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Study Records 115 "Provocative Maneuvers, Close Encounters" Between US & China Warships This Year
Post Date: 2022-09-28 11:45:13 by Horse
"...likelihood of a mishap is increasing exponentially." Poster Comment:Just recently Russia and China held joint naval maneuvers off the coast of Alaska. Russia is deploying a Mach 10 cruise missile while the US Navy is still subsonic. The Neocon plan to fight a war with China has a few flaws. The US sent its weapons to the Ukraine. So we have to tell China that we will provoke you for another year while we wait to re-supply our military so please wait until we are ready. Since NAFTA, we shut down 80,000 manufacturing plants and we are broke so please sell us a years worth of imports over the next 6 months but do that on credit as we have no cash. Please do not use ...

'Forever Unusable':
Post Date: 2022-09-28 11:24:43 by Horse
15 Things We Know About The Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged The Nord Stream 1 And 2 Pipelines Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog, Something really strange just happened. On Monday, large underwater “explosions” were detected in the precise areas of the sea where the Nord Stream pipeline system is now leaking. In fact, the explosions were so large that they actually registered on the Richter scale. If someone wanted to purposely damage the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, very large explosions would be needed because those pipelines are extremely thick. So it appears that this was a deliberate act of sabotage, and ...

Bank Of England Capitulates:
Post Date: 2022-09-28 11:18:49 by Horse
Restarts QE Due To "Significant Dysfunction" In Bond Market, "Material Risk" To Financial Stability The Pivot has arrived! Poster Comment:back in 1935 when the Rothchilds through the Bank of England decided to finance the re-militaization of Hitler's Germany they could have another war, the British pound was worth 5 US dollars. Before massive intervention it fallen to almost parity - one pound buys one dollar. Quantitative easing will make a pound worth less than one dollar. Blowing up Nord Stream 1 and 2 will make America the most hated name in the world. By raising interest rates and destroying other currencies, we put the screws to other nations. Suppose a ...

Washington’s Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation
Post Date: 2022-09-28 09:52:44 by Ada
The messages are coming in loud and clear today—from the crashing pound, to repudiation of establishment governments in Italy, Sweden and more to come, to Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s call to end the Sanctions War and do so pronto. So let’s be clear: Washington’s dunderheaded intervention in the intramural spat between Russia and Ukraine and the accompanying global Sanctions War is the surely the stupidest, most destructive project to arise from the banks of the Potomac in modern times. And the architects of this perfidious folly—Biden, Blinkin, Sullivan, Nuland et. al.—cannot be condemned harshly enough. After all, this madness is being pursued in the ...

I’m Sorry, Biden’s *WHAT* Foreign Policy??
Post Date: 2022-09-28 09:30:54 by Ada
The New York Times, which consistently supports every American war, has published an op-ed by a neoconservative think tanker titled “Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Imperils Us“. This would be Joseph Biden, the president of the United States who has been consistently vowing to go to war with the People’s Republic of China if it attacks Taiwan, and whose administration has been pouring billions of dollars into a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine which it knowingly provoked and from which it has no exit strategy. With this administration’s acceleration toward global conflict on two different fronts, one could easily argue that Biden actually has the least ...

Are You A Fascist? 12 Signs To Look For
Post Date: 2022-09-28 08:26:22 by Ada
Do you think you're just a quiet, patriotic conservative with good old- fashioned family values? Oh no! You may be a dangerous fascist! Study this list of fascist tendencies so you can do better and be less fascist! You've been to a 4th of July parade at least once in your life: All that flag-waving is a classic mark of fascism. You're supposed to love the leaders and corporations that the corporate media tells you to love, not your homeland, ya' Mussolini! You voted for Trump: this one's too easy. His election was not just a threat to our democracy, but a threat to all democracy – and maybe to the universe itself. Do better! You have more than one kid and you ...

Why the final hearing of the Jan. 6 Committee show trial got postponed
Post Date: 2022-09-28 08:13:40 by Ada
Just yesterday, the House Jan. 6 committee announced that it is postponing its ninth and final public hearing originally scheduled to be held and televised, on September 28 at 1 p.m. ET Surprisingly or perhaps unsurprisingly, the website for the Committee had no information about the reason for postponement. The website carried has a succinct caption “*POSTPONED* 09/28/22 SELECT COMMITTEE HEARING.” Perhaps they do not want the reason for the postponement to be part of official government records? They chose to reveal the reasons for the postponement to the Washington Post, their propaganda wing, that also masquerades as a news outlet. People often claim that the media has a ...

Did the US (or its agents) blow up the Nordstream pipelines?
Post Date: 2022-09-28 08:06:27 by Ada
Thanks to an open threat issued by President Biden, the question must be asked: Is the United States behind the two explosions that caused a massive natural gas leak into the Baltic Sea? The incident has cutoff Russia’s ability to deliver methane gas to Germany and other European nations. The release of methane into the water and atmosphere is killing marine life and delivering a greenhouse gas pollutant into the atmosphere that would be gravely feared by believers in man-made global warming. The word “eco-terrorism” comes to mind the describe the act of sabotage, if that’s what the explosions were. YouTube screengrab (cropped) Powerful voices are blaming Russia. ...

Giorgia on Our Mind
Post Date: 2022-09-28 07:47:53 by Ada
It’s tempting to interpret the Italian electoral results this past Sunday as voters merrily hurling a bowl of lush papardelle with wild boar ragu over the collective bland faces of the toxic unelected Euro- oligarchy sitting in Brussels. Well, it’s complicated. Italy’s electoral system is all about coalitions. The center-right Meloni-Berlusconi-Salvini troika is bound to amass a substantial majority in both the Parliament’s Lower House and the Senate. Giorgia Meloni leads Fratelli d’Italia (“Brothers of Italy”). The notorious Silvio “Bunga Bunga” Berlusconi leads Forza Italia. And Matteo Salvini leads La Lega. The established cliché ...

A Fateful Moment of History Is Upon Us
Post Date: 2022-09-28 07:38:30 by Ada
Dear Readers, I have explained to you that there has been no Russian defeat in Ukraine and will not be a Russian defeat. I informed you that Putin and the Kremlin are committed to one important thing that differentiates Russia from the US and that is that Russia follows international law and the US does not. This is why there has been no “Russian invasion of Ukraine” as proclaimed by Western propagandists. Kiev, the functioning of the Ukraine government, and the cities and infrastructure of western Ukraine have not been attacked. The Kremlin has limited its military operations to the areas in Ukraine where the majority Russian population was being shelled, occupied, and ...

Robert Kiosaki's Last WARNING. The Great Destruction.
Post Date: 2022-09-27 23:46:51 by Horse
Poster Comment:BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has a plan to cancel debts for the Global South. Sergey Glazyev is Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics for the Eurasian Union. He wants to invite the Global South to do two things. One is the use BRICS commodity backed currencies for trade replacing the dollar. The other is to join in worldwide Debt Cancellation when BRICS, the Global South and other possibly interested parties, such as, Italy Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova and Bulgaria refuse to repay loans denominated in dollars, euros, pounds and yen. Their foreign debts will disappear overnight. And that would be very good for them. Italy is currently ...

Both Nordstream Gas Pipelines into Europe sabotaged
Post Date: 2022-09-27 23:31:05 by Horse

New Zealand Prime Minister Calls For A Global Censorship System
Post Date: 2022-09-27 23:24:39 by Horse
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the latest liberal leader to call for an international alliance to censor speech. Unsatisfied with the unprecedented corporate censorship of social media companies, leaders like Hillary Clinton have turned from private censorship to good old-fashioned state censorship. Speech regulation has become an article of faith on the left. Ardern used her speech this week to the United Nations General Assembly to call for censorship on a global scale. Ardern lashed out at “disinformation” and called for a global coalition to control speech. After nodding toward free speech, she proceeded to lay out a plan for its demise through government ...

Oath Keepers Forced to Go to Trial on Bogus Seditious Conspiracy Charges FIVE WEEKS BEORE MIDTERMS!
Post Date: 2022-09-27 23:22:14 by Horse
Govt. Denies Them Discovery, Arrests Their Key Witnesses, Jury Bias A group of Oath Keepers, including leader Stewart Rhodes, will be forced to go to trial prematurely this week after numerous attempts by their attorneys to push their trial until January and outside of Washington DC. The presiding Judge Amit Mehta denied their motions for Change of Venue and Continuance. This is what they have been waiting for – a seditious conspiracy conviction to “prove” January 6th was an “insurrection” and tie it all to Trump – to prevent him from running again and even to possible use to arrest him. “It is clear the DOJ is trying to politicize this trial and ...

Syria Demands Compensation For Oil Losses In UN Speech
Post Date: 2022-09-27 23:15:57 by Horse
In a rare plea before the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Syria's top diplomat demanded compensation for oil and gas stolen by the United States, as well as its monumental energy losses over the course of the 11-year long war. "The war against Syria, ultimately, was an attempt by the West to maintain control over the world," Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told the assembly on Monday, demanding further that the continuing US military occupation in the oil and gas rich northeast "should end immediately, without conditions." He informed UN leaders that "direct and indirect" oil and gas sector losses over the course of the conflict have reached $10 ...

1932, 1974, 2008... And Today: Stocks Enter Meltdown "Crash Pattern"
Post Date: 2022-09-27 19:53:41 by Horse
Another day, another yield-driven market shock, and another down day for the S&P which is now lower for 6 consecutive days, the longest stretch since February 2020 when the world was about to shut down (worse, as the last chart at the bottom of this post show, stocks are now officially in meltdown pattern mode... read on). For those who don't see the pattern yet, it's simple: with central banks seeing who can outhawk each other the most every day, even as their governments vow to go into a debt-funded fiscal overdrive at a time of rising rates and QT, yields are predictably surging, and real yields are surging even more with real 10Ys hitting 1.63% today, the highest since ...

Results Show Huge Majorities In Favor Of Joining Russia As Ukraine Annexation Polls Close: State Media
Post Date: 2022-09-27 19:37:38 by Horse
Putin set to give a major speech on Friday...

Apple Sued After 67 Year Old Employee Claims Bonus Was Withheld Because Of His Age
Post Date: 2022-09-27 19:34:22 by Horse
And the kicker? The suit claims that Apple admitted the employee didn't get the stock because it was specifically “designed as an investment in the future” and that the employee's supervisor made an "age based assumption" that the employee would be retiring soon.

Beto Turns On Biden, Blames Prez For Latino Voters' Rightward Shift
Post Date: 2022-09-27 19:31:30 by Horse
"What did we have on our side? Nothing..."

U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister
Post Date: 2022-09-27 19:29:28 by Horse
Authored by Michael Shellenberger via Substack, A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, has attributed to the United States the sabotage of two pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. “Thank you, USA,” Sikorski wrote on Twitter. Sikorski was Minister of National Defense from 2005 - 2007 and served as Deput y Minister of National Defense and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, previously. He is currently an elected member of the European parliament. Nord Stream 1 and 2 lie on the bed of the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 was finished last year but Germany never opened it because Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. ...

The Fact Checkers Are On Vacation…
Post Date: 2022-09-27 12:34:11 by Esso
Poster Comment:Andrew's impersonation of a Bidet tantrum is pretty funny.

What's Happening to All These Actors?
Post Date: 2022-09-27 12:21:04 by Horse
Poster Comment:Actors dying from clot shot. So many people are dying of the clot shot that they cannot keep a lid on this much longer.

Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later.
Post Date: 2022-09-27 12:06:56 by Horse
This article was updated on 20 December 2019 with additional information about the ongoing refusal of the Gardai to release the log of a visit by the Warden of Kincora Boys’ Home to Mountbatten’s home in the Republic of Ireland (See section 2) and further evidence of a link between Mountbatten and the abuse of boys at Portora Royal School (See section 13 Mountbatten with his grandnephews It has long been rumoured in Britain that Lord Louis Mountbatten was a paedophile. A book now on sale has dug up impressive new evidence confirming what Irish sources – including the Provisional IRA – have known for decades about his sexual predilections. So impressive is the new ...

Plural Marriage Recognized In New York Under Key Precedent
Post Date: 2022-09-27 09:48:43 by Horse
Plural Marriage Recognized in New York Under Key Precedent; Could Lead to Right To Marry More, Or Reconsideration of Same-Sex Marriage Plural Marriage Now Recognized In New York WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 25, 2022) - A judge in New York has just ruled that polyamorous relationships - in this case a 3-person married unit living together in an apartment - are entitled to the same legal protection as opposite-sex or same-sex 2-person marriages. Since the judge relied upon the famous legal precedent which led to constitutional protection for same-sex marriages, this ruling could expand that right by creating a fundamental right to marriages of 3 or more persons. On the other hand, this ...

First Images Of 'Gas Bubbles' From Nord Stream Leak In Baltic Sea
Post Date: 2022-09-27 09:40:01 by Horse
Update (0920ET): Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbaldet quoted the Swedish Defense Force's chief of operations, Michael Claesson, who said it's not ruled out that there's a connection to the gas leaks and Russia's mobilization last week. Claesson then told the paper that the incident was a "military matter." Update (0910ET): Danish Defense Forces published the first images of the gas leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline system near the exclusive economic zone southeast of Bornholm island, according to the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbaldet. The first images show a large surface area of gas bubbles on the surface of the Baltic Sea. Here are more images of ...

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