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Title: HCQ, Moderna, & The Politics Of Pandemic "Medicine" (Video)
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Published: May 22, 2020
Author: Chris Martenson
Post Date: 2020-05-22 11:00:03 by Horse
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It sure looks like science is losing out to big money...

Why is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), one of the most prescribed drugs in history, now suddenly labelled as a lethal threat? And yet barely-tested compounds, like Moderna’s “vaccine”, are quickly and loudly championed?

It’s getting harder and harder to see the inconsistency/hypocrisy as anything but a highly political show in which science is losing out to big money.

Perhaps nothing makes this point more than Moderna and its blockbuster announcement Monday that its “vaccine” generated sufficient antibodies to give recipients immunity to covid-19.

The stock soared as a result…and then the company immediately announced a new funding round.

And now, suddenly experts are saying Moderna hasn’t provided data critical to verifying its claims.

Wait… could Monday’s “news” have been a pump-and-dump con?

And then we find out that the White House’s new “vaccine czar”, Dr Moncef Slaoui, who sat on Moderna’s board up until just a few days ago, is dumping his 156,000 stock options in the company at a sweet price.

Is Moderna being touted because it truly shows more promise than cheap widely-available HCQ? Or because those running the show stand to profit from it? We don’t know for sure, but it sure stinks like it’s the latter.

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