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Title: NAFTA ON STEROIDS - Hidden TPP Dictatorship? Ė Obama Can Rewrite US Laws And Congress Canít Stop Him
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Published: Jun 17, 2015
Author: Rick Wells
Post Date: 2015-06-17 12:17:44 by HAPPY2BME-4UM
Keywords: TPP, OBAMATRADE, treaty, economy
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Cronies are working hard right now to give President Obama the ability to grant certain passage to a very problematic trade deal that has been worked on for 6 years and will be complete in a few days passed WITHOUT AMENDMENT. Watch this video to find out all the reasons this deal is rotten, how sneaky back room politicians and cronies plan to push it through against your wishes, and how you can stop them - - if you act today.

This video features DENA ESPENSCHEID, board member, Coalition for a Strong America.

Credit for production goes to WeAreTeaParty (follow on Twitter @weareteaparty), Tea Party of Loudoun County, and NOVA Digital Films.

The more we know the worse this thing gets. Although this entire video offers a good explanation of Obamatrade, its abuse of the constitutional process and power structure and the dangers to the very fabric of our republic that it poses, two points the speaker raises jump out as serious and under-reported revelations.

The first comes at approximately the 6:12 mark in which she points out that TPA is intended to be passed by Congress prior to any trade negotiations taking place as a means of providing direction to the negotiators for the process. In that manner Congress has a voice in the content of a subsequent agreement, thereby making an up or down vote more legitimate, though many would contend still inappropriate, by virtue of Congressional direction having already been provided. It was not intended as a method to diminish the role of Congress in the treaty process or to impede the ability of the people to obstruct the implementation of a bad deal.

In the typically distorted Obama version of TPA and TPP, the negotiations have taken place entirely without Congressional oversight or input, with the subsequent product being dumped in their laps, as well as those of the American people, with the expectation of receiving the same reduced level of approval and restricted time frame in which to review an eight hundred page document, deliberately written to be obscure, vague and deceptive.

The other concerning point was the process of implementation and harmonization to international law. The speaker, Dena Espenscheid, a board member with the Coalition for a Strong America, notes at approximately the 7:01 point of the video that there is another component to which TPA applies. That component is called the Implementation Law and it is a whole other can of worms.

She describes it as “a giant omnibus bill that is written by the president without congressional input that harmonizes American law after a treaty is passed with the laws and regulations of the treaty.” Once the fast track passes, “Obama will be able to write a massive law that rewrites American regulations and rules and laws considering sovereignty, food safety, immigration, climate change, human rights and twenty other types of domestic policy based upon the chapters of the TPP.”

What sense does it make to rewrite American domestic laws to conform to an international treaty? What protections do we have against our Constitution being subjugated? Where is the representation by Congress of the will of the people in this process?

Foreign nations have no place in determining American law, a right held solely by the United States Congress under our Constitution. What gives our dictator the right to assume Congress’ duty and power to legislate? What give this corrupt and treasonous Congress the authority to overrule the Constitution and delegate their duties to the executive branch? If they do under some tortured mechanism somehow have the authority, doing so is certainly not in keeping with the spirit of our founders and our founding documents. It’s the lazy way out for pandering, indebted and obligated corporate servants posing as representatives of the people.

This is a big deal, America – Treason within the executive and legislative branches is robbing us of our nation. We’d better stand up now while we still can. The number for the Congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. We all need to make that call.

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U.S. Constitution - Article IV, Section 4: NO BORDERS + NO LAWS = NO COUNTRY

HAPPY2BME-4UM  posted on  2015-06-17   12:19:59 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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