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Title: The Passion of Tim Tebow: Jews Control Professional Sports, Here’s Why It Matters
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Published: Sep 5, 2016
Author: Eric Striker
Post Date: 2017-01-04 19:28:11 by CadetD
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No athletic career provokes more confusion from fans than the curious case of Tim Tebow. On paper, the versatile Florida Gators quarterback used his ability for quick thinking congruent to his fleet of foot (did you know whites can be fast too? Not if you read Sports Illustrated) to lead his team to two championships (2006 and 2008), while cultivating his personal trophy case by winning the prestigious Heisman trophy, Quarterback Of the Year, SEC Player of the Year (twice), and countless other decorations illustrating his immense talent. Even before being drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2010, he was a sought after commodity slated to continue the legacy of what made John Elway a football legend: a quarterback that can run.

As a starter, Tebow inherited a 1-4 Broncos team most had written off. Through a series of amazing and historic 4th quarter movie-like underdog comebacks, Tebow led the Broncos on a 6 game winning streak. The team that began as the AFC West’s Bad News Bears wound up winning the division title, their first at that time since 2005. For team owners, wins and losses are as important as packed stadiums and merchandise sales, and here too, he delivered. As his fairy tale story began to write itself, Tebow’s No. 15 jersey flew off the shelves, people from across the nation tuned in to watch what kind of surprises or excitement the Broncos would deliver next. Tebow, whose 2011 rookie season was the only one he got to play in his NFL career, resonated so deeply with the American people that his short-lived No. 11 he wore for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2015 pre-season, shortly before being cut, outsold the shirts of negroes like Marshawn Lynch, whose jockstraps are put on a pedestal and worshiped as divine by Jews and their purchased middle aged cuckolds at Jew-run Disney’s (Chair and CEO: Michael Eisner) ESPN. In his analysis of the sales data, John Breech of CBS Sports makes the claim that the only reason Tebow’s Eagles jersey didn’t sell even more is due to the very small window of availability it had [1]. “Tebowing”, the act of genuflecting before God after a touch down, became a national sensation. All eyes were on Tebow. Even as a man who personally despises spectator sports, I tuned in to watch Tebow. As a person who is skeptical about organized religion as a rule, I watched in awe at Tebow’s love of the Christian faith.

Off the field, Tebow was a role model, a moral paradigm towering over the mediocre, shrill, self-absorbed Millenial pajama boy. The art of combining alpha masculinity and humanity has been lost in the modern world, where you’re expected either to entirely emulate the Sons of Anarchy or become a 'nice to a fault' goof like Ned Flanders. Despite being in the fruit of his 20‘s and a world famous athlete, Tebow eschewed excess for humility, giving his summers to kids with cancer instead of chest-blessed groupies, and unpaid work at an orphanage rather than cocaine and Da Club. As a famous star, Tebow had a large cult-like following from women who required nothing more than a snap of his fingers for a “field goal”, and yet still, Tebow encouraged sexual continence when asked, and stayed true to his moral and religious convictions by saving himself for marriage. By normal standards, Tebow was unique in a good way. By NFL standards, where not being a rapist or a murderer is already abnormal, most people said “finally, a good example for our nation’s youth”.

So why isn’t he on the box of Wheaties? Or an even better question, why is a football player who has outperformed all expectations when actually allowed to play, today reduced to trying out for a Venezuelan winter baseball team?

The answer is always the same when something good defies the odds and peeks through the wreck and dreck that is our culture, only to be whacked to death and covered up in a political burqa: the loathsome Jew.

Before looking into the details, we must begin by looking at the disproportionate power Jews wield within the NFL, in order to demonstrate how these positions directly relate to the sabotage of Tim Tebow....

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Makes sense now. GO COWBOYS!

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Before looking into the details, we must begin by looking at the disproportionate power Jews wield

in every facet of the western world's existence.

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