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Title: Biden Canít Stop Touching His Face During The View Appearance
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Published: Mar 24, 2020
Author: summit news
Post Date: 2020-03-24 23:11:59 by NeoconsNailed
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During an appearance earlier today on The View, Joe Biden repeatedly flouted coronavirus advice by constantly touching his mouth and face.

The presidential frontrunner couldn’t stop putting his hand to his mouth and rubbing his eye during the interview.

“Biden could not stop touching his face, even licking his fingers at times on live TV in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,” tweeted Caleb Hull along with a compilation of all the times the former Vice President touched his face.

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Poster Comment:

What he's doing is subconsciously projecting his contempt for order and prudence. Like Pelousy tearing up that speech, except that it's an unconscious tic on Bidet's part.

They despise order and sense and think their own overheated oedipal emotions should rule the world.

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