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Opinion: I’m an American doctor who went to Gaza. What I saw wasn’t war — it was annihilation
Post Date: 2024-02-19 04:13:13 by Ada

Muslim rape group Hamas demands billions in handouts because they cashed a check their asses couldn't pay
Post Date: 2024-02-18 14:11:05 by The_Rock

Ukrainian Forces Achieve Significant Blow against Russian Air Force
Post Date: 2024-02-18 13:42:16 by BTP Holdings

Rashida Tlaib Declines to Vote on Hamas Rape Hoax Confirmation, 100% of Other Congressmen Support It
Post Date: 2024-02-15 13:21:45 by Ada

War on Gaza: Israeli forces kill Palestinian after telling him to warn others to evacuate hospital
Post Date: 2024-02-15 04:32:23 by Ada

When a Dauntless Fought 3 Zeros
Post Date: 2024-02-12 03:24:46 by Pinguinite

War Delirium
Post Date: 2024-02-03 13:13:07 by Ada
“This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.” — Jeffrey (“the Dude”) Lebowski Pity the poor president. “Joe Biden” must decide now whether to go to war with Iran or Texas. Which will it be? Or might it be both? That Governor Abbot turns out to be the Putin of the purple sage! How does he dare interfere with the orderly flow of new voters — fine people! — across that filthy little river of his? Does he not understand that we need at least a couple million more live bodies allocated around the swing states to ensure a free and fair election? What does Hunter (“the smartest person I know”) make of Dad’s ...

Admiral Fabuloso Thumps His Tub
Post Date: 2024-02-03 08:04:19 by Ada
Will Bluster Cow the Iranians? It's Worth a Try! The air over Washington is thick with martial bluster following the drone attack that killed three sleeping U.S. Army reservists at a base on the Jordanian-Syrian border last Sunday. Pentagon officials admit they have zero evidence that Iran was involved in the attack, but the warfare state is demanding Biden take retaliatory action nevertheless. Among the loudest voices in the chorus is that of retired Admiral James G. Stavridis, who from his perch at Bloomberg Opinion has called for hitting the Persians with cyberattacks, as well as unleashing the CIA to “create, fund and operationalize our own proxies against Iran.” (I ...

Ukraine - The Power Scuffle Continues
Post Date: 2024-02-02 09:52:00 by Ada
The scuffle in Kiev over replacing the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine General Valeri Zaluzny continues. CNN reports that he will be fired within the next 48 hours. Zelensky set to announce dismissal of Ukraine’s top commander within days as rift grows over war, source says – CNN, Jan 31, 2024 This will not go down well with the electorate and, moreover, with the soldiers of the Ukrainian forces: A poll published by the Kyiv Institute of Sociology in December found 88% of Ukrainians supported the top general. Zelensky’s approval rating, though also high, was considerably lower at 62%. Or, as the Washington Post provides: It is far from clear that any ...

Head of the FBI in Louisville says investigating Jan. 6 and domestic terrorism is “top priority”
Post Date: 2024-02-01 17:55:30 by Ada
Video footage of a man dousing Capitol police with mace. Banned.Video Patrick Schwartz, a Kentuckian, douses Capitol Police officer with mace during riots at the January 6, 2021 attempted insurrection. KyCIR interviewed Michael Stansbury, the special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Louisville field office, about the agency's focus following Jan. 6. Stansbury said investigating political violence is a top priority for the office. At least 25 Kentuckians were arrested and criminally charged for taking part in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack at the U.S. Capitol Building, when hundreds of people descended on the nation’s capitol in an attempt to prevent ...

Pentagon Offers Unusual Reason Why Anti-Air Defenses Failed At Jordan Border Base
Post Date: 2024-01-29 18:13:47 by Ada
(Update 1114ET): Some surprising details and admissions have emerged out of the Pentagon on Monday connected to the drone attack on Jordanian base Tower 22, related to the question of how the base's anti-air defenses could have failed so badly. First, in our prior reporting (below), we linked to Moon of Alabama which asked some key questions not being addressed amid the frenzy of international reporting and growing speculation [emphasis ZH]: The reporting so far does not answer many arising questions. Tower 22 is on the Jordanian side of the boarder but Jordan insists that no attack had happened on its grounds. Another anomaly are the high rate of wounded from the alleged drone ...

Houthis Claim They Hit American Warship in the Gulf of Aden
Post Date: 2024-01-29 11:25:34 by Ada
Previously: Drone Attack: 3 American Troops Dead, 34 Wounded in Jordan Gee, the US sure is getting attacked a lot. Maybe people don’t like being ruled over by sickening anal-Jewish psychopaths who murder children? RT: Houthi militants fired a missile at a US warship in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, a spokesman for the Yemen-based group has claimed. He described the incident as the latest response to American “aggression” in the region. The attack, targeting the USS Lewis B. Puller expeditionary mobile base vessel, took place on Sunday evening, Yahya Saree said in a Telegram post in the aftermath of the alleged incident. The spokesman did not specify if the missile had ...

Who Is the Antiwar Candidate?
Post Date: 2024-01-26 09:53:16 by Ada
Fuggedaboutit! I sometimes wonder what the Founders, if they could return to life and see their creation, would think of today’s American Republic. President George W. Bush described the Constitution of the United States as “just a goddamned piece of paper” before he went on a rampage all over the world in what he called the “war on terror.” Of course, he had probably never even read the Constitution or the Federalist Papers and therefore did not understand how the Founders had deliberately made it difficult to go to war, which they regarded as the greatest evil confronting the new nation. Bush proceeded to push through other unconstitutional legislation including ...

US Planning "Sustained Campaign" Against Yemen
Post Date: 2024-01-22 09:06:24 by Ada
The US is too incompetent to respond strategically to anything. You can count on them to do the most obvious thing possible, in every situation. Not a very good enemy. “Sustained campaign” is the best ever euphemism for “war.” RT: The US is preparing for a “sustained” bombing campaign in Yemen after ten days of airstrikes failed to undermine the ability of Houthi fighters to target ships in the Red Sea, the Washington Post has reported, citing unnamed officials. The administration of President Joe Biden does not expect a protracted operation such as the US campaigns in Iraq or Afghanistan, but at the same time it cannot provide a timeframe for when Houthi ...

US strikes Yemen again, but Houthi attacks keep coming
Post Date: 2024-01-19 08:23:24 by Ada
American military launches fourth attack in a week Any thoughts that bombing Yemen last week would bring a swift end to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea have been quickly dispelled. The Yemeni militant group, after nine years of civil war and bombardments by Saudi Arabia and the UAE (with U.S.-made munitions), has already retaliated against U.S. airstrikes several times in the last few days. But that hasn't stopped the Biden Administration from launching a fourth round of attacks at Houthi targets Yemen Wednesday night. According to reports, U.S. Navy warships destroyed 14 Houthi missiles that were staged in a "Houthi-controlled" area of Yemen and posed an "imminent ...

We’re Only Now Seeing the Full Extent of U.S. Failure in Iraq
Post Date: 2024-01-19 08:16:12 by Ada
Since the beginning of the current war on Gaza, American troops have been under attack across the Middle East, nowhere moreso than in Iraq. The United States has responded with a variety of airstrikes against militants in Iraq, which have repeatedly been condemned as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani. These initial strikes were a sign that the United States has failed to pacify Iraq and win over “the hearts and minds” of the country, but they were still in line with past U.S. actions. However, things changed on January 4 when the United States killed a Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) deputy commander named Mushtaq Talib al-Saidi ...

Insane moment Ukrainian sniper takes out Russian soldier with one shot while he is peeing
Post Date: 2024-01-16 17:48:36 by BTP Holdings
Insane moment Ukrainian sniper takes out Russian soldier with one shot while he is peeing The humiliating defeat comes as new figures show Russian casualties have soared in the almost two-year conflict. By TOM BURNETT 10:44, Sat, Dec 30, 2023 | UPDATED: 12:27, Sat, Dec 30, 2023 29BOOKMARK The Ukrainian sniper lines up his shot The Ukrainian sniper lines up his shot (Image: Reddit) Dramatic footage captures the moment a Ukrainian sniper takes out a Russian soldier - while the unsuspecting victim pees. The 11-second video, filmed in a forested area through the scope of the sniper's rifle, shows the Russian soldier relieving himself against a tree. Meanwhile, the scope scans around ...

Extremely Horrible! How Russia loses 1,150 Troops, 18 Artillery Systems in 24 Hours
Post Date: 2024-01-13 06:49:21 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:A war of attrition.

So Now Washington Tells Us
Post Date: 2024-01-07 08:36:35 by Ada
Even the blob doesn’t believe in Ukraine’s coming victory over Russia. With Ukrainians suffering through their second winter at war, the Biden administration apparently has abandoned thoughts of victory and Ukraine whole and free. Instead, Washington believes the two sides must negotiate. Reported Politico, The Biden administration and European officials are quietly shifting their focus from supporting Ukraine’s goal of total victory over Russia to improving its position in an eventual negotiation to end the war, according to a Biden administration official and a European diplomat based in Washington. Such a negotiation would likely mean giving up parts of Ukraine to ...

Ukraine Strikes Russia's 'Christmas Present'
Post Date: 2023-12-26 18:54:15 by BTP Holdings
Ukraine Strikes Russia's 'Christmas Present' Story by Arden Dier • 26 December 2023 In this satellite image, the cargo ship Laodicea is docked at a port in Feodosia, Crimea, on July 11, 2022. ©Planet Labs via AP © Newser Ukrainian aircraft dropped guided missiles at a naval base in Russian- occupied Crimea, reportedly destroying a large Russian landing ship, as Boxing Day dawned. Russian officials acknowledged the early morning attack at the naval base in Feodosia that killed at least one person and injured several others without confirming the ship, Novocherkassk, was put out of commission. Ukraine's air force claimed the vessel was "destroyed," ...

Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine loses to Russia in every aspect, only way is to surrender or be abolished
Post Date: 2023-12-26 18:46:21 by Pinguinite
Listening to it now. Not sure if it's any good, but Macgregor usually is.

Putin forced to take urgent defensive measures to 'preserve valuable assets' after devastation in Ukraine war
Post Date: 2023-12-24 17:10:39 by BTP Holdings
Putin forced to take urgent defensive measures to 'preserve valuable assets' after devastation in Ukraine war Story by Oliver Trapnell • 24 December 2023 Putin has been forced to take urgent measures to protect “valuable assets” in the Russian Navy as he was seen to have withdrawn all ships from the Black Sea, a retired US intelligence officer has claimed. Ukrainian forces were left baffled yesterday after it was revealed there were no Russian ships on the Black Sea or Sea of Azov. According to intelligence provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), there has been no change in the number of Russian vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, sparking questions about ...

‘Minus Three Russian Bombers.’ Ukraine Set Another Deadly Missile-Ambush—And Shot Down A Trio Of High-Tech Su-34s.
Post Date: 2023-12-22 22:19:47 by BTP Holdings
‘Minus Three Russian Bombers.’ Ukraine Set Another Deadly Missile-Ambush —And Shot Down A Trio Of High-Tech Su-34s. Story by David Axe, Forbes Staff • 22 December 2023 A Russian air force Su-34. Wikimedia Commons © Provided by Forbes The Ukrainian air force shot down three Russian air force Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers in a missile-ambush on Friday. It was one of the worst single-day losses for the Russian air arm in the 22-month wider war on Ukraine. “Minus three Russian bombers,” Ukrainian air force commander Lt. Gen. Mikola Oleshchuk quipped on Facebook. The ambush could mark a turning point in the air battle over southern Ukraine. In early ...

The Terror Watchlist Prepared the Way to Tyranny
Post Date: 2023-12-20 12:10:55 by Ada
Did you know that there are 2,000,000 names on the Federal government’s terror watchlist? The National Security Council claims most are not Americans, but the Department of Homeland Security admits that there have been tens of thousands of Americans who have been treated like terrorists. It does not occur to the National Security council that there are no terrorist events corresponding to two million terrorists. If there truly were two million terrorists, the US would be in chaos. So what is the list for? It expands the security bureaucracy. The list has grown from 120,000 to two million, seventeen times larger than its original figure. Is this in response to terrorists events? You ...

This Nuclear Conspiracy Theory is CRAZY
Post Date: 2023-12-18 13:11:21 by Esso
Poster Comment:You wouldn't believe this hippy's creds. Notice how Ukraine is not listed as nuclear capable. You're welcome.

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