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Title: Pastor Tony Spell is Spelling Doom for the Jew Lockdown Agenda! Violates Lockdown to Hold Services!
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Published: Apr 27, 2020
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2020-04-27 09:15:17 by Ada
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One Love! One Nation Under GOD! Death to the Lockdown!

Pastor Tony Spell is the Patrick Bateman of Christianity, and he is the hero this country needs. The good Louisiana pastor has been arrested twice by the filthy Antichrist 666 pigs for refusing to go along with the deranged lockdown agenda, and instead holding church services normally as is his Constitutional right.

It is both shocking and disgusting that more preachers are not following the lead of the great and mighty Tony Spell and telling this kike government that they answer to GOD – not the Jews!

The Advocate:

The pastor of a Central church who has defied state orders to limit the number of congregants at his worship services violated another order Sunday — preaching from the pulpit despite a judge’s directive that he stay at home under house arrest.

Wearing an ankle monitor attached after he was accused of threatening to run over a protester outside his Life Tabernacle Church last Sunday, the Rev. Tony Spell told his congregation it’s a “dirty rotten shame when you’re hiding in America.” Its members sang and waved signs reading “I stand with Pastor Spell.”

Spell was arrested last week and booked into Parish Prison on misdemeanor counts after a protester accused the Pentecostal preacher of nearly hitting him last Sunday with one of the church’s school buses along Hooper Road.

That was a stupid hoax, used as a pretext to arrest him a second time (they’d already arrested him for violating the lockdown once) with a bigger charge that would let them put the ankle monitor on him.

Here’s the video.

Click for Full Text!

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