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Post Date: 2024-04-05 21:56:44 by BTP Holdings

Post Date: 2024-03-29 18:20:57 by BTP Holdings

Why Did the Vietnam War Break Out? (4K Vietnam War Documentary)
Post Date: 2024-03-02 20:46:18 by BTP Holdings

True Grit
Post Date: 2024-01-21 20:17:52 by BTP Holdings
In 1970, John Wayne won an Academy Award. for his larger-than-life performance as the drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn. The cantankerous Rooster is hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father and fled with the family savings. When Cogburn's employer insists on accompanying the old gunfighter, sparks fly. And the situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced but enthusiastic Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party. Laughter and tears punctuate the wild action in this extraordinary Western which features performances by Robert Duvall and Strother Martin.

Trace Evidence - 054 - The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen - Part 1
Post Date: 2024-01-20 21:31:20 by BTP Holdings
Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most well known and prominent reporters in American history. Her tenacious personality and intense columns examines major stories of her time, including the murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard and the Cuban Missile Crisis. While her readers loved her dynamic style, powerful figures in Hollywood and Intelligence Agencies were not fans of her work. After the assassination of President, and her close friend, John Kennedy in November of 1963, Dorothy dedicated her work to uncovering what she believed to have been a massive conspiracy and cover-up. She had a contact in the Warren Commission who leaked information to her, which she in turn published. The FBI began ...

The Cuban Missile Crisis: At The Brink (PBS, 1992)
Post Date: 2024-01-07 16:01:03 by BTP Holdings
On October 14, 1992, the Public Broadcasting System aired a one-hour documentary titled, "The Cuban Missile Crisis: At The Brink." The program looked back at the event thirty years earlier that nearly led to nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Poster Comment:The Cuban missile crisis was settled by the U.S. withdrawing the Pershing missiles from Turkey.

Full Movie | The Chase ft. Marlon Brando, Robert Redford & Jane Fonda
Post Date: 2023-12-30 18:30:06 by BTP Holdings
The moral foundation of a small Texas town is torn apart in this explosive drama about power and greed, starring Academy Award(r) winners Marlon Brando (Best Actor in a Leading Role - The Godfather, 1972, and On the Waterfront, 1954), Robert Redford (Best Director - Ordinary People, 1980), Jane Fonda(Best Actress in a Leading Role - Coming Home, 1978, and Klute, 1971) and TV star Angie Dickinson. Sheriff Calder (Brando) isn't the only person chasing Bubber Reeves (Redford) when he escaped from prison. Oil and cattle baron Val Rogers (E.G. Marshall) wants Bubber out of the way to cover up the love affair his son Jason is having with Bubber's wife (Fonda). THE CHASE is on. When ...

'We Were Soldiers' Company Commander on Being Surrounded | The Battle of Ia Drang
Post Date: 2023-11-26 08:50:11 by BTP Holdings

net Vietnam Veteran Survived Four Combat Tours | Full Interview
Post Date: 2023-11-10 21:29:09 by BTP Holdings
Bob Martin enlisted in the Army in 1963, did four tours in Vietnam, earned a Silver Star, three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star with “V”; survived combat operations with the 1st Cavalry Division in 1965, a stint walking point with a recon platoon in the 101st Airborne Division, a tour advising with Special Forces, and another carrying out search-and-destroy missions with the 173rd Airborne. After the war, he stayed in the Army and retired in 1983. Poster Comment:Chu hoi!

Rawhide 2023 - Incident Of The Power And The Plow - S1E6 - Best Western Cowboy Full HD TV Show
Post Date: 2023-10-16 21:23:59 by BTP Holdings
The story of a crew of cowhands driving a herd from San Antonio, Texas to Sedalia, Missouri. The cattledrive boss is Gil Favor (Eric Fleming); his right-hand is ramrod Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood). The scout's name is Pete Nolan (Sheb Wooley) and the cook on the drive is Wishbone (Paul Brinegar) . The cook's louse (scullion) is Mushy (James Murdock). Jim Quince (Steve Raines) and Joe Scarlet (Rocky Shahan) are drovers and Jesus "Hey Soos" Patines (Robert Cabal) is the wrangler. Together, this crew endures many adventures.

Hud (Paul Newman)
Post Date: 2023-10-15 17:43:00 by BTP Holdings
Having been burned by compromises to censors on his earlier films Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sweet Bird of Youth, Paul Newman decided to star in as uncompromising a property as he could find. That property was Hud, inspired by a portion of Larry McMurtry's novel, Horseman Pass By. Hud Bannon (Newman) is a young Texas rancher who lives with his cattleman father Homer (Melvyn Douglas) and his hero-worshipping nephew Lon (Brandon DeWilde). Hud is an amoral, cold-hearted creature; his father, who holds Hud responsible for the death of his other son, tries to imbue Lon with a sense of decency and responsibility to others, but Lon is devoted to Hud and isn't inclined to listen. When ...

The Professionals
Post Date: 2023-10-15 09:52:37 by BTP Holdings
Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin headline the top-notch, rip-roaring Western action/adventure, The Professionals. Four soldiers of fortune are hired by a wealthy Texan oil baron (Ralph Bellamy) to rescue his kidnapped wife (Claudia Cardinale), who's been spirited across the Mexican Border by a band of mercenaries led by Jesus Raza (Jack Palance). The four rugged professionals, each regarded as a specialist in his selected field - an expert marksman and tracker (Woody Strode), the explosives master(Lancaster), horse handler (Robert Ryan) and one skilled in tactics and weaponry (Marvin) - make their way across the treacherous landscape to retrieve the beautiful kidnappee, but discover all ...

Thud Pilots
Post Date: 2023-10-14 17:14:42 by BTP Holdings
The award-winning documentary exposes the Vietnam Air War, where an elite band of Top Guns fought and died, receiving neither the country's support nor glory. The stories of their missions over the bloody skies of North Vietnam are finally revealed.

Jack Ruby told FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" day JFK died: Documents
Post Date: 2023-09-29 22:27:19 by BTP Holdings
Jack Ruby told FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" day JFK died: Documents BY KATHRYN WATSON NOVEMBER 17, 2017 / 7:43 PM / CBS NEWS Jack Ruby, the man who eventually shot Lee Harvey Oswald, told an FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" on the day President John F. Kennedy was killed, according to new records the National Archives released Friday. New records – first highlighted by University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato — describe what an FBI informant later told officials about Ruby. Oswald shot and killed JFK on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas. The interaction on the morning of the JFK assassination wasn't officially relayed to the FBI ...

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Post Date: 2023-09-28 18:46:43 by BTP Holdings
"This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend." Behind the camera? John Ford, a director whose name is synonymous with "Westerns." Gathered in front of it? An ideal cast – James Stewart, John Wayne, Vera Miles and Lee Marvin. Now presented on two discs, with all- new special features, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance rides into town as classic entry in the Paramount Centennial Collection. Director Ford brings us to the lawless frontier village of Shinbone, a town plagued by a larger-than-life nemesis, Liberty Valance (Marvin). Stewart plays the bungling but charming big-city lawyer determined to rid Shinbone of Valance, and he finds that ...

The Bridge At Remagen
Post Date: 2023-08-27 15:50:09 by BTP Holdings
1945... The confusion and intensity of a single moment in war are captured in this intense and bloody WWII drama about the destruction of a single vital bridge (the Ludendorff Bridge) at Remagen. As American forces move into Germany, the Nazi high command orders the bridge destroyed. A German major (Robert Vaughn), realizing the destruction of the bridge will cut his troops off from their homeland, delays the carrying out of his orders. The Americans, under officer George Segal, are ordered to capture the German troops and, if needed, blow up the bridge themselves. A deadly clash of conscience and arms begins.

The Longest Day
Post Date: 2023-08-19 16:18:34 by BTP Holdings
This is a spectacular account of the events leading up to and through the Allied Forces' invasion of Normandy, France on D-Day (June 6), 1944 to fight the occupying Germans. The film is particularly interesting because it looks at D-Day through the eyes of all of the participants, including the Germans, who are overwhelmed by the forces brought against them. It is in fact a German officer who gives the story its title -- when he views the approaching Allied armada, he says, "This will be the longest day."

JFK was taken out by the WAR MONGERS who seized control of America - Author Dick Russell interviewed by Mike Adams
Post Date: 2023-08-12 13:16:54 by BTP Holdings
To learn more, visit:

Helicopter hunter-killer teams of the Vietnam War: OH-6
Post Date: 2023-08-05 20:30:30 by BTP Holdings
"I think it is un-American to fight a war without booze." Meet the "Outcasts,” the men behind the infamous hunter-killer helicopter teams of the Vietnam War. We are so lucky to have gotten to sit down with these legends and hear their stories; we’re also lucky to have a platform on which we can share these stories with all of you.

Post Date: 2023-07-09 12:37:25 by BTP Holdings

The Mafia Did Not Orchestrate JFKs Assassination
Post Date: 2023-06-29 14:17:28 by Ada
With this being the 60th anniversary year of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there will undoubtedly be an increasing number of articles in the mainstream press about the assassination leading up to November 22, the date that Kennedy was murdered. It is a virtual certainty that the articles appearing in the mainstream press will be reciting the official lone-nut theory of the assassination. However, it is possible that some mainstream commentators will point to the Mafia as being the orchestrator of the assassination. But while the Mafia, which was the CIA’s assassination partner against Cuban leader Fidel Castro, may have participated in the assassination through Jack ...

Still [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2023-06-22 15:59:34 by Lod

The Real "Mr. X": Colonel Fletcher Prouty Interview by EIR
Post Date: 2023-06-11 20:14:01 by BTP Holdings
This 1992 interview has excellent insights into the ongoing fight against oligarchy that we are involved in. Colonel Prouty gives us a look at the inner workings of the US intelligence community from the inside. If you don't have time to read his book, "The Secret Team: The CIA And Its Allies In Control Of The World," watch this video. His description of the period after WWII leading into the Vietnam War is critical for Americans to understand. Poster Comment:Why was Ed Lansdale in Dallas when JFK was shot?

Legend Of The Lost (John Wayne)
Post Date: 2023-05-21 18:06:47 by BTP Holdings
American ne'er-do-well Joe January is hired to take Paul Bonnard on an expedition into the desert in search of treasure.

LBJ Thought Nixon Committed Treason to Win the 1968 Election
Post Date: 2023-05-07 16:48:56 by BTP Holdings
LBJ Thought Nixon Committed Treason to Win the 1968 Election 15 June 2012 by Ken Hughes Ken Hughes is a research specialist with the Presidential Recordings Program of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and the producer of Fatal Politics. This article originally ran under the title "Nixon's Biggest Crime was Far, Far Worse than Watergate." Image via Wiki Commons. On the thousands of hours of White House tapes Richard Nixon secretly recorded, you can hear him order exactly one burglary. It wasn’t Watergate, but it reveals the real root of the cover-up that toppled a President. On June 17, 1971, (one year to the date before the Watergate arrests, by ...

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