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Title: How Iran Threw the World's Greatest Party In a Desert
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Published: Apr 26, 2020
Author: SideNote
Post Date: 2020-04-26 18:03:59 by NeoconsNailed
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Poster Comment:

Obviously it's really 'how a horrible head of state showed the world the meaning of conspicuous consumption' :-s DC loved him and gave him shelter from the rightous wrath of his citizens, natch. This led to the birth of Nightline, as Ted Kipple kept asking and asking the new Iranian leaders what they were so mad about and ignoring their answers.

Still I'm a fool for elegance and extravagance as entertainment. Have seen a version of this made at the time too. The Shah gets credit for THIS very adroit performance, at least:

Kike Wallace feigns disbelief (roll eyes).

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#1. To: NeoconsNailed (#0)

This former Greenville, South Carolina resident knows how to party! extravagant-parties-at-the-palace-of-versailles/

StraitGate  posted on  2020-04-26   19:48:09 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: StraitGate (#1)

How about that -- gorgeous! I guess he's Mr. MultiCulti /Carlos_Ghosn


USA! USA! USA! Bringing you democracy, or else! there were strains of VD that were incurable, and they were first found in the Philippines and then transmitted to the Korean working girls via US military. The 'incurables' we were told were first taken back to a military hospital in the Philippines to quietly die. – 4um

NeoconsNailed  posted on  2020-04-26   20:27:04 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: NeoconsNailed (#0)

The Truth of 911 Shall Set You Free From The Lie

Horse  posted on  2020-04-26   21:57:49 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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