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Title: The Rise And Fall Of The Aztec Empire -- brilliant animation
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Published: May 4, 2020
Author: History Scope
Post Date: 2020-05-04 08:55:22 by NeoconsNailed
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The rise and fall of the Aztec Empire.

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Poster Comment:

The dumbing down of generations of youth has met its match -- Youtube. Hundreds or thousands of ppl are exulting in the sheer joy of sharing knowledge with others and mastering AV skills that have to have establishment TV producers chewing their teeth with fear, anxiety and rage ;-) Apparently anybody can do these -- YT is replete with offers of training.

This presentation is so interesting and vivid that I didn't bother to watch the time and before I knew it the first 1/2 hour had passed. Comment I left:

//////////What a production -- you kept our interest all the way through. You are GOOD!

You draw kind parallels between this empire and the USA at the latter's turning point in the early 1500s, but I as a disillusioned American must say the USA resembles the Aztec empire way too much through history.

So the Aztecs went around destroying other people's history like DC does in its War of Terror? Nice to know, at least, this wasn't started by missionary priests -- at least not in ancient Mexico.

"Do the same thing they have been doing up until now, but do it even more" (45:00f) -- that sure sounds like modern America all right. Our demented leaders learn less and less from history instead of more and more. PARANOIA inevitably follows as leaders get more and more evil, then they increase the terror and murder campaigns. You draw telling analogies between that time and ours but discreetly not to how America has decapitated Libya et al., showing the fall of Ceauescu to represent the 21st century ;-)

The Aztecs "believed that if they did not provide enough blood to their gods, then the world would come to an end" -- YOU HAVE JUST DESCRIBED THE MODERN, DESPICABLE, POST-CONSTITUTIONAL UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! It thinks that if it doesn't go on smashing other countries America will die, and the stupid sheeple do too -- "WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEM OVER THERE OR WE'LL BE FIGHTING THEM HERE", blah blah.

"We need the chocolate standard" -- amen to that!//////////

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