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Alcohol addiction becomes a norm in Russia: Drinking even surrogate, triple cologne, glass cleaner
Post Date: 2023-10-03 14:09:24 by NeoconsNailed
Die from alcoholism or die at the front. The Kremlin does not seem to see any other options for its citizens. This year, the consumption of strong alcohol has increased in the Russian Federation. According to the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, 549 million liters of strong alcohol were sold in the country in the first half of the year - 42 million liters more than in the same period last year. Tens of thousands of Russians die every year due to the use of surrogates. How Russia is drinking too much - our correspondents will tell. =-=-=-=-=-=-= NN SEZ: Gold star mothers are unhappy with Puttinsky's glibness. A commenter says it all -- "The zenith of empathy!!! ...

Feinstein Owned a $60 Million Jet
Post Date: 2023-10-03 09:40:04 by Horse

Trump Praises Pelosi To The Skies
Post Date: 2023-09-26 12:51:39 by NeoconsNailed
Joe Rogan Reacts to Donald Trump Praising Nancy Pelosi No, Joe, it is not "HILARIOUS". If real, and it certainly looks it, this is DESPICABLE of the Savior. I could line up 100 of such shocks and it wouldn't change anybody's mind about him, though -- NN Click for Full Text!

It's The Jews
Post Date: 2023-09-25 01:37:56 by Horse

A Short History of Anti-semitism
Post Date: 2023-09-24 23:46:54 by Pigpen

Final Judgment Michael Collins Piper
Post Date: 2023-09-22 23:36:12 by Horse
Poster Comment:This is the classic and best examination of Israel and the JFK assassination.

Zelensky Calls On Spirit Cooking Satanist To Be An Ambassador For Schools
Post Date: 2023-09-22 23:30:44 by Horse
Poster Comment:Don't ask what Spirit cooking is. She is a friend of George and Alex Soros.

RFK Jrís weak spot when it comes to Israel. Itís a losing issue.
Post Date: 2023-09-21 21:55:31 by Horse
Poster Comment:He should challenge any Senator or congressman to debate on mRNA clot shots. He won't get any takers. Then he should challenge any Senator or congressman to explain how World Trade Center Tower 7 fell down in 6.5 seconds. It was never hit by a plane. Who were the mysterious men who worked on the "wiring" the weekend before 9-11? Demand that Lucky Larry Silverstein and whose 2 adult children reveal their names and nationality. That question of 911 will cool any ardor for Israel amongst the Gentiles.

How to Hate Elon Musk in 38 Fun, Power-Packed Minutes
Post Date: 2023-09-20 16:10:55 by NeoconsNailed
The Cult of Elon Musk | A Billion Dollar Disaster =-=-=-=-=-=-= This is a great exposé. I already hated his technomania but had absolutely no idea how much there was to Musk's immoral record. He's vicious -- brutal -- inhuman! I once thought of "electric" cars as a great breakthrough -- like millions of people do -- but came to see how truly evil a concept and industry they are, at least until there are 50 more quantum leaps in the tech 1000 years from now. Click for Full Text!

Iraqi PM said to get White House invitation from Biden
Post Date: 2023-09-19 19:05:50 by BTP Holdings
Iraqi PM said to get White House invitation from Biden Story by ToI Staff • 1h US President Joe Biden has invited Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani to visit the White House in the future, reports said Tuesday. The invitation came during a meeting Sudani had Monday with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during the Iraqi leader’s New York visit to attend the UN General Assembly, the Reuters news agency reported, citing a State Department spokesperson and Iraqi state media. The politicians “renewed their commitment to continue strengthening the partnership between the two countries,” the spokesperson said, according to Reuters. The reports said a date for ...

No apologies from the Weaponized banks that are canceling Faith Groups
Post Date: 2023-09-15 14:26:36 by Horse
An increasing number of Christian and conservative organizations say they’re being ‘de-banked.’ Accounts are closed, payment processors are turned off, or some are placed on a donor ‘blacklist.’ According to CBN News, Banking and financial services have become weaponized. Christian and conservative groups labeled ‘high risk’ can be denied financial services, and it’s happening under the cover of federal banking laws. Among the victims? Indigenous Advance Ministries, which helps orphans and widows in Africa. Its account was closed by Bank of America. Family Council of Arkansas, which promotes traditional family values, was canceled by JPMorgan ...

Pew Study: White Liberals Disproportionately Suffer From Mental Illness
Post Date: 2023-09-13 21:07:53 by NeoconsNailed
Survey data from a 2020 Pew poll indicates that white liberals disproportionately suffer from mental illness versus their conservative counterparts. The study, which examined white liberals, moderates, and conservatives, both male and female, found that conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as either liberal or even “very liberal.” Young white women suffered the worst. White women, ages 18-29, who identified as liberal were given a mental health diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56.3%, as compared to 28.4% in moderates and 27.3% in conservatives. Zach Goldberg, a Ph.D. candidate in political ...

Elon Musk Addresses #BanTheADL: 'The ADL Was Instrumental in Getting Donald Trump Deplatformed'
Post Date: 2023-09-13 11:01:12 by Horse
Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that the Anti-Defamation League was "instrumental" in getting President Trump banned from social media and "made it super clear" that X restoring his account "constituted hateful speech" even though he hadn't made a single post. "What does this got to do with anti-Semitism?!" Musk asked while appearing at the All-In Summit in Los Angeles. Musk somewhat bowed to the ADL's pressure last week with X CEO Linda Yaccarino putting out a statement touting their efforts to "combat antisemitism on X" and prevent the "targeting" of Jews, whom she said they consider members of a "protected ...

What Should We Do About the Powerful Israel Lobby?
Post Date: 2023-09-12 09:09:06 by Ada
Make them register as “foreign agents” World Jewry is on the attack against Elon Musk, who has threatened to sue the Jewish advocacy group Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for as much as $22 billion for defaming him and doing material damage amounting to many billions of dollars to his company X, which used to be known as Twitter, falsely smearing the platform and its owner for allegedly providing an antisemitic haven for “hate speech.” Per Musk, the ADL has gone so far as to put pressure on potential advertisers not to do business with him and to engage in a total boycott of X. I for one can only say “Thank you Mr. Musk and it is only regrettable that no one did ...

Israeli Navy Shoots Sewage Water at Gaza Fishermen
Post Date: 2023-09-11 11:42:07 by Horse
The Israeli navy opened fire on Palestinian fishermen in Khan Yunis and Rafah on Friday morning, in southern Gaza, the official Israeli news agency WAFA reported. According to a Wafa correspondent, the Israeli naval forces chased after the fishing boats, firing shots, and releasing sewage water at them in the area they were permitted to fish. No injuries were reported. Poster Comment:Israelis for years have sprayed waste from septic tanks on the homes gardens, walkways and fences of Palestinians.

Greenwald Exposes "Fraudulent" WaPo Disinformation Study, David Frum, And ADL Propaganda To Silence Dissent
Post Date: 2023-09-10 09:36:45 by Horse
Journalist Glenn Greenwald has once again dissected a load of establishment propaganda disguised as legitimate reporting - this time shredding a new, and fraudulent, "disinformation study" from the Washington Post. And of course, Greenwald has receipts. The study, which was sponsored by the European Union 'with an Omidyar-funded group' accuses Twitter (X) of facilitating "pro-Russia propaganda" by failing to censor more. "The EU-led study insisted that Elon Musk’s new Twitter policies, and those of other Big Tech platforms, help spread Russian propaganda –– by which they mean that Musk's reduction of political censorship on the site, ...

ADL Caught Illegally Spying on Millions of Americans Via Secret PlayStation Backdoor
Post Date: 2023-09-09 23:08:55 by Horse
Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots trained by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have been granted backdoor access to PlayStation consoles to secretly spy on millions of Americans and report them to authorities for ‘hate speech’ violations.

Mexico is on track to have its first female (Jewish) president in 2024
Post Date: 2023-09-07 20:08:40 by Horse
Women have been chosen as candidates for both the governing Morena party and the opposition coalition. Morena announced on Wednesday that their nominee is former Mexico City mayor and climate scientist Claudia Sheinbaum. She will now face off against Senator Xóchitl Gálvez, a businesswoman elected to office in 2018. “In a matter of months Gálvez has risen to become the candidate of a broad opposition coalition that includes the PAN, PRI and PRD, the country’s three oldest mainstream parties,” the Guardian reports. “Both Sheinbaum and Gálvez were chosen through a series of polls intended to show greater transparency and public participation ...

Boycott bill: Pro-Palestine groups not invited to give evidence to MPs
Post Date: 2023-09-07 12:01:27 by Horse
Palestinian advocacy organisations have not been invited to give evidence in person to a parliamentary committee scrutinising proposed legislation which would ban public bodies in the UK from disinvesting from Israel due to concerns over the abuse of Palestinian rights. The Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) bill has faced criticism from pro-Palestinian groups and human rights organisations because it would specifically outlaw support for civil society campaigns targeting Israel, such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). Several prominent human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have been named on a list of those ...

Jewish Censorship Is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism
Post Date: 2023-09-07 09:42:07 by Ada
My personal story is a long and confusing one, which I regularly reflect on personally. If it ends up being of historical interest, the thing is probably going to need to be figured out by people who are not me from my private writings after I’m dead. But whatever the details, I have been labeled by both the SPLC and the ADL, as well as probably all mainstream media outlets, as “the most influential anti-Semite of the 21st century.” It’s a title I am very proud of. Although few people cite me as a source, I remain the single most widely-read English-language journalist in the world, even after having suffered the worst censorship of anyone in history. A lot of people ...

People Should be Talking About the ADLs Support for Extremist Racialist Policies in Israel
Post Date: 2023-09-06 10:52:57 by Horse
Finally, the world is talking about the Jewish/Israeli lobbying group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This is a very good thing. Regardless of my feelings on Elon Musk, I’m thankful he’s promoting this awareness campaign. After Elon tweeted against the ADL, the group has been trending. However, most of the discussion we’re seeing is around the idea that this is a “left-wing” advocacy group. This is untrue. Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, supports really hardcore right-wing policies in Israel. Because the ADL is not a “left-wing” group. It is more accurate to call it a “Democrat” group, but it’s most accurate to call it a ...

LA Times: Musk's Criticism of the ADL is
Post Date: 2023-09-05 19:19:53 by Horse
'The Most Extreme Outburst of Anti-Semitism' by a 'Mainstream Public Figure' in 'More Than 100 Years' BY MICHAEL HILTZIK Poster Comment:Written by a Jew

Officials investigate antisemitic gestures allegedly made by 4 students at California high school
Post Date: 2023-09-05 13:41:45 by Dakmar
An investigation is underway by the River Delta Unified School District into antisemitic gestures allegedly made by four students at a Yolo County high school. The district was made aware Monday night of four Delta High School students reportedly making hateful gestures at an outside location, according to Superintendent Kathy Wright. She said the investigation began “first thing” Tuesday morning. The investigation came roughly 16 hours after a picture of four students performing a Nazi salute circulated on social media and garnered thousands of likes. “We absolutely will not tolerate such horrific behaviors, and actions and appropriate disciplinary actions will be ...

ADL Caught Organizing Fake Nazi Protest in Florida
Post Date: 2023-09-05 10:42:54 by Horse
The Anti Defamation League (ADL) has been caught organizing a fake “Nazi” protest in Florida, just in time for election season. A group of masked red-clad, “white supremacists” were seen marching the streets of Florida on Saturday, yelling obscene racial slurs at passers by. Shortly after the bizarre protest, internet sleuths discovered that one of the “Nazis” who marched in Florida was actually a Ukrainian soldier who had somehow found his way to America. Coincidentally, he is also linked to the CIA.

'Secret Suspensions and Shadowbans': Elon Musk Blows The Lid Off The ADL's Censorship of Social Media
Post Date: 2023-09-04 23:07:07 by Horse
Elon Musk on Monday blew the lid off the Anti-Defamation League's behind-the-scenes pressure campaigns, revealing that the pro-Israel lobbying group uses advertiser boycotts to push Twitter/X to "secretly suspend or shadowban any account they don't like." "Advertisers avoid controversy, so all that is needed for ADL to crush our US & European ad revenue is to make unfounded accusations," Musk said Monday night on Twitter/X. "They have much less power in Asia, so our ad revenue there is still strong." "This 'controversy' causes advertisers to 'pause', but that pause is permanent until ADL gives the green light, which they will ...

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