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23,462 62 Food Price Inflation Accelerates For Seventh Consecutive Month
Post Date: 2021-01-10 01:45:48 by Horse
Is it time to worry about food inflation?

A Magazine Ban Submitted Because Of Feelings And Pandemic?!?!
Post Date: 2021-01-09 22:10:44 by Esso
Poster Comment:Shoot me now.

Italian Judge With a Big Pair Spews The Truth
Post Date: 2021-01-09 19:57:21 by sonny
1 Comments 479e659273b6b1f5f5 Click for Full Text!

This Ann Knows Her Shit
Post Date: 2021-01-09 19:49:36 by sonny
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Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him
Post Date: 2021-01-09 19:20:41 by BTP Holdings
Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him By Kipp Jones Published January 9, 2021 at 1:03pm Despite a campaign by Democrats and the establishment media to delegitimize President Donald Trump after Wednesday’s Capitol incursion, Department of Defense officials intend to avoid outside pressure and continue to recognize him as the commander in chief while avoiding taking part in “a military coup,” according to a report. It was widely reported Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to limit the president’s access to the ...

TikTok users to Congress after Capitol riot: Welcome to high school in America
Post Date: 2021-01-09 19:19:44 by Dakmar
For some former combat vets in Congress, Wednesday’s violent riot at the Capitol made them think back to their military training. Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., a former Army Ranger, told CNN the experience was like being in Afghanistan. Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., told the Washington Post he recalled what it was like when he entered a Marine Corps gas chamber for the first time. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., a former Marine Corps intelligence officer, told NBC News he considered using the ceremonial sword in his office to defend himself. But for many members of Gen Z — those Americans born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s — the footage of lawmakers sheltering in place ...

Pro-Trump Mob Livestreamed Its Rampage, and Made Money Doing It
Post Date: 2021-01-09 18:19:39 by Dakmar
When white nationalist Tim Gionet stormed the U.S. Capitol with a mob of Trump loyalists Wednesday, entering congressional offices and putting his feet up on lawmakers’ furniture, he also chatted live with more than 16,000 of his fans. Using a livestreaming site called Dlive, Gionet — known by the online alias “Baked Alaska” — broadcast his actions inside the Capitol. Through Dlive, his fans then sent him messages telling him where to go to avoid capture by the police. They also tipped him with “lemons,” a Dlive currency that can be converted into real money, through which Gionet made more than $2,000 on Wednesday, according to online estimates. Gionet ...

Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back at Cruz After He Criticizes Biden's Reference to Nazis
Post Date: 2021-01-09 18:14:18 by BTP Holdings
Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back at Cruz After He Criticizes Biden's Reference to Nazis by James Crowley | January 9, 2020 New York Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez responded to Texas Senator Ted Cruz's complaints about President-elect Joe Biden's references to Nazis in a pair of tweets Saturday, calling for Cruz to resign in the wake of the deadly Capitol riot. © Drew Angerer/Getty U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters on November 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. Cruz quote-tweeted a Washington Post reporter who had written about a remark that Biden had made at a press conference on Saturday. Biden responded ...

How Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness could blow up your tax bill
Post Date: 2021-01-09 18:08:13 by Dakmar
Even if your student debt is on pause right now as part of COVID relief, you’re probably dreading its imminent return. What if someone could just snap their fingers and make all of it go away? Well, that’s not exactly the plan proposed by President-elect Joe Biden, but the incoming commander-in-chief and a vocal group of backers have floated the idea of canceling thousands of dollars in student debt per person. Now, after Tuesday’s U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia delivered Biden a Democratic majority in the Senate — same as in the U.S. House — the chances for student loan relief seem stronger. However, even if the current plans do come to fruition, they ...

Pay Me What You Owe Me: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Reintroduces Reparations Bill
Post Date: 2021-01-09 17:45:39 by Dakmar
Stephen A. Crockett Jr. Fri, January 8, 2021, 5:00 PM EST “Is the stimmy a form of reparations?” my 1-year-old daughter asked me the other day. I looked at her puzzled, and then asked where she’d heard such big words. She replied that her daycare is near:I kid. My daughter doesn’t go to daycare with COVID-19 running unchecked in these MAGA streets. I live near Washington, D.C., and they have been running around with buttnaked faces since they arrived. It’s really rather disgusting, but I digress and don’t eat takeout anymore.Anyway, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee is a real one, and she is going to get us some money or she is going to die trying, but either ...

I'm Sorry, They know Everything / Cards Given to Select People at Bush Funeral
Post Date: 2021-01-09 16:34:39 by noone222
Poster Comment:Has anyone else ever seen one of these cards that were handed to the people in the front rows of the funeral for George H.W. Bush ? The video posted here shows what is purported to be one of them. It's in part one.

We the People, are fucked.
Post Date: 2021-01-09 15:02:27 by Anthem

German Intelligence In WWII | Secrets Of War (WWII Documentary) | Timeline
Post Date: 2021-01-09 14:54:47 by BTP Holdings
Reinhard Heydrich, and Wilhelm Canaris were the top spymasters in the Third Reich, two rivals who were masked in both mystery and secrecy. But in the end, one man would kill for Hitler and the other would betray him.

AmRen: major scientists admit and publish racial reality
Post Date: 2021-01-09 14:32:51 by NeoconsNailed
Jared Taylor talks about a little-known book published by the super- prestigious Cambridge University Press. Its message: Our rulers are ignoramuses. It doesn't say that in so many words, but take a look and judge for yourself. The transcript of this video is available here: have-to-read/ Website: Gab: Parler - Jared Taylor: ofile/jaredtayloramren/posts Parler - American Renaissance: le/AmRenaissance/posts Telegram: LESS Category News & Politics Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:Taylor at his best. The facts are far more exciting than I ...

False flag at the Capitol: itís all about the effects and after-shocks
Post Date: 2021-01-09 14:25:02 by BTP Holdings
False flag at the Capitol: it’s all about the effects and after-shocks False flag: an event staged to make it appear one’s opponent caused the event and is the guilty party, thus justifying an all-out response. by Jon Rappoport January 8, 2021 This is a follow-up to my article about the engineering of a false flag assault on the Capitol building Wednesday—possibly led by Antifa actors. For more information on that, I recommend Michael Snyder’s article, “Questions about the chaos at the capitol that desperately need to be answered.” The events of Wednesday at the Capitol achieved a Jackpot for the Political Left. The televised discussion and debate, in ...

Trump Supporters Set Up In Order To Remove Trump Before Jan 20th
Post Date: 2021-01-09 14:24:46 by FormerLurker
Very keen observations IMHO Poster Comment: I think this guy is 100% spot on

Nurse catches Covid three weeks AFTER getting vaccine as expert warns it takes time for immunity to build up
Post Date: 2021-01-09 13:08:50 by Horse
The nurse received a first dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech in December last year Three weeks later she began suffering Covid-19 symptoms and tested positive Experts have warned that it takes time for immunity to Covid-19 to build up The Pfizer vaccine offers up to 95 percent protection against Covid-19 A nurse in Wales caught coronavirus three weeks after getting the vaccine, prompting experts to warn that it takes time for immunity to the virus to build up. The nurse, who has been working for the Hywel Dda University Health Board area, said that she contracted Covid-19 while waiting for the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech developed vaccine. While the vaccine 'reduces your chance ...

Iran unveils new secret underground missile base filled with anti-ship weapons in new threat to vessels in Persian gulf
Post Date: 2021-01-09 13:02:42 by Horse
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards unveiled an underground missile base at an undisclosed Gulf location today, Iranian state media reported, at a time of heightened tension between Tehran and the United States. 'The base is one of several bases housing the Guards' Navy's strategic missiles,' the state media quoted the head of the Guards, Major General Hossein Salami, as saying. Scores of military trucks equipped with the anti-ship weapons were seen lining the walls of the underground tunnels of the secret base. Last year, the Guards said Iran had built underground 'missile cities' along the Gulf coastline, warning of a 'nightmare for Iran's ...

Wow look at how lucky this guy is! (Picture)
Post Date: 2021-01-09 12:27:05 by Horse
Poster Comment:1 Bitcoin is $40,587.40. 5,000 Bitcoins is $202,937,000.

Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt
Post Date: 2021-01-09 12:23:16 by Ada
Anyone can see the footage. Ashli Babbitt was a young woman at Wednesday’s protests. She had no weapon, not even a stick. There were armed police in front of her and behind her. She posed no danger to anyone. Still, a police officer, apparently black, shot and killed her. I never thought I’d say this, but Shaun King is right. Joe Biden, allegedly quoting his granddaughter, said of Wednesday’s protests: No one can tell me if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true. And it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. ...

How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE
Post Date: 2021-01-09 12:20:08 by Horse

Today's Positive Thought Potentiality
Post Date: 2021-01-09 11:38:47 by cWagon
By the 2024 election, the thing called 'Twitter' may likely not exist - At the current rate of cancellations .

Post Date: 2021-01-09 11:20:44 by Esso

Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump
Post Date: 2021-01-09 11:14:52 by Esso

The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast
Post Date: 2021-01-09 09:49:23 by Ada
A lot’s been happening really fast. It’s a white noise saturation day and it’s impossible to keep track of everything going on, so I’m just going to post my thoughts on a few of the things that have happened. ❖ Biden has announced plans to roll out new domestic terrorism laws in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot. “Mr. Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them,” Wall Street Journal reports. Did you know that Biden has often boasted about being the ...

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