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Sunday morning coming dowm
Post Date: 2024-04-28 02:58:16 by Dakmar

Am I Amelek, did I win?
Post Date: 2024-03-23 22:07:29 by Dakmar

Space Jews by Dave Chappelle
Post Date: 2023-10-24 06:43:19 by Horse

Hilarious: Sewage Backs Up Into Kitchen Sinks in Millennium Tower (NBC video)
Post Date: 2023-06-25 18:46:57 by NeoconsNailed
NN SEZ: NBC takes this seriously but I can't stop laffing. The super- rich, immune and hostile to temporal truth, flee reality into ever more prestigious and expensive digs but can't escape lower class or third world problems as infrasctructure becomes ever shakier in ex-America. It's hilarious enuff that 301 Mission Street cost $600 mil to develop and they've spent at least $100 mil trying to fix its 29-inch tilt, and now this! Lots of small towns have had to deal with Love Canals and flaming tap water -- now they've got company in high places. Youtube commenters know the only solution is demolition but none of the high rollers involved want to go there. The Tower is ...

Annotation icon WebAdvisor logo 1:38 / 2:29 National Anthem of Kampuchea (1976-1979)
Post Date: 2023-05-28 23:42:42 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:It's a got a good beat and I can bury victims of genocide to it.

SLAVENORTH: The Neighborhood Destroyed in Order to build Central Park (1 min. video)
Post Date: 2023-02-14 18:02:42 by NeoconsNailed
Announcing the birth of a new occasional 4um series, title keyword SLAVENORTH as a nod to -- the central library on (and antidote to) the slave guilt mythomania on which most of modern ameriKan life is based. Any slavery scandals based in NYC are ultra-damning since the Big Bagel is considered the very world capitol of Diversity and Tolerance, the Multicultural Paradise showing the way to Pluralistic Nirvana for all peoples. Give me your tired, your poor -- we'll be happy to ship 'em all over the country! 1863: blacks hanged in the streets by New Yorkers rioting against Mr. Lincoln's Big Adventure. Early 1990s: while preparing to erect a vainglorious new ...

Brown Eyed Women
Post Date: 2022-04-02 20:25:28 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:Messing with FaceBook mgmt, thought I would share here.

Eating MUD PIES with the Luguru Tribe in Tanzania
Post Date: 2022-03-09 07:32:44 by NeoconsNailed
Welcome to Morogoro, Tanzania. Here we're heading up to the Uluguru Mountains to meet the Luguru Tribe. These amazing people harvest a special kind of mud that is prepared and consumed across the country. It's called Udongo, and we trek up to a remote village to try it. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What an annoying tattooed white fool pretending all this is just peachy. He's prolly an antiwhite feminist Dummacrat with 15 covid jabs in him. By some strange coincidence, black women in the US have a longtime custom of eating clay. Culturally sensitive wikid chirps that it's not a disorder en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Pica_(disorder)#Causes Click for Full Text!

William S. Burroughs on Dreams
Post Date: 2022-02-06 02:16:59 by Dakmar

Julie Andrews swearing outtakes
Post Date: 2021-12-19 23:59:03 by NeoconsNailed
Click for Full Text!

Scream Blacula Scream
Post Date: 2021-11-19 03:34:05 by NeoconsNailed
After an aging voodoo priestess dies, her arrogant son Willis Daniels believes he is next in line to lead. He is outraged when Lisa, his mother's adopted apprentice is chosen as the leader. Willis seeks revenge by reviving the African prince Blacula but soon finds that he cannot control him. Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:Stars among other ripe characters Michael Conrad of Hill Street Blues (which I've never seen).

Here's what gets 3 million views in YT
Post Date: 2021-11-08 00:29:51 by NeoconsNailed
It's not exposés of politicians' heists or Dummacrats stealing elections, that's for sure. And these knuckleheads are prolly getting rich off it. w_Ridiculous NN Click for Full Text!

Portugal’s Insane Plan to Double Its Territory
Post Date: 2021-11-02 19:00:07 by NeoconsNailed
This is a great dollop of forgotten history. I knew of the Portuguese empire per a William Pierce publication from ages ago but you won't believe the full, dogged, vampiristic extent of it! The "Plan" is surely inspired by Russia, one of the most rapacious entities in known history and still at it. Click for Full Text!

Has anyone heard from Christine?
Post Date: 2021-09-10 09:52:12 by Critter
She hasn’t been here since 2017? I can’t think of the last time I talked with her. If anyone knows how to reach her, please pm me. Thanks! I hope everyone else is well. Jim

The Angel Song
Post Date: 2021-08-03 23:36:02 by Dakmar
Poster Comment:Anyone remember this? I haven't heard it for about 40 years, not as creepy as Bloodrock D.O.A. but one of those tunes that used to freak me out after a half dozen bong hits. :)Thanks Willy Bee@youtube for finding this relic.

More on the Hammer-head Hammer-thrower
Post Date: 2021-07-03 15:25:50 by Lod

A Brief History of Disastrous Gender Reveals (11 mind-blowing minutes)
Post Date: 2021-06-11 13:50:06 by NeoconsNailed
On the 5th of September, 2020, at around 10:20am, an extended family group gathered on the edge of the El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa, California. They were there for a gender reveal party – a celebration intended to reveal the gender of an as-yet-unborn child in a surprising and dramatic fashion. Unfortunately, the exact mechanism this family chose for their big reveal would soon result in a devastating and fatal wildfire, which would go on to ravage the area for months to come. It would be just the latest in a string of devastating incidents resulting from failed gender reveal parties. I tell the true stories behind some of history's greatest disasters... but without ...

New York Times Highlights “Paradigm Shift” of Declining Global Fertility Rates
Post Date: 2021-05-25 00:46:58 by NeoconsNailed
The New York Times has published a lengthy article revealing how the world is undergoing a “paradigm shift” of rapidly declining fertility rates, but fails to mention the possibility that environmental pollutants such as plastic chemicals are playing any role in the decline. In an article entitled ‘Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications’, the NYT reveals how there is a global “fertility bust” which represents “a dizzying reversal unmatched in recorded history that will make first-birthday parties a rarer sight than funerals, and empty homes a common eyesore.” The piece notes how a demographic time bomb has the potential ...

A link to the first novel by DS Halyard
Post Date: 2021-05-14 09:42:09 by ghostdogtxn

Weird, horrible Edgar Cayce summer camp news story
Post Date: 2021-04-30 05:45:18 by NeoconsNailed
REVEALED: 'Pedophile ring at Virginia summer camp founded by famed psychic Edgar Cayce raped eight girls - and forced one victim into a "forgiveness circle" with her abuser' A pedophile ring raped eight underage girls while they stayed at a Virginia summer camp founded by a psychic called Edgar Cayce, a lawsuit claims. The victims - who are now adults - say they suffered sexual harassment, abuse and rapes at the hands of male workers while attending the Association for Research and Enlightenment's (ARE) summer camp in Virginia Beach. One victim, who gave her name as Lynsey, told of how she was forced to participate in 'massage trains' with adult staff after ...

Will China’s 500 million elderly cripple the country?
Post Date: 2021-04-20 00:36:01 by NeoconsNailed
Could China's rapidly ageing population derail the world's largest economy? Dateline looks at how the breakdown of traditional family values is impacting aged care. Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:I'll admit it's heartbreaking. Mostly we only hear about Japan's and whitedom's demographic crash, but China of course had a one- and two-child policies for 36 years. The 1st 7 1/2 min of the 25 here are heart-tugging scenes of an old mother crying for her children amid scenes of squalor. (Later on her granddaughter comes to her aid.) By 2050, the narratrix sez, PRC will have 5 million ppl over age 60. In one county 30% of the elderly commit suicide. A fun exercise ...

Buddhist monk chops off head with guillotine for 'good luck' in afterlife
Post Date: 2021-04-19 18:10:57 by NeoconsNailed
A Buddhist monk chopped off his own head with a guillotine in a bizarre ritual sacrifice for 'good luck' Thammakorn Wangpreecha, 68, had reportedly been planning his suicide in northeastern Thailand for more than five years. The monk's dead body was found beside his severed head at the Wat Phu Hin temple in Nong Bua Lamphu province on April 15. Thammakorn left behind a note explaining he believed the fatal offering to Buddha was 'making merit' and would bring him good luck in the afterlife. His nephew Booncherd Boonrod was the first to discover the body on an inscribed slab of marble detailing Thammakorn's plans. Booncherd said: "In the letter, it was ...

ROFL! Honest Mission Trip Leader (91 sec.)
Post Date: 2021-04-02 14:47:45 by NeoconsNailed
"I swear if one more person loses their passport!" Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:Same guy -- 'Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial Today'

The lifestyle we're sinking into: "explosion kills 20 and injures more than 600 in Equatorial Guinea"
Post Date: 2021-03-08 17:28:15 by NeoconsNailed
At least 20 people have been killed and more than 600 injured in a series of explosions at a military base in Equatorial Guinea. They say Sunday’s blasts in the main city, Bata, were caused by stubble burning by farmers and negligence in the storage of dynamite at the base. Almost all buildings and homes in the city suffered “huge damage”, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema said. State television showed people looking for survivors in the rubble. There are fears the death toll will rise further as some victims may be trapped. In a statement, President Obiang Nguema said the blasts had been caused “by the negligence of a unit charged with the care and protection of ...

Chinese schlock and the many disasters it causes
Post Date: 2021-02-18 19:16:04 by NeoconsNailed
What are some of the worst construction accidents that have happened in China? Have you guys heard of the Tianjin explosions, where the explosions were equal to the amount of energy of 28 tons of TNT?! Or what about the accident where a building just fell on its side?! Find out about some of the craziest accidents that’s happened in China in this video! Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:New bldgs falling over on their sides. Mines collapsing under downtowns. Those poor Chinks -- they breathe our industrial pollution from offshoring, and apparently can't be trusted with nasty chemicals or big construction. I guess they can't be blamed when a waterspout destroys one of their ...

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