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Title: Exactly When Was Jesus Born? Not on December 25.
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Published: Dec 24, 2013
Author: Douglas F. Newman
Post Date: 2013-12-24 22:24:43 by snoopdougg
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Jesus was not born on December 25.

More likely, he was born in September.

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#8. To: snoopdougg (#0)

August 21

122:8.1 All that night Mary was restless so that neither of them slept much. By the break of day the pangs of childbirth were well in evidence, and at noon, August 21, 7 B.C., with the help and kind ministrations of women fellow travelers, Mary was delivered of a male child. Jesus of Nazareth was born into the world, was wrapped in the clothes which Mary had brought along for such a possible contingency, and laid in a near-by manger.

122:8.7 These wise men saw no star to guide them to Bethlehem. The beautiful legend of the star of Bethlehem originated in this way: Jesus was born August 21 at noon, 7 B.C. On May 29, 7 B.C., there occurred an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. And it is a remarkable astronomic fact that similar conjunctions occurred on September 29 and December 5 of the same year. Upon the basis of these extraordinary but wholly natural events the well-meaning zealots of the succeeding generation constructed the appealing legend of the star of Bethlehem and the adoring Magi led thereby to the manger, where they beheld and worshiped the newborn babe. Oriental and near-Oriental minds delight in fairy stories, and they are continually spinning such beautiful myths about the lives of their religious leaders and political heroes. In the absence of printing, when most human knowledge was passed by word of mouth from one generation to another, it was very easy for myths to become traditions and for traditions eventually to become accepted as facts.

123:2.13 It was the custom of the Galilean Jews for the mother to bear the responsibility for a child’s training until the fifth birthday, and then, if the child were a boy, to hold the father responsible for the lad’s education from that time on. This year, therefore, Jesus entered upon the fifth stage of a Galilean Jewish child’s career, and accordingly on August 21, 2 B.C., Mary formally turned him over to Joseph for further instruction.

From the Urantia Book and it was written by Celestial beings.

wakeup  posted on  2013-12-25   23:17:01 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#9. To: wakeup (#8)

I am well familiar with the writings of the Urantia Book. It is satanic in origins as everything in it seeps of false doctrine. For example, writings in here depict life and humanbeings that procreate bisexually which is contrary to the word of the Lord in the bible which hates such perversions. But that is just my opinion. I'll let others read this section for themselves.

purplerose  posted on  2013-12-26   2:35:45 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#18. To: purplerose (#9)


I guess I missed that part after reading and studying it for forty years.

wakeup  posted on  2013-12-26   22:34:33 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#19. To: wakeup (#18)

Well, I was fascinated with the book too until I discovered some things about it that made me re-think about the credibility of the author. One thing to note about what you mentioned about Jesus being born on August is that Jesus was born of lowly social status. No Jewish member of the Sanhedrin Council would ever recognize this man as King of the Jews and nor would the Governor of Rome. Only kings and those of high noble birth recorded and celebrated birthdays. Those born in the lower caste system did not have birthdays recorded.

purplerose  posted on  2013-12-27   0:50:00 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#31. To: purplerose (#19) (Edited)

That is small potatoes and does not compare to the monumental truths to be found in the Big Blue Book. I am a true believer and little can sway my thinking on the Urantia Book.

Imagine someone trying to persuade you that your mother really didn't love you after all. Nonsense.

I have openly joined the cult. The Christian cult believes that Chosen People, Rapture, Armageddon, Atonement Doctrine silliness. Sorry, I have moved on.

Just read a page from the Jesus Papers toward the back of the book and you will be hooked. 'Promise.

wakeup  posted on  2013-12-30   1:46:56 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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