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Title: Full List Of All The Governors Who Refused To Take In Refugees And Those Who Need To Join
Source: IWB
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Published: Nov 17, 2015
Author: IWB
Post Date: 2015-11-17 02:39:05 by Itistoolate
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Call up the governors and DEMAND they don’t allow refugees into YOUR STATE. This is serious.

Governors listed by state. If numbers aren’t listed it’s because the governor had agreed to not bring terrorist to their states.

Alabama Robert Julian Bentley
Alaska William M. “Bill” Walker (907) 465-3500
Arizona Douglas A. “Doug” Ducey 602.542.4331 *update – ARIZONA JUST SAID NO*

Arkansas William Asa Hutchinson

California Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. (916) 445-2841

Colorado John Hickenlooper (303) 866-2471

Connecticut Dannel Patrick “Dan” Malloy (860) 566-4840

Delaware Jack A. Markell (302) 744-4101

Florida Richard Lynn “Rick” Scott

Georgia John Nathan Deal 404-656-1776

Hawaii David Yutaka Ige (808) 586-0034

Idaho Clement Leroy “Butch” Otter (208) 334-2100

Illinois Bruce Vincent Rauner

Indiana Michael Richard “Mike” Pence

Iowa Terry Edward Branstad 515-281-5211

Kansas Samuel Dale “Sam” Brownback 785-296-3232

Kentucky Steven L. Beshear (502) 564-2611

Louisiana Piyush “Bobby” Jindal

Maine Paul R. LePage 207-287-3531

Maryland Martin Joseph O’Malley 410-974-3901
Massachusetts Charles Duane “Charlie” Baker, Jr.

Michigan Richard D. “Rick” Snyder

Minnesota Mark Brandt Dayton 651-201-3400

Mississippi Dewey Phillip “Phil” Bryant

Missouri Jeremiah Wilson “Jay” Nixon (573) 751-3222

Montana Stephen Clark “Steve” Bullock 406-444-3111

Nebraska John Peter “Pete” Ricketts 402-471-2244

Nevada Brian Edward Sandoval (775) 684-5670 or (702) 486-2500

New Hampshire Maggie Hassan (603)271-2121

New Jersey Christopher James “Chris” Christie 609-292-6000

New Mexico Susana Martinez 505-476-2200

New York Andrew Mark Cuomo 518-474-8390

North Carolina Patrick Lloyd “Pat” McCrory

North Dakota John “Jack” Dalrymple 701.328.2200

Ohio John Richard Kasich

Oklahoma Mary Fallin (405) 521-2342

Oregon John Albert Kitzhaber 503-378-4582

Pennsylvania Thomas Westerman “Tom” Wolf 717-787-2500

Rhode Island Gina Marie Raimondo (401) 222- 2080

South Carolina Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley 803.734.2100

South Dakota Dennis M. Daugaard 605.773.3212

Tennessee William Edward “Bill” Haslam (615) 741-2001

Texas Gregory Wayne “Greg” Abbott

Utah Gary Richard Herbert 801-538-1000

Vermont Peter Shumlin 802 828-3333

Virginia Terence Richard “Terry” McAuliffe 804-786-2211

Washington Jay Robert Inslee 360-902-4111

West Virginia Earl Ray Tomblin (304) 558-2000 or (304) 558-3588

Wisconsin Scott Kevin Walker (608) 266-1212

Wyoming Matthew Hansen “Matt” Mead (307) 777-7437

Please call, email and tweet your state leadership and DEMAND that they honor the oath to protect you and your family from ALL enemies (foreign and domestic). If the governors allow ANY refugees from Syria or the Middle East/Northern Africa into YOUR STATE, they are traitors. If anything nefarious happens to your or your family/loved ones because of these refugee terrorist coming to the US by order of the WH, the blood (guilt) will be on the hands of the governors who didn’t say no!! This is not about political loyalty, it’s about morality. Do the right thing and say no.
Alabama just said no
Alabama Governor: Syrian Refugees Can’t Come to Alabama

Finally Arizona, you are on it.
Gov. Ducey calls for immediate halt of new refugees to Arizona

Arkansas said no
Governor Hutchinson Opposes Relocation Of Syrian Refugees To Arkansas

Connecticut what the hell is wrong with YOUR LEADERSHIP?
The state of Connecticut will continue to accept more than 1,600 refugees from Syria, Gov. Dannel Malloy told NBC Connecticut on Monday morning. This comes as governors in several other states announced they would stop accepting them.”–350647401.html

Florida is on the ball. Go Gators!
Governor moves to keep Syrian refugees out of Florida

Yes!!! Illinois…YOU ROCK.
Gov. Rauner: Illinois will stop accepting Syrian refugees

Indiana knows what’s at stake. Protect YOUR people.
Indiana Governor Pence Suspends Syrian Refugee Resettlement

Louisiana hurry up and kick them out.
Governor Bobby Jindal issues executive order to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Louisiana

Massachusetts, you are the real MVP!
Massachusetts Governor: No Syrian Refugees For Now

Michigan has a muzz problem but at least they are seeing the light today
Snyder suspends Syrian refugee effort in Michigan

Awesome! Thank you Mississippi.
Governor: Mississippi won’t be accepting Syrian refugees

North Carolina is doing the right thing.

Ohio can be wishy-washy but they are trying their best to block.
Kasich asking Obama to keep Syrian refugees out of Ohio

Governor Abbott To Refuse Syrian Refugees Relocating To Texas

Washington governor: State will welcome refugees

For all of the other governors who haven’t stopped the invasion of terrorist refugees into their state, this link SHOWS what America will look like if YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING now. Stand for the truth. Your citizens are counting on you to defend them. THIS IS STILL AMERICA!!!!!!!! CLOSE OUR BORDERS BEFORE OUR CHILDREN DIE. WE WANT OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES TO LIVE FREELY WITHOUT TERRORIST ON OUR SOIL. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We the AMERICAN people will stay on you like white on rice to make sure you stand by your promise to defend our freedoms. DO NOT GIVE INTO TO THE INSANITY. We don’t want terrorist or refugees here. NOT ON OUR WATCH!!!!!

Everyone, CALL your GOVERNOR ASAP to express your concern. Many of them are open until 5pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Get on it.


As of 20 minutes ago, OKLAHOMA just said “NO WAY”.
Governor Calls For Obama Administration To Suspend Accepting Syrian Refugees

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – In wake of deadly terror attacks in Paris being linked to the Islamic State, the governor of Oklahoma is asking the president to suspend accepting Syrian refugees into the United States.
Governor Mary Fallin said, “The Obama administration needs to assure the public that the background checks they are doing are rigorous, and that American lives will not be endangered in the process…Until then, I call on the Obama administration to suspend any Syrian refugees into the United States.”

Kentucky just said NO…5 minutes ago.

Nov 16, 2015
FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) — Monday afternoon Governor-Elect Matt Bevin made the following statement regarding the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Kentucky:

“The recent terrorist attacks in Paris serve as a warning to the entire civilized world that we must remain vigilant. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to prevent any similar attack by evildoers from taking place here in America.”

“My primary responsibility as Governor of Kentucky will be to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth. This is why I am joining with other governors across the country in opposing the resettlement of Syrian nationals until we can better determine the full extent of any risks to our citizens.”


Everyone who is in these states, you should hold your head up high. You have leadership that is looking out for you today.

These are the CONFIRMED states that have said “no” to refugees.

North Carolina

Wisconsin just said “NO”

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Wisconsin will not accept new Syrian refugees’

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin will not accept any new Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris because they pose a threat.

Walker issued a statement Monday calling on President Barack Obama to not allow any Syrian refugees into the United States pending a full review of security and acceptance procedures.

Gov. Ricketts opposes bringing Syrian refugees to Nebraska


South Dakota leadership Elizabet May is demanding refusal of refugees as of now. THE GOVERNOR HAS NOT MADE AN OFFICIAL DECLARATION TO CONFIRM this request.

Elizabeth May wants South Dakota to join a number of other states who are not accepting refugees from Syria in the wake of terror attacks in Paris.
Representative May sent a letter to Governor Dennis Daugaard today, asking him to not accept any Syrian refugees or other Middle Eastern refugees to South Dakota through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

South Dakota lawmaker asks governor not to accept Syrian refugees

Per CNN, as of today:

The United States has accepted 2,178 Syrian refugees since the civil war began there in March 2011 — and that number is expected to grow dramatically in the current fiscal year.

The refugees have been admitted to 138 cities and towns in a total of 36 states — with California, Texas, Michigan, Arizona and Illinois taking the most, according to, where the U.S. government keeps its official numbers.

Louisiana has seen 14 Syrian refugees located there. Ohio has 76 relocated Syrians, while New Jersey, led by 2016 GOP contender Chris Christie, has 88.

GEORGIA and TENNESSEE are now confirmed NO ENTRIES.

This is amazing.



These are the newly CONFIRMED states that have said “no” to refugees.

North Carolina


BREAKING: The governor issued an executive order preventing the refugees from settling in Georgia.

States Are Drawing The Line Against The Usurped Federal Government! – This Is Historic! It’s Happening People… Right Now Before Your Eyes!


****Updated List of states who will and will not accept refugees*****

I will keep this Original Post updated with the latest information. I could’t find a summary anywhere else.

States refusing to accept more refugees terrorists (27):

— Alabama
— Arizona
— Arkansas
— Florida
— Georgia
— Idaho
— Illinois
— Indiana
— Iowa
— Kansas
— Kentucky
— Louisiana
— Maine
— Massachusetts
— Michigan
— Mississippi
— Montana
— Nebraska
— New Hampshire
— New Jersey
— North Carolina
— Ohio
— Oklahoma
— South Carolina
— Tennessee
— Texas
— Wisconsin

States willing to continue accepting refugees terrorists (10):

— California
— Colorado
— Connecticut
— Delaware
— Hawaii
— Minnesota
— Pennsylvania
— Vermont
— Virginia
— Washington

13 are still undecided – it is of utmost importance if you are in one of these states to contact your governor’s office PRONTO and tell them NO MORE TERRORISTS

–Alaska — Walker – states he has not considered it
–Maryland — Hogan deciding
–New Mexico
–New York
–North Dakota
–Rhode Island
–South Dakota
–West Virginia

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#1. To: Itistoolate (#0)

Fantastic useful info pile -- thanks.

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