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Title: Randy Glass bluffed State Department contact for advanced 9/11 info
Source: The Big Wedding - 9/11, The Whistle-blowers, and the Cover-U
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Published: Nov 21, 2005
Author: Sander Hicks/Randy Glass
Post Date: 2005-11-21 15:17:44 by valis
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[From The Big Wedding, by Sander Hicks, pg. 12]

That Friday, (Randy) Glass told me:

"The only information that the terrorists-the guys ever talked about-was just the World Trade Center. They didn't say anything to me, or Dick, to my knowledge that airplanes were to be used. The State Department guy told me that. In other words, I just called up and I bluffed him. I called up and didn't know what they knew I knew. I just knew America was going to be attacked"

...HICKS: So you bluffed, and you kind of pretended you knew more than you did. And then what did they tell you?

GLASS: But I didn't even have to do that. I just said what I knew. I said" Look. Listen. I know the World Trade Center is going to be attacked. And then this guy says to me, "Randy, listen, you cannot mention any of these things, especially airplanes being used to fly into the World Trade Center." And when he said that, I almost fell of my fucking chair. I mean, you have no idea.

Listen to the actual phone recording between Hicks and Glass (@26 min.)

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