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Published: Mar 1, 2004
Author: Charles Savoie
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Copyright December 2004 Charles Savoie

On November 24, 1980, the Associated Press quoted Leonard Bernstein, a globally prominent musical conductor, as saying in reference to the Kennedy assassination, “We don’t dare confront the implications. I think we’re all agreed there was a conspiracy and we don’t want to know. It involves such a powerful high force in what we call the high places, if we do know, everything might fall apart.”

This is when I start to deliver what I’ve been hinting at for months as I have referred to the World Money Power or the Society. I say start, because a series will be necessary to convey the complete picture. In order for a few people to exercise the colossal power they do, secrecy is crucial. That’s why so few outside the Society ever heard of it, or if they saw references to it, the meaning would not register. There is indeed a powerful high force in the high places! You must know about them because their existence governs your future to a disturbing extent. They are the source of fiat money; the powers behind central banks; international financiers; warmongers; globalists; cartel monopolists; and the force suppressing precious metals. JFK, whose father was a member, strayed from the plan! As Zad Rust commented in “Teddy Bare, The Last of the Kennedy Clan” (1971)---

“The Warren Commission had no other mission than to conceal the truth, and it was relentlessly helped in this mission by many official agencies and by some powerful organized Force of universal scope and character. This Force of Darkness has already brought the world very near to the point of no return on the road to total annihilation of the liberties of man and the independence of nations, and to the enthronement of the Antichrist.”

This is an organization with two branches, the London branch founded in 1902, the New York branch in 1903. As rule #1 of their bylaws states, “The name of the society shall be The Pilgrims.” This is what they call themselves---The Pilgrims. They may also be referred to as The Pilgrims Society; Pilgrim Society; Pilgrims of America; Pilgrims U.S.; Pilgrims of United States; Pilgrims of Great Britain; Pilgrims (London); Pilgrims (New York) or other slight variants such as Pilgrims (NYC). The name doesn’t exactly sound menacing, does it? Probably less so than Skull & Bones Society (Yale University), which has had some furor raised over it in recent years. The two organizations are interrelated, with The Pilgrims in much the dominant position, as it is with other groups with which it is interlocked. Francis F. Randolph of The Pilgrims, Wall Street financier born in 1889, was treasurer of the Russell Trust Association for many years, the corporate name of Skull & Bones, named after the Russell that founded Bones in 1832. The Yale “secret five” (including Wolf’s Head Society; Book and Snake Society; Berzelius Society; Scroll & Key Society) were founded as British fronts for sons of wealthy Americans who were in league with the British Empire and its World Money Power. Russell & Company was granted opiumtrading concessions in China, by the British East India Company. The BEIC didn’t have to give any territory away---it did so in exchange for buying influence in America. Yale University itself is named after Elihu Yale of the British East India Company, who ran an opium-trading fort in India! You see, the British Royalty and their allied bankers NEVER give up trying to control Planet Earth!

While Alexandra Robbins made a stink about Skull & Bones with her recent book, she neglected to point out that Paul Mellon of Scroll & Key, by himself, was probably wealthier than half the Bones members combined. And while Mellon listed his Scroll & Key membership in Who’s Who, he remained silent about his Pilgrim Society membership to the end. His name appeared in a 1969 list, the only known year a list was leaked to the outside world. I reviewed the list at length and concluded its authenticity from other facts available. Skull & Bones is not equal to The Pilgrims for several reasons. The most obvious reason is, reins of power are not turned over to 19 year old boys. When they get to Yale, they are inducted immediately. There is a 10-year waiting list for joining The Pilgrims---after the person is selected (by invitation only). A death has to occur, or by a measure within the organization, decision to increase its numbers is reached. According to current figures (700), there is about a one in 410,000 chance of any American being a member. It is probably rare for a man to become a member before age 40. Also, what about the powerful people of the country who didn’t attend Yale at all? Do we just paint them out of the picture because it doesn’t fit into some thesis by Alexandra Robbins or Antony Sutton? Sutton, by the way, spent time at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University---of which Pilgrim Society members are trustees. Esquire magazine, September 1977 ran an article on Skull & Bones, starting on page 84. WHY haven’t they had one about The Pilgrims?

There are many indications that David Rockefeller, at age 89, remains the most powerful man in the country, and he came from Harvard. Ms. Robbins claimed Skull & Bones “controls the Rockefeller fortune,” but gave no documentation. Societies such as Bones are indeed important but must not be equated to “the senior, Anglo-American Society,” which is The Pilgrims. Not only is The Pilgrim Society exponentially the most powerful organization the world has ever known; it is relatively speaking, the most secretive; and certainly the most dangerous! The sheer network of thousands of interlocking connections is enough to overwhelm one person trying to research them. Referring to the power of the organization, in a speech at the House of Commons on August 20, 1941, Winston Churchill (a member) said, “No one could stop it. Let it roll on in full flood, inexorable, irresistible.”

I believe the reason why the name Pilgrims was chosen is an open secret, like their very existence. The original Pilgrims, who came over on the Mayflower centuries earlier, left the old world to found a New World where they believed they could live life their chosen way. These other Pilgrims, whose Royal roots trace back at least to early medieval times in Britain and Europe, are leaving the present world system and gravitating towards a New World---a New World Order. I have compiled enough information on these men to write millions of words length. That won’t be possible here. I intend to give a summary as best I can. If anyone wishes to employ the term “conspiracy,” I have no quarrel with that. This is precisely what we are examining. To believe otherwise is the summit of childish naiveté. Use the word intrigue instead if you assimilate it easier. Other applicable terms such as “Illuminati,” dating to an Austrian professor on May 1, 1776---Mayday--- are heard. They are elitists who know how the world should be ordered, the rest of us are clueless. And they will do anything to achieve that order, even if it calls for the extermination of half the world’s population---which appears to be part of the plan.

As to which of its members are most powerful, is subject to conjecture, and no absolute conclusion can be reached---that’s all known only on the inside. What is obvious is that the British Royal family was involved with the founding of the organization, and remains involved to this moment. Also obvious is that a front man for Lord Rothschild, diamond cartelist Cecil Rhodes, provided the framework or concept for the Society in the wills he left. Americans involved in the founding included Joseph Wheeler, an ex-Confederate general (the British built a lot of war vessels for the South), and financiers and empire builders like John D. Rockefeller; Andrew Carnegie; the Vanderbilts, Mellons and Du Ponts. This plan started with the British, to preserve and increase their Empire. They realized that they needed powerful allies in their drive to control the world. The chosen allies became the North American “Robber Barons,” empire builders including the Astors; Vanderbilts; Rockefellers; Harrimans; Du Ponts; Mellons; Whitneys; Harknesses and others. We can assume that however they were approached and drawn into the plan, the offer went along the lines of “you’ve built an empire, join us if you want to share in a World Empire!” And like a corporation with shares, the world is to be divided up according to “shareholdings” within The Pilgrims organization. I reluctantly call your attention to Revelation 13:16-18 which speaks of everyone being given a number, without which we cannot buy nor sell. If it happens it will originate from within this Society. You don’t seriously believe that one man alone could rise to world prominence, without the concerted efforts of hundreds of powerful men across a span of many years, do you?

It may be recalled that Rothschild emerged as the richest man in Britain at the close of the Napoleonic Wars when the Duke of Wellington won at Waterloo, Belgium in 1815. Assuming that he did become the wealthiest due to his buying shares on the exchange at collapsed prices in the panic- --word was spread falsely that Napoleon won---, do not lose sight of the fact that the Royal Family still controlled the military forces of Great Britain, and if they took too strong a dislike to you, your head could come off. Also, the Royals of Britain and Europe have been at the wealth accumulation game for centuries longer than names like Rothschild and Warburg. The Bank of England came into existence decades before the Rothschilds became powers. Additionally, the British Empire controlled immense territories, from whence fantastic wealth was siphoned back to England and Europe, notably from China and India. Major Canadian banks of today, including Royal Bank of Canada; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; and Toronto Dominion Bank, all contain words that point to ownership by Royal interests, then there’s the Royal Bank of Scotland, of which the huge (70,000 + employees) National Westminster Bank is a subsidiary. That it shares its name with the Duke of Westminster is no accident---the current Duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, one of the Royals, owns over 300 acres of the choicest property in downtown London, plus immense land holdings in Canada, Australia, Hawaii and elsewhere. He is a leading member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain (below)---

The Pilgrims organization is a cluster of intermarried old-line rich, Royals and robber barons who have created the world’s financial structure. Graphics herein are presented for educational purposes. I am most assuredly not the first outsider to become aware of the Society. Psalms 44:21, “Shall not God search this out? For he knoweth the secrets of the heart.” There must be a fair number of individuals who knew something about them, yet without realizing their significance and their intentions. Do they have a website? Not that I have found. The first I ever heard of them was in the 1971 book, “Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask” by Gary Allen. That was the same author who wrote the widely known, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” which I thought was an extremely good effort. On page 223 of his unauthorized Nixon biography, Allen wrote---

“Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the CFR.”

He was referring to one of Nixon’s friends, Elmer Bobst, then head of Warner-Lambert pharmaceutical company. There were no other references in the book to The Society. I was ablaze with unending drive to discover more; like a starvation victim suddenly finding himself in a supermarket! Except in this case, facts are dispersed across millions of pages of reference material. In “Nixon’s Palace Guard” (1971) also by Allen, we find on page 146---

“Burns belongs to the Pilgrim Society, a secret group of leftist international financiers and one-world intellectuals dedicated to reuniting the United States and Great Britain.”

He was referring to Arthur Burns, head of the Federal Reserve System. His predecessor was William McChesney Martin Jr., of The Pilgrims, who chaired the Federal Reserve, 1951-1970 (“underground” in “Who’s Who,” meaning, he declined to state the fact!) Afterwards, Martin, who married Cynthia, the daughter of the founder of the Davis Cup (tennis), was appointed chairman of the Committee to Reorganize the New York Stock Exchange (increase the “Pilgrimization”) in 1971. (The head of the exchange from 1951-1967, George Keith Funston, was another member). Martin became the youngest president ever of the New York Stock Exchange in 1938 at age 32, a post he held into 1941. From 1946-1948 Martin chaired the Export-Import Bank of the U.S.; assistant Treasury Secretary in 1949; and a World Bank director, 1949 through 1952, along with Pilgrim Society member Eugene R. Black Jr. of Chase National Bank. After reorganizing the New York Stock Exchange in 1971, the inner core Pilgrim Society members placed him on boards including United States Steel; Freeport Minerals Company; Scandinavian Securities Corporation; Riggs National Bank; American Express; Caterpillar Tractor; Dow Jones & Company; Eli Lilly & Company; General Foods; and Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum. He became a trustee of Yale University. His father was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, 1936- 1941, and a trustee of Washington & Lee University. Yes, The Pilgrims control the world’s money! Not Bilderberg! We will look at some history and other matters establishing this reality. American Opinion, October 1970, “Who Controls The Press,” by Gary Allen, page 22, speaking of William Paley, then head of CBS Incorporated, said---

“Paley is a member of The Pilgrim Society, sometimes called the world’s most secret organization, which has as its goal the reuniting of England and America.”

That was William Paley of The Pilgrims (above 1901-1990). Completing the thought, the goal is to reunite the two countries as a basis for world government. After losing control of such immense land areas as India; China; Burma; the American Colonies; South Africa and so forth, they mean to covertly take it all back through a supranational world government. On page 27 the article, Gary Allen commented---

“David Sarnoff is a member of the super-secret Pilgrim Society, whose official logo is entwined American and British flags. This group, which is dedicated to merging Britain and America, has a number of internationalist members like Paley, Sarnoff, and John Schiff whose ancestors were not British.”

Sarnoff was at that time, chairman of RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The European connections of the London branch amply represent old-line continental wealth. In American Opinion, September 1970, page 15, Allen said---

“The mysterious Lord Thomson of Fleet (Roy Thomson of Toronto) has added to his international publishing empire some fifty-six American papers. Thomson is also owner of the London Times, traditional voice of the British Establishment---where the Royal Institute for International Affairs is controlled by the same people who control our C.F.R. Thomson is a member of the elitist Pilgrim Society, which seeks to merge the United States into the British Commonwealth as a base for World Government. The major international banking firms on both sides of the Atlantic are well represented in the Pilgrim Society, and recently made it easy for Thomson to lay out $72 million for a dozen Busch-Moore newspapers in America.”

Who controls the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) in London and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York? The Pilgrim Society, that’s who, and nobody but them. The proof is simple enough, besides the fact that the same bunch was involved in founding the three organizations. The board of directors and upper management of the Council on Foreign Relations have ALWAYS been members of The Pilgrims. We will do an examination of that item later. Before going any farther be advised that this Society refuses to release current membership lists. What do these highly placed individuals have to hide? Why do they wish to conceal the fact that they are members of a specific organization? Will it take a Congressional subpoena to pry a list out of their grasping hands? Those in Congress who are members, and those within their influence, which appear to be the majority, wish the coverup to continue. I received this reply, dated December 18, 1973, signed by assistant secretary Mrs. E. M. Simpson---

“The Pilgrims of the United States is not a secret society. It is the senior, Anglo-American society. There is no other information available.”

Those were her central remarks, and that’s where I first encountered their logo (the crossed British and American flags Allen mentioned aren’t the logo, they do accompany it at meetings.) Take a look and try to sense the dreadful power the Society represents---

The eagle represents the United States, the lion represents Great Britain. Hic Et Ubique, old Latin, means, “Here And Everywhere.” That’s a reference to their holdings, which are worldwide; and to their influence, which is virtually everywhere. They are the “powerful organized force of universal scope.” Even Bilderberg has attendance lists which can be accessed; the same for the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. But NOT The Pilgrims. It calls to memory a quotation from “Proofs Of A Conspiracy” (1798) by Scotsman Professor John Robeson---

“The Order will thus work silently, and securely; and though the generous benefactors of the human race are thus deprived of the applause of the world, they have the noble pleasure of seeing their work prosper in their hand.”

So you ask, how can the identity of SOME of these Pilgrims be positively known? There are several certain means whereby. First, there was a list leaked for the U.S. branch, dated 1969, from which Allen identified the above names. Second, there was another list leaked, with no year on the cover, but evidently also from 1969, of The Pilgrims of Great Britain. The leak likely came from the same source, since a man elected to membership in either branch, automatically has equal status in the other branch, since it is a two branch Society. I contacted a publisher years ago, (the ’76 Press) once associated with Gary Allen, who provided me with the two lists. Evelyn Davis, general manager, told me in a letter dated April 8, 1976---

“It has taken us many years to awake the American people to the fact that there is a Council on Foreign Relations. The Pilgrims may be making the policy and pulling the strings in world government, but they maintain such a low profile that it is almost impossible to make people aware of them. In explaining the C.F.R. to anyone, I don’t feel that you have to abandon him at C.F.R. level. Is it not possible to explain that there perhaps are other more influential people at a higher level who are not visible as yet, but when they are visible they will no doubt be exposed. It is very difficult to get copies of membership lists of The Pilgrims. I do have one copy of a list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain which has no date on it and one copy of The Pilgrims of the United States which was put out in 1969.”

Another means of certain identification is the names admitted as members in the three rare and very limited edition books the Society has officially sponsored. The first seems to be “Pilgrims and Pioneers,” by Sir Harry Brittain, one of the founders, in the mid-1930’s, or as early as 1932. There is no date on the book, and a check of British sources does not make anything definite. It was published by Hutchinson & Company, London and has 285 numbered pages. The second, also by Sir Harry, was published in 1942 by Hutchinson & Company, “Pilgrim Partners---Forty Years of British-American Fellowship,” with 156 numbered pages. The third is “The Pilgrims of Great Britain---A Centennial History” by Anne Pimlott Baker, Profile Books, London, 2002, with 216 numbered pages. Baker apparently is not a member, but an authorized biographer. None of these three volumes was or is intended for mass circulation. The first one seems to have no statistics available as to copies printed. The second, autographed in bright green ink by Sir Harry, says on the overleaf--- “This edition is limited to one hundred numbered copies, of which this is number 15.”

The last book I just looked up on Amazon and found one (1) copy available from someone in Vermont, asking price $95 and is rated “scarce.” I was able to get a copy from overseas. None of these volumes was or is meant to be seen by many readers---100 copies for one of them! Another source I consider reliable for identification of some members was a pamphlet published in 1940 at New York called, “Sir Uncle Sam--- Knight of the British Empire” by John J. Whiteford, an unsympathetic commentator. Congressman Jacob Thorkelson of Montana (defeated for re-election) entered some of Whiteford’s remarks into the Congressional Record on August 19 and 20, 1940. The final means of identifying some of the members, roughly 13 to 16% of those in the U.S. at any given time, is to read Who’s Who in America volumes. This is an extremely challenging proposition, as the volumes contain over 120,000 listings per edition going back over 20 years. Earlier editions are quite useful for such searches. I have spent untold hours compiling lists of names through this procedure and have amassed considerable glimpse into the Society thereby. Also, certain British versions of Who’s Who furnish a worthwhile number of such names. “The Empire of the City---World Superstate,” by E.C. Knuth, Milwaukee, 1946, has useful details, and refers to sources already mentioned. Consider a passage from page 9--- “How has it been possible to erect this Internationalistic structure of misrepresentation and deception in our midst and to protect it from exposure for nearly a half century? Why have not our professors of history, our college presidents and educators, or our crusading newspapers exposed this monstrosity? Some of the reasons are developed in the following chapters in documented detail. But there are also some evident and very practical reasons. Our newspapers are absolutely dependent for their existence on the advertising of great business interests, and the principal function of college presidents is to collect the funds upon which the existence of their institution depends, to be on the right terms with the right people.”

“News that definitely points to the existence of the secret world super government of “The City” is treated with dense silence. The current activities of what has been identified as the most powerful international society on earth, the “Pilgrims,” are so wrapped in silence that few Americans know even of its existence since 1903. As a glaring example let us consider the cross-examination of Henry Morgenthau Jr. as to the contacts of his father with the mysterious British statesman Viscount Reginald Esher by Senator Gerald Nye in a Senate hearing on January 28, 1940. Not one newspaper in the United States gave one inch of space to this immensely sensational exposure, while Senator Nye, like many other statesmen who have ventured too far into forbidden realms, has been effectively submerged.”

Did you notice---The Pilgrims are “the most powerful international society on earth;” NOT Skull & Bones; NOT Bilderberg; NOT Trilateral Commission! As Congressman Thorkelson of Montana entered in the Congressional Record, August 20, 1940 (quoting from “Sir Uncle Sam, Knight of the British Empire” by John J. Whiteford)---

“There are several curious things about these Pilgrim functions. There is present at these dinners an array of notables such as it would be difficult to bring together under one roof for any other purpose and by any other society.”

Esher was in with King Edward and the Rothschilds, and Morgenthau was the father of our Pilgrim Society Treasury Secretary Morgenthau Jr., who sucked over a half billion ounces of silver out of China, 1934-1939! Page 64, Knuth said of The Pilgrim Society---

“Men of millions here sway the destiny, the life or death of their fellow citizens, with an organization which is subversive to the spirit and letter of the Constitution of the United States, an organization of which not one in one thousand of their fellow citizens has ever heard. These men collectively exert a planned influence of immense weight in utter secrecy.”

I obtained the first two Pilgrim books through A-Albionic Research near Detroit some years ago. I inspected the books thoroughly for evidence that they were “clean,” that is, not removed from university libraries. The books passed inspection. The Society has been mentioned in VERY few books other than these (6 I know of including the pamphlet and the Congressional Record, not counting the Who’s Who volumes). There is one other way of always knowing who some of the members are. The lists I mention identify some public positions which are always made honorary members. In London, these include the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the American Minister in London and, as honorary members on both sides of the Atlantic, the British Consul-General in New York; the British Ambassador to America; the United States Ambassador to England; the British Ambassador to the United Nations; the Secretary of State of the United States; and the President of the United States. So much furor was raised over the fact that Bush and Kerry are both members of Skull & Bones. No mention was made of the fact that The Pilgrims Society has controlled every U.S. President since Theodore Roosevelt! This Society therefore always controls the Commander In Chief of the United States armed forces (the better with which to fight British sponsored wars) and all our foreign relations, through the Secretary of State! All Ambassadors report to the Secretary of State! Not one known textbook on government or political science mentions this fact that our leaders are perpetually in bed with the World Money Power (paper money mob)!

The Gale Research Company near Detroit Michigan published the annual Encyclopedia of Associations, listing many thousands of organizations, clubs and societies across the U.S. and has an international edition. The Pilgrims of the United States are listed with addresses such as 74 Trinity Place, New York (the American Stock Exchange is at 86 Trinity Place, they maintain members on its board; Trinity Church is at 74 Trinity Place) and more recently, number 1 Wall Street, New York, has been given as The Pilgrims address (after Hugh Bullock, Order of the British Empire, who was till recent years the long-time president of the U.S. branch, who ran a group of mutual funds at that address), telephone numbers given include 212-943-0635, no longer current. Their address as of December 1973---

Gale Research is owned by The Thomson Corporation of Toronto, of the Lord Thomson of Fleet (a director of Reuters News Agency) mentioned by Allen in 1970. Thomson is today headed by David Thomson, and 3 other family members, including Canada’s wealthiest man, Kenneth Roy Thomson (estimate in USD = $17 billion) of The Pilgrims, and bills itself as “the world’s leading information resource.” Its bank is the Pilgrim Society run Royal Bank of Canada. Below, a page from the London Pilgrims, circa 1969, showing British Crown connections! Also notice the Archbishop of Canterbury was and is a vice president, showing the link back to 1534 when the British Royals broke from the Roman Catholic church and the Pope. Lord Harlech was Ambassador to Washington while we were being taken off silver coins by Pilgrim Society members Douglas Dillon, Treasury Secretary, and President Johnson (1961-1965). Nearly a century earlier, we were under London influence in the disastrous Coinage Act of February 1873, which demonetized silver! Sir Julian Crossley was long time chairman of Barclay’s Bank, the leading British Empire bank. Notice the officials who were Knights of the British Empire and Order of the British Empire (K.B.E., O.B.E.)---

The names I will make reference here therefore have reliable documentation that they are or were members. Here’s another page from the same list, showing the London leadership over the years--- Field Marshal Earl Roberts, Victoria Cross, Knight of the Garter, was the military commander in South Africa who defeated the Dutch settlers so the British could seize the mineral wealth. Viscount Bryce, Order of Merit, founder of the Anglo-American League (another front) in 1898, former ambassador to America, and author of “The American Commonwealth” (1888), an appeal for reunification with England. The Duke of Connaught was Prince Arthur, third son of Queen Victoria, the King’s uncle. The Duke made many trips to America starting in 1870, during which it must be assumed he collaborated with the New York bankers who fought against silver money. The Duke was also Governor- General of the British Dominion of Canada from 1911-1916. On November 20, 1917, the Duke opened the American Officers Club on Curzon Street (after Lord Curzon, another member). Very revealingly, this club was originally called The Pilgrims War Club! (2002 book, page 102). In the 1942 book, of which 100 copies were made, there is a photo of the Duke of Connaught in full military regalia displaying what looks like 14 decorations on his chest, holding a Buckingham Palace style bearfur hat in his right hand, grasping a sabre with his left hand, and with a facial expression to match the book, “God Is An Englishman.”

The Earl of Derby, 17th in that line of nobility, was Secretary of State for War, 1916-1918. Derby was ambassador to France, 1918-1920, where he played a role in the Treaty of Versailles, which was an intentional strategy to provoke Germany into another war! Derby was a close friend of King George V. Viscount Greenwood will be described farther along. The Earl of Halifax, after whose family Halifax, Nova Scotia, is named, was shown with President Truman (page 144, 2002 book). Lord Birkett was a prominent judge, Lord Evershed a leading attorney. Sir Christopher Chancellor was chairman of Bowater Paper, British equivalent to our International Paper. He was photographed speaking with Richard Nixon while he was vice president (2002 book, page 147). Gavin Astor, Lord Astor, was the direct descendant of John Jacob Astor, director of the second Bank of the United States. The Pilgrims of Great Britain, as of 1998, are headquartered in Allington Castle near Kent, England. Take a view of one other page---

Let’s take a tour of the Society. An extremely short tour relative to the total information I have amassed; yet because lists aren’t available, my data is extremely fragmentary, however more than adequate to get the picture of what these Pilgrims are about. The American Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902 ran an article by William Stead called “Cecil John Rhodes.” Rhodes was mentioned in Baker’s recent very limited edition book, “The Pilgrims of Great Britain,” page 87. Carroll Quigley mentioned Stead, Rhodes and others on page 131 of “Tragedy And Hope” (1966) as forming a “secret society” on February 5, 1891, in which Lord Rothschild was designated, in effect as a “junior member.” That was disinformation, as Lord Rothschild was the financier behind Rhodes’ cartelization of the South African diamond mines! Another name mentioned was Lord Alfred Milner, whose efforts gave rise to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (1919) in London, and our counterpart, the Council on Foreign Relations. Quigley was a member of two of its many front organizations, the Royal Commonwealth Society and the English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth. The “secret society” formed in 1891 at a “round table” meeting, informally called the “Round Table” (as in Knights of the Round Table) took on a formal name as of 1902---The Pilgrims! Quigley was silent on that matter, presumably to safeguard his pension. Quoting some relevant sections from the American Review of Reviews (not a mass-circulation serial), May 1902, page 549---

“Many years ago he gave me a sealed packet, not to be opened until after his death, in order, he said, that you may see I have always been at work upon these ideas. When I opened the packet, I found that as far back as 1877, when his fortune was only beginning, he had bequeathed all he had to the furtherance of the same great conception of the unity of the English speaking world, and the extension and the expansion of the influence of that race over the whole world. Seldom indeed does a great genius realize in its central inspiration so soon and cling to it so tenaciously to the last. Still less frequently does any mortal who dreams so fair a vision in his youth achieve so great a success as to be able in less than half a century to bequeath a fortune of thirty million dollars for the realization of his dream.”

John Ruskin, who was a Crown loyalist and British Empire activist, influenced Rhodes at Oxford University. British leadership wants not only their own country---they want everyone else’s as well! We’ve already seen that Lord Rothschild backed Rhodes in the diamond business. We shall shortly see that he had other backers---British Royals! Rhodes wanted what the Crown wanted---to have all English speaking areas of the globe come under Crown control, then united, to dominate planet earth! Rhodes $30 million, as of 1902, represented probably billions today. Page 550---

“He could understand that the great thing at the beginning of life was to have an object sufficiently lofty to make it worth while spending your whole life to obtain it. He found it in the conviction which, having once formed, he never varied, that the highest ideal was to work for the unity of the English speaking race, in order that, being united, it might extend over all the world the beneficent influence which this “best of races” as he phrased it, exercised for Justice, Liberty, and Peace among the inhabitants of this planet.”

In simple terms, a world take-over, using a reinvigorated British Empire as the basis, with the former Colonies, now the United States of America, drawn into the plan! The Redcoat soldiers need not fire another shot on American soil! We were and are to be retaken by the worldwide British Empire! It will be done under the aegis of the United Nations, or some newer organization. Page 550---

“His ideas in 1877 were crude. They are expressed in that unpublished will with the slap-dash indifference to detail which is natural to impetuous youth. In those days Oxford, which had taught him much, had not made him realize the fact that the United States, rather than the United Kingdom, was destined to be the predominant partner in the English-speaking world. Hence his first thought in this first rough draft was that the reunion of the race was to be brought about by the return of the United States to the British Empire. But when Rhodes had more experience of the world, and had adjusted his aspirations to the facts, he never indulged in such notions as the mistake of George III could ever be undone by the return of the Americans to the allegiance from which they revolted. His ideas when I first met him in 1889 were in favor of a federation of empire and republic on equal terms; but years before his death he avowed to me his readiness, if race union could be brought about in no other way, to attain it by applying for the admission of the United Kingdom and all its colonies as States in the American Union. But although his ideas as to the means grew and ripened with years, he never lost his tenacious grip on the central idea.”

As far as America being the “predominant partner in the Englishspeaking world,” that was and is true as concerns population; natural resources; and war-making capacity. However, we may NOT be predominant as to finances! In central banking, all roads lead to merry old London, the center of 24-hour international banking time! Rhodes was willing to adopt any strategy to implement governmental amalgamation of England and America! Page 550---

“Rhodes was a great devotee of the ideal of the unity of the Englishspeaking world, as Ignatius Loyola was of the ideal of the unity of the Catholic Church. And with both men unity was not an end in itself. It was a means to an end, and that end the predominant influence of the great unity over the whole world. It was but natural, therefore, that Rhodes, in his lonely musings at the diamond fields, should have imagined that the most effective way to attain his ideal was to create a great Society, like to that of the Jesuits, of the faithful, who in every land would work for the attainment of this ideal.”

At this juncture we must register the fact that certain churches have been extremely ambitious across the ages of time in wanting to have others convert, willing or not. Be informed that I was raised Catholic and know of what I speak. The Catholic church, more properly, the Roman Catholic Church, was intimately involved with the empire building efforts of the Spanish and Portuguese in the New World. It is for those reasons that Spanish is spoken in all the nations to our south, except Brazil, where the language is Portuguese. And the dominant religion is Catholicism. Recall also that Henry VIII kicked all the Catholic officials out of England when the Pope wouldn’t grant him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and the King formed the Church of England in November 1534 with the Archbishop of Canterbury as its top clergyman. The Archbishop of Canterbury is always an official of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, and the British Royal family are its Patrons! King Charles V of Spain was threatening to invade England in the 1530’s over competition for colonial control of the world. The Pope was related to King Phillip of Spain, who was planning to invade England over English raids on Spanish precious metal coming from the New World. The Pope refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce, an indulgence which he frequently granted to other monarchs. Therefore, Henry saw that as an attempt to prevent English Royals from continuing to rule Britain! Additionally, the Pope refused to reappoint bishops, and all dioceses that had no bishop, had their funds go straight to Rome. This was enough to harm the English economy, and interfered with shipbuilding for naval defense purposes. Spain had been sending huge amounts of silver and gold into Italy! When the Spanish Armada finally attacked England in 1588 and the English beat it by spreading fire to the large vessels by means of many smaller, faster, more maneuverable craft, this was a turning point in world history. Had the outcome been different, we might all be speaking Spanish now!

Then as of the start of the 17th century, the British East India Company was formed, after Spanish sea power was curtailed, marking the beginning of the phrase “Britannia Rules the Waves.” The British looted India and Burma for centuries and initiated the immensely profitable Opium trade in China for generations. The period beginning 1588 therefore marked the start of ascendancy of British power and a start in the decline of Roman Catholic or Papal power. The Holy Roman Empire in Europe was in decline due to the alliances of Protestant princes and royals, many of whom intermarried or made alliances with English nobility; and members of The Pilgrims of Great Britain today are among their descendants! These are two empires at odds with each other, yet there exists on the inside, some cooperation. As a distinctly possible instance of hostile competition, consider that the recent wave of lawsuits against Catholic dioceses and bankruptcies of archdioceses in America, while having allegations of sexual abuse as the reason, could be attacks by the British Empire! The main wealth-stealing engine for the British Empire was neither the Opium trade nor the South African diamond fields nor huge oil enterprises like British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell (interlocked with the Dutch Royal House of Orange and its Bilderberg links), huge as those sources were. Rather, it was the creation of central banking in 1694. We will evaluate that later.

The Pope has attended Bilderberg. Members of The Pilgrims have been Ambassadors to Vatican City. Myron C. Taylor, a director of American Telephone & Telegraph and U.S. Steel, was on The Pilgrims executive committee as of 1942, and was Ambassador of Roosevelt and Truman, 1939 through 1950, to His Holiness Pope Pius XII, and a member of the Knights of Malta and a Knight Order of Pius and Knight Grand Cross of Saints Mauritius and Lazarus. Taylor gave funds to the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Some Jesuits are on the regional Rhodes Scholarship selection committees in America, very significant in view of Rhodes admiration for their organizational structure. Can they be Papal loyalists and at the same time operatives of the British Empire? Are there double agents at work? The former head of the Knights of Malta, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (founded---1530), a reference to the Crusades, was J. Peter Grace of chemical giant W.R. Grace & Company, and Citibank director (below)---

In his Who’s Who listing, Grace declined to mention his membership in The Pilgrims! The same is true for Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK) who admitted to being a member of the Knights of Malta, but was silent as to his Pilgrim Society membership! The reason we know about it is that all U.S. Ambassadors to England are members, a post he held 1937-1941; before that, he chaired the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC; a Pilgrim Society front, like the New York Stock Exchange, AMEX and NASDAQ). The Knights of Malta, with some 11,000 members worldwide, are a coalition of wealthy men, whereas The Pilgrims have fewer than 1,800 members, perhaps fewer than 1,500, and are more secretive and in most cases much wealthier.

Elmer Bobst of The Pilgrims, mentioned earlier, was also a Knight of Malta. Chauncey Stillman (born 1907) was a member of The Pilgrims (1969 list) and treasurer of the Catholic Art Association. He was of the Stillman family described in the 1951 book, “The First Billion---The Stillmans and the National City Bank.” The Stillmans and Rockefellers intermarried, and James Stillman Rockefeller assumed the helm of First National City Bank (now Citigroup) as a Pilgrim Society member! Chauncey Stillman was chairman of the Homeland Foundation, New York, from 1939, for over 30 years and guess what! Its essence was identical to today’s Department of Homeland Security! These things are planned for generations! During 1944 through 1945 Chauncey was a squadron air combat intelligence officer on the USS Enterprise and Lexington. In 1947 Chauncey was a special advisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and an agency staff officer with the National Security Council from 1948 through 1951!

The Club of Rome, (now based in Hamburg, Germany), had Pilgrim Society member Carroll Wilson, Rockefeller fortune representative, on its small executive committee. Everyone, it seems, would like to run the world. The Catholic Church, while being in business considerably longer than the British Empire, is distinctly less successful at doing so. But you needed to know of the interlock, even in the midst of competition. In most cases I’ve found where a man is in the Knights of Malta and also in The Pilgrims, he lists the Knights of Malta, but is silent as to Pilgrim membership, indicating its more powerful status! It could also be infiltration by the British into the activities of the older Empire. More members of The Pilgrims in the U.S. are Episcopalians, than any other religious group. There appear to be more Jews in the Society than Catholics, and this is true of both branches. It’s significant that both backgrounds have members, as Jews suffered quite horribly at times under Catholicism, as they did when it existed as a strictly military empire---the Roman Empire! It could be a case of Romans leaving ancestral genes in Britain, and these finding their way into the Royal families, giving rise to large scale ambitions over the world. The genes that migrated to England became more successful than those which remained in Italy.

What transcends any religious background is the common lust for wealth and power that motivates the members. I bring up religious groups, their differences and conflicts, only because the matter is relevant, but we will not dwell at length on that; except to say, there is an extremely dangerous movement towards a “world religion,” and members of The Pilgrims have included clergymen such as Lee Hastings Bristol, of the Bristol-Myers pharmaceutical fortune! Norman Vincent Peale was another member, in control of the megamillion dollar Presbyterian Ministers Fund. I question neither the decency of the typical Englishman or Englishwoman, nor that of the average Catholic. It is the leadership which is suspect as to intentions. More from page 550 with Rhodes talking to Stead---

“Your ideas,” he said to me, “are all right. But you need money to carry them out. You can do nothing without money in this world. It’s no use for us to have big ideas if we have not got the money to carry them out.” Hence it is not surprising that he applied himself more diligently than ever to the making of a fortune, with the determination to use every penny of it for the realization of his dream. His wealth grew apace, and, after the fashion of wealth, it gathered to it still more wealth. His great success was in the conversion of a multitude of rival companies into one great consolidation. In this he was the precursor of J. Pierpont Morgan. Rhodes, having realized the fact that amalgamation would enable the diamond diggers to create a monopoly and control the market, devoted all his energies to the creation of that monopoly. He was completely successful. He gained at Kimberley the reputation of being the only man whom the Jews could not cheat. But he had the advantage of the financial support of the Rothschilds, and by the aid of the great Jew he was able to triumph over the little Jews. The De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mining Company is one of the most gigantic financial corporations in the British Empire.”

Let no darts be hurled at me for quoting another. Admittedly, subject matter which touches on religious differences may touch some raw nerve, but if material is relevant it must not be dismissed. It is not my primary intent to focus on religious issues, but to mention that different religious factions have played their role in shaping events on the world stage. Wealth acquisition was correctly viewed by Rhodes as the means whereby to accomplish his dream of British/American reunification as the basis for world take-over. The Pilgrims organization is an alliance of British Royals and their European Royal intermarriages; their sponsored financiers, including the Rothschilds and Warburgs; and the North American Robber Barons and their intermarried descendants. Pages 550- 551 tells more about De Beers Mines---

“But it was more than a financial corporation. It was constituted by Rhodes with a distinct political aim. Its resources were to be used for extending the empire, and they were used for that object. The worst that is said of him is that he was Napoleonically unscrupulous in his negotiations, and that the monopoly he established closed the door upon private speculators; and by reducing the output in order to raise prices, brought about a period of depression in Kimberley. Having the whole of the mines under his control, Rhodes introduced what is known as the compound system, whereby the natives are kept within stockades, where they are provided with all the necessaries of existence, but where they are not allowed to obtain strong drink. The compound system has been fiercely assailed in some quarters as slavery. Many competent overseers-- -the Rev. Donald McLeod for one---declare that the system is a monument to the philanthropy of Rhodes. Rhodes was now king of the diamond fields, and absolute master of Kimberley. He had laid a firm hand upon the materials for building up the fortune without which he felt his ideas were useless. His next step was to enter the Cape Parliament.”

The fact that Rhodes used near-slave labor in mining diamonds is compatible with those members of The Pilgrims on both sides of the Atlantic whose ancestors profited from the African slave trade. Rhodes was on track with his plans---get rich, and recruit allies to join the Secret Society patterned after the Jesuit Order he meant to form. It was informally founded, as we saw, early in 1891. On pages 551-552 Stead tells us that Rhodes “won for himself the reputation of being a dangerous man.” Yes, members of The Pilgrims, to the reverse of what they would say of themselves, are dangerous men! In its essence their mentality is all wealth to themselves---poverty and feudal serfdom to everyone else. There is imbedded in their genes the “I want that man killed! Bring that woman to me!” mentality. This is amply proved by their actions on the world scene, causing over one hundred million violent wartime and purge-related deaths as means to gain their ends. After WWI they gave us the League of Nations, as an attempt at world government. After WWII they gave us the United Nations with the same object in mind. Pages 552-553 tell of Rhodes backers in the British Royal Family---

“Rhodes conceived the idea of securing a royal charter authorizing a company of private adventurers of which he was the brain, to undertake the conquest and administration of the vast territory stretching northward to the Zambesi. By perseverance and persuasiveness he succeeded in securing his charter. The Duke of Abercorn became chairman; the Duke of Fife (who married the present King’s daughter) joined the board; the company was launched under the most favorable auspices. The investing public poured millions into the treasury, and Rhodes returned triumphant, to undertake the painting of South Africa British red from the Orange River to the Zambesi.”

I cannot tell you whether the Duke of Abercorn was a member (we are discussing The Pilgrims unless otherwise specified) because my information is fragmentary. Names are not available currently other than by the means stated above, and that only covers a significant minority. Chances are red-hot that the Duke was a member. The Duke of Fife was definitely a member. It was not only the Rothschilds but also the Royals who backed Rhodes. This other pillaging venture was called the British South Africa Company. Page 554---

“Everywhere Mr. Rhodes was in the ascendant. He was the trusted leader of the Afrikaner Dutch and, as such, as absolute in Cape Town as he was in Kimberley. At home he was the idol of the imperialists. Liberals and Conservatives alike did him honor. The Queen, on the advice of Lord Rosebery, made him a member of her Privy Council. Never had any colonist British subject achieved in his fortieth year so commanding a position as that which Rhodes occupied in the summer of 1895.”

Lord Rosebery was a member and founded the Imperial Press Conference in 1909. He was also a Rothschild in-law! Just after 1895 the British war against the Dutch Boer settlers was being planned. The Dutch and British both wanted control over the mineral wealth. Though the Dutch settlers trusted Rhodes, he wasn’t on their side, and the article (page 555) called him a “co-conspirator.” We note---

“He played a subordinate part in the war, which was not his war, but Milner’s. Whatever Milner did, he would support. To that line he adhered until the end.”

The Dutch settlers were apparently abandoned by their homeland, the Netherlands, probably because the Royal House of Orange-Nassau has ties within The Pilgrims. The British general Field Marshall Earl Roberts of the Boer War was a founder of The Pilgrims. Lord Kitchener was the British commander for South Africa---and became a member of The Pilgrims. According to, under Lord Kitchener there were 116,572 Boers in concentration camps during 1899-1902; and 27,927 died of starvation, of which 22,074 were children under age 16. The war was over control of the mineral wealth. Lord Alfred Milner, British High Commissioner for South Africa--- later Viscount Milner, was an associate of the Rothschilds and the Royal Family. He was identified in “Czarism And Revolution” (1961, page 230) as having been a financial sponsor of the Russian (Communist) Revolution around 1916-1917. Another Pilgrim Society member, Jacob Schiff, spent around $20 million to help the Reds takeover Russia (“None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” Allen, 1972, who called Milner “extremely wealthy.”) Schiff’s relative and business partner, Paul Warburg of The Pilgrims, was behind the founding of the Federal Reserve System, the primary means of wealth transfer from the rest of us to The Pilgrim Society! Paul Warburg (with relatives in the London branch today) below---

Jacob Schiff, below (whose grandson John, a director of large corporations including Westinghouse Electric---funded by Paul Warburg, was treasurer of The Pilgrims as of the evasive 1973 letter I got from them)---

The Pilgrim Society has been behind the Reds from the start, finally breaking up the old Soviet Union and focusing on China---another matter. While we’re talking about the Schiffs, note that David T. Schiff is a 4th generation member, and served for many years on the board of Crown Life Insurance of Toronto and Lehman Brothers. Another case of the Royals and their bankers! Page 556, Stead is quoting directly from Rhodes in a letter---

“Please remember the key of my idea discussed with you is a Society, copied from the Jesuits as to organization. You might finish the war by union with America and universal peace, I mean after one hundred years, and a secret society organized like Loyola’s, supported by the accumulated wealth of those whose aspiration is a desire to do something, and a hideous annoyance created by the difficult question daily placed before their minds as to which of their incompetent relations they should leave their wealth to. You would furnish them with the solution, greatly relieving their minds, and turning their ill-gotten or inherited gains to some advantage.”

This letter was written in 1890, and is one of several proofs available that the Royals and the financiers were planning World War I. Rhodes mentioned in the aftermath of war a reunification with America, though it might take a century. These are people capable of planning to carry out a strategy of world domination spanning centuries if necessary---

centuries! Rhodes revealed that when certain Pilgrim Society members don’t have offspring of suitable mentality necessary to march with the plan, that these children were to be dispossessed of inheritance, and the funds flow to the Society’s treasury. More of the letter (page 556)---

“I believe with all the enthusiasm bred in the soul of an inventor it is not self glorification I desire, but the wish to live to register my patent for the benefit of those who, I think, are the greatest people the world has ever seen, but whose fault is that they do not know their strength, their greatness, and their destiny, and who are wasting their time on their minor local matters, but being asleep do not know that through the invention of steam and electricity, and in view of their enormous increase, they must now be trained to view the world as a whole, and not only consider the social questions of the British Isles. I find I am human and should like to be living after my death; still, perhaps, if that name is coupled with the object of England everywhere, and united, the name may convey the discovery of an idea which ultimately led to the cessation of all wars and one language throughout the world, the patent being the gradual absorption of wealth and human minds of the higher order to the object.”

The “inventor’s patent” Rhodes spoke of was the creation of the Society he kept referring to, which would drive for “the object of England everywhere,” which is to say, the control of the British Empire over planet earth; the forcing of English as the universal language; and the use of war to do away with war! (Create World Wars then offer the world a global government, most recently with the United Nations). A key Pilgrim Society front, the English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth, and its twin, the English Speaking Union of the United States, exists for the purpose of having English as the world language. Founded in 1918 in London and 1920 in New York by Sir Evelyn Wrench of The Pilgrims, its officials today, as with the numerous other Pilgrim Society fronts, are members. The 2002 Pilgrim book, page 145, admits that The Pilgrims “is a more exclusive affair” while saying ESU is for the “hoi-polloi,” the commoners. The ESU currently claims some 20,000 U.S. members and has branches in larger cities. Those members of the ESU who know anything about The Pilgrims, are probably playing “wanna-be”.

Wrench also founded the Overseas League, another Crown front. These are all Crown/Redcoat/Tory/Royalist organizations, and all Americans who are members are inclined towards treason spirit against our Declaration of Independence. On May 23, 1911 the Pilgrims London met and page 77 of the 1942 book says---

“The King heartily thanks The Pilgrims for their kind congratulations on his approaching coronation. It is His Majesty’s earnest hope that the high ideals that the Society have in view may be amply secured.”

We’ve seen what their stated ideals are---seize the wealth of the world so they can re-establish the worldwide British Empire! Another example of a Pilgrim Society front is the Newcomen Society of England and Newcomen Society of North America, named after James Newcomen, inventor of the steam engine. Newcomen is always headed by Pilgrims (Charles Penrose Jr., 2nd generation member, inheritor of cotton, engineering, mining and power production fortune; father and son both English Speaking Union). Rhodes again mentioned the “gradual absorption of wealth” and “human minds of the higher order” by the Society. This is truly what places The Pilgrims atop the pyramid, over any other internationalist organization---it alone exists for the purpose of “absorbing the wealth.” We shall see more alarming references to this, as well as undeniable, irrefutable proofs that The Pilgrims runs the world’s money. They are therefore the most important society. Page 556--- “What an awful thought it is that if we had not lost America, or if even now we could arrange with the present members of the United States Assembly and our House of Commons, the peace of the world is secured for all eternity. We could hold federal parliament five years at Washington and five at London.”

These Pilgrims are obsessed with reunification of America and Great Britain. One of their important fronts is the Atlantic Council of the United States, in Washington, D.C., currently headed by Pilgrim Society member Henry Catto, former Ambassador to Great Britain. Catto’s relative, Lord Catto of Cairncatto, Commander of the British Empire, was Governor of the Bank of England, 1944-1949 and probably another member. Henry married Jessica Hobby, daughter of William P. and Oveta Culp Hobby, owners of the Houston Post. Mrs. Hobby was a trustee of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships and the Marshall Scholarships, both with the same purpose as the Rhodes Scholars and both named for members of The Pilgrims. She was also involved with Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Pilgrims). The Pilgrim Society subordinates, the Rhodes Scholars, are deeply involved with these efforts. Page 557, Rhodes continues with his alarming discussion---

“The only thing feasible to carry this idea out is a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world to be devoted to such an object. There is Hirsch with twenty millions, very soon to cross the unknown border, and struggling in the dark to know what to do with his money; and so one might go on ad infinitum.”

The first sentence above contains 27 words; the second, 34. Those have to be the most outrageous, appalling, disturbing and alarming sentences I ever read in my entire life, on any subject matter whatsoever! Consider-- -this article, written in 1902---the same year as the founding of The Pilgrims---can only be speaking of them, though the article does not directly mention them by name. All the personalities mentioned in the article played roles in the founding of The Pilgrims London and New York. There is no other possible organization to which the article could refer. The time frame is exact---bulls-eye---and the description of the Society fits no other organization remotely as well as The Pilgrims. An entity such as Skull & Bones doesn’t come close to matching their power. The Pilgrims, alone, claims to be---and is---the sole and exclusive Society which exists for two purposes---1) to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world;” and 2) to use the control of such wealth to reunite the United States and the British Empire as a basis for World Government! If that doesn’t concern you, neither should a running chainsaw one millimeter from your throat be of concern. These Pilgrims control the Bank of England; the Federal Reserve System; the Bank for International Settlements; and most of the other central banks (except possibly, in the recent case of Argentina!) Rhodes spoke of approaching various big rich with secret invitations to join the Society. They would recruit key rich to join in their plan. Apparently the unknown offer to them for joining is-- -the world is to be taken over and returned to feudalism. You will be a Duke, Lord, Baron, Viceroy or Viscount in some designated sector of planet earth! There must be cases in which men have been approached to join, and declined. We must assume that in every such case without exception, they become targets for the massed power of the Society, and brought down! Page 557, continuing, with Rhodes writing---

“Fancy the charm to young America, just coming on and dissatisfied---for they have filled up their own country and do not know what to tackle next---to share in a scheme to take the government of the whole world! Their present President is dimly seeing it, but his horizon is limited to the New World north and south, and so he would intrigue in Canada, Argentina, and Brazil. Such a brain wants but little to see the true solution; he is still groping in the dark, but is very near the discovery.” Here Rhodes referred to the North American robber barons---Carnegie; Rockefeller; Harriman; Mellon; Vanderbilt; Morgan; Duke; McCormick; Astor; Harkness; Cullman; Schiff; Phipps; Flagler; Whitney and so forth. All were recruited---and all joined in The Pilgrim Society’s “scheme to take the government of the whole world!” Theodore Roosevelt, of the old Colonial land fortune, backed by J.P. Morgan, became President, and must have become a member of The Pilgrims by 1903, the year the New York branch officially opened---notice Rhodes said Roosevelt was “very near the discovery!” Page 557 continues---

“The present English-speaking world has the sacred duty of taking the responsibility of the still uncivilized parts of the world. What a scope and what a horizon of work, for the next two centuries, the best energies of the best people in the world; perfectly feasible, but needing an organization, for it is impossible for one human atom to complete anything, much less such an idea as this requiring the devotion of the best souls of the next 200 years. There are three essentials---(1) The plan duly weighed and agreed to. (2) The first organization. (3) The seizure of the wealth necessary.” The super secret Pilgrim Society---the World Money Power---was set up officially in 1902, and started with a 200-year timetable (mentioned twice) for bringing the entire planet under the rule of its members---that is and remains the plan. The first organization was The Pilgrim Society itself. (Many charter members were members of significant pre-existing societies). Other organizations were to be created by The Pilgrims as fronts for the extension of their influence. Other organizations already in existence were brought under their control. Those organizations they founded include the English Speaking Union; Council on Foreign Relations; Royal Institute for International Affairs; United Nations Association; Atlantic Council of the United States; Bilderberg Conferences; Japan Society; Trilateral Commission; France-America Society; British North American Committee; Rhodes Scholars Association; Dartmouth Conferences; American-Australian Association; Council of the Americas; Center for Inter-American Relations and a long list of others. Rhodes third step, “the seizure of the wealth necessary,” shows they are really up to no good, despite denials elsewhere (bylaw #2 states)---

“The object of the Society shall be the promotion of the sentiment of brotherhood among the nations, and especially the cultivation of good fellowship between citizens of the United States and its dependencies and subjects of the British Empire.”

As Professor John Robeson, referenced above, stated--- “We may also gather, from what we have seen, that all declarations of universal philanthropy are dangerous.”

Warmongers don’t promote brotherhood. I guess that’s why General Du Pont was a charter member. Notice Rhodes wasn’t simply interested in recruiting those who had money---he proposed to “seize wealth” to make the Society stronger; indeed, it would “gradually absorb the wealth of the world.” We will look at some of these seizure of wealth incidents I have identified later. Where they speak of “good fellowship” between the U.S. and Britain, that’s code language for, use the Yanks to fight wars we promote! Page 558 tells us something of fantastic significance--- “It was while midway between Cape Town and England, that the idea flashed into his mind of superceding his previous will by another, in which part of his wealth would be set apart for administration by trustees, for educational purposes. When he first told me about it, the scheme was limited to British colonies. “It is admirable,” I said, “but would it not be still better if you could extend it so as to bring the Americans into it?” Further examination of his estate satisfied him it could be done, and accordingly the will contains the provision by which every American State is offered two scholarships of $1,500 each, tenable for three years. I doubt whether Rhodes realized that by such an arrangement Americans would receive 50 per cent more of his benefaction than British colonists. This, however, will probably soon by rectified by his executors, who have absolutely unrestricted ownership of the residue, which probably amounts to a moiety of the estate.” This was the scheme to set up the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University, England. Students were to be sent to Oxford for intentional indoctrination for spreading the power of the British Empire around the world. This conspiratorial plan has worked with a success hard to imagine, till you find out who some of the Rhodes Scholars have been. We will look at that separately later. The Rhodes Trust has always been administered by guess whom---yes, members of The Pilgrim Society. Some of the more important Rhodes Scholars actually ascend into Pilgrim Society membership; the vast majority do not. It is lower level, like Skull & Bones. A better case by far can be made for the influence of the Rhodes Scholars, than for Skull & Bones. Both are interlocked with The Pilgrims and both stand in inferior relationship to the Society.

Continuing the discussion of the Rhodes Scholarship plan, page 558--- “Mr. Rhodes was amenable to my suggestion about the American extension of his scholarship because it so thoroughly jumped with his own ideas. Other suggestions---as, for instance, that they should be tenable at Cambridge, as well as at Oxford, or that the Rhodes scholars should be allowed, if they chose, to study at Harvard or any other American college, were rejected. “The Americans can, if they like, endow scholarships for their own universities, and Cambridge men can look after Cambridge. My scholars must all come to my old university. I am on the lookout for those who will do the governing of the nations in the years that are to come.”

Consider how outrageous and dangerous are the plans outlined in this article. Rub your eyes and whiff the smelling salts, because it is all grimly factual! There exists a Secret Society---easily the most commanding influence network the world has ever seen--- known as The Pilgrims, whose members have successfully been “gradually absorbing the wealth of the world;” they have successfully been “seizing wealth;” they control many heads of state; politicians are indoctrinated, when necessary, at their Bilderberg subsidiary; they are “on the lookout for those who will do the governing of the nations.” That’s why they control the Rhodes Scholars! But they also control many other educational/propagandistic fellowships---Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships; Fulbright Scholarships (named after the late Senator Fulbright of Arkansas, a Rhodes Scholar); Rockefeller Fellowships; George F. Baker Scholarships; Ford Foundation Fellowships; Mellon Fellowships; Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships and many others. The Rhodes Scholarships are easily the most important of all these, indoctrinating some 32 “bright minds” from the U.S. annually (turning U.S. citizens into Tory Redcoats working for the Anglo- American establishment). We will consider a list later. Stead described Rhodes death on pages 558 and 559---

“It is one of the curious ironies of fate that Rhodes, who never had anything to do with women, save to enjoy their conversation or to assist them in their distress, should have been hurried to his grave by a woman who wished to marry him, and finding him irresponsive to her overtures, resorted to the somewhat original expedient of forging his name to a series of bills to the amount of 17,000 pounds. Only one of them was discounted, and Rhodes was compelled to return to the Cape to give evidence in the case. He was suffering from heart trouble, but he might have lived some years if he could have been kept out of the excitement of courts and parliaments. Dr. Jameson strongly opposed his return to Africa. “You are sending him to his grave,” he declared. Rhodes, however, felt that he must appear in court, but promised to return by the next steamer. Unfortunately, he had a cruelly bad passage out. The weather was so stormy that he was twice flung out of his berth onto the floor of his cabin.”

“Arriving at Cape Town in a state of great nervous irritation, he was at once the center of a vortex of political agitation. He gave evidence in the case of the forgery, and then flung himself into the movement to secure the suspension of the Cape constitution. It was too much for him. He broke down, and although he lingered in great pain for a fortnight or more, his attendants knew from the first that he was doomed. Nothing but his indomitable will kept him alive. The excessive heat rendered his sufferings still more trying. Telegrams hailed into his sick chamber from his friends all over the world. The King and Queen sent affectionate messages. His last audible words were characteristic of the man---“So much to do; so little done!”

The only people who get telegrams from British Royalty are those who assist them in their global intentions. So much to do, so little done--- towards the world take-over. But Rhodes knew it was in the hands of the “best souls” forming the Secret Society---The Pilgrims--- which would “seize the wealth necessary” and “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” in a plan that would take up to 200 years to complete! He passed away on March 26, 1902, and The Pilgrims were founded in London on July 24, 1902. There is NO other organization that matches the description given in that May 1902 article. There is NO other significant organization founded in that time frame, and by Rhodes associates and their network, which included powerful contacts in these United States. We have located the vortex of world power. Below, The Pilgrims of Great Britain, 1942 leadership---

We see unmistakably that the British Crown stands behind this Secret Society! The Duke of Connaught was the King’s uncle! The British Empire’s religious leader, the Archbishop of Canterbury was there. Viscount Hailsham was Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. Viscount Greenwood was mentioned on pages 29-30 of the rare 1942 book “Pilgrim Partners”---

“The Dominion of Canada sent us another committeeman for whom we all have real regard. Hamar Greenwood, an able, clear-headed Canadian, has for many a year been a wise counsellor. In House of Commons days he proved himself in more than one position a trustworthy and fearless Minister of the Crown; today a member of the House of Lords, and head of more than one great industrial concern, he is ready as ever to help forward the cause for which The Pilgrims stand.”

We already saw what their cause consists of---appropriating wealth owned by those it disapproves of, and weakening the sovereignties of the individual nations so they can form their sought-after world government. Lord Desborough chaired the Pilgrims London, 1919-1929 and was a member of the Grenfell family which included a Governor of the Bank of England, and he was first cousin of a partner in the J.P. Morgan banking domain. The 2002 book, page 62 says, “King George V was very friendly with such influential Americans as the banker J.P. Morgan.” J.P. Morgan organized the Panic of 1893 and 1907, to dislodge wealth from the middle class and serve as excuses to create another central bank, which King George V wanted. Sir Harry Brittain, Knight of the British Empire, was a founder in 1902. He also founded the Empire Press Union, a league of publishers and editors of newspapers from all over the British Commonwealth of Australia, Canada, India and elsewhere, and organized the first Imperial Press Conferences. J. Arthur Barratt organized the St. Louis World Fair and became Director General of the Pan American Union in Washington, the building for which was provided by Pilgrim Society member Andrew Carnegie (below)---

The Earl of Derby was Secretary of State for War, 1916-1918. The scarce 2002 Pilgrim book, page 120, shows the Earl of Derby speaking with one of the two wealthiest American Pilgrims---Andrew Mellon, of whom we must learn more later. Viscount Hewart was Lord Chief Justice of Great Britain. Sir Montague Barlow was Parliamentary Secretary of Labor. Sir John Caulcutt (born 1876) was a director of large companies. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Eric Crankshaw, Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, was another example of how The Pilgrims have military men in their ranks; appropriate since the Society is the world’s worst warmonger! Lord Fairhaven had mining and railroad interests in the “colonies,” the United States, and married an heiress from New York. Sir William Grenfell Max-Muller was a member of the Grenfell family; the Morgan banking empire London branch was Morgan, Grenfell & Company. The Earl of Midleton was British Secretary of State for War. Sir Campbell Stuart was a director of The Times (London). Sir Kynaston Studd, Order of the British Empire, was a high-ranking Mason (see below, a minority of members are Masons) and was the feature of an article starting on page 77 of Genealogists Magazine, December 1928, “Royal Descent of the Lord Mayor of London Sir Kynaston Studd.” Studd was a confidant of the Duke of Westminster, another member and reputed richest man in England (assuming the Duke---and I don’t mean John Wayne--- outranks names like Rothschild, Astor and Windsor, which is impossible to know). Lawrence Tweedy chaired the American Club in London, a Pilgrim Society front another front, the American University Union. Sir John Wilson Taylor, Knight of the British Empire, was part of the management of the American Officers Club.

The Duke of Kent, another member of the Royal Family, was photographed with American Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax in 1938 (2002 book, page 122). Kennedy headed the Securities Exchange Commission for The Pilgrims, then chaired the U.S. Maritime Commission in 1937, before becoming ambassador. Also a Knight of Malta, he became a trustee of Notre Dame University. This was JFK’s father. Belief is widespread in precious metals circles that JFK’s signing of Executive Order 11110, stripping the Federal Reserve of monetary powers, was the reason for his death later in 1963. It could be a case of Vatican versus British Empire, or more simply, a case of JFK siding with average Americans over elitists. The Lincoln greenback plan during Civil War times angered the bankers, which was probably the cause of his death. Curiously, John Wilkes Booth shared an ancestor with Cherie Blair, wife of Pilgrim Society member Tony Blair, British Prime Minister. Also very strangely, Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the president, was saved from falling from a moving train by Edwin Booth, older brother of the assassin! Robert Lincoln was at the railroad station in Washington when President Garfield was shot, and he was also at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, when President McKinley was shot. From 1889-1893 Lincoln was Minister to Great Britain, a title later changed to ambassador. It was undoubtedly while in London that he “got his head right.” From 1897-1911 he was president of the Pullman Company, Chicago, then became chairman till 1922. This railroadassociated company (passenger cars) was closely held by charter members of The Pilgrims including Marshall Field; John D. Rockefeller; Andrew Mellon; and the Vanderbilts. According to Myers in “History of the Great American Fortunes,” page 275---

“The Vanderbilt family is one of the dynasties of inordinately rich families ruling the United States. In combination with other powerful men or families of wealth, it shares the dictatorship of many corporations. One member alone, William K. Vanderbilt, was a director of seventy-three transportation and industrial combinations or corporations.”

On April 15, 1915, the 50th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln, The Pilgrims London met and were addressed by Sir Gilbert Parker, member of Parliament, who assured the Society that the Americans would come into the war on the side of Britain.


In “Silver Users And Opium” (Archives) I outlined details of British influence in the first and second Bank of the United States, and their American collaborators. Those names included Stephen Girard; Du Pont; Biddle; and above all else, John Jacob Astor. Descendants of all these, except Girard who left no heirs, have been over the years and are represented in The Pilgrims today! There was a 77-year time span between the expiration of the charter of the second Bank of the U.S. (1836) and the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act (December 1913). The East coast financial elements who were collaborating with the British to reinstituted a central banking system here had been active in creating legislation tending towards the founding of another central bank (National Banking Act of 1863 and the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Act of 1908), and engineering financial panics in 1857; 1873; 1893; and 1907, by which they would have their propagandists say, “see, we need a central bank to maintain an orderly marketplace, and to prevent Wall Street excesses!” Myers the great chronicler of wealth noted (page 628, “History of the Great American Fortunes”)---

“The panic of 1907 smashed lesser fortunes right and left, but Morgan emerged with far greater possessions.”

Edward Butterfield Vreeland (1856-1936) was a member of The Pilgrims (his brother Herbert also) of Dutch descent of an old Colonial times land fortune. He was Republican member of the U.S. House who chaired the Committee on Banking and Currency through March 1913---just before the Federal Reserve was “legalized.” Vreeland, of one of the many intermarried Pilgrim Society families (an exhaustive genealogical study of both branches would leave you rubbing your eyes, but intermarriage is the keystone of the feudalistic/serfdom system), had interests also in insurance, banking and oil. As vice chairman of the National Monetary Commission from 1909 through 1913 he helped propagandize the country for a central bank. However, those pushing the plan were all careful that the phrase “central bank” should be avoided.

Genealogical intricacies loom large in The Pilgrims Society! For example, Charles Francis Adams (born 1910) was a direct descendant of President John Adams (1797-1801) and President John Quincy Adams (1825-1829), who while Secretary of State in the Monroe administration (previous president) made a deal with England for the occupation of the Oregon territory. Charles Adams became chairman of defense contractor Raytheon Company in 1964 and was a director of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Gillette Company and First National Bank of Boston. Albert Eugene Gallatin (born 1881) was great-great grandson of Albert Gallatin, U.S. Treasury Secretary, 1801-1814, who was also U.S. minister to England and France. Gallatin, during the War of 1812, made it possible for British Crown collaborator John Jacob Astor to transport furs across battle lines! According to United States Senate documents, First Session, Seventeenth Congress, 1821-1822, Volume I, document number 60, pages 50-51 (verbatim)---

“Astor’s agent brought the furs to Mackinac in company with the British troops, and the whole transaction is well known at Mackinac and Detroit.”

The great-great grandson of Gallatin, a Pilgrim Society member as of the 1930’s, was a member of the New York Federal Grand Jury, a member of New York City’s Committee for National Defense in the 1940’s, a member of the Society of the Cincinnati and a director of France- America Society. There are numerous instances of intermarriages within the Society! They could say, “We’re mostly family in The Pilgrim Society!” And while they’re laughing at 285 million Americans who don’t know they exist, some spittle dripping half wit will pipe up at the right moment and say, “Pilgrim Society? Oh that doesn’t exist! Are they still out there on the Mayflower?” David and Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller of The Pilgrims had Senator Nelson Aldrich as their grandfather---one of the organizers of the Federal Reserve System! Nelson Rockefeller, below, who died under mysterious circumstances, possibly a victim of a conflict with the Rothschilds, some have theorized and we cannot know---

The Aldriches, of an old land based fortune that predates the Civil War, married into the Winthrops, also Rockefeller relatives. The Winthrops too were of an old land based fortune predating the Civil War. And it is no coincidence that Benjamin Winthrop was Governor of the Bank of England in 1804-1806! Clarence M. Woolley of The Pilgrims (born 1863) was an inheritor of the Van Rensselaer land fortune dating to 1630, when a tract of land 24 miles long by 48 miles wide on the west bank of the Hudson was acquired from native Americans for some “axes, knives and wampum” (“History of the Great American Fortunes,” 1909, page 35). Woolley was a director of the New York Fed in the 1940’s and a board member of General Motors, General Electric and other companies, and of The Pilgrims single most important front organization, the Council on Foreign Relations! Since the Federal Reserve System as a fiat money source is linked to wars, not surprisingly Clarence Woolley was vice chairman of the War Trade Board in 1917.

The story of the Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting where the plans for the central bank were finalized has been told elsewhere. All we need do here is identify which of the 7 individuals present were members of The Pilgrims. With the reliable means of identification I described above, 5 of the 7 present were members---Paul Warburg; Senator Nelson Aldrich; Henry P. Davidson, of J.P. Morgan & Company; Benjamin Strong, also of the Morgan group; and Frank Vanderlip, of the Rockefeller allied National City Bank, who was a director of many corporations. Charles D. Norton, president of the First National Bank of New York, was almost certainly a member, but because information is fragmentary, I couldn’t prove it. We know that the leading lights and dominant figures in the founding of the Fed were members of the society whose objective was (and remains) “the seizure of the wealth necessary!” The Federal Reserve hasn’t been a failure for everyone. If you want to really know who the richest people in the country are, don’t bother reading the rigged lists in Forbes magazine (Malcolm Forbes Sr. was a member). Just find out who the people back of the Federal Reserve are, and you’ve discovered who the richest ones are. And those are members of The Pilgrims!

Many members of The Pilgrims have been associated with the Federal Reserve System over the years, including William McChesney Martin Jr. and Arthur Burns (below), chairmen.

Is Greenspan a member? Most likely, but at any rate he is a collaborator since the Queen knighted him. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is certainly the most important of the 12 Fed branches. In fact, it is more of the real Fed nerve center since those running it are more likely to be members of the Society than those at the Fed in Washington. Let me stress that there are two kinds of Pilgrim members---those who are substantial powers in and of themselves, with names like Mellon; Rockefeller; Astor; Warburg; Rothschild: Du Pont; Harriman; Vanderbilt; Duke; Reynolds; Cullman and so on, from families described in “America’s 60 Families” (Lundberg, 1937). The other Pilgrims are their highest-level lieutenants, members whose power is that which is largely delegated to them by the inner circle of intermarried old-line wealth of Britain (with Europe) and the U.S. Arthur Burns was a member whose power was delegated to him. David Rockefeller, once a director of the New York Fed, is a member whose power is not delegated to him by others, but is a power unto himself, as we shall abundantly see! When David was a director of the New York Fed, its chairman was Roswell L. Gilpatrick (1973-1975), who was associated with Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Gilpatrick’s power was delegated to him by the Rockefeller family, the biggest beneficiaries behind the Federal Reserve System. Gilpatrick also served as chairman of the Aerospace Corporation and director of CBS and Eastern Airlines.

As of 1978 the chairman of the Fed Bank of New York was Robert Knight, another Pilgrim Society member. Heir to the Whitney (Standard Oil fortune); his relative, John Hay Whitney, was a vice president of The Pilgrims and a descendant of John Hay, once Secretary of State; two of Knight’s children had Whitney as their middle name. A graduate, not of Yale, but of the University of Virginia---where he probably became a member of the Raven Society (many colleges have Yale-type counterpart Societies), Knight was general counsel to the Treasury Department in 1961-1962, when his fellow Pilgrim Society member, Douglas Dillon (2nd generation member) was Treasury Secretary and lobbying to take America off silver coins so as to move us closer to full fiat currency! The undersecretary of the Treasury was another Pilgrim Society member, Robert Vincent Roosa, also on record as opposing silver. Rhodes Scholar Roosa went on to be a Harriman-Rockefeller fortune liaison and director of companies such as Prudential Insurance and Texaco. In 1962 Knight became a partner in the powerful Wall Street law firm, Shearman & Sterling. Knight became general counsel to United Technologies Corporation, which featured various Pilgrim Society members on its board, including Olcott Damon Smith, head of the huge Aetna Insurance group. Knight became a director of British Steel Corporation (London Pilgrims on board); Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation (of the Houghton family of Pilgrim Society members and Citigroup directors); of the French conglomerate, Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann Corporation; chairman of Howmet Corporation; member of International Satellite Arbitration Panel; director of Asia Foundation; and chairman of University of Virginia Law School Foundation. Members of The Pilgrim Society hold numerous star-high seats of power. These levers of influence are always simultaneously coordinated in order to grind down the middle class; to eliminate the non-aligned rich; and to lead us towards World Rule. Since it is the case that they are in control of our national destiny unless we act to expose them and overturn their fantastic power, it behooves us to become aware of them---and then to take corrective action, beginning with Congressional investigations into the British Redcoat/Tory aligned banker organization. Lord Cornwallis, Knight of the British Empire---directly descended from Lord Cornwallis who invaded America at the direction of the British Crown during our Revolutionary War---was listed in The Pilgrims of Great Britain list I received! We went from being a British colony; to being attacked by the British; then being subverted by another of their central bank creations; and being heavily manipulated, to this very moment, by their Secret Society that stands atop the world’s financial pyramid---The Pilgrims! Imagine the reaction of Washington, Jefferson and Jackson, all of whom fought the British, if they knew that our Presidents today are British collaborators! Economic historian Ferdinand Lundberg reckoned the Whitneys as the 7th wealthiest family in America as of 1924 (“America’s 60 Families,” 1937) but he evidently had no knowledge of the secret Senate of the super rich---The Pilgrims!

The more distant we get from the year 1969, the year of the leaked list, the harder it is to know for certain which figures are members. We may assume that the management of the New York Fed are predominantly members. I can tell you for 100% certain that Alfred Hayes (president, N.Y. Fed, 1956 to 1975) was a member. After that he went to Morgan Stanley International and the board of National Distillers & Chemical, along with Pilgrim Society member Hulbert Stratton Aldrich, nephew of Senator Aldrich, and connected also to the British via directorship in Royal Globe Insurance Group. Pilgrim Society member Robert Clarkson was also a board member. Hayes got the distinguished service award from the U.S. Treasury for 1969. Hayes was one of those rare Rhodes Scholars who graduated into the higher circles and became a member of The Pilgrims. Perhaps 1 in 50 Rhodes Scholars make such an upward journey. Very significantly, Hayes was president of the board of trustees of Lignan University in Canton, China, from 1947 through 1954, almost 4 years concurrent with the Chinese Red takeover! The Pilgrims have been involved with building up Chinese industry, as we shall see. Allan Sproul (president N.Y. Fed, 1941-1956) was another Pilgrim Society member. Sproul became a director of Wells Fargo Bank and Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical. Before him there was George L. Harrison at the helm of the N.Y. Fed, another Pilgrim Society member, 1929-1940, who was on The Pilgrims executive committee as of 1942! Harrison became chairman of New York Life Insurance and alternate chairman of the Interim Policy Committee on Atomic Energy. Harrison got his start at age 26 as legal secretary to Supreme Court Justice Oliver W. Holmes in 1913. Also on The Pilgrims executive committee in 1942 was Owen D. Young, chairman of General Electric from 1922 through 1939; chairman of International Chamber of Commerce, 1925-1928, and director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1923 through 1940 and chairman, 1938 through 1940. Young was decorated the Order of the Rising Sun by Japan, 1921. Leon Fraser, another Pilgrim Society executive committee member as of 1942 (see illustration) was at that time also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The first president of the N.Y. Fed was Benjamin Strong of The Pilgrims. Gates W. McGarrah of The Pilgrims became president of the Bank for International Settlements at Basle, Switzerland in 1930. He went there directly from the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. There is no organization other than The Pilgrims, which stands back of the Federal Reserve System and controls it, very naturally since they exist to “seize the wealth necessary!”

The head of the second bank of the United States, (direct forerunner of the Fed) was Nicholas Biddle, who, according to Myers in “History of the Great American Fortunes,” page 557---

“The foremost banker in the United States in the first four decades of the nineteenth century was Nicholas Biddle, that proud aristocrat and founder of a family of aristocrats. He was long president of the once allpowerful Bank of the United States, and was held up to the whole country as an illustrious example. Yet he was accused of being a malefactor in law.”

Nicholas Biddle was the head of the British allied central bank, but John Jacob Astor was the main power in the bank, and after Astor, Eleuthere Du Pont, both directors, and both had descendants who were charter members of The Pilgrims. Nicholas Biddle also had descendants who were members of The Pilgrims, including David H. Biddle (charter member); A.J. Drexel Biddle Jr. (born 1897), Ambassador to Poland; Norway; France; Greece; Belgium; Netherlands; Yugoslavia; Czechoslovakia and Luxembourg, highly likely member of The Pilgrims and Order of the British Empire (the Drexels were part of the J.P. Morgan group); Francis Biddle (born 1886), The Pilgrims, director of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 1938-1939, Attorney General of U.S., 1941-1945; and Angier Biddle Duke (born 1915), of the American Tobacco Company and Duke Energy fortunes, the huge Duke Endowment, and Duke University, North Carolina--- and estimated by Lundberg to be the 16th wealthiest American family as of 1924. Angier Biddle Duke was Ambassador to El Salvador; Spain; Denmark and Morocco and was decorated by Great Britain; France; Spain; Sweden; Denmark; Morocco and Greece. He chaired the U.S./Japan Foundation, 1981 through 1986 and became president of the Council of American Ambassadors in 1992. Obviously he had interests in many countries, according to The Pilgrims motto, “Here And Everywhere!” Fred Lavis, another Pilgrim Society member, married Blanche Biddle on December 22, 1902, and became president of International Railways of Central America in 1928. Since the Dukes and Biddles---Pilgrim Society families connected to central banking---are intermarried, consider the following from “History of the Great American Fortunes” (page 705)---

“Launched in 1890, a combination called the American Tobacco Company, with a capital of $25,000,000 largely watered stock. James Duke was made president of this company which secured control of 90 percent of the cigarette business in America. The American Tobacco Company extended its domination over other branches of the tobacco industry, consolidating and merging other concerns, eighty-six in all. The total capitalization of the American Tobacco Company was run up to $235,000,000. The full story of the huge profits, the issuance of large stock dividends in addition to ordinary dividends, the inflation of stock issues, the manipulation of stock and other methods filled 475 pages of the report of the U.S. Commissioner of Corporations in 1911.

Meanwhile, then as later, as official reports showed, the small tobacco growers in America had the hardest time making a bare living; the sums paid to them for their product were beaten down to the scantiest prices. Their lot was distressing. In 1911 the Supreme Court of the United States ordered the dissolution of the Tobacco Trust, but as in the case of the Standard Oil Company, its components rearranged their position and kept on flourishing.”

You see, dear reader, there is no organization in existence which controls the world’s wealth from the top, other than The Pilgrim Society and the spidery intermarried looters who are members of it---behind the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England, Wall Street, Lombard Street (London) and the great international corporations of Planet Earth. More details on that matter in the second in this series next month! Lundberg in “America’s Sixty Families,” (1937), page 122 commented---

“The financiers wanted a central bank on the European model, to facilitate the large-scale manipulation of the national economy. An instrument was desired that would function as had the United States Bank, smashed by President Andrew Jackson because it concentrated immense monetary power in private hands. In practice the Federal Reserve Bank of New York became the fountainhead of the system of twelve regional banks, for New York was the money market of the nation. The other eleven banks were so many expensive mausoleums erected to salve the local pride and quell the Jacksonian fears of the hinterland. Benjamin Strong, son in law of E.C. Converse, and Converse’s successor as president of Bankers Trust Company, was selected as the first Governor of the New York Reserve bank. An adept in high finance, Strong for many years manipulated the country’s monetary system at the discretion of directors representing the leading New York banks. Under Strong the Reserve system, unsuspected by the nation, was brought into interlocking relations with the Bank of England. While Wall Street, during and after the war, moved on to ever enlarging profits, the farmers, whom the Reserve System was ostensibly created to assist, went from bad to worse.”

Everything The Pilgrims organization does has the net effect of “absorbing” wealth from others---others who are unaware that it exists! Their actions have the effect of “seizing wealth” from the rest of us! Some of the other Fed branch banks have had Pilgrims as directors, such as Alfred Aiken, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1914-1917, who later headed New York Life Insurance. Aiken was a trustee of Clark University and Wellesley College. Numerous members of The Pilgrims at any given time are all over important college and university trustee, regent, and overseer boards. That’s why you won’t find economics professors telling the facts about the corrupt Federal Reserve System. Robert Chapman Sprague chaired the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1955-1960. He was the Pilgrim Society member who chaired the defense and intelligence related MITRE Corporation, 1969-1972. Sprague was a life trustee of Northeastern University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Like many Pilgrim Society members, especially those with obvious paper money creation links, Sprague was involved with the management of the WWII effort. He chaired the Industry Advisory Committee on Electronic Components and Parts, 1944-1945, oversaw the construction of the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Lexington, and was a consultant on continental defense to the National Security Council, 1954-1958. Yes, where you find fiat money creation and the wars it is used to finance, you find members of The Pilgrims, seizing the wealth necessary to their plans and absorbing wealth---involuntarily---from the rest of us. Other examples exist. Pilgrim Society member David Rockefeller sent Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve System from 1979-1987; another highly likely Pilgrim Society member---a lieutenant with delegated power by a member who is a power unto himself. David Rockefeller, below, after whose October 1964 visit to Moscow Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was deposed, sometimes referred to today as “chairman of the world’s cash flow”---


At any given moment you may expect to find members of The Pilgrims of Great Britain running the Bank of England. Not that everyone involved with that infamous institution is or has been a member---just those making the final decisions. A few examples will do, as other territory must be addressed. Lord Montagu Norman was governor of the Bank when he conferred with our Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (Pilgrim Society) on February 6, 1929. By late October the crash started. Members were undoubtedly told to be heavily short. By this means they added to their ownership of American corporations, “seizing the wealth necessary” and “absorbing the wealth.” Mellon was the greatest financial genius of the 20th century. More on him later. Suspiciously, on March 29, 1928, E.H. Simmons, president of the New York Stock Exchange, was hosted at a meeting of The Pilgrims in London. Laurence J. Cadbury (Pilgrims, Order of the British Empire) was governor of the Bank, 1936- 1961 and became treasurer of the Population Investigation Committee in 1936. My belief is that plans exist by which Earth’s population is to be reduced by war and starvation. A newspaper and television magnate, he ran what is now Cadbury Schweppes, a $6 billion business in beverages, confections and other items.

The Earl of Cromer, who was Page of Honour to the King, 1931-1935, and whose wife, was Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen, became governor of the Bank of England in 1961. He was private secretary to the Marquess of Willingdon (another Pilgrim) during 1938-1940.

Willingdon was Governor-General of Canada and Viceroy of India. Starting in 1959 and until he became governor of the Bank, the Earl of Cromer was head of the Treasury delegation and British Economic Minister in Washington and the United Kingdom. This old-line heir to the Chinese opium trade fortune had an ancestor connected to the first Bank of the United States which, when we foolishly let its (Royal) charter expire, our British “friends” invaded us and burned Washington! (Various other names in the list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain had ancestors involved in the Chinese opium trade, including the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine.) By the mid to late 1960’s the Earl of Cromer, deeply connected to the British Crown, was Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (“gold and silver are non-monetary assets because the Pilgrim Society cannot create these out of thin air”); director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank); the International Finance Corporation, and was one of the most significant British manipulators of the world banking system in his time. Before the Earl of Cromer, Viscount Harcourt (Pilgrims London) was executive director of the IMF and the World Bank (1954-1957).

William J. Keswick, The Pilgrims of Great Britain, was governor of the Bank of England as of the late 1960’s, and director of British Petroleum (now one of the five largest corporations in the world) and Sun Alliance and London Insurance and Hudson’s Bay Company. He was a member of the British Shipping Mission at Washington in WWII. There we go again, finding another link between wars and fiat money creation! Sir Maurice Henry Parsons (Pilgrims London) was another Bank of England governor, starting in 1966. From 1957 till 1966 he served as its executive director. Also from 1957 through 1966 he was the United Kingdom representative on the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF--- paper money mob). Parsons was IMF director of operations, 1947-1950. He was private secretary to Lord Montagu Norman, 1939-1943. Starting in 1967 Sir Gordon Richardson was a governor of the Bank of England, through mid-1983. He was vice chairman of Lloyd’s Bank, London (20,000 employees then), 1962-1966, later chaired by Sir Eric Odin Faulkner, Pilgrims of Great Britain and Order of the British Empire. Richardson became chairman of Schroder’s Limited (international banking conglomerate) in 1965; Pilgrim Society members such as Edmund Bartlett ran the Schroder’s branch in New York. On April 17, 1991, The Pilgrims conducted a reception for members at the Bank of England. On May 23, 1949, The Pilgrims London hosted Winthrop Aldrich, chairman of Chase National Bank, whose father was Senator Nelson Aldrich of the Federal Reserve Act! Being one of the money “creators” explains why Aldrich, as a junior partner to the Rockefellers, was a director of International Paper; Westinghouse Electric; A.T. & T. and Metropolitan Life Insurance. On May 5, 1959, The Pilgrims London hosted Eugene R. Black, an American member and president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank.) November 29, 1965 saw the London Pilgrims host fellow member George Woods, a Mellon family agent who was president of the World Bank. On July 6, 1976, The Pilgrims honored the Queen mother. On June 22, 1994, The Pilgrims conducted a reception for the Queen at St. James Palace. December 8, 1970 saw their guest of honor, Prince Charles of Wales. You see, British Royalty and their European royal intermarriages, and their super rich Pilgrim Society financiers control the world financial system. It’s past time Americans know WHO is tampering with their lives!


Below, image of Pilgrims U.S. leadership as of 1942 (from the book of which only 100 copies were made)---

Let’s make the acquaintance of these fellows. Nicholas Butler was president of Columbia University for 44 years, 1901-1945! He helped to found the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and was its president from 1925-1945. Carnegie was a charter member of The Pilgrims and founded what became U.S. Steel after fellow Pilgrim Society member J.P. Morgan formed a syndicate of other Pilgrim Society members including John D. Rockefeller and bought out Carnegie Steel for hundreds of millions of dollars ($492 million). Joseph Esrey Johnson of the Carnegie Endowment was the Pilgrim Society member who was so active in Bilderberg conferences years ago that he sent out the invitations. Butler had 34 honorary university degrees from leading institutions and was president of The Pilgrims, 1928-1946. Butler became a trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (a propaganda instrument) in 1905 and chaired the Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1937-1945. Butler held the following posts---Germanistic Society, president 1906-1907, director, 1908-1917; honorary vice president, 1930 through mid-1940’s; American Scandinavian Society, president 1908-1911; American Academy in Rome, president 1905 through mid-1940’s; University Settlement Society, president 1905-1914; France-America Society, president 1914-1924; American Hellenic Society, president 1917 through mid-1940’s; Italy-America Society, president 1929-1935; American Society of French Legion of Honor, honorary president starting in 1944; Pan American Trade Committee, 1939, governor; International Benjamin Franklin Society, vice president, 1939; honorary advisor to Mexican Friends of the American People; Nobel Peace Prize, 1931; decorated by China, France, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Chile and others. Herbert Satterlee was J.P. Morgan’s son in law and was an aide to New York Governor Levi P. Morton in 1895-1896---another Pilgrim Society member. Satterlee was the founder of the Navy League of the U.S. and trustee of Columbia University, 1917-1923, of which Butler was president. James W. Gerard was an ambassador to Germany, 1913-1917 and was a New York state Supreme Court justice, 1908-1913 and 1917 through1921. Gerard was treasurer of the Democratic National Committee, 1914 through 1932, amusing since we are about to see the top level Republican Party connections The Pilgrims executive committee had as of 1942. You see, the Secret Society controls the nominating process of both parties and the fiction of real party differences is believed only by the deluded masses! Gerard married Mary Daly, daughter of Montana mine operator Marcus Daly, and he was special representative of the President to the coronation of King George VI---patron of The Pilgrims of Great Britain. Notice that the London lodge has the Royals as their Patron, but the New York lodge or branch doesn’t name a patron. It’s because the British Royals really consider the President to be illegitimate---a British Viceroy or Governor-General would be more appropriate!

Reverend James De Wolf Perry became head of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America in 1930. He was the American counterpart to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Pilgrims interest in religious matters has to do with their all-encompassing interest in world government, and a world religion must be a feature of it, for those of us “who are so immature as to foolishly believe in deity” as some of them privately believe. But then some of them may believe in a horned deity, it seems, according to their actions! Elihu Church was a multimillionaire civil engineer who was a Major during WWI. Now to the executive committee---

Alfred L. Aiken (Yale 1891) was director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1914-1917; president and chairman, National Shawmut Bank of Boston, 1918-1924; and headed New York Life Insurance starting in 1936. Franklin Q. Brown appeared on page 399 of 1932-1933 Who’s Who as a mystery individual listing no date or place of birth, no marriage, and no educational background. He was a “special partner” in Redmond & Company, investment bankers, and director of American Beet Sugar Company; American Light & Traction Company; S.A.L. Railway Company; J.G. White Engineering Corporation (headed by another member); Lima Locomotive Works; M. & Salt Lake Railroad; Cuba Grapefruit Company; Central Westchester & Fairfield Realty Company; Excess Insurance Company; and Insurance Securities Company. He was chairman of the executive committee, National Surety Company; president of Dobbs Ferry Bank; president of Independent Chemical Company, and chairman of advisory committee, Division of Finance, United States Railroad Administration starting in 1918. He was silent about his Pilgrim Society activities! (“A secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.”)

Frederic R. Coudert (born 1871) was of French descent but occasionally we encounter a non-Britisher in The Pilgrims. He was with Coudert Brothers, New York, which today remains a powerful international law firm. He was special assistant to the Attorney General of the U.S., 1913- 1914. He was a trustee of Equitable Trust Company in the 1920’s while it was headed by Pilgrim Society member Alvin W. Krech, who, with Pilgrim Society member Albert H. Wiggin, sold Bolshevik Bonds to their Pilgrim Society network and were successful in keeping Communism in power in Russia. The Pilgrims were behind the Reds from the start. Before that, President Wilson (Pilgrims) sent Elihu Root (Pilgrims), an associate of British Empire activist Andrew Carnegie (Pilgrims) to Russia in 1917 with $100 million with which to prop up the Bolshevik regime. (Root’s son in law, Ulysses S. Grant III, grandson of the President, helped incite Germany to another war with his involvement in the Treaty of Versailles in 1918-1919!) Elihu Root, below---

Later in WWII, Pilgrim Society member Averill Harriman, railroad and banking heir, helped the Soviet Communists with the Lend-Lease Administration. Coudert, a director of the French Alliance in the U.S. and National Surety Company, had offspring who became Pilgrims. Frederic R. Coudert Jr. was with the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, 1924-1925 and went on to be a Congressman during the 80th through 85th sessions. His Pilgrim Society kid brother, Alexis Carrel Coudert (born 1914) was a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court, 1938-1939 and became a Coudert Brothers partner in 1942, then a law professor at Columbia University, 1949-1956. See, don’t believe the drivel, nonsense or poppycock you run into about how Yale University is the only elitist university in the world---far from it! Alexis held two terms as president of the American Association for the Comparative Study of Law in starting in 1955. The reason why The Pilgrims are so involved with the legal system is clear---it’s a key method in their “wealth absorbing” and “wealth seizing” strategies! That’s why the scarce 2002 Pilgrims of Great Britain book lists the following speakers---June 7, 1922, James Beck, Solicitor General of the U.S.; June 19, 1922, William Taft, Chief Justice of the U.S.; Charles Evans Hughes, May 8, 1929, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; Elliot Richardson, March 11, 1975, who was U.S. Attorney General in 1973 and assistant to antisilver Senator Leverett Saltonstall in 1953-1954; July 17, 1984, Warren Burger, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; July 17, 1995, William Rehnquist, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; May 18, 1998, Sandra Day O’Connor, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; October 6, 1999, Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Chief Justice of Great Britain; and various highly placed judges, and many more high-powered international attorneys, have been and are Pilgrim Society members. It’s just as well the American public has no knowledge that our Supreme Court Justices go to London to address their superiors at the World Money Power. We just aren’t mature enough to understand why, best we don’t know about it!

Alexis Coudert, younger son of a Pilgrim Society executive committee member as of 1942, was himself a director of French-American Banking Corporation, Peugeot Motors, Pellon Corporation, Unity Fire & General Insurance, and Planned Parenthood of Manhattan. Continuing in the review of their 1942 executive committee, we note that “Gano Gunn” is a typo; the name should read “Gano Dunn.” Dunn (born 1870) became president of the J.G. White Engineering Corporation in 1913 (named after another member); trustee, Greenwich Savings Bank; director, Guaranty Trust Company; Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company; Radio Corporation of America and National Broadcasting Company. He chaired the National Research Council, 1923-1928 and was an executive committee member of the 1936 World Power Conference. He served on the War Department Nitrate Commission, 1916-1918, and in 1918 chaired the State Department Special Committee on Submarine Cables. A member of the U.S. Patent Office advisory committee, he was a trustee of Barnard College; consultant to the National Defense Committee and president of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science. In 1911- 1912 he was president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and he served as a vice-president of the Pan American Society of the U.S., a Pilgrim Society front set up to exploit the economies to our South.

Ellsworth Eliot Jr. (born 1864) was a physician; there are usually a few of those in their ranks, the reason probably being that should any of them become delirious, secrets about the Society could be uttered and heard by the wrong persons. Eliot was an agent of the Vanderbilt family, charter members of The Pilgrims who helped found the Society through Lindsay Russell, who married Sir Harry Brittain’s sister Winifred. The more secretive and powerful Pilgrim Society families often work through front men. An attorney who was their liaison to the Rockefellers in the railroad business by which rebates given to Standard Oil crushed all competition, except for Andrew Mellon’s Gulf Oil, which came some years later. Leon Fraser (born 1889) was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations---probably the single most important Pilgrim Society front organization---from 1936-1945. The scheme of interlocking organizations is set up as rings within rings, the higher up the financial “pyramid” one ascends, the fewer the members in any given organization, and the more elite they are. Organizations are controlled from the top down by The Pilgrims, “treasurers of the world’s wealth.” Fraser was a law professor at Columbia, 1914-1917, then went into military action in WWI, after which he was decorated by the United States, France, Belgium, Italy and Yugoslavia. He ran the United States Veterans Bureau in 1921 and was with Coudert Brothers Paris office, 1922-1924, when he was named legal advisor to American delegation at the London Prime Ministers Conference in 1924. He became general counsel to the Dawes Plan, named after Pilgrim Society member Charles Dawes, which was the plan by which war reparations were to be extracted from Germany. Dawes headed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation starting in 1932, a $2 billion affair. In 1929 Fraser attended the Paris conference of financial experts which drafted the Young Plan, another war reparations scheme, chaired by Owen D. Young, another 1942 Pilgrim Society executive committee member. Fraser was a delegate to the 1933 London Monetary and Economic Conference, where the financiers were working out more ways to strip the middle class of wealth as the Depression was deepening. Fraser became a director of the Bank for International Settlements at Basle, Switzerland, 1930-1933, and president of the BIS, 1933-1935. After that he became vice president of the Rockefeller (Pilgrim Society) and Stillman (Pilgrim Society) First National Bank of New York---today known as Citigroup and currently infested with a boatload of Pilgrim Society members, as you would expect. Fraser then became a director of General Electric; U.S. Steel; Mutual Life Insurance of New York; and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was another Columbia University trustee, headed by Nicholas Butler, president of The Pilgrims. Notice how The Pilgrims leadership is heavily linked to various central banks. That is because these are the operators in control of central banking. Their currency monopolies must be overturned. First, their Secret Society MUST be exposed to millions of citizens, and we must demand a Congressional investigation into the banker/Royalist/Redcoat/Tory/British Empire organization. Sir Godfrey Digsby Napier Haggard, Order of the British Empire, was British Consul-General at New York. James G. Harbord was a WWI General, for which he was decorated a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, another British Empire front. He was a delegate to the 1932 Republican National Convention and became chairman of Radio Corporation of America, 1930-1947, after which he was honorary chairman. He was placed on the boards of New York Life Insurance; A.T. & S.F. Railway; Employers Liability Assurance (London); and Bankers Trust New York. As I write this it’s Thanksgiving day and I note his first wife was Emma Ovenshine, and should The Pilgrims plans to impoverish Americans be fully realized, we’ll all be shining like Thanksgiving turkeys in their banker ovens. Like most members of the Society, Harbord was silent on the matter in Who’s Who.

George L. Harrison (born 1887, Yale 1910) was a Pilgrim Society personality we looked at earlier in connection with his leadership of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Harrison was also a member of the Federal Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve System, and an incorporator in 1936 of the American National Red Cross. William T. Manning was Episcopal bishop of New York, 1921-1946, and a member of the British Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Bryce Metcalf was as of 1938, head of the Society of the Cincinnati for the state of Connecticut. Officers in the Revolutionary War founded the organization on May 13, 1783. George Washington was its first president. The eldest son of all members are eligible to join, giving the society a hereditary orientation. This is a good point at which to tell the reader that of the various socalled patriotic organizations we have, most have been, to some extent, infiltrated by Pilgrim Society influence. The Society of the Cincinnati was infiltrated by Pilgrim Society members such as John D. Rockefeller and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The result of this influence is that we went from seeing Britain as an antagonist (Revolutionary War) and an invader (War of 1812), to being our chief ally, as in World Wars I and II, and now in the Middle East. Armageddon appears to be on the horizon, organized by The Pilgrims secret society. Many members of The Pilgrims have been, and are, members of ostensibly patriotic societies such as the Society of the Cincinnati; Society of the War of 1812 (General Jackson wouldn’t like this); Sons of the American Revolution; Society of Colonial Wars; Society of Descendants of Colonial Clergy; American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars and others like the Saint Nicholas Society, Society of Mayflower Descendants and Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick. I am by no means saying that all rank and file members of these groups have been corrupted. By the way, there is a Pilgrim Society, founded in 1820 as a genealogical and historical organization at Plymouth, Massachusetts. As of the mid 1970’s, Henry Hornblower II, of Hornblower & Weeks, Hemphill-Noyes investment bankers and member of The Pilgrims, turned up as a trustee of this other society!

Pilgrim Society members who are also members of these allegedly patriotic societies are sometimes members of overtly pro-British societies, as was the case with North Carolina financier, broadcasting magnate and land baron, James Gwaltney Westwarren Maclamroc, who was a member of the Order of the Crown in America and the Society of Americans of Royal Descent. Frank L. Polk (born 1871) was acting Secretary of State in 1918 and another Council on Foreign Relations director, 1921-1943. Frank W. Richardson was a radio station chain operator. Myron C. Taylor (born 1874) chaired U.S. Steel from 1932-1938; director, First National Bank of New York; Metropolitan Opera & Real Estate Company; New York Central Railroad (Vanderbilts); A.T. & S.F. Railway; and American Telephone & Telegraph. He was an incorporator, along with George L. Harrison, of the American National Red Cross. Taylor was FDR’s representative to Vatican City for 1939, and was a trustee of Cornell University (where he donated the law building in 1928), American Academy in Rome and Wells College.

Harry E. Ward (born 1879) was chairman of Irving Trust Company; director of American Enka Corporation; F.W. Woolworth Company; Union Dime Savings Bank and J. Walter Thompson Company (advertising). Ward was a trustee of National Industrial Conference Board and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (named after a member who was a heavy holder of General Motors stock). Ward was an advisor to the American Institute of Banking, 1936-1939.

Charles S. Whitman was Republican Governor of New York, 1915-1918 and president of the American Bar Association, 1926-1927. Frank Hogan, president of the American Bar Association, addressed The Pilgrims of Great Britain on March 7, 1939. Frederick E. Williamson was a railroad executive. Owen D. Young (born 1874) was chairman of General Electric, 1922-1939 and was a director of Radio Corporation of America, 1929-1933 and a director of American & Foreign Power Company. He was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1923-1940, finishing as chairman. Young was an adviser at the 1924 London Premiers Conference and was general agent for German war reparations in 1924. The Treaty of Versailles at Paris in 1919 was the means by which The Pilgrims would provoke Germany into another war, so punitive were its terms that it insured a dictator would be able to appeal to the German people. As a statement attributed to Pilgrim Society member Lord Curzon, British Viceroy of India, has it---

“It is not a peace treaty, it is simply a break in hostilities.”

Young chaired the International Chamber of Commerce, 1925-1928; was president of St. Lawrence University, 1924-1934. He had decorations from Japan, Germany, Belgium and France. He was chairman in 1931 of the Committee on Mobilization of Relief Resources of President Hoover’s Organization for Unemployment Relief (cause a depression with the Federal Reserve, then throw crumbs to the serfs) and was a regent of the State University of New York. Thomas W. Lamont (born 1870) started with the New York Tribune in 1893 as a reporter. Pilgrim Society member Whitelaw Reid, who became Ambassador to Britain, 1905-1912, owned it. According to Montana Congressman Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 21, 1940, the Ambassador told his British pals---

“If Great Britain were to be threatened with an external foe, she could count upon every dollar, every man, and every drop of blood in America.”

The Pilgrims London met on June 24, 1912, to celebrate their tenth anniversary. According to the 1942 book, page 80---

“Mr. Whitelaw Reid was present, and among the 350 Pilgrims, men of every sort of eminence crowded the room.”

His nephew, Ogden R. Reid, became a member of The Pilgrims and owner of New York Herald Tribune, and a Congressman from New York. Ogden was a member of the Book and Snake Society of Yale. From 1903- 1909 Lamont was with Bankers Trust Company, till he went to J.P. Morgan & Company in 1911 where he was taken in by the grand old man himself, John Pierpont Morgan of The Pilgrims, who died in 1913. Morgan the industrial and financial trust organizer, and Rothschild collaborator, below---

By 1940 Lamont was head of J.P. Morgan & Company; director, U.S. Steel; A.T. & S.F. Railway; International Agricultural Corporation and others. He was a Harvard overseer, 1912-1925 and was the U.S. Treasury representative on the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace at Paris, 1919. Later Lamont chaired the American group of the International Consortium for Assistance to China, probably a front for sending China into Communism as the bankers did with Russia earlier. Lamont was chairman of the International Committee of Bankers for adjustment of Mexican foreign debt. He was president of Phillips Exeter Academy, where many children of members of various Pilgrim Society connected organizations attend. He was also a trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. All these men were themselves fronts for whoever constituted the inner circle in 1942. Their power was delegated to them by other members, with the partial exception of Satterlee and Brown, who came closer to being substantial powers themselves.


The Pujo Committee in the House of Representatives conducted an investigation into the concentration of wealth in America and concluded that a “Money Trust,” or monopoly of money and capital, existed. According to Lundberg in “America’s Sixty Families,” page 104--- “The Administration had nothing to do with the Pujo Committee investigation launched by the House of Representatives in 1912. This committee revealed that J.P. Morgan, George F. Baker, and James Stillman, controlled in an absolute sense the money market of the nation.”

These banks also represented the Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Astor, Du Pont and other dynastic Pilgrim Society families, and had 341 directorships in the largest American corporations. As of 1913, the Money Trust consolidated its powers by launching the Federal Reserve System. Let’s take a look at just one of these men, Pilgrim Society member Albert Henry Wiggin, just before the 1929 crash (from the 1927 Who’s Who In America---)

Wiggin, then head of the Rockefeller/Astor Chase National Bank, was a director of the following corporations (“and many other corporations”)--- Adams Express Company; American International Corporation; American Express Company; American Locomotive Company; American Railway Express Company; American Sugar Refining Company; American Surety Company; American Woolen Company; Armour & Company; Astor Safe Deposit Company; Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Company; Chase-Harris Forbes Corporation; Chase National Bank; Chase Securities Corporation; Coca-Cola Company; Duquesne Light Company; Discount Corporation of New York; Fidelity Phoenix Fire Insurance Company; General Shareholding Corporation; Great Falls Power Company; Greenwich Guaranty Safe Deposit Company; Greenwich Savings Bank; Greenwich Trust Company; Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company; Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company; Interborough Rapid Transit Company; International Agricultural Corporation; International Motor Company; International Paper Company; Lawyers Title & Guaranty Company; Lawyers Trust Company; Mack Trucks Incorporated; Mercantile Safe Deposit Company; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Montana Power Company; Montreal Locomotive Works Limited; Newmont Mining Corporation; New York Clearing House Building Company; New York, New Hampshire & Hudson Railroad Company; New York Rapid Transit Company; New England Steamship Company; Otis Elevator Company; Pacific Coast Company; Philadelphia Company; Pittsburgh Utilities Corporation; Rail Joint Company; Selected Industries Incorporated; Stone & Webster Incorporated; Western Union Telegraph Company; Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company; Underwood-Elliott Fisher Company; and Williamsburg Power Plant Corporation.

Money Trust, indeed! Fifty-two directorships, and “many others” not specified! Percy Avery Rockefeller, a Pilgrim Society member in those days, was a director of 51 corporations, and Pilgrim Society member Andrew Mellon was also on 51 corporate boards (and held voting stock in more than 300 corporations)! Mellon and Pilgrim Society member John D. Rockefeller Jr., were virtually certain to have been the two most powerful men in the United States at that time! Mellon, three time Treasury Secretary and the greatest financial genius of modern times, below (Congressman Wright Patman said Mellon’s holdings were “Equal to the entire value of all the property in the state of Texas”)---

Probably most of the board of directors meetings Wiggin attended were held at Chase National Bank. (You noticed Newmont Mining, well, other Pilgrim Society members have been directors over the years, including Lewis W. Douglas, ambassador to England, 1947-1950, also director of International Nickel Company of Canada, Continental Oil Company and General Motors, whose daughter Sharman married Pilgrim Society member Andrew M. Hay!) In “Silver Sid Sez” (Archives, October 2004) I presented a photo of Pilgrim Society member David Rockefeller and Pilgrim Society member, Brooke Astor (Mrs. Vincent Astor, The Pilgrims, director of Chase National Bank during the Wiggin days) arm in arm going to a meeting. Rockefeller has served as a Federal Reserve Bank of New York director, and Vincent Astor’s grandfather, John Jacob Astor, British agent, was a director of the second (British sponsored) Bank of the United States. Astor at the time was America’s wealthiest man, in part from the British Opium Trade in China, and according to Myers, was worth one-fifteenth of the total wealth in the United States---by himself, partly by engineering the Panic of 1837 (pages 138 and 147). So great is the Astor presence on the stage of world finance that five Astors appeared in The Pilgrims of Great Britain list I reviewed, and Lord Astor---

chairman of The Pilgrims executive committee--- appeared in a photo on page 152 of the 2002 book, looking like a Tyrannosaurus Rex of world finance, at a dinner for the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Roy Jenkins (Pilgrims London) on October 24, 1968. There is the matter of the Astors intermarriage with the Windsors, the British Royal family, patrons of The Pilgrims. We will take a look at other great power blocs within this secret society as we go forward. Friends, I tell you as the Eternal is my witness, it is this Pilgrim Society, which stands at the heart of America’s troubles, and that of the world. There would be trouble without them, but the problem is that they CREATE trouble for the rest of us, by which their already wildly insane power and wealth surges forward in their lunatic drive towards a World Orwellian State which they intend to rule. They constitute the dominant management of groups such as Bilderberg; Council on Foreign Relations; and Trilateral Commission, of whom the public has heard far more of. This final remaining great bastion of World Money Power secrecy must become known to the public if we are to return America, and the world, to sound money---gold and silver. And let Great Britain have its own nation, and refrain from attempts to secretly control ours!


Recall that Rhodes mentioned “the first organization,” which turned out to be named The Pilgrims, implying that other organizations were to follow. That is exactly what happened. Let’s look at some statistics from the CFR annual report for the year ending August 31, 1974, fairly close in time to the 1969 Pilgrim Society list. With that information, plus the other reliable data sources, it turns out that in the historical roster of CFR directors as of that time, a total of 78, 42 were identified as members of The Pilgrims, almost 54% of the directors. Because of fragmentary information, beginning in 1970, when some of them could have been admitted into The Pilgrims, 13 other CFR directors might all have been members, or most of them. Information from previous years is also not complete, so some of the earlier CFR directors were highly likely Pilgrim Society members also. David F. Houston, a CFR director 1921-1927, had 2 relatives in The Pilgrims; he could also have been a member. George O. May, a CFR director 1927-1953, had a daughter named Barbara, who married Barron Collier Jr., son of Pilgrim Society member, multimillionaire Barron Collier (born 1873), one of the founders of INTERPOL and largest landowner in Florida, for whom is named Collier County. (Henry Flagler of The Pilgrims and Standard Oil, was the second largest Florida landowner). Collier senior was chairman of Police Magazine; special police commissioner for New York, 1922-1928; treasurer, American Electric Railway Association; director, Empire Trust Company; Baltimore Commercial Bank; Bank of the Everglades; Florida Trust & Banking Company; Waldorf Astoria Incorporated; First National Bank of Arcadia, Florida; Inter-County Telephone & Telegraph Company; Manhattan Mercantile Corporation; Florida Railroad & Navigation Corporation; Florida Gulf Coast Hotels; Street Railways Advertising Company; and others. Collier was a governor of the George Washington/Sulgrave Institution and chaired the executive committee of James Monroe Memorial Association and Foundation. Remember the Monroe Doctrine, issued by President James Monroe in December 1823, telling European powers to desist from colonization efforts in this hemisphere? He and Washington, who fought the British at Valley Forge in bitter wintertime, would be appalled to see a British sympathizer involved with institutions bearing their names! But it seems that the American Pilgrims would agree with the redcoat sympathizer in Mel Gibson’s film “The Patriot”---

“All who stand against England deserve to die a traitor’s death!” William P. Bundy, a CFR director, 1964 through 1974, married Mary Eleanor Acheson, daughter of Pilgrim Society member Dean Acheson, once Secretary of State. In “Present At The Creation” (1969, about the creation of NATO), Acheson said on page 510---

“I performed the duty of every Secretary of State by addressing a distinguished company gathered at a dinner of the London branch of the Society of Pilgrims.”

It is extremely rare for the organization to be mentioned in any reference work. Apart from the three exceptionally scarce volumes I obtained, I can count the other instances on the fingers of one hand. Another CFR director as of 1972, Martha R. Wallace, became a trustee of the Luce Foundation in 1967; Henry Luce III of the Time-Warner media fortune is the current president of the Pilgrims U.S., and runs a $1.1 billion foundation (below)---

As of the 1974 report, CFR listed 3 chairmen---all Pilgrims; Russell Leffingwell of J.P. Morgan & Company; John Jay McCloy, of Chase National Bank, and David Rockefeller. Two vice-chairmen were listed, Grayson L. Kirk, a Pilgrim Society vice president as of the 1973 letter I got; and Cyrus Vance, of the Rockefeller Foundation, who married Grace Sloane, daughter of John Sloane, of The Pilgrims. CFR listed 8 presidents, six of which I was able to identify as Pilgrims, and another had such a strong scent about him as to sound alarm bells. In CFR management, The Pilgrims are a very high percent, and the percent would be higher still were full information available. But in the general CFR membership, Pilgrims identified fell to under ten percent. The meaning is clear---the mighty Council on Foreign Relations is but a “kindergarten,” a front for the more elitist, and far more secretive, Pilgrim Society.


The same situation prevails at the Trilateral Commission. It was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller (The Pilgrims) and his Harvard University roommate, George S. Franklin Jr. (The Pilgrims). To this moment, I would have no absolute way to establish these two men as Pilgrim Society members, save for the leaked 1969 list. However, their sponsorship and founding of the Trilateral Commission is public knowledge. WHY is Trilateral somewhat out in the open (except you cannot be present at any meetings) but The Pilgrims must remain in the dark? Obviously if a Secret Society is to “absorb the wealth of the world,” it must do so in secrecy, otherwise, the public would force Congress to put a stop to them before it’s too late. Should a current list of The Pilgrims become available, as in, dispensed, rather than leaked, it will mean we are all in severe danger, for when they come into the open as to all their identities, they will feel they cannot be stopped. The Trilateral Commission was the second, not the first, Pilgrim Society front involved in the subversion of the Japanese banking system. The first was the Japan Society, founded in 1907 by Lindsay Russell, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, a Rockefeller/Vanderbilt attorney. The Trilateral Commission is the Far Eastern equivalent of Bilderberg, bringing Japanese bankers, industrialists and government officials into the globalization scheme, and a few Red Chinese (2 the last time I looked last summer). The Trilateral Commission has an emblem which some allege resembles the “666” of the Revelation. I believe Trilateral to be involved in moving Japan towards full scale militarization as a check against Red Chinese power, to be used in the next war, after which a global government will be created. That is, unless it can be done by more peaceful means, based on financial subversion alone. Knuth in “The Empire of The City,” 1946, page 29 commented---

“It appears that about 1895 the first of a series of secret treaties between Japan and Britain, which made Japan virtually a British robot, was made. The British financial oligarchy practically took over the Japanese banking system to finance her wars and the immense industrial expansion which eventually swamped the world with goods made in Japan.”

With their American Pilgrim Society partners, the British Pilgrims have done likewise with Red China.


It was in 1954 that two Pilgrim Society members, David Rockefeller and Sir Denis Healey, founded the Bilderberg Conferences at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands. Healey became Secretary of State for Defense in 1964 and a member of Parliament afterwards. He wrote “New Fabian Society” (1952); “Fabian International Essays” (1956); “NATO and American Security” (1959) and others. We will mention the Fabian Society of Great Britain later. With these two Pilgrims, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands contributed to forming Bilderberg and served as its first leader. Bernhard was married into the House of Orange-Nassau, the Royal Dutch house representing the largest fortune in the Netherlands. One of their holdings is in Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum, which they share with London Pilgrim Society members including the Rothschilds. If you review the attendance lists of Bilderberg over the years you will find it to be heavy on politicians and heads of state, persons whose power is temporary in nature. Bilderberg therefore exists to coordinate such heads of state so that their viewpoints on the future are “correct.” The higher level Pilgrim Society, especially the inner-core members such as Rockefeller, Mellon, Rothschild, Warburg, Astor, Grosvenor, Du Pont, Windsor and others, shepherds these transitory politicians by means of Bilderberg management, the most important members of which are always members of The Pilgrims.

The 1994 Bilderberg meeting was at Helsinki, Finland, and in attendance were Ramon Cortines, chancellor of the New York City Board of Education and Mike Espy, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. The 1996 Bilderberg session took place at a Pilgrim Society run bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto, and included Portuguese TV journalist Margarida Maranto. It is TOTALLY fallacious to believe that these three individuals---many other Bilderberg examples are available--- are substantial powers in themselves. They are merely low-paid puppets. Can anyone actually believe that because these three were at Bilderberg, and no Rothschild was there, that they are therefore more powerful than the Rothschilds? One of the Rothschild symbols below, the “Five Arrows” representing five sons sent to take over European finances at major banking centers many generations past---

Paul Mellon, who according to biographer William Hoffman, “controlled thousands of companies,” was in The Pilgrims, a fact not known to the biographer, but never attended Bilderberg, though according to Hoffman, “he was constantly entertaining royalty and heads of state.” Does anyone really believe a TV reporter from Portugal had more power than Paul Mellon? Contrasted to Mellon she was not even the scope of a microbe upside a blue whale. Another Bilderberg meeting featured an Israeli poet. Gee whiz! Bilderberg isn’t even close to The Pilgrims in power! As I say, it exists merely to indoctrinate certain transitory heads of state. The best site on Bilderberg (I haven’t had time or means, other than a huge data resource, to start a Pilgrim Society website) is run by Britisher Tony Gosling at and he frankly admits (verbatim)---

“There is also the thorny question of the far less well known about groupings that are behind the Bilderberg meetings.”

You can just as well make it singular, “group,” not “groupings,” that are behind the Bilderberg meetings. That, as we have seen, is The Pilgrims, not the Council on Foreign Relations, much better known than Bilderberg. The Pilgrims are the ONLY Society constituted to “absorb the wealth of the world!” Various Pilgrim Society members regularly attend Bilderberg, and they are always to be found on the Bilderberg steering committee. Other examples than the two founders mentioned have included George Ball (Lehman Brothers); Gabriel Hauge (Manufacturers Hanover Bank); Henry J. Heinz II (Heinz interests and the far larger Mellon interests); and Lord Peter Carrington, Bilderberg chairman, 1991-2000, who has been president of The Pilgrims of Great Britain since 1983. Carrington was also Secretary General of NATO, 1984-1988 and British Foreign Secretary, 1979-1982 (below, at NATO headquarters)---

Below, Pilgrim Society member Gabriel Hauge, Bilderberg steering committee member, presides over the 1975 International Monetary Conference in Amsterdam, being addressed by U.S. Treasury Secretary William E. Simon of The Pilgrims---


William E. Simon, above, right, was Treasury Secretary, 1974-1977 and in January 1980 he was on the COMEX board of governors when they made the liquidation only rule change which destroyed the Hunt brothers and their Arab partners! You see, the Hunts weren’t Pilgrim Society members, so they HAD to be crushed! Anyway, the sharply rising silver price was a threat to the unbacked Federal Reserve note, which Simon’s Pilgrim Society pals wanted to protect at any cost, and they did! Simon authored “A Time For Truth,” (1978) in which he had NOTHING to say about The Pilgrims! I have no proof but I would bet money that Simon was massively short silver in order to make his killing from the butchering of the Hunt brothers. As of 1980 Simon was a director of Citigroup; Halliburton; Power Corporation of Canada; United Technologies; Xerox; INA Corporation; Dart Industries; Heritage Foundation (banker front); and John D. MacArthur Foundation (Chicago insurance magnate, probably a member).

Simon was president of the John M. Olin Foundation, named after chemical magnate John Olin (born 1892) of Olin Corporation and The Pilgrims, which was bought out in a $772 million transaction by the Pilgrim Society run Celanese Corporation (John D. Macomber, now with Lehman Brothers, was chairman of Celanese). George Keith Funston of The Pilgrims, chaired Olin Corporation, 1967-1972 and was catapulted by the inner core members onto the boards of Illinois Central Industries; National Aviation Corporation; Putnam Trust Company; Chemical Bank; IBM Corporation; Metropolitan Life Insurance; Republic Steel; Winn Dixie Stores; Avco Corporation; Paul Revere Investors and others. Simon bought the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park in a $360 million leveraged buyout, a sweetheart deal in which if one is sufficiently elitist, he may go to big Pilgrim Society banks and pledge the assets of the takeover target as COLLATERAL for loans! Any ordinary person who tried to use collateral he did not own, would be laughed out of the bank! But when you belong to the Pilgrim Society, which exists to “seize wealth,” you may do just that. Simon was an overseer of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University, where Antony Sutton was a research fellow till 1973. This was the same Sutton who wrote a worthwhile, but overblown, description of Skull & Bones and said elsewhere, very outrageously, that The Pilgrims were probably “a harmless social club.” That’s like saying carbolic acid is “a harmless type of kool-aid.”

Simon was also with the Council on Wage and Price Stability, the Fascist successor to the Nixonian Cost of Living Council which under Rumsfeld and Cheney, capped domestic silver prices at $1.61 an ounce at the whim of the paper money mob and the silver users. Simon went on to hold stratospheric positions of power, as befits a member of the World Money Power, including--- chairman advisory council of Brazilinvest; trustee, Lafayette College; trustee, Hudson Institute; trustee, Wolf Trap Center for Performing Arts; senior consultant to Blyth Eastman Paine Webber; treasurer, U.S. Olympic Committee; chairman, Emergency Loan Guarantee Board; chairman, Oil Policy Committee; chairman, Economic Policy Board; chairman, East-West Foreign Trade Board; chairman, U.S.- Israel Joint Committee on Investment and Trade; chairman, Joint U.S.- Saudi Arabian Commission on Economic Cooperation; chairman U.S. section, Joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. Commercial Commission; chairman, U.S.- Japan Joint Economic Committee; chairman, National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies; chairman, Council on International Economic Policy; chairman, Library of Congress Trust Fund Board; vice chairman, National Commission on Supplies and Shortages; co-chairman, Institute for Educational Affairs; honorary chairman, U.S.- U.S.S.R. Trade & Economic Council; member, Energy Resources Council; member, Development Loan Committee; member, Advisory Committee on Export Policy; member, National Commission on Productivity and Work Quality; member, Trade Policy Committee; member, Agricultural Policy Committee; member Group of Ten, Organization for European Cooperation and Development Ministerial Council; member, Advisory Committee on Reform of International Monetary System; member, National Council on Organized Crime; member, Task Force on Questionable Corporate Payments Abroad; governor, Inter-American Development Bank; governor, Asian Development Bank; governor, World Bank; and governor, International Monetary Fund.

There are as many indications that The Pilgrims stand behind the corrupt world monetary system, as there are quills on a porcupine. And while the animal won’t injure you if you leave it alone, we are all being harmed by this Secret Society and its near-infinite financial manipulations intended to return the world to serfdom under some resurrected medieval system of Dukes, Earls and Lords. Next month I propose to continue to present findings, certain highlights of which you should know about including the influence network of the Rhodes Scholars, under Pilgrim direction; instances in which members of The Pilgrims colluded to smash the fortunes of non-allied rich; cases of intermarriage and sons marrying daughters of older members; very startling things said about members, or by members, by sources who neglected to mention these men as members of the Society; visual illustrations; my face to face encounter with a member from the London branch, and how he couldn’t wait to escape my presence, as I had their forbidden emblem on my Tshirt, and a running tape recorder; how the Society has been behind the industrialization of Red China; and my interpretation of some of The Pilgrim Society’s plans by which the wealth of Americans can be obliterated, leaving virtually NO middle class!

We are being confronted with attempts to create the “American Union,” in which the Mexican and Canadian borders are scheduled for elimination, as President Bush of The Pilgrims wishes to allow 3 million illegal aliens to remain here as “guest workers,” the floodgates will open, and our living standards will be dragged down to that of medieval English serfdom! Yet, state lines may still be designated, and checkpoints established, through which we may not pass without “domestic passports.” We are to be issued “National Identity Cards” under guise of “Homeland Security.” These cards will contain RFID (radio frequency I.D.) chips which, when checkpoints are passed, will allow Uncle Pilgrim Society Sam to know our whereabouts. Which cash is being subverted still more by means of RFID technology, plans are in progress for an allelectronic “currency system.” Couples will be required to obtain permits to have children. Millions of drafted young men will perish in widened Middle East wars planned by The Pilgrim Society and its junior affiliates. While precious metals investors eagerly await their upcoming investment conferences, plans exist by which their investments will be rendered worthless, by seizure or taxation. DEMAND of your Congressman and Senator that membership lists of The Pilgrims be obtained because you their voting constituents are concerned over your financial destiny being planned in secret by this monopolistic financial octopus! I wish that none of the preceding text were accurate. However, I am convinced that it is all essentially factual. Many of you know my information to be absolutely reliable. Skeptics may set out to disprove my findings, but the documentation will withstand examination. I would expect the Society to react to this essay the same way a burglar reacts when found out. More realistically, they will ignore it, or deny it if word gets out to millions of Americans. As Representative Thorkelson of Montana said in the Congressional Record, August 20, 1940, “We are entitled to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for, and who these powerful Pilgrims are.”

The super secret Pilgrim Society, hidden in the dark! Dangerously existing to absorb the world’s wealth! Middle class and non-allied rich are their mark! Aiming at us all with secrecy and stealth!

The invisible Pilgrim network! Pulling hundreds of strings, Royalty & billionaires, the most powerful society ever known!

To the rest of us, lower standard of living is what it brings, World War III being planned, Pilgrim Society scheme fullblown! Feudalistic wealth extending back hundreds of years, Absolute life and death power over all is the goal, They say, promote brotherhood, but leave world in tears, Wars, depressions and manipulations take their toll! The President and Secretary of State are always members, Pilgrim Society runs the country from behind the scenes, The power and secrecy should be enough to shiver your timbers!

Empire builders and royalty with Mephistophelean genes! Montagu Norman and Andrew Mellon conferred before the Crash, Paul Warburg left sell signal on obscure financial page, Financial catastrophe to advantage of Pilgrims with ready cash!

And heads of state are their puppets on the world stage! Creating “money” out of nothing---the Federal Reserve Board!

Looting the United States from one end to the other! The Pilgrim Society is the cause of our ox getting gored! The Fed is the Bank of England’s younger brother! Seven trillion lost in the NASDAQ bust---vaporized! The losses of millions are the gains of the elite! Secret Society whipsaws financial system they demonized! Pilgrim Society seizes wealth, seeks for us serfdom complete!

All wealth to the maniac Pilgrim Society alone! Many trillions of dollars to go for medical bills, Then the transfer of wealth from us to them is on, full blown!

We can live lives of feudal serfdom with no frills! As population of United States grows older, The Plan will ripen, cures for diseases will be released, Pilgrim Society is there to make life meaner & colder! Because we’ll all end up getting fleeced! Placing Rhodes Scholars in positions of power, Hidden Pilgrim Society members are their bosses, Monetary subversion increases, hour upon hour, What can little people expect? More losses! Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, UBS Warburg, Barclay’s Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank & Lehman Brothers, “Here And Everywhere,” secret Pilgrim Society is all over the place!

Bank for International Settlements, the IMF & many others! Hey Pilgrim Society---did you get word ahead of time, To stay away from your offices in Twin Towers, New York, On that deadly morning, when rigging inflicted the crime, Provoking us to war, did you meet and “pop a cork?” Just like Pearl Harbor, and Clement Attlee said “thank God for that!”

For going to war, manipulating public opinion is the key, That British politician was another Pilgrim, a sorry rat! Someday we may face the Dukes and Earls on bended knee! Planning to draft your sons to die in the Middle East, Under false patriotism, they go to fight for British Crown! Ruining retirement funds & inflating dollars, you’ve been fleeced, President Jackson out in the forever, looking on with a frown!

Engineer a second World War, then offer us the United Nations, While they’ve got little folks watching pro sports, Super secret Pilgrim Society controls all our foreign relations!

And we’re being deluged with their cheap labor Chinese imports!

Pilgrims say, the wealth necessary will be seized! Break up U.S.S.R., put China on the rise, Pilgrim Society’s plans are wicked and diseased! Controlled media pukes out constant flow of lies! 19th century robber barons, central bankers & royalty, Of universities, foundations & think-tanks, trustees, U.S. propagandized to war, using misguided loyalty, Meantime who has little future remaining? Retirees! Ultra secret Pilgrims control many groups behind the scenes, They control the money, it’s how they tell others what to do! Are we headed towards world rule? That’s just what this means!

The Pilgrims leading us back to feudalism, fearfully true! Pilgrims say they watch for those who’ll govern the nations, Rhodes Scholars & Bilderberg spooks lead us from Bill of Rights!

Pilgrim Society seizes wealth, rest of us to go on one-third rations!

Wars & depressions, they’ll create more devastating blights! Known & unknown organizations, rings within rings, The U.S. President is always a member, you’d never know! Fiat money, wars & depression, within The Pilgrims are the mainsprings!

Other groups within view, The Pilgrims silently run the show! No Pilgrim list available, what are they trying to conceal? The biggest wealth on planet earth is within their ranks! Creating military conflicts, their claims of brotherhood aren’t real!

Find them on the boards of the big New York and London banks!

Running Bilderberg, Trilaterals & CFR as well, Pilgrim Society world financiers dominate, Manipulators age, die, and slip down into hell! Will we unite to stop them before it’s too late?

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Something's Rotten in Dubai:

The Ports Deal, The President's Bro, Homeland Non-Security & ICE

Neil Bush with Datamatrix of Dubai's CEO Ali Al-Kamali

The mind once expanded by a new idea never returns to its' original size

Itisa1mosttoolate  posted on  2006-03-01   4:26:02 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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  Thanks for posting this very long read. Excellent.

Kamala  posted on  2006-03-01   5:31:22 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Itisa1mosttoolate (#0)

This is just another Zionist Jew media political shakedown operation, IMO. What will happen is either the UAE will dropout of the proposal or agree to pay the higher extorted price for the ports.

Identical to the Hymiewood movie studio shakedown of Japanese electronic giants when they looked to buy a few of them back in the '80s. The Jew media entertainment combine and venal politicians worked the Japanese firms outta of a rich premium with the same sensationalism and scare tactics they're using on the UAE ports deal.

If the UAE deal goes through, one thing's for sure, it WILL end up costing the UAE substantially more money.

Splitends  posted on  2006-03-01   7:59:51 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Kamala, Splitends (#2)

911 University

The mind once expanded by a new idea never returns to its' original size

Itisa1mosttoolate  posted on  2006-03-01   8:33:34 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. History proved that on that day, the Constitution ceased to be the governing covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers. - Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2008-04-11   12:40:37 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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I forgot about posting this.

Did you go to 911 U?

"You can not save the Constitution by destroying it."

Itisa1mosttoolate  posted on  2008-04-11   13:06:29 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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up to 4149 now....i had not seen it came up on a search......amazing article, thanks!!

Did you go to 911 U? site!

President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. History proved that on that day, the Constitution ceased to be the governing covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers. - Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2008-04-11   14:06:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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