest, decent family man – all of which is patently untrue. Because they were unaware that the only thing “abnormal” about the Trump administration was the relentless attacks from the Democrat party and the media (but I repeat myself), they thought Biden would bring an era of peace and even honor. No wonder, then, that the media and the tech tyrants corrupted the election by quashing any reports about Biden’s sleazy son Hunter. And now, it turns out that Hunter was even worse than we realized. Those people who paid attention to conservative ...

Afghanistan Buries Another Empire
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:36:23 by Ada
What would have been unthinkable 20 years ago is today a very real possibility: a Taliban victory. It’s easy to forget, but the United States by the end of 2001 thought it had won in Afghanistan. The CIA had undertaken an unofficial policy of war against Osama bin Laden back in 1998, and after 9/11, their agents were able to draw upon that planning to move quickly against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The bombing began in October; Northern Alliance fighters were inside Kabul by mid-November. Osama bin Laden fled, possibly to Tora Bora and eventually to Pakistan. A new age was declared in Central Asia. So rapid was the Taliban’s defeat that it threw some antiwar sorts off balance. ...

By Putting Big Pharma’s Patents Before Patients, Doctors Will Further Erode Trust in Expert
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:28:01 by Ada
I have spent the past several years on this blog trying to highlight one thing above all others: that the institutions we were raised to regard as authoritative are undeserving of our blind trust. It is not just that expert institutions have been captured wholesale by corporate elites over the past 40 years and that, as a result, knowledge, experience and expertise have been sidelined in favour of elite interests – though that is undoubtedly true. The problem runs deeper: these institutions were rarely as competent or as authoritative as we fondly remember them being. They always served elite interests. What has changed most are our perceptions of institutions that were once ...

Qatar's Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans "Who Feel Left Out" Of MSM
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:07:01 by Horse
Gulf sheikdom meets Trumpism all in one TV channel... The Al Jazeera outlet will be called Rightly, and apparently aims to imitate and partake of Fox News' longtime success as leading the US mainstream. Rightly plans to cater to center-right Americans and is headed by Fox News’ Scott Norvell. Its target audience has been further described as Republicans who "feel left out of mainstream media," Politico noted, in perhaps a hint it also seeks to tap into pro-Trump support.

The Lies Aren’t Secret
Post Date: 2021-02-25 07:06:25 by Ada
Thanks to friendly courts, the Deep State continues to avoid accountability, triumphant at home and abroad. Secrecy is the ultimateentitlement program for the Deep State. The federal government is creating trillions of pages of new secrets every year. The more documents bureaucrats classify, the more lies politicians and government officials can tell. In Washington, deniability is prized far more than truth. At the end of the Trump era, the Deep State is triumphant at home and abroad. Trump’s epic clashes with federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies helped cripple his administration, and they illustrate the continued danger of Deep State secrecy. If all of the FBI’s ...

The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed
Post Date: 2021-02-25 06:59:28 by Ada
The U.S. Air Force’s top officer wants the service to develop an affordable, lightweight fighter to replace hundreds of Cold War-vintage F-16s and complement a small fleet of sophisticated—but costly and unreliable—stealth fighters. The result would be a high-low mix of expensive “fifth-generation” F-22s and F-35s and inexpensive “fifth-generation-minus” jets, explained Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown Jr. If that plan sounds familiar, it’s because the Air Force a generation ago launched development of an affordable, lightweight fighter to replace hundreds of Cold War-vintage F-16s and complement a small future fleet of ...

Post Date: 2021-02-25 06:57:40 by Horse
If you've never heard of Lindemann, it is because we're not supposed to know about these secret handlers. A brief excerpt from 'The Prof' --one of the many the biographies written about Lindemann: ***************** “Professor Frederick Lindemann, the Chief Advisor to Winston Churchill and the inspiration and architect of the air crucifixion of Germany was in a reflective mood after the war. Toward the end of his life, Lindemann made a remark on more than one occasion with such an air of seriousness that he seemed to regard it as his testament of wisdom, and I accordingly feel it incumbent upon me to record it here, although not in perfect sympathy with it. 'Do ...

When Scholarship Turns to Activism
Post Date: 2021-02-25 06:28:20 by Dakmar
Saving academia from whiteness appears to be the goal of some black academics. Unlike normal scholars, they are confusing academic research with political activism. The latest black intellectual declaring to purge whiteness from the curriculum is Dan-el Padilla Peralta. Presently based at Princeton, Padilla thinks that the classics should become “a site of contestation for the communities who have been denigrated by it in the past.” He has even taught a course that combines ancient texts with critical race theory and strategies for organizing. Academia is for serious and creative inquiry, but for some strange reason, blacks assume that they should use their position to promote a ...

Louise Brooks: The Enigmatic Flapper (1920s Spotlight)
Post Date: 2021-02-25 05:40:53 by Horse
Poster Comment:Briefly the mistress of CBS founder William Paley, who secretly provided her with a yearly pension for the rest of her life. On February 6, 1932, she filed for bankruptcy and began dancing in nightclubs to earn a living. A 20th Century-Fox talent scout spotted a girl named Linda Carter in a play and offered her a screen test. Linda Carter was actually Brooks, who was attempting a comeback. [July 1938] Was the inspiration for the stage play "Show Girl", which, in turn, inspired the comic strip "Dixie Dugan". She was also the inspiration for Italian cartoonist Guido Crepax's comic strip/graphic novel "Valentina". Brooks and Crepax became pen ...

Facts About SLÁVERY They Don't Teach You at School
Post Date: 2021-02-25 05:18:20 by Horse
Poster Comment:White liberals believe that no Black man should be the head of household for a Black family. White liberals do believe that a white females social worker ought to be the head of household for a Black family. Actually, it is Bankers who enslave Blacks, whites, Latinos and everyone else. Eddie Robinson Reborn Into A World With Debt Cancellation

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