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Title: Evidence of 9/11 Being A Controlled Demolition Is Now Going To Be Heard By A Grand Jury
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Published: Jan 5, 2019
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Post Date: 2019-01-06 14:52:59 by BTP Holdings
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Evidence of 9/11 Being A Controlled Demolition Is Now Going To Be Heard By A Grand Jury

Jan 05 2019

After almost 18 years, a Federal Grand Jury will look at evidence claiming 9/11 was a controlled demolition.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth is an organization dedicated to bringing truth to the people even when it goes against the grain, challenging the information given by official sources such as the government and emergency services that responded to the horrific terrorist attack.

The third tower that fell on September 11th, 2001, WTC7, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, fell at the speed of gravity which is one of the main reasons why people have suspicions about the circumstances around it and why they begin to question the official narrative. The organization initiated a study into this tower.

A US Attorney for New York's Southern District, Geoffrey S. Berman has agreed to present evidence that goes against the 9/11 Commission Report which is certainly a huge win for the organization and the cause that they are so desperately fighting for. The evidence produced by the organization was considered overwhelmingly credible and extremely detailed all neatly contained in a 56-page legal filing (or 58-page amended one) which is probably why their request was accepted.

What are they claiming?

The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 are continuing with their efforts in court and to do so, they are trying to raise $50,000 to fund this. The petition they are putting forward provides evidence to their claims and allegations that both of the World Trade Center towers, as well as number seven, of course, were destroyed by using pre-planted explosives, claiming that the planes alone could not bring down all the towers.

What does the public think?

Over twenty thousand members of the public have also signed the petition along with the three thousand from the organization, demanding a new investigation into what really happened that day. The consequences of what was set in motion on September 11th, 2001 are still affecting many people across many countries in the world today, almost 18 years later. The casualties and victims of war or occupied nations in places such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, are no longer being swept under the mat. The American public will not stand for it anymore and there are barely any people left in America who still have unquestioning, rigid support for anything the military does.

The events that took place that day and all the people who lost their lives 18 years ago will never be forgotten and hopefully one day the truth will come out. May they rest in peace while we continue to fight for them and get justice for their friends and families

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