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Title: Corbett Report! 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money
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Published: Jun 29, 2020
Author: Corbett
Post Date: 2020-06-29 07:55:15 by NeoconsNailed
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Forget for one moment everything you've been told about September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: follow the money. This is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail.

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Poster Comment:

Great gods and little fishes, there's MUCH more to the 9/11 scam than I and perhaps you had any idea. Vast reshufflings of investments (e.g. in airlines) positively show prior knowledge, even for Deutsche Bank. Evrn after all these years I had no idea of the full extent of conspiracy on it. The demolitions themselves are one thing, this is another whole round of equal magnitude.

Lucky Larry Silverfish is only the most obvious case of criminal profiteering on this. You'll get sick hearing it all exposed tbut give thanks that the facts are so freely in circulation. Let's all make sure they stay that way!

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#5. To: NeoconsNailed (#0) (Edited)

Thanks for posting this...only skimmed and read a little bit so far.

Just wondering why it's taking so long to get to the bottom of who made the trades that day. I know mostly NOTHING about how all that wheeling and dealing works but...

"...As of April 19, 1999, the DTC itself has stated that their assets total “nearly $19 trillion” (see above). Mr. McNeff had also stated “the DTC is a brokerage clearing firm and transfer center.

We’re a private bank for securities. We handle the book entry transactions for all banks and brokers. Every bank and brokerage firm must secure their membership with us in case they become insolvent, so your assets are secure with DTC”. Yes, you read that correctly. The DTC is a private bank that processes every stock and bond (paper securities) for all U.S. banks and brokerage houses. The big question is this; Just who gave this private bank and trust company such a broad range of financial power and clout?

The reason the public doesn’t know about DTC is that they’re a privately owned depository bank for institutional and brokerage firms only. They process all of their book entry settlement transactions. Jim McNeff said “There’s no need for the public to know about us… it’s required by the Federal Reserve that DTC handle all transactions”.

The Federal Reserve Corporation, a/k/a The Federal Reserve System, is also a private company and is not an agency or department of our federal government, according to the 1998 Federal Registry. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is listed, but they are not the owners. The Federal Reserve Board, headed by Mr. Alan Greenspan, is nothing more than a liaison advisory panel between the owners and the Federal Government. The FED, as they are more commonly called, mandates that the DTC process every securities transaction in the US. It’s no wonder that the DTC (including the Participants Trust Company, now the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division of the DTC) is owned by the same stockholders as the Federal Reserve System. In other words, the Depository Trust Company is really just a ‘front’ or a division of the Federal Reserve System.

“DTC is 35.1% owned by the New York Stock Exchange on behalf of the Exchange’s members. It is operated by a separate management and has an independent board of directors. It is a limited purpose trust company and is a unit of the Federal Reserve.” -New York Stock Exchange, Inc...."

...or did I just answer my own question?

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2020-06-29   10:58:35 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt (#5) (Edited)

why it's taking so long to get to the bottom of who made the trades that day.

We may never know who sold short the airline stocks of the companies involved in the events of 9-11-2001.

The facts are that WTC 7 fell in its own footprint (sure sign of demolition) even though it was never hit by a plane.

The stock broker Salomon Smith Barney was a major tenant there. When the building went down all of the hard drives in the computers were pulverized.

Thus the identity of whoever made those trades may never be known. ;)

More interesting information:

BTP Holdings  posted on  2020-06-29   11:24:14 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: BTP Holdings (#6)

Was DTC in Building 7?

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2020-06-29   12:27:49 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt (#7)

Was DTC in Building 7?

Not sure who DTC is. Here is list of tenants. ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2020-06-29   12:43:05 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 8.

#9. To: BTP Holdings (#8)

Not sure who DTC is. Here is list of tenants. ;)

The Depository Trust Company (DTC), established in 1973, was created to reduce costs and provide clearing and settlement efficiencies by immobilizing securities and making "book-entry" changes to ownership of the securities.

Whenever the banksters need to accomplish total control without oversight they get their "friends" in CON-gress to make it legal. And the DTC is one of these creations that keeps the public from having a clue about mortgages, or monetary issues in general. You dumb fucks don't deserve to know how you're getting fucked.

Shut up and wear your mask ! Remember, this July 4th, that you didn't build shit !!! And since you didn't build it, you don't have a right to know how much we spent on whatever we spend it on ! That's our "business" and that's why we allow CON-gress to do insider trading and not you dumb fucks !

noone222  posted on  2020-06-29 13:00:41 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#13. To: BTP Holdings (#8)

i think they are still located at 55 water street, ny

Cede and Company

Cede and Company, also known as "Cede and Co." or "Cede & Co.", is a specialist United States financial institution that processes transfers of stock certificates on behalf of Depository Trust Company, the central securities depository used by the United States National Market System, which includes the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and other exchanges together with associated clearinghouses such as NSCC, FICC, DTCC, and others.Wikipedia

The Unknown $19 Trillion Company

page 7

"You don't own your Stocks or Bonds anymore...The Depository Trust Company does

In Part I of this series, excerpts of which were first published in November 1995 by the former North Bridge News, we exposed The Depository Trust Company (DTC) as the Unknown $ 9.1 Trillion Company. It appears that our startling discoveries of the inner-workings of the DTC had only scratched the surface. We'd like to add more fuel to this blazing fire by further exposing the DTC and those behind it.

The Depository Trust Company has grown since October 1995. On July 1998, this amount was estimated by a DTC employee at more than $11 Trillion. As of April 19, 1999, the DTC itself has stated in a press release that their asset value is nearly $19 trillion. In 3 1/2 years, their assets increased nearly $ 10 Trillion. That's a lot of stocks and bonds supposedly held in trust. The latest trend over the past ten years is for stock and bond brokers to offer "book-entry ownership" only. Every book-entry stock or bond is literally owned by the DTC. Since 1985, most bond and many stock issuers have converted from the issuance of certificates to book-entry systems administered and controlled by the DTC. As of March 1999, the National Securities Clearing Corporation(NSCC) and the Participants Trust Company (PTC) are now merged into the DTC. Practically, there isn't one stock or bond issued that is not controlled by the DTC.

If you purchase any stock or bond through a broker, it is being held for you under a "street name" by the DTCunless you have specifically requested to hold the certificate yourself. If you have a book entry stock or bond,you won't be issued a certificate. It's important to note that you have purchased that particular stock or bondwithout becoming a registered holder of the actual stock or bond certificate. Instead, you have become a beneficial owner. The difference between the two is like night and day. Take the time to absorb and understand the following definitions:

REGISTERED HOLDER- A Registered Holder literally possesses, owns, and holds, his stock or bond with his name appearing on the face of the certificate. The company that issued the certificate has registered the owner's (holder's) name on their official books. This is the safest way to own a paper asset. You literally possess the fully registered certificate and only you can transfer or sell it. By all Rights and definition of law, you are the owner. You have it, you hold it, you possess it, and you keep it.You have the complete control over it.

BENEFICIAL OWNER- A Beneficial Owner is nothing more than a beneficiary, "One who is entitled to the benefit of a contract"- A Dictionary of Law, 1893. All book-entry stocks and bonds you purchase make you the beneficial owner, not the registered holder. The owner of a book-entry stock or bond is the entity or name that it is registered under. The DTC owns that bond or stock, not you. Rather than in your name, it's registered (as the legal Registered Owner or agent) in their "street name", Cede & Company. (In the past, it may have been registered in your broker's street name, but this is no longer allowed). The DTC is the Registered Owner - holder - of your stock or bond. The DTC is the legal property-holder, share-holder, stock-holder, owner and purchaser. Your name appears nowhere on the book entry or certificate as the actual owner. Instead, you have been designated by the legal registered owner, the DTC, as the Beneficial Owner. This means that your lawful Rights in that stock or bond are confined to that of a successor or heir....

page 9

Which brings us to the street name used, registered, and designated by the DTC as the registered owner of over $19 Trillion (USD) of our stocks and bonds... CEDE & Co. Everyone in the brokerage business keeps pronouncing this name as "See Dee" and Company, but it's spelled C-E-D-E and pronounced "Seed". This is where the real irony comes.

Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 1990, the word Cede is defined as "To yield up; to assign; to grant; to surrender; to withdraw. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another". In the Black's 1951 Fourth Edition, it lists the following as supportive case law; Goetze v. United States, C.C.N.Y., 103 Fed. 72.Have you made the connection yet? Your book-entry stocks and bonds and all stock and bond certificates purchased through your broker and held by them under your brokerage account are owned by CEDE &COMPANY (the DTC) as the registered owner. You have surrendered, assigned and granted ownership to someone else other than yourself. Their name says it all.

How ironic and sarcastic can they be?

"CEDE- To surrender possession of, especially by treaty. See Synonyms at 'relinquish'." -American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition of 1992

If Americans had any idea that they have relinquished the lawful ownership of their stocks and bonds to someone or something else, there would be a revolution. In a sense, that's why we are exposing this paper asset scam to you. The point is, now that you know the truth, do something about it and get your assets back into your name...."

page 10

"...Most people don't realize that when they open a brokerage account, they have entered into an contractural agreement allowing the broker to assign the stocks and bonds to an undisclosed creditor, the DTC. (We suggest you read the small print on your brokerage agreement). This gives the broker your express written permission to place all your securities into the ownership of the DTC. Your broker is an agent for the DTC through mandatory Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and mandates by the Federal Reserve System private bank.Your broker represents them, not you. Your brokerage account is nothing more than a ledger of accounting. It reflects no assets held in your name. The assets are registered in a "street name" that is not you or your name. Sure.... you receive the interest and dividends, but you do so as a beneficiary to the real owner. Your brokerage account in no way, shape, or manner reflects who literally owns your securities. What you own is a brokerage account and nothing more.

A greater consideration is just exactly who does the DTC hold these securities for? As the owner, who has the DTC pledged these securities to? Our research points to the Federal Reserve System, an international private banking cartel with major offices found in Moscow, London, Tokyo, and Peking. By treaty with the United Nations and in compliance with the Bretton Woods Agreement, the DTC under regulation of the Federal Reserve System has pledged all those stocks and bonds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). [[AllTheKings'Horses: This is what Congressman James Traficant said in THE BANKRUPTCY OF THE UNITED STATES...and remember...he said the BIRTH CERTIFICATES...which are sold on the NYSE are also in there. PAGE 4]]. These are the same paper securities found in your IRA and pension fund accounts, as well as in your brokerage account. Remember, you don't own them.... you're just a beneficiary.

The truth is, the securities you purchased and paid for with your hard earned money is collateral for the United Nations which is backed by the Federal Reserve System and it's associated agencies, such as the International Monetary Fund. Is it any wonder that the UN can operate year after year with increasing budgets, but without sufficient funds? The UN has nearly $11 Trillion of backing and reserves, thanks to millions of duped Americans. We are financing the New World Dis-Order with our stocks and bonds..."

This is a longer version of the Nesara link mentions short selling...this was written prior to 9-11. Since it is a Christian site, it references Biblical passages and a little history toward the end. I am really supposed to be doing something else, so drat it, it will have to wait for me to read all this...but I wanted to mention something else I ran into that ties in with the Birth Certificate angle...

David C Birth cert CEDE company

Published on Feb 4, 2012

"SEDES SACARORUM" [[did i spell that right?]] means "The HOLY SEE"

"...If Americans had any idea that they have relinquished the lawful ownership of their stocks and bonds [Editor Note: or pledged their flesh] to someone or something else, there would be a revolution. In a sense, that's why we are exposing this paper asset scam to you. The point is, now that you know the truth, do something about it and get your assets back into your name. I got my annual report from New Ireland Fund today - I only own 20 shares. How ironic and sarcastic can they be? ..

"Editor Note: The real question here is are they also holding your Birth Certificate Bond, which pledges "your flesh" as "Surety" to finance the government's around the world under the New World Order? Are these the certificates evidencing the lawful ownership of human capital, "legalized and voluntary slavery through deception."?

[[if so...the man only owns 20 shares IN HIS OWN BODY is the way I am reading this...surprised he owns any!]]

SEE ALSO: Structure of the Birth Certificate

Did the State Pledge Your Body to a Bank?

"...Since the U.S. went bankrupt in 1933, all new money has to be borrowed into existence. All states started issuing serial-numbered, certificated "warehouse receipts" for births and marriages in order to pledge us as collateral against those loans and municipal bonds taken out with the Federal Reserve's banks. The "Full faith and Credit" of the American people is said to be that which back the nation's debt. That simply means the American people's ability to labor and pay back that debt. In order to catalog its laborers, the government needed an efficient, methodical system of tracking its property to that end. Humans today are looked upon merely as resources - "human resources," that is.

Governmental assignment of a dollar value to the heads of citizens began on July 14, 1862 when President Lincoln offered 6 percent interest bearing-bonds to states who freed their slaves on a "per head" basis. This practice of valuating humans (cattle?) continues today with our current system of debt-based currency reliant upon a steady stream of fresh new chattels to back it. "


Each birth certificate is worth millions if not billions. When the birth certificate is closed out with a death certificate...well CEDE & Co must have made a real killing that day. I wonder if there were put options on the people in the towers.

and why isn't someone shaking them down for their records. aren't they in the cloud somewhere?

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2020-06-29 15:36:14 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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