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Title: I Will Not Genuflect to This Church of Antiracism
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Published: Jun 7, 2020
Author: John Derbyshire
Post Date: 2020-06-07 08:03:42 by Ada
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When I first came to these shores in August of 1973, I lived down on New York’s Lower East Side, with some Chinese friends from Hong Kong. They were fairly recent immigrants themselves, and keen to show me the sights.

One evening they took me to Macy’s in Herald Square. I’d been in department stores before, of course; but I had to admit, Macy’s was pretty darn impressive. I can still recall riding up those escalators.

Monday this week a mob of looters broke in to Macy’s [Nightmare on 34th St.: Videos capture scene as rioters kick their way inside Macy’s flagship store in Midtown, by Catherina Gioino and Larry McShane, NY Daily New, June 2, 2020]. The store had boarded up its windows two days before; and the break-in happened at night, when there was supposed to be a curfew in place.

And they looted Macy’s.

Which was a further metastasizing of the disturbances I reported last week, over a black guy dying in Minneapolis while under arrest.

Yes: This is yet another Emmett Till! These things are happening faster than I can keep up. The last one—that black guy out jogging with his tuxedo on, remember that?—was only four weeks ago. Now here’s another.

This one concerns George Floyd, a black man who died while under arrest in Minneapolis a week ago this past Monday. Floyd had tried to pass a counterfeit bill at a convenience store. Store employees called the cops, who struggled with Floyd both before and after handcuffing him. He seems to have put up a lot of resistance. Floyd was a very large heavy guy, either 6’6" or 6’7", depending which report you read.

The fracas ended with one cop, Derek Chauvin, kneeling over the perp with a knee on his neck. It’s not clear how much weight was on the knee, or the degree—if any—to which this style of restraint led to Floyd’s death. He had high levels of illegal drugs in his system, as well as being seriously unhealthy The convenience store employees he’d interacted with thought he was drunk. [Autopsy report: George Floyd died from cardiopulmonary arrest, was positive for COVID-19 , by Charlie Wiese, KTSP, June 3, 2020 ]

It’s also not clear to me how unorthodox this knee-on-the-neck style o f restraint is. Our own correspondent who posts as “Federale” here at, and who is a law-enforcement professional, says it’s pretty routine:

Kneeling on the head or neck is quite common and useful physical control technique. It is also used daily in hundreds of arrests.

Federale supplies a supporting video from an arrest in New York City; and at least one law-enforcement website has said that Officer Chauvin was “compliant with existing policy.” [Neck Hold Used By Minneapolis Officer Was Approved By Department Policy,, May 29, 2020]

On the famous video clip, Officer Chauvin plainly knows he’s being filmed; yet he doesn’t have the look of someone aware that he’s doing anything wrong.

It’s difficult for a lay person to know how to judge this. One of the great truths about human nature is that power corrupts. For a police force to be effective at all, the cops have to have power over civilians; so it’s not a surprise that some cops get corrupted.

Looking back over my own interactions with the guys in blue, across several decades and many jurisdictions in half a dozen countries, what surprises me is how few cops go bad. In a broad and general way, I’m pro-cop.

This past few days we’ve been hearing calls to defund the police [Movement to defund police gains ‘unprecedented’ support across US, by Sam Levin, Guardian, June 2, 2020]. The people calling the loudest are of course rich celebrity types living in gated communities, but there seems to be some broader support too.

Speaking as the inhabitant of a quiet middle-middle-class white suburb, I’m not totally unsympathetic. If there was no organized police force, myself and my neighbors, many of us armed, could keep order among ourselves with no trouble. Community self-sufficiency is a fine old American ideal.

The problems would arise, of course, when underclass black s from some nearby ghetto came in to steal our stuff and rape our women. We’d end up shooting a couple, and then we’d quickly be where Officer Chauvin and his colleagues are now, where the three guys in Brunswick, Georgia are, looking at four hundred years porridge on federal “civil rights” and “hate crime” charges.

And that’s only to speak of the civilized part of town. Removing police from the ghetto itself would lead to real mayhem. The black-on-black homicide rate would go from the current seven or eight times the white-on-white rate to seventy or eighty times. I wouldn’t rule out cannibalism.

And it would all, of course, be white people’s fault.

You may say: “OK, but George Zimmerman was doing neighborhood watch, and he was acquitted at trial.”

That’s true; but what George Zimmerman went through is not an advertisement for community self-policing. In any case, that was before the Great Awokening really got under way. Nowadays the Ruling Class would move heaven and earth to get a conviction.

Derek Chauvin’s jury will be stacked with 70-IQ Somalis; and Minnesota’s state Attorney General, a black Muslim Bernie Sanders supporter, will rig the prosecution nine ways to Sunday … or nine ways to Friday, whatever the Muslim equivalent is.

So forget about self-policing communities. We need professional cops, with their occasional obnoxiousness, powerful unions, and extravagant benefits.

Guess what: It’s an imperfect world.

And a crazy world. Listen to this. Audio Player 00:00 00:00 Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

That was a rally the other day in Bethesda, Maryland. All I have of it is a video clip and soundtrack. It’s an open-air scene in some kind of parking lot or plaza outside a library, in what looks like a spacious middle-class suburb a lot like my own. There are several hundred people present; so far as I can see, all of them are white—males and females both, with I think a slight preponderance of females.

The liturgical quality of their responses illustrates plainly—more plainly than anything I have seen or heard in a long time—John McWhorter’s thesis that antiracism is a religion. [Antiracism: Our Flawed New Religion“, Daily Beast, July 272015]

I can’t get much of a handle on the appeal of antiracism to Goodwhites, though I see it obviously has great appeal to these Bethesda congregants.

Also to leaders of the big old established religions. This week the Pope declared that racism is a sin. [Pope Francis Prays For George Floyd, Decries ‘The Sin Of Racism’, NPR, June 3, 2020] The Archbishop of Canterbury, not to be out-pontiffed, said that racism is “an affront to God.” [Racism is an affront to God’ – Church leaders lament death of George Floyd, Anglican Mainstream, June 3, 2020]

At the risk of having my door kicked down by outraged elderly gents in clerical robes, I’ll admit I don’t mind racism, if it is defined as thinking some races are better than others. It’s a common enough opinion—a well-nigh universal one until about fifty years ago—and harmless in itself.

Racism has of course a lunatic fringe of people who want to rob, persecute, or kill other races. A lot of ideas have lunatic fringes, though. There are, however, well-established laws against robbing, persecuting, and killing other people for any reason, and I whole-heartedly support those laws.

If we are going to judge opinions by the lunatic fringe of those who hold them, the zone of acceptable ideas will be awfully small.

Which, of course, where true believers are concerned, is the whole idea. In the pure world of universal enlightenment, there will be only one permitted opinion on any topic.

For a person like me with a more open frame of mind, the appeal of antiracism is as incomprehensible as the religious observances of Australian Aborigines. I can only watch and wonder as antiracists wave their arms, chant in unison, and shriek in horror at unbelievers.

And genuflect. That seems to be a big thing with antiracist believers. If you don’t know the word, “genuflect” is defined at as:

(1) to bend the knee or touch one knee to the floor in reverence or worship.

(2) to express a servile attitude.

People have been genuflecting all over this past few days in displays of antiracist reverence and to express a servile attitude. Michelle Malkin wrote a fine spirited article about it:

America, straighten your spines. Unbow your heads. No home or nation was ever saved by kowtowing to invaders or ransackers. Unless you are praying to God, get up off your knees.

I entirely agree. But for GoodWhites, it’s time to, in the words of Tom Lehrer, to “Genuflect! Genuflect! Genuflect! …”.

Genuflecting with tears: Here’s the memorial service for the Holy Blessed Martyr Floyd, conducted (incredibly) by Rev. Al Sharpton. Note the Mayor of Minneapolis, a 14-year-old white girl eccentrically named Jacob Frey, sobbing uncontrollably while reverently touching Floyd’s gold casket.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Jordan Peterson, who is sort of a classic liberal, talks about identity politics quite a bit. At one point he talked about the “race” game, and the shaming of whites. Eventually, whites will join in the game, the premise being, okay, if your most critical identity is your group identity, we will play that game and make sure our group WINS.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men." -- Samuel Adams (1722-1803)‡

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." -- Thomas Jefferson

ghostdogtxn  posted on  2020-06-07   8:33:31 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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