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Title: Stacey Abrams demolished
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Published: May 22, 2020
Author: Knowles
Post Date: 2020-05-22 21:33:53 by NeoconsNailed
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The Democrats’ Faucian Bargain | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 550 62,203 views•Premiered May 21, 2020



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Poster Comment:

This part of the fun starts at 27:41. I think there was some before it but can't find it. Knowles also destroys Biden, playing the damning phone call etc.

The idolatry of this hellish, frightening Stacey Abrams is extremely amusing. Let's hope her ridiculousness cancels out any possibility of her becoming an actual somebody. At 28:45 she's striking the occult one-eyed pose to show she's truly enfranchised.

Who is this newcomer pundit? An nice presentable commentator for your scoffing, pablum-acclimatized friends -- and a theatrician

He's certainly well spoken and will make the ladies' hearts go pitter-pat -- that's what most go by ;)

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