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Title: August Jam 1974 Charlotte Motor Speedway (I was there with my friends)
Source: noone222
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Published: Jun 7, 2020
Author: Doug
Post Date: 2020-06-07 11:52:53 by noone222
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Man, there is a very long and righteous life experience behind this concert that I will never, ever forget and I thought I might share it ! It was a 3 day and night concert for the AGES !!! Just to get started we plugged the RV we took there into the STAGE and sold 300 hits of acid, well, whatever we had left over after taking some to start the trip. I was driving to start so I only took two hits ... my buddy Ritchie took three hits (and he took over driving when I couldn't differentiate between what was in the mirrors and the windshield. It was really good shit ! We switched seats without stopping - it was a trip !

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#1. To: noone222 (#0)

300 hits of acid

When we were at Woodstock 94 working Security, some guy made an announcement, "Don't eat the green dots."

It was bad acid and people were freaking out. ;)

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